B&B Transcript Friday 8/30/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 8/30/13


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Bill: It's okay, Liam. I want you to listen very carefully to what I'm about to say. I really hate when my shirts get wrinkled. So unless you want to take this to a whole nother level, which will end in you ironing my shirt, I suggest that you back the hell up and get out of my personal space. We're new to this, uh... father/son dance. You won't always like me... but I am your father. And you will respect me.

Wyatt: Well, I don't respect you, because a real father doesn't abandon his son.

Bill: And what do you know about being a father, or a man, for that matter?

Wyatt: Oh! That's right. I didn't have one around when I was growing up, so I guess I don't know what that's like.

Liam: Dude, trust me -- you are about to regret doing this.

Wyatt: Oh, I'm already doing this.

Brooke: Hard at work I see.

Katie: [Sighs] How did you get in here? I told the front that you're not allowed in the building.

Brooke: I came to see you.

Katie: Well, then let's just say this is a bad time.

Brooke: Come on, Katie, let's just talk.

Katie: I have nothing to say to you.

Brooke: I want to find a way for us all to get along.

Katie: [Scoffs]

Caroline: There you are.

Rick: Caroline.

Caroline: I heard what happened, that Maya resigned.

Rick: Yeah.

Caroline: I'm sorry.

Rick: I know that you never thought that she was right for me.

Caroline: That doesn't make it any less painful now, does it?

Rick: I guess my expectations were a little too high.

Caroline: She was kind of a dream for you, a fantasy.

Rick: Was she? 'Cause it sure felt real.

Caroline: Sometimes just some things aren't meant to be.

Rick: Yeah. You know what? It's such a beautiful day outside today. Let's not talk about this.

Caroline: Oh, yeah. I mean, talk about what? Myrna who?

Rick: [Chuckles] What are you doing here?

Caroline: I, uh -- I heard that you were working from home. I hoped that I would find you alone. But bonus -- you're shirtless.

Rick: You, uh... you have a swimsuit under that?

Caroline: Nope. Not a thing.

Rick: You're dangerous.

Caroline: [Chuckles] Don't worry. I brought a little something. And when I say "Little"... I mean little.

Rick: Oh, yes. Yes, it is.

Caroline: It is.

Rick: And I can't wait to see you in it.

Caroline: [Giggles]

Katie: This should be good. Tell me -- how do you propose that we all get along?

Brooke: We are sisters, Katie.

Katie: Yeah, well, you should've thought about that before you stole my husband.

Brooke: I will always be a part of your life. And Bill is Will's father. He will always be in your lives.

Katie: No, no, no! He will be in Will's life. He will not be in my life, not if I can help it.

Brooke: At some point, you're going to realize it's more important to find peace than to be angry.

Katie: In what universe do you think that we can all be friends? I mean, really, Brooke, do you think it's gonna be that easy for you?

Brooke: No, I don't. But we really have to figure out some way to work this out.

Katie: Oh, okay. I get it. I get it. This is -- this is where you shed some of your robotic tears, and I'm supposed to say, "Oh, Brooke, don't be sad. I forgive you. Please, go. Enjoy your life with Bill, and we'll all raise Will together. It'll be great." I mean, is that what you want to hear? Because, please, don't hold your breath.

Wyatt: You talk a big game about family and your sons, but life's all about Bill, isn't it? All this -- all the greed and the money and the women -- that's all that you care about.

Bill: Don't act like you don't want a piece of it. You've been foaming at the mouth since you found out whose blood runs through your veins.

Wyatt: Yeah, well, maybe I did want to be like my important, powerful father -- so impressed with your business and your rock-star life -- but not anymore. Now I see you for who you really are -- just empty... shallow, no character.

Bill: You have got to stop working so hard to get on my good side.

