B&B Transcript Wednesday 8/28/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 8/28/13


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Hope: So, um... what's going on, Mom?

Liam: Yeah, why'd you guys want to see us?

Brooke: Uh... Bill and I thought we should have a family meeting.

Liam: Okay.

Bill: I'm living with Brooke now. My marriage to Katie is officially over.

Katie: All right, Baby. Come here. Oh, my goodness. You're so big. You know where we are, right?

[Will fusses]

Katie: Yeah. You've been here before when it was daddy's office. Now it's mommy's office.

Secretary: Here's Will's water.

Katie: Oh, thank you. Want that? Oh, maybe -- maybe later.

Secretary: Is there anything else I can do?

Katie: Uh, no. We'll be fine.

Wyatt: You shouldn't leave your desk unattended. Never know who might walk in... like the boss's long-lost stepson.

[Will fusses, coughs]

Katie: Um...

[Will fusses]

Wyatt: I'm Wyatt. You're Katie. And this must be the, uh, Little Brother. Hi! Yeah! Hello! So...you want to tell me why your mom's so upset?

[Knock on door]

Maya: Hi, Pam.

Pam: Hey, Maya.

Maya: Is Rick around?

Pam: Oh, he's probably sleeping in. [Chuckles] Successfully rebranding a fashion line kind of takes it out of you, wouldn't you think? That's probably why Caroline hasn't made it in yet, either.

Rick: [Sighs]

Caroline: Morning, Sleepyhead. I brought you a little caffeine and a kiss to jump-start your day.

Pam: You know, Maya, between you and me, I was kind of skeptical about this whole Hope for the Future rebranding thing. But when your fanny's on the line... and we both know Rick's was. [Chuckles] But thanks to Caroline, they've really pulled it off. I mean, who knew? Those two make one heck of a team. [Chuckles]

Caroline: Ugh. Silly me. I forgot that you take milk in your coffee.

Rick: Thank you.

Caroline: Thank you. Last night.

[Cell phone chimes]

Caroline: Go ahead. I bet your inbox is flooded with congrats.

Rick: [Clears throat]

Katie: I've been actually really wanting to meet you, but now's really not a good time.

[Will fusses]

Wyatt: Wow. You're kicking me out? Like you did my old man?

Katie: [Chuckles] If you're here on Bill's behalf, then you really should leave.

Wyatt: Hardly. My father can fight his own battles.

Katie: Yeah. So can I.

Wyatt: Yeah, I know. I've heard.

[Door opens]

Katie: Hey.

Secretary: Excuse me. It's time for Will's play group downstairs. Would you like me to...?

Katie: Yeah. Um, okay, Baby. You're gonna go downstairs and have fun, all right? Mama will be down there very soon.

Wyatt: Yeah. Bye, little guy.

Secretary: All right.

Wyatt: Bye!

Katie: Say bye-bye. Bye-bye.

Wyatt: [Chuckles] Awesome kid. I hope I get to spend more time with him. Or don't I get big-brother privileges, you feeling the way you do about my dad?

Katie: [Sighs]

Bill: You're both aware that Katie asked me for a divorce.

Liam: Uh, yes, but we're also aware that she was having second thoughts about that.

Bill: Well, that's par for the course. She pushes me away, then she wants me back. I'm not doing that dance anymore. I'm moving on.

Hope: With my mother.

Bill: I want a life with Brooke. And she wants the same with me.

Brooke: I hope we'll have your support??

Pam: Lemon bar? Baked fresh this morning.

Maya: No, thank you, Pam. I think I'm gonna head over to Rick's. We have some unresolved business.

Caroline: Do you really have to leave?

Rick: Yes. Something to do with the HFTF relaunch.

Caroline: That's all that Thorne said when he called?

Rick: Yeah, well, it's probably something that he can't handle, that moron.

Caroline: He's not inclined to do you any favors ever since your big success last night.

Rick: Our big success last night. I mean it, Caroline. If it wasn't for you...

Caroline: Please. No more accolades. My ego can't take it. [Laughs] Just think. Someday you are gonna be C.E.O. of Forrester Creations. And I'm gonna be there right by your side, helping you the whole way. Last night was -- it was really a new beginning for us. I love you so much.

Bill: So, how do you two feel? We hope you'll rally around us. That is what families do.

Hope: Katie's our family.

Brooke: Of course she is, Sweetheart.

Hope: Well, now she's all alone, raising a little boy, heading a major corporation.

Bill: Well, she has, uh, lots of very capable people around her, including Liam. She'll be fine.

Hope: Is that what you tell yourself to keep from feeling guilty? Oh, wait. I'm so sorry. Bill Spencer doesn't feel guilt. My bad.

Bill: I tried every way I knew to make my marriage work.

Hope: And Katie didn't?

Brooke: Hope --

Hope: No, I've... I know what you're gonna say. I've -- I've heard it before. You're gonna tell me that Katie pushed the two of you together, that you wouldn't have given in unless she had told you to be together. But...she didn't want it to end. She wasn't herself when she told you that, and -- and you knew that. She didn't want it to end then, and she doesn't want it to end now. So, I'm sorry. What did you expect, Bill? Mom, what did you expect?

Bill: Don't attack your mother. She fought really hard to help salvage my marriage.

Liam: Dad, Hope's not attacking anyone. It's just -- you have to understand --

Bill: I do. But let's be honest, Hope. Your problem isn't that Katie and I are divorcing. Your problem isn't even that Will's family's being split up. Your problem is with me and everything I did to keep you and Liam apart. You can't let that go. Much less fathom how your mother could be involved with a man who did so much to hurt you. That's what this is really about for you.

