B&B Transcript Tuesday 8/27/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 8/27/13


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Rick: I need the truth. Tell me that carter didn't spend the night at your place. You wouldn't...keep something like that from me. So, it's a lie, right?

Maya: I am so sorry, rick. But it's true.

Caroline: [Sighs]

Rafael: Caroline. You're about to give me a complex. First you avoid me all night, and now you are all -- you're obviously not thrilled to see me.

Caroline: I was hoping to see rick. I told him about Maya and carter.

Rafael: Girl, don't make me drag it out of you. Spill.

Caroline: Well... rick didn't believe it at first, so I told him to ask Maya, and they're in there together talking.

Rafael: [Sighs]

Liam: Hey.

Hope: Hi.

Liam: You're home. I'm glad. I wish I could get Jarrett to call me back.

Hope: Oh. Yeah. Uh... I think I might know why he hasn't.

Liam: Oh, no. Really? The relaunch didn't go well, did it?

Hope: It was -- I -- I'm --

Liam: Listen. Hey.

Hope: I'm sorry. I mean, I can't even describe --

Liam: It's okay. Listen. No matter what happened, no worries, okay? I got -- I got chocolate. I got champagne. Just put it out of your mind.

Hope: Liam.

Liam: Let's -- what?

Hope: Liam...it was amazing!

Liam: It was?!

Hope: It was!

Liam: It was?

Hope: It was awesome!

Liam: Oh!

Hope: The relaunch -- it was huge! It was huge! It was above and beyond our expectations!

Liam: Yes!

Hope: [Laughs]

Liam: Awesome!

Hope: [Laughing] Thank you!

Liam: Yeah, I wish I could have been there, but, you know, I thought maybe it was best to stay away, just to not give off the appearance of favoritism.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Liam: Anyway, I want to hear all about it, but first... ma'am, first...

Hope: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Liam: ...A toast. To new beginnings all around.

Hope: I like that.

[Glasses clink]

Hope: Mm. Mm.

Liam: Mm?

Hope: Mm.

Rafael: So, are we excited?

Caroline: Nervous. I mean...telling rick about Maya letting carter spend the night? It could go either way. You know, it could end things between them or...it could make them even closer than ever.

Rafael: [Chuckles] It's weird.

Caroline: What?

Rafael: I've never seen you so unsure of yourself. Especially about a guy.

Caroline: Rick's the only guy that's ever mattered. I want things to work between he and I, Rafael. I know that we belong together. [Chuckles]

Rafael: [Sighs]

Rick: You let carter spend the night at your place. Wow. I was so sure that you were gonna deny it.

Maya: I was gonna tell you right now. And I know it's too late, but... I hated keeping the truth from you.

Rick: Well, maybe -- maybe you should tell me right now.

Maya: The "room 8" premiere was a big deal for me. Like tonight was for hope. And when you didn't show up, I was hurt. I was upset.

Rick: Yeah, carter was right there.

Maya: It was his premiere, too. He brought a bottle of wine. I'm not making excuses, but I drank too much.

Rick: How far did it go, Maya?

Maya: Kissing. Making out. It stopped there.

Rick: You let him -- you let him get intimate with you?

Maya: Nothing else happened, rick. Carter spent the night on the couch.

Rick: On the couch, like rick the waiter? You let me spend the night on your couch because you had feelings for me. Is that what I should assume is happening between you and carter?

Caroline: [Sighs]

Rafael: You're gonna wear a hole in the floor.

Caroline: Maya can't possibly be talking her way out of this, can she?

Rafael: Well, just in case... I'm e-mailing you some raw footage from "room 8."

Caroline: Of Maya and carter?

Rafael: Yes. Very -- I mean very -- hot stuff. Life is all about timing. You won't have a better chance to get rick back than tonight.

Caroline: You're right. You're a good friend. Wish me luck.

Rafael: Oh. I always do. Don't think you'll need it, though.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Rick: Is that what happened, Maya? You want to be with carter now?

Maya: No! I thought you'd blown me off not showing up for my premiere.

Rick: So you just -- you just turn to carter and start hooking up?

Maya: It wasn't like that. We had worked so hard, and the night was a big success. All I wanted to do was celebrate with you, but you were working with Caroline, and I get it. You were tied up, you tried to get there, you were running late, but I didn't get those messages. Somehow my phone disappeared, and I am so sorry.

Rick: Maya, you didn't even give me the benefit of the doubt.

Maya: I know. I should have known better. I should have trusted you more.

Rick: I probably could get past the idea of you making out with him if you would have told me. You know, this is exactly what I've been trying to get away from my entire life, and I have been going on and on about you -- how honest you are and how much integrity you have. I mean, my god, am I wrong?

Maya: No. I made a bad judgment call. Rick, I didn't want to hurt you. And, yes, part of that was cowardice, but part of that is being afraid of what's happening right now. Seeing that look in your eyes. You're pulling away from me.

Rick: I can't do this. It's been a long day and my head is spinning.

Maya: Please don't go. We can work this out.

Rick: Not tonight.

Maya: Rick.

[Door closes]

Liam: Hey, I, uh... so, I got you something...

Hope: What?

Liam: ...For, uh, congratulations.

