B&B Transcript Friday 9/13/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 9/13/13


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Bill: We both said a lot, but it doesn't have to affect how we relate moving forward. I'm your father. I'd like a chance to act like it. So, what do you say? Can we start over?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Brooke: You can't leave.

Katie: You don't get a say.

Brooke: I miss you, Katie. I want to get past this.

Katie: I know you do. I know. Because that's what you expect. That's what we've taught you. Every time you do something despicable, every time you hurt someone you supposedly care about, we forgive you. We say, "it's not your fault." But it is your fault, Brooke. You and bill made a choice to betray me. And no amount of tears can change that.

Maya: [Sighs] Hello?! Somebody here?! [Gasps, sighs] Carter.

Carter: Surprise.

Maya: You're lucky I didn't have a baseball bat.

Carter: You said you were free for dinner.

Maya: Didn't think you meant here. [Chuckles]

Carter: Dayzee let me in.

Maya: Oh. That's fine.

Carter: I told her we were celebrating.

Maya: Are we?

Carter: Big time.

[Cork pops]

Maya: Oh! What are we celebrating?

Carter: Our future. I, um, I ran into Rafael, and he said that "room 8" is doing very well and we might get another season.

Maya: What?

Carter: Yeah. I figured that would be good news, huh?

Maya: Considering I'm jobless right now, yeah.

Carter: Any regrets?

Maya: About leaving Forrester?

Carter: And rick.

Maya: Just that I didn't realize sooner that Caroline's more his type.

Carter: I tried to tell you.

Maya: [Chuckles] I know.

Carter: [Chuckles]

Maya: I know.

Carter: To looking forward.

[Glasses clink]

Wyatt: [Clears throat]

Bill: I admire the stand you took, Wyatt. And that kind of drive -- it'll get you far. But you have to be able to focus it. You know, Brooke helped me to see how similar we are. I know you have your issues with, uh, Brooke, our relationship, the situation.

Wyatt: Yeah, but she helped me see it, too. She gave me a better understanding about what happened with you and Katie. And now you and I are talking again. I can see why you're falling for her.

Brooke: I just wish you could see it from my point of view.

Katie: [Scoffs] That's what you don't get. You can spin this however you want to. You can justify it to make yourself feel better, but I did not force you into my husband's arms. I did not force you into bed with him. So tell yourself whatever you need to. But I don't have to. I don't have to have anything to do with you anymore.

Bill: So, you know what's going on at Spencer? Trust me when I tell you that Katie is temporarily in charge. Even with the current situation, I can hire who I choose. Not that Katie would necessarily have any issue with me bringing you on board.

Wyatt: Wait, what?

Bill: Come work at Spencer.

Wyatt: [Chuckles] Uh... I'd love to. Seriously. Uh... just down the line.

Bill: Why not now?

Wyatt: Well, things are starting to take off with mom's business. I want to be here for her and help her.

Bill: The new contract with, uh, Forrester, right? Hope for the future.

Wyatt: Yeah. And I don't mean to sound ungrateful. I would love the opportunity to work with you. But... I made a commitment to hope.

Bill: A commitment to hope? Well...you have to see that through. I respect that.

Wyatt: Thank you.

Bill: This contract -- pretty big deal for your mom, isn't it?

Wyatt: It's huge.

Bill: You ready?

Wyatt: Yeah. Oh, well, we will be. [Chuckles]

Bill: I'm sure you will. Again, Wyatt, thanks for sticking up for will. As misguided as you were, uh, I'm proud of you.

Wyatt: You know, you could have decided to forget all about me. But instead you reached out. Thank you for that. Means a lot. Finally getting to know my dad.

Maya: So, when's Rafael get here?

Carter: What?

Maya: Well, you said we're celebrating the success of the show, so... the more, the merrier, right?

Carter: Well, I would normally say he could come, but... I hear it's a cast-only party.

Maya: [Gasps] Oh.

Carter: Mm-hmm.

Maya: I see.

Carter: And it's rehearsal, too.

Maya: We're rehearsing?

Carter: I told you we might get picked up for another season, so these candles, the champagne -- it's all part of the script.

Maya: What script?

Carter: The one I wrote. I took a stab at writing an episode. Want to read it with me?

Brooke: You're never gonna see this the way bill and I do.

Katie: No, I won't.

Brooke: I just wish --

Katie: No! I won't. And I will never see you as the sister I loved, as someone I trusted. You ruined that. Listen, you got what you wanted. Bill moved into your house. And yet the crying continues. I'm the one mourning my marriage, and you're the one crying. Stop crying and embrace who you are.

Bill: Everything okay?

Brooke: [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Bill: We need to get past this.

Katie: Well, apparently the two of you already have, but I don't need to do anything.

Bill: Can we talk like adults, like parents?

Katie: What would you like to say?

Bill: Why don't we do this at home?

Katie: Which home? Your home with Brooke?

Bill: Our home, Katie. I want to come over tonight and see will.

Katie: Oh, I'm afraid that won't be possible.

Bill: Why?

Katie: Because will and I will be on a plane. We're leaving L.A.

Bill: I'm going to need a moment alone with Katie.

[Door opens]

Bill: So, where do you think you're going with will?

Katie: Does it matter?

Bill: Katie, you can't just leave town. And what about work?

