B&B Transcript Monday 8/26/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 8/26/13


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Eric: Not what I expected, Rick.

Caroline: That's my fault, Eric.

Thorne: No, Caroline. That's Rick's responsibility. He's president.

Thomas: Bottom line -- this was Rick's chance to prove himself. $100 million in gross sales -- that's what this line is supposed to bring in, right?

Thorne: Good luck after that showing.

Eric: Hope, what did you think?

Hope: I think we worked really hard. I think it's what's trending. It's eclectic. It was diverse.

Maya: Innovative and fresh, to me.

Thorne: It was a risk, and it failed.

Thomas: [Chuckles] Look, you guys all saw the buyers. It was a major yawn. No applause. Nothing.

Thorne: It was an embarrassment.

Rick: We were focusing. We were focusing on other markets, Thorne.

Eric: Yes. Not something I would have done.

[Indistinct conversations]

Donna: Not a happy group of buyers.

Marcus: No, doesn't look like it.

Dayzee: Just, they're hard to read.

[Speaking native language]

Pam: Excuse me. Would you like to try one?

Man: [Chuckles] Well, what is it?

Pam: Oh, um, these are lemon bars. I baked them myself.

Man: Lemon? No, thank you.

Pam: Oh, try one. They're delicious. I promise.

Man: [Chuckles] Good!

Pam: [Laughing] Good!

Man: They're good.

Pam: Good!

Man: Thank you.

Pam: Would you like one?

Rafael: Hey.

[Glasses clink]

Rafael: Maya was sensational, wasn't she?

Carter: Beautiful.

Rafael: Yeah. I noticed her giving you the eye from the catwalk.

Carter: You sure it wasn't Rick?

Rafael: [Laughs] No. No, it was you. Her leading man.

Carter: [Chuckles]

Rafael: Don't give up on her, Carter. Don't.

Carter: [Sighs]

Thorne: Well, you heard the man, Rick. Not Dad's kind of show. It's time for a change at the top.

Rick: You might want to put your tongue back in your mouth. It's on the ground.

Thomas: Look, we can't afford to wait. Rick had his chance.

Thorne: So what's it gonna be?

[Indistinct conversations]

Carter: Good show, though, wasn't it?

Marcus: Yeah. That was a good show, man.

Carter: It was a weird reception, though.

Marcus: A little bit.

Dayzee: Guys, this could be Rick's last day as president.

Marcus: Yeah, it sure looks like that, doesn't it?

Carter: He'll need support. This'll be tough on him.

Othello: He's got Maya.

Rafael: And he also has Caroline.

Dayzee: [Sighs] I feel for Rick.

Marcus: Yeah. I mean, running Forrester really does mean a lot to him.

Thorne: Well, let's roll with it, Dad. What's it gonna be?

Eric: Here. Take a look.

Hope: These are orders. These are huge orders!

Caroline: From China, Japan, India, and Africa?

Thorne: Ordering?

Eric: What they saw in the Forrester showroom today -- HFTF.

Rick: Wait, wait. These all -- they all came in?

Eric: In the last hour, Rick.

Thomas: No. No, there's no way. That show got zero reaction.

Eric: Well, everybody reacts in a different way, Thomas.

Thorne: No, this is impossible. I mean --

Eric: Look at the bottom line here. Look at it. All right? There are deposits on every order, and the money is in the bank. I checked. Now, I meant what I said. This is not something that I would have done. But you pushed the envelope, and I'm proud of you and it worked. The risk paid off. HFTF is a hit.

Rick: Thanks, Dad.

Thomas: Hold on a second. Wait. What are we doing here? Are we creating a niche market?

Thorne: Look, this was a unique group. Don't see how you can call this line a success across the board.

Thomas: What about domestic? Europe?

Caroline: We'll have them.

Rick: Yeah.

Eric: You can't quibble with this. It doesn't matter where the orders came from. They're huge! Your show is a major hit.

Rick: Caroline -- we studied the markets. We thought it was worth the risk, and you know what, Dad? It feels damn good to be vindicated.

Thorne: Look, Dad --

Eric: Look. I told you that the numbers would make my decision for me. And they have. You're well on your way. Congratulations, Mr. President.


Hope: Oh, my brother, the genius!

Rick: Oh, come on! It was all Caroline.

Caroline: Well, we wanted to reach $100 million in sales. You have to expand the market. It's just simple math, but Rick is the one who pulled it all together.

Rick: No.

Maya: Mnh-mnh. You put in a lot of hard work into this, too.

Caroline: I just wanted to help you keep your job.

Hope: Oh, and did you ever! I almost -- almost -- feel sorry for Thomas and Thorne.

Rick: Those two are gonna get over it. They need to get on board.

