B&B Transcript Friday 8/23/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 8/23/13


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[Up-tempo music playing]

[Camera shutter clicking]  

Rick: Madison, don't look so worried.

Madison: It's awfully quiet out there.

Rick: It'll be fine.

Madison: Okay.

Rick: We know what we're doing. Whether or not it pays off is...

Madison: I hope so, Rick.

Rick: Me too.

Maya: [Sighs]

Rick: Okay, soon as the music changes. Go. Go, go, go, go, go, go. I know what you're thinking.

Maya: There is no reaction out there.

[Mid-tempo music playing]

[Camera shutter clicking]

Pam: How about a dessert break?

Eric: What?

Pam: Well, it's worth a shot. We could cut the music, pass out some lemon bars, get some sugar into this audience. Maybe they'd come back to life, Eric.

Eric: I don't want to interrupt the flow. We stop now, they might all walk out.

Caroline: Aren't you supposed to be changing?

Maya: On it. I did my best out there.

Hope: You were great. Oh, my God. You were so great. There are, you know, a lot of unfamiliar faces out there.

Thomas: They look tense.

Thorne: They ought to. This show is tanking. The audience is giving nothing.

Thomas: Hope for the Future fails...

Thorne: Rick does, too.

Rick: It's early. Try not to worry.

Hope: I'm not. Um, okay, maybe a little. Maybe a little. Yeah.

Caroline: Look, we have new buyers today and new reporters. They're not gonna erupt into applause after every outfit. It doesn't mean that they don't like it and that they won't place orders.

Rick: So right.

Marcus: [Clears throat] You getting a good look?

Carter: What?

Marcus: You're staring.

Carter: Come on, man. All right, do you ever get used to it -- half-dressed models?

Marcus: Uh, I'm married. I just pretend that they're not around.

Rafael: Hello, Beautiful.

Caroline: Mm. Don't say it.

Rafael: What? Anything negative. The show is not over yet.

Rafael: Your designs are gorgeous. I'm all into rebranding. Uh, though I'm not sure your audience is, but --

Caroline: Just give it time.

Rafael: Saw Carter just now.

Caroline: Yeah? Well, that's not a surprise. He works here.

Rafael: Yeah. Also not a surprise -- the woman he was ogling.

Caroline: You're good, but just make sure that you check that before you go onstage. If you're talking about Maya --

Rafael: Who else?

Caroline: I love you so much for obsessing about them, but now is not the time.

Rafael: She's keeping a secret.

Caroline: Just because you saw Carter coming out of her apartment?

Rafael: In the same clothes he was wearing the night before. Come on, Coco. You know what that means.

Caroline: I know what it could mean, yes, but I cannot worry about that right now. I have to go get Maya ready for the showstopper.

Rafael: She's already in good hands.

Caroline: Look, if she is cheating on Rick, I will make sure that he finds out after I help him keep his job. This line is my priority. I don't want anything distracting from Rick's success.

Rafael: Okay.

Rick: Thank you. Very passionate.

[Mid-tempo music playing]

[Camera shutter clicking]

[Light applause]

[Volume increases]

[Mid-tempo music playing]

[Camera shutter clicking]

Carter: [Sighs] Looking good.

Maya: Thanks. I just hope the audience thinks so. It's not exactly going well out there.

Carter: Don't say that. It's been fine.

Rick: All right, showstopper coming up.

Hope: Uh, yeah. I'm ready. I'm ready.

Maya: Hi.

Rick: Hi.

Maya: You okay?

Rick: Yeah. Yeah. I'm, uh -- I'm fine. All right. Ready? Go on. Go.

[Light applause]

[Camera shutter clicking]

Hope: Thank you. I hope you all enjoyed our rebranding of HFTF. This line and this message are so important to me, and I would be happy to answer any questions that you have. Any at all. For me. Nope. Okay.

[Indistinct whispering]

[Indistinct conversations]

Caroline: Be proud... no matter what happens.

Rick: You too. Without you, I'd never pull this together. So thank you, Caroline.

Caroline: Well, thank me when we reach our $100 million in sales.

Thorne: [Scoffs] You still think that could be possible?

Rick: Why not?

Thomas: Did you see the show?

Rick: Yeah, I saw the show. Caroline's designs were flawless. All of our models hit their marks. So, yeah, I can't help but feel confident.

Thorne: Okay. Well, Dad said he'd make a decision about the company's future based on the response from the press and the buyers. So, Little Brother, I'm feeling pretty confident, too.