Katie: This is work. I'm meeting Karen at the new York office. I'm going to tour it.

Bill: For how long?

Katie: I don't know.

Bill: What can I say to get through to you?

Katie: Nothing. I'm leaving town with my son. I am going to run this company. I'm going to live my life. I intend to be the most successful, powerful, independent woman I can be. I intend to have the life that I deserve -- without you.

Maya: "Six months from where we left them."

Carter: I didn't think season two should be a direct pick-up. I'd like to see how lance and Scarlett relate further in their relationship.

Maya: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Two scenes in and no fantasies? I like.

Carter: [Chuckles] Yeah. No reason to fantasize. This is how we really feel about each other. Went through a lot the first season. Our relationship has changed.

Maya: Where does it go from here?

Carter: Let's read and find out. [Chuckles]

Brooke: Oh, sorry.

Oh, looking for Liam? He's gone for the day. But this little guy and I are getting notes ready for tomorrow, huh? I know! [Chuckles]

Brooke: May I?

Oh, yeah. Sure. I just picked him up from daycare. Mommy's office is our next stop. Right, will?

Brooke: Well, I could take him to her.

Well, thanks. Um, she should be ready soon. Okay.

Brooke: [Smooches] [Sighs] The timing couldn't be more perfect.

Bill: You trying to hurt me by leaving town with will?

Katie: I wasn't the perfect wife. I made mistakes. When I was ill, my depression fed my insecurities, and then you validated them.

Bill: By doing exactly what you wanted me to do.

Katie: When I was sick. It doesn't really matter anymore. Run off with Brooke. I don't really care. Take her until she's done with you, just the way I am. And then you'll have what you deserve -- nothing.

Bill: It's not a fling, Katie. Brooke and I are together.

Katie: It's exciting, isn't it? Being with someone who finally understands you. Someone who never says no. But when she moves on to the next guy -- and she always does -- maybe you'll remember what you had. Maybe you'll appreciate me a little bit more. Maybe you'll want me back. Maybe you'll realize that I am the only one in your life who has ever truly been honest with you, who has ever pushed you to be better than who you are. But enjoy yourself, please. By all means, enjoy the lingerie and the giggles. I mean, life with Brooke is like a carnival, so enjoy the ride. Because sooner or later, donna will have a boyfriend, and she'll start batting her eyes at him. Or there's always Liam and now Wyatt.

Bill: Katie, stop it.

Katie: Or ridge will come back, and you'll be just another name on her list. You don't believe me. It's okay. Remember this conversation... because the day will come.

Bill: You're trying to hurt me.

Katie: I don't care if you're hurt or not. Your feelings are no longer my concern.

Bill: So taking will to new York has nothing to do with getting a reaction out of me?

Katie: It's business.

Bill: It's revenge. You want to lash out at me? You want to scream to the world that I'm just a name on Brooke's bedpost? I don't give a damn. Take my house. Take my job, my money. But you will not leave with my son.

Maya: Whoa.

Carter: What?

Maya: Look at this speech you've written for yourself. You plan to memorize all this?

Carter: [Chuckles] Shouldn't be a problem. I know what the character wants. "You might think this is happening fast. A year ago, we didn't know each other, but why should we wait? You sense it, too -- how right this is. I fell for you the first time I saw you."

Maya: You think?

Carter: What?

Maya: Well, lance fell for her pretty fast, but the first time he met Scarlett, there was tension around that lease.

Carter: Mm-hmm. Um, the sexual -- sexual tension. That not come across?

Maya: No.

Carter: Are you saying something about my acting?

Maya: No. No. Keep reading.

Carter: Okay. Okay, uh...

Maya: [Clears throat]

Carter: "I looked in your eyes, and I..." let's -- let's -- [Chuckles] Let's skip the part about the eyes. It's a bit much. Okay, um... "whenever you're in the room..." [Laughs] That is so schmaltzy. Oh, my god. Okay. Let's get to the good stuff, right?

Maya: Carter, are you nervous? It's just me.

Carter: "The last thing I expected when I moved here was to fall in love. I thought I'd hang in L.A., See what job opportunities were out there."

Maya: Isn't lance supposed to be from L.A.?

Carter: "But now that I've met you...I could never leave this apartment... this city... you. I think you feel the same."

Maya: Um... "I do."

Carter: "Then let's do something about it. I don't want to be your roommate anymore. I want to be your husband." Will you marry me...Maya?

Maya: Scarlett, you mean. You messed up the line.

Carter: Lance is just a character. I fell for you, not Scarlett. Will you marry me... Maya Avant?

Bill: So, you're just gonna run my company from the road, huh?

Katie: From New York. Your father did it for years. I'll be fine.

Bill: When will you be back?

Katie: I'll call you when I'm home. You thought this would be easy. You thought you could just swap out one woman for the other with no complications. But I'm sorry, bill. There's a child involved. Did you ever think about him? Did you think about him when you went to Monte Carlo to be with Brooke? There are consequences, and this is your new reality. This is the price you pay for your unlimited, mindless sex with my sister. And you want to talk about what a judge will do? Well, let's talk about that. Because when a judge hears that you left a woman who survived a heart transplant, who battled back from post-partum depression, who gave you a child even though it almost killed her, when you left her for her sister... I don't think there's any question what the ruling will be. And you'll be lucky to ever see your son again.

[Door opens]

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