Caroline: [Chuckles]

Maya: I am so proud of you.

Hope: Aww!

Rick: Hey, I am so proud of everyone. We make a great team, so... congratulations. And, everybody, thank you. Thank you.

Maya: Congratulations, Rick.

Hope: Oh, my God. This is amazing.

Marcus: Yeah. All right, Dad. I'm on it. All right. I got you. [Chuckles] So...the reason why those guys over there are wearing out their cell phones... they're placing orders.

[All gasp]

Dayzee: Honestly?

Marcus: Uh-huh. Right now as we speak, and I'm talking about big ones.

Carter: Sweet!

Pam: I knew it! My lemon bars never fail.

Donna: Yeah! It had nothing to do with the show.

Rafael: I know one lady who's got to be stoked.

Carter: Maya.

Eric: In all my years, I haven't experienced what happened in the Forrester showroom today. The rebranding of a major clothing line? Caroline's designs were world-class. They were wonderful, but... you were the driving force. And you brought strong corporate leadership to the table. I'm really proud. I couldn't be more proud. This is your success, Son.

Rick: Thank you, Dad. That means so much to me.

Eric: [Chuckles] Come here.

Pam: [Clears throat] Excuse me, but some admirers would like to toast Rick with a drink.

Rick: [Chuckles] Um...a bit early for that.

Eric: Duty calls. Come on.

Rick: Okay. [Clears throat]

Man: Mr. Forrester.

Pam: Zijin.

Man: Mm.

Pam: [Chuckles] [Chuckles]

Rick: Thank you.

Man: In your honor, Mr. Forrester. Congratulations on a magnificent collection. Gan bei.

Rick: Gan bei.

Man: Gan bei. [Sighs]

Rick: [Coughs]

Man: [Chuckles]

Rick: Mm! It's good.

Pam: Another?

Man: Yeah.

Rick: Uh, y-yeah. Why not?

Man: [Chuckles] [Clears throat] To Rick Forrester. Gan bei!

Rick: Gan bei.

[Caroline remembering]

Rafael: Rick said that she doesn't keep secrets, but she does. I saw Carter leaving her apartment the morning after the premiere. And he was wearing the same clothes from the night before.

[Back to present]

Man: To Forrester Creations.

[Glasses clink]

Rick: Gan bei!

Man: Gan bei!

Rick: Gan bei! [Laughs]

Maya: His day of victory.

Caroline: Yeah.

Maya: Yours too. It was incredible, Caroline.

Caroline: Thank you.

Maya: I know I haven't trusted you, but... I hope all that's behind us.

Caroline: I suppose we'll see.

Maya: It's no secret that you're still in love with him. I see it in the way you look at him, even now.

Caroline: That's an interesting choice of words. "It's no secret."

Rafael: Have you told him?

Caroline: No.

Rafael: You don't think he has a right to know?

Caroline: This is a wonderful moment for Rick.

[Glasses clink]

Caroline: I don't want to spoil it.

Rafael: Maya spent the night with Carter. She's keeping it from Rick. He thinks he can trust her. You want your boyfriend back? Well...tell him her dirty little secret.

[Indistinct conversations]

Thorne: [Sighs] Well, that went great.

Thomas: Yeah. Stellar.

Thorne: Man. They knocked it out of the park, didn't they?

Thomas: You know Rick just got lucky.

Thorne: Yeah, well [Chuckles] That means back to the basement for me.

Thomas: And back to being Rick's errand boy for me.

Thorne: Well, at least you have an office with a secretary. I'm living with rats.

Thomas: Just bide your time, Thorne.

Thorne: [Chuckles]

Eric: "Bide your time"?

Thorne: Yes, until Rick comes back to earth.

Thomas: One showing won't turn this company around.

Eric: It's a big step forward, though.

Thorne: It was a fluke, Dad. You always say you're only as good as your last collection.

Eric: This was a huge day for Forrester. Is that not all that matters? Oh, no. That's right. Not to you. You let it get personal. I want you to work together -- all three of you. I expect you to support Rick.

Carter: Hey, Beautiful. And you were.

Maya: Wasn't it awesome?

Carter: It was touch-and-go for a minute.

Maya: I know. Standing up on that stage, getting no response? I was freaking out.

Carter: Didn't show.

Maya: Yeah, I've gotten pretty good at not showing my fears.

Carter: You'll never have to do that with me.

Maya: I'm telling Rick the truth about the other night.

Carter: Why? You didn't do anything wrong.

Maya: No, I just made out with you.

Carter: Oh, is that so bad?

Maya: No, and that's why I'm telling him. It's not like we made love. I just -- I thought he blew off my premiere, so I turned to you for support and things got a little too close.

Carter: A little too hot.

Maya: Nothing happened.

Carter: So why tell him?