Thomas: After you, Mr. President.

Thorne: Thank you, Mr. V.P. [Chuckles]

Thomas: So, tell me, what do you think your first executive decision will be? And please tell me it involves Rick packing up his office.

Thorne: Definitely.

Thomas: Well, maybe a transfer is in order. Put him somewhere he's more useful. He always acts like he was some kind of superhero at International.

Thorne: I can see that happening someday, yes. But first, Rick is going to do some time in the basement -- some serious time. Years, maybe. Day in, day out, breathing in the exhaust from the loading dock.

Thomas: Having to deal with his office being the company storage room?

Thorne: Oh, yeah. Paris is gonna have to wait.

[Both chuckle]

Thomas: So, how long do you think Eric will be involved?

Thorne: As C.E.O.? Till his last breath, I imagine.

Thomas: As soon as we get this company back in order, start making money, and he feels satisfied with how things are being run, see him stepping down, naming a new C.E.O.

Thorne: Ah, his faithful president, you mean?

Thomas: You'd take the job, right?

Thorne: If you took mine.

Thomas: That's the plan. Go ahead. Sit down.

Thorne: [Chuckles] You know, Dad's already stepping back a little. Maybe he's just waiting for the right team to be in place before he walks away for good, though. Better leadership than he's getting from Rick. C.E.O., Huh?

Thomas: It's the next step.

Thorne: I suppose it is.

Pam: Thank you for coming. Thank you.

[Indistinct conversations]

Jarrett: Um, do you -- do you think I -- um, is -- uh, may I?

Pam: Oh, in fact, I put an extra lemon bar in yours.

Jarrett: Oh, thank you. That's wonderful. Um... it was a good show, right? I mean, w-wasn't it?

Pam: That's how you should report it if that's how you feel, Jarrett.

Jarrett: Right. I mean... 'cause there were -- I mean... and they... you know, it... thanks for the lemon bar.

Donna: Any updates?

Pam: Eric's still talking to the buyers.

Donna: Well, that could be good.

Pam: Or not.

Donna: This isn't looking good for Rick.

Caroline: Thank you so much. You were great.

[Indistinct conversations]

Caroline: There's, uh, some champagne over there. Should we open it?

Rick: Why don't we wait to open the champagne till we have something to celebrate? My dad's talking to the buyers now.

Caroline: I hope I came through for you.

Rick: You did. You did. All the time that you spent and your beautiful designs.

Caroline: I know how important this job is to you.

Rick: Thank you for sticking by my side.

Caroline: It's not a chore.

Rick: Well, we -- we did our research. We reached out to different markets.

Caroline: Yes, markets with lots of buying potential.

Rick: And now we just got to believe in our decisions. And if we were right...

Caroline: [Chuckles] Look, Rick, there's something I need to tell you. Uh... it was really great working with you on this -- I mean, giving it my all and just... showing you how much I care. I would do anything to help you succeed. I don't ever want to fail you.

Donna: Well, they're shaking hands. That must mean something.

Pam: What? That they're leaving and never coming back?

Donna: Pammy, it doesn't hurt to be positive. You ever hear of envisioning what you want to have happen and it will?

Thorne: Dad's almost finished?

Donna: Well, it looks like they're wrapping up.

Eric: Uh, Pam, some gift bags if you will?

Pam: Oh, yes.

Eric: Thank you very much.

Pam: Thank you. Thank you. Here you go. This way.

[Indistinct conversations]

Thomas: Well?

Eric: I just have a few more things to --

Thorne: Dad, hey, it's time. I know this is going to be difficult, but it has to be done.

Eric: You're right.

Caroline: [Sighs]

Maya: You nervous?

Rick: Fashion is changing. New customers, new markets, new attitudes. We took a gamble. I hope it pays off.

Hope: It was kind of rough out there, wasn't it? I just -- I've never seen an audience like that, just sitting there quietly. I don't know what they were thinking. But, Rick, you really accomplished something huge.

Rick: Yeah. $100 million huge?

Hope: No, I'm not even talking about sales. I'm talking about the rebranding, the rejuvenating of Hope for the Future. Going for brand recognition with our new logo and making my line a household name -- that's -- that's great marketing strategy, even, you know, if it takes a while to catch on.

Rick: I wanted to bring in new buyers. They sat there in silence.

Caroline: That doesn't mean anything.

Maya: Caroline's right. Don't make assumptions.

Rick: Dad. Buyers gone?

Eric: Some. Not all