Wyatt: God, you are -- you are clueless, aren't you? You have this incredible wife -- a smart, beautiful woman -- but that's not enough for you. You got to go and have her sister, too? What, did you get tired? You want a blonde now? Is that it? How selfish can you be? And now there's a child involved -- another son that you're abandoning. Hell, you didn't even want me to exist! I was an inconvenience for you.

Bill: Not nearly as inconvenient as you are right now.

Wyatt: [Scoffs]

Bill: Who the hell do you think you are to stand here and judge me?

Wyatt: I'm Will in 25 years! That's who I am!

Katie: Bill was at your house last night, wasn't he? And the night before that. Is he leaving a toothbrush there? I mean, are you cleaning out space in your closet?

Brooke: Katie, please.

Katie: I mean, this is so pathetic and gross -- my sister shacking up with my husband.

Brooke: You asked him for a divorce. Don't you see the role that you've played in all of this? You walked out on him. You pushed us together. You spied on us. What? Am I imagining all of this?

Katie: You knew how scared I was after Will was born. I was depressed.

Brooke: Oh, my God. Stop! It wasn't just then. It was months and months of making demands, of rejecting Bill, of walking out. And I told you to appreciate the man that you married, but you wouldn't listen.

Katie: And to think you were in love with him the whole time.

Brooke: I admitted my mistakes, but I'm not gonna take the blame for yours. You walked out on Bill and you told him over and over that you wanted a divorce. That is why you're alone. Not because of me.

Bill: You know, I was excited to find out I had another son. I looked forward to getting to know you. In fact, I wanted to put you on the fast track. Because I saw something that I liked. A little swagger. It reminded me of...me. But there's only one me. You know, this may be our downfall, Wyatt. We may just be too much alike.

Wyatt: No, we're not. I would never walk out on my son. And you've done it -- what? -- How many times now? How many? One, two, three?

Liam: You weren't abandoned, Wyatt. He didn't even know you existed. He didn't know I existed.

Wyatt: No, because he told my mother to get rid of me.

Liam: Uh.

Wyatt: He didn't even want me born! Both of our mothers kept this guy out of our lives, and now I see why. Thank you, Mom. Hey, Mom! Thanks!

Liam: For the record, Wyatt, he didn't abandon Will, either. Katie left him.

Wyatt: Yeah, after he fell for Brooke. I know all about it, okay?

Bill: No. No. You don't know jack. Obviously you've been letting my ex-wife fill your head.

Wyatt: [Scoffs]

Bill: And you're choosing to believe her over your own father.

Wyatt: No, I am standing up for Will. That kid deserves to have a father in his life and not have to go through what I went through. Or what he did.

Liam: I don't need you to defend me.

Bill: No, Liam, you know what? Your brother here, he's, uh -- he's trying to be a hero. Problem is, his heroism is misplaced. You don't know what you're talking about. And even if you did, it's none of your damn business. What the hell is wrong with you? I welcome you into my family. Embrace you as my son -- a Spencer heir. Instead, what are you? A screw-up. I have seen stupid people before, but I never thought one of them would be my own son.

Wyatt: Maybe if everyone didn't kiss your ass so much, you could take a little criticism.

Bill: It's not the criticism, Wyatt. It's that you don't know what you're talking about. And all you really want to do is pick a fight with me, and I don't like that, especially from my own son. Is this who you are? Is this what you want to be?

Liam: You know, you could save yourself a lot of trouble right now and just admit you're wrong, apologize for overreacting.

Wyatt: No thanks. I'll pass.

Liam: All right, Dad. I tried. He's all yours.

Bill: You know, clearly, we have some unresolved issues here, and you have some resolved anger.

Wyatt: [Scoffs]

Bill: Let me just point something out to you. Your mother chose to keep you from me. Wasn't my choice. And even though I was young -- certainly too young to have a kid with a woman that I hardly knew -- if I did know about you, I would have been there for you.

Wyatt: I don't think you're understanding me. I don't think you get where I'm coming from.