Maya: Because it's the right thing.

Carter: And you think he'll be cool with that.

Maya: I trust him.

Carter: And what if he feels he can't trust you? Are you ready to tell him it will never, ever happen again, that you're not the least bit attracted to me?

Maya: I love him, Carter. He needs to know the truth.

Carter: And what is the truth? The feelings we had when we kissed, were they not true?

Maya: It can't happen again. I'm with Rick.

Rick: [Sighs]

Caroline: You were really knocking them back in there.

Rick: [Laughs] Man, do I need some coffee.

Caroline: Well, let's go get some.

Rick: I can't.

Caroline: Rick, if ever there were a time to celebrate.

Rick: You really came through for me.

Caroline: Well, it was the least I could do after everything I've put you through.

Rick: No, no. I'm serious.


Rick: I am so grateful. [Sighs]

Caroline: [Laughs] Well, let's drink to it. I mean, coffee, of course.

Rick: [Sighs] I-I-I can't. I have plans. I'm sorry.

Caroline: Oh. Well, I guess I could have coffee and lemon bars with Pam.

Rick: [Laughs]

Caroline: Seriously. This is our big coup. I don't want to celebrate with anyone else.

Rick: Caroline.

Caroline: I really blew it with you, didn't I?

Rick: That's history. Look, we both moved on.

Caroline: You moved on.

Rick: Well, you will, too. You'll find someone. You know, someone you can trust. They'll trust you. We didn't have that. I have that with Maya, but you will. You will have that some day.

Caroline: Rick... there's something that you need to know.

Rick: What?

Caroline: This is gonna be really difficult for you to hear.

Rick: I'm listening.

Caroline: Maya isn't who you think she is.

Rick: Caroline, don't.

Caroline: No, I'm -- I'm not bashing. I just -- I can't keep this in any longer, okay? Maya has not been honest with you.

Rick: About what?

Caroline: There's something going on between her and Carter.

Rick: Do you really want to do this? After we've come so far?

Caroline: The night of the premiere... Carter stayed the night at Maya's apartment. All night. And I don't know if anything happened, but he was there.

Carter: I hope Rick knows what he has.

Maya: He's a good man, Carter.

Carter: You wouldn't be giving him the time of day if he weren't.

Maya: You're a good man, too.

Carter: That's why you're giving me the time of day.

Maya: Rick needs me to be honest, and I haven't been.

Carter: All because of a night I slept on your couch?

Maya: It was a little more than that.

Carter: I respect your honesty, Maya.

Maya: I hope Rick does, too. He's been lied to by a lot of women -- Amber, Caroline.

Carter: There's a reason. A man who's lied to by the women in his life -- maybe it's because they feel they can't trust him with the truth.

Maya: I believe I can.

Carter: I hope it works out for you. You deserve to be happy. I want to see those gorgeous eyes sparkle, so if Ricky can do that...

Maya: [Chuckles]

Carter: ...So be it. But if it doesn't work out for you, you've got a friend you can lean on.

Caroline: The only reason that I'm telling you this --

Rick: You're up to your old tricks.

Caroline: No!

Rick: I thought you were over that.

Caroline: I am!

Rick: Then why are you telling me lies again?

Caroline: It's not a lie. Carter stayed at Maya's house.

Rick: She wouldn't have done something like that.

Caroline: Maybe there's a good reason.

Rick: It didn't happen, otherwise she would have told me.

Caroline: Okay, look. I know that you don't want to believe it, Rick, but it --

Rick: Caroline, will you just stop it? Just stop. We had this incredible night, and you want to go ruin it with garbage like this?

Caroline: I thought you deserved to know.

Rick: I've been through this too many times, okay? I'm done. I'm done.

[Footsteps approaching]

Caroline: Why don't you ask her yourself?

Rick: [Sighs]

Maya: You two should be popping champagne bottles. What a day, huh?

Rick: Yeah.

Maya: I am so happy for you. And I'm glad that we finally have some time alone. We need it. What is it, Rick?

Rick: I heard something.

Maya: About me?

Rick: The night of your premiere, I-I totally blew it. I didn't make it to the show because I was working late here for this show. So [Sighs] Please don't think that I'm assuming anything.

Maya: Just say it.

Rick: I heard that Carter spent the night at your place. You see? I shouldn't even ever mentioned it. It's ridiculous.

Maya: Rick.

Rick: No, no. Seriously. It's dumb.

Maya: No, it's okay. I mean --

Rick: No, we've gone through so much already. And you're so an honest with me and straightforward, and you know how I feel about secrets and what that can do to a relationship.

Maya: I know.

Rick: Yeah, so, you know, Carter at your place? You know, I know that that didn't happen. Maya? Maya, tell me that it didn't happen.

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