Hope: But you didn't even know.

Liam: Or condolences. It works either way. Shut up.

Hope: Okay. I love presents. [Laughs]

Liam: Wait, you do?

Hope: I do love presents! What is it? What is it? I want to see it. What is it?

Liam: Only one way to find out.

Hope: [Gasps] [Sighs] Liam, that's beautiful.

Liam: That's just kind of fun. You like it?

Hope: I love it. I love you. [Sighs] But, um...nothing was right for so long, but now things are so much better.

Liam: Yeah, 'cause of you. 'Cause of your spirit and your persistence. I mean, you don't -- you don't give up on anything. Not HFTF, not me. I mean, all the stuff we've been through, you could have dropped me like a bad habit a long time ago, but...you waited.

Hope: Because you're worth it.

Maya: Hello? Rafael? Anyone?

Oh, Maya. What are you doing here?

Maya: Rafael said there was a looping session.

For the season finale of "room 8"?

Maya: Mm-hmm.

Guess I didn't get the message.

Maya: Well, I'll just wait.

By the way, from what I've seen so far, you and carter look great together.

Maya: Thank you.

[Door opens]

[Door slams]

Rick: Caroline.

Caroline: [Chuckles] I thought you could use a friend.

Rick: You were right. About Maya and carter.

Caroline: I'm so sorry. I know that that's really painful. But you had to know.

Rick: Yeah.

Caroline: She doesn't deserve you, rick. Let's forget about Maya. Come on. Let me help.

Here she is.

Carter: Thanks, Jeff.

You bet.

Maya: Okay, good. I thought I was just being scattered and confused a text or something.

Carter: How'd it go with rick?

Maya: Not good. Someone else got to him first.

Carter: How'd he take it?

Maya: The way you'd expect -- angry, hurt... felt betrayed. I may have lost him.

Caroline: It's a very special Bordeaux.

Rick: [Chuckles] Probably the last thing I need.

Caroline: You're so tense. Come on. Sit.

Rick: [Sighs]

Caroline: Maya's got you all tied up in knots, huh?

Rick: When you first told me about carter spending the night at Maya's, I thought... I thought there was no way. [Sighs]

Caroline: Well, now you know. Maya was the one who wasn't honest, not me. Maybe she had a thing for carter the whole time.

Rick: No, I don't believe that.

Caroline: Maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe you just blocked it out. Rafael sent this to me earlier. It's raw footage.

Rick: [Sighs]

Caroline: I said it before... and I'm gonna say it again. There's no way that these two are just acting.

Cut! Don't move. We'll pick it up right there.

Caroline: I've made plenty of mistakes. I've not been gracious in rejection. I -- I tried to keep you and Maya apart.


Caroline: But I have never wavered in my commitment to you, not even when you left me. I would never be unfaithful to you under any circumstances, not even for pretend. Because I am yours, rick. All yours. And that's what you deserve.

I drift within the breeze and the ever-changing tide and hope that every journey leaves me safely by your side I'd like to take you with me I want to find you there to feel the rise and fall of love floating softly through the air we will sacrifice convention leave behind all that remains and we will dance like wild fire and pray it never rains and in this brave new moment putting fear and doubt aside we open up and lay it bare till there's nothing left to hide

Hope: You know the best part about this? Well, not the best, but close?

Liam: What?

Hope: No one has to leave. We're home.

Carter: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Of course Rick's upset right now. It's new. It's raw. Just give it time to settle. Look, the guy's nuts about you. It doesn't have to mean the end.

Maya: Rick has a history of being played by manipulative women. I did the one thing that practically guarantees that he'd be turned off. I held back the truth. He didn't expect that from me. [Voice breaking] The look on his face. It was so hurt. It wouldn't have been hard for me to be honest, so why wasn't I?

[Cell phone beeps]

Maya: It serves me right if he doesn't forgive me.

Carter: It's Rafael. He can't make it. Do you want to get out of here? We can grab a coffee or something.

Maya: No. Thank you.

Carter: You sure? Maybe you shouldn't be alone.

Maya: It's okay. I have a lot to think about.

Carter: All right, then.

Maya: I'm gonna hang around here a little bit longer.

Carter: If you need anything...

Maya: Thank you, carter. You're a good friend. [Sighs]

Caroline: We've so much reason to celebrate. I mean, think about what we did tonight.

Feel that chemistry!

Caroline: We revived hope for the future. It's stronger than it's ever been. We kept you in the president's office. I mean, that is a major victory, rick. Don't let some girl that doesn't even deserve you spoil it.

Rick: We did pull off a major coup.

Caroline: You know, working together -- that awesome team that we talked about -- in the boardroom and... in the bedroom. Remember how much fun we used to have? Maya -- she's just a distraction. But now you know what kind of person she really is, and [Sighs] She deceived you. You know, all that time working with carter, acting... [Chuckles] It wasn't acting. It was real. But you don't have to worry about that with me.

[Zipper unzips]

Caroline: Other men don't even register. I mean, you [Chuckles] Dumped me for someone else, and I haven't even been on so much as a date. You are the only man that I want... the only man that I need. Give us a second chance, rick. You won't regret it.

Maya: [Crying]

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