Bill: I completely get where you're coming from. You see yourself as a victim. I don't like that. You disrespected me. I like that even less. You don't ever put your hands on your father. My father? Brutal. The worst. And there were many times I wanted to choke the life out of him. Did I ever do it? No. You want to know why? I was on the earth because of him, so I owed him at least that much. You're acting like nothing but a punk. And if this what I can expect from you, I don't want you anywhere near me.

Brooke: You had an incredible man who adored you. All you had to do was appreciate him...love him...accept him. But you didn't. You just tried to change him. You told him to stop drinking. You sent him to therapy. All those things aren't really Bill, but he decided to do those things for you.

Katie: Yeah, he did everything, except for one tiny, little thing -- remain faithful.

Brooke: You pushed him away.

Katie: Well, he didn't exactly fight it, and why would he when you're standing there with open arms?

Brooke: Bill and I didn't really know what you wanted. How could we?

Katie: Yeah, you can keep telling yourself that, but you knew exactly what you were doing.

Brooke: You made a promise to love the man that you married, to honor that man. But you didn't. Why couldn't you do that, Katie? For me, it would have been so easy.

Katie: Oh. Well, now you have your chance. Because he's your problem. You know, as messed up as all of this is, and it's really messed up, I'm beginning to see the silver lining. I spent so much of my life living in someone else's shadow, being complacent, being a spectator, but no more. I'm ready to get in the game. I'm ready to live.

Brooke: I'm glad to hear you say that.

Katie: Yeah, I think I've finally grown up. Ye, I'm -- I'm not gonna cry anymore. I'm not gonna break down or have another heart attack, so don't worry. I'm not gonna wallow in my misery. I'm through sitting back and looking out the window and watching the world pass me by like I did when I was a little girl. I am ready to move on. My son and I need a new beginning.

Brooke: I just want you to be okay.

Katie: I think you should go.

Brooke: No, we're not done talking.

Katie: We are. You and I are never gonna see eye to eye on this. And I can't say the things you need to hear just to make you feel better. You'll always be my sister. I can't change that. But our relationship will never be the same.

Brooke: Please don't say that. We can get through this.

Katie: Right now, I'm just focusing on my son and myself. I have a whole new life, and you need to give me the space to live it.

Bill: You overstepped big-time. I can cut you out of my life just as quickly as you came into it.

Wyatt: Okay. I get it... Dad.

Bill: Oh, now I'm dad. How about you go with "Daddy"? Maybe "Papa." Too late for that. We're done. Give me your security badge.

Wyatt: What?

Bill: Give me your badge and your credit card. I don't want you in this building. I don't want you calling me. I don't want you texting me. I don't want to see your face. Period. You are no longer welcome here or in my family. Now get the hell out.

[Door slams]

Rick: I'm sorry that I haven't appreciated you as much as I should have.

Caroline: You appreciated me last night. That meant so much to me, Rick.

Rick: You know, you're a... little bratty.

Caroline: [Chuckles]

Rick: A little bit unpredictable. But you're really something, you know? I know that we lost our way. But it would really mean a lot to me, Caroline... if we were able to give it a real try.

Caroline: [Chuckles] [Chuckles]

[Wyatt remembering]

Wyatt: I mean, what am I supposed to even call you?

Bill: I kind of like "Dad."

Liam: Steaks are on. When Dad's here, its red meat only. I hope that's okay with you.

Wyatt: Long as it's rare.

Liam: Amazing.

Bill: Welcome to the family, Wyatt.

[Back to present]

Liam: Hey. So... you know, I wanted to like you, you know? I did. I wanted to be your friend. But ever since we met, Wyatt, you have been condescending and judgmental and disrespectful, and on top of it all, you put moves on my fiancÚ. So, honestly, I'm kind of glad this happened. Because it gives Dad a chance to understand who you really are. So, why don't you go back to the house, grab your stuff? I want you out by the time I'm home. And if I never see you again... that's fine with me. Good luck, Wyatt. It was nice knowing you.

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