Katie: Of course I want Will to know both of his brothers. But right now, I really just want you to leave.

Wyatt: Wow. Are -- are you always this warm and inviting? 'Cause if this is how you treated my father, I mean [Whistles]

Katie: You have no idea what you're talking about. You don't even know me.

Wyatt: Then tell me how it really is.

Katie: So you can run to Bill and --

Wyatt: I'm not --

Katie: No, I-I can't do this. I'm not gonna do this.

Wyatt: You're mad at my father.

Katie: [Scoffs] Yeah. Yeah, I'm mad at him. Mad at both of them. They know what I've been through. I was -- I was depressed. [Sighs] I almost died giving birth.

Wyatt: What?

Katie: The doctor said that it was dangerous for me to have a baby because of my new heart, and... I just thought that seeing Will in his father's arms for the first time would be such a happy, beautiful moment. But... the postpartum set in, and I-I left.

Wyatt: You left him?

Katie: Well, he's done some things, too. I mean, his fling with Steffy Forrester, for instance.

Wyatt: Wait. [Chuckles] Wait, you're -- you're saying Steffy is Liam's Steffy?

Katie: Yeah. Yeah. And now he's taken up with my sister Brooke.

Wyatt: Brooke Logan? Hope's mother? That's -- that's who you're...

Katie: Welcome to the family.

Wyatt: Wow.

[Water running]

[Knock on door]

[Door opens]

Maya: Rick! It's me.

[Door closes]

Maya: I know you're still upset, but can we talk? Rick?

[Water stops]

[Door opens]

Maya: Are you here?

Caroline: You're too late. For the record, this is exactly what it looks like.

Maya: Where is he?

Caroline: Well, he was in bed with me until Thorne called, and... he trusted you not to keep secrets. Now he knows about you and Carter.

Maya: You told Rick.

Caroline: You're out of your league. You were his walk on the wild side -- fresh out of prison. But that is all that you were, Maya. And it is all that you will ever be.

Liam: Okay, before this gets way out of hand, I just want --

Bill: That is not my intention. But if this is what Hope's feeling, though, I think --

Hope: You know what? First of all, don't presume to know what I'm feeling. Second of all, I won't be put on the defensive. You did get between me and Liam. You did interfere more than once because you just decided that you didn't like me and I wasn't good enough for your son. Mom, every time that people have turned on you, I've been there. I supported you because you're my mom and I love you. But this -- you have seen everything that this man has done to me. You were here when I was crying and when my heart was shattered. And now you're sharing a bed with him in the house that I grew up in. I'm sorry, but talk about a slap in the face. No, Liam, I know that it's not intentional, but it doesn't make it okay. It doesn't, especially where Katie's involved. She's your sister. I-I-I don't care what you're feeling. Technically, he's off limits. It -- it doesn't make it okay.

Bill: Brooke didn't do anything. Katie asked for the divorce. She created this.

Hope: Oh, Bill! Look in the mirror! Are you kidding me?! [Scoffs] You are an arrogant, egocentric jerk who will never care about anybody as much as he cares about himself.

Liam: Hope.

Wyatt: Your sister and my dad?

Katie: Something developed between the two of them.

Wyatt: Huh.

Katie: I told him that I could forgive, and I asked for his forgiveness for my part, but he -- he doesn't want any of it. He's done. Brooke is his priority -- not his family, not me, not his son. Your father's turned his back on us.

Rick: It's handled, Thorne. Is that it? Good. [Sighs]

Caroline: It was never gonna work between you and Rick. A prince marrying a commoner? That's a fairy tale, Maya, one that I warned you against repeatedly, but you didn't listen. So hear me now. If you are smart, you will quit your job as a spokesmodel and focus on acting and on a man who does care about. Carter is smart and sexy, and he is a successful lawyer. He will give you a very good life. Do not screw it up.

Maya: I didn't have your high-society upbringing, but I'm a good person, despite what you think. And as for me and Rick... I will believe we're done when I hear it from him. Maybe you did get him into bed last night, but if he weren't drinking, who knows? Maybe the two of you aren't the sure thing you'd like me to believe.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Maya: [Sobs]

Brooke: I have to go after her.

Bill: No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Liam's with her. She's gonna be fine.

Brooke: You heard her. She's never gonna be okay with this.

Bill: You have to give Hope some time, Brooke, and give us some time to let everyone see how committed I am to you, how committed we are to each other. I will make amends to Hope. Whatever it takes, as long as it takes. We love each other. We're together now. It doesn't matter how it happened. It's as it should be. No turning back.

Wyatt: Bill Spencer is this force -- strong, dynamic, successful.

Katie: Wow. Sounds like somebody's already a big fan.

Wyatt: You know, I grew up believing everything that my mom said about my dad, and none of it was good. And then all these years later, meeting him and getting to know him, I didn't think he was anything like that. Until now. I left my family business, my mom. I turned my back on her to get to know my father better, and now I find out that he's doing it again? Abandoning a child -- his son?

Katie: Well, I'm sure Bill wouldn't see it like that.

Wyatt: How else is there to see it?! He's leaving his family for your sister!

Katie: Well, she has a way with men, all men.

Wyatt: I don't give a damn! Family should come first! This innocent, little boy should always come first. A father should be his son's hero.

Katie: I'm sorry, Wyatt. But no hero would have done what Bill's done...to me and to our son, to all of his sons. He's built an empire. He has everything that money can buy -- planes and yachts -- but he's ruined our home. He's destroyed it.

Wyatt: No. Not yet. I'm not gonna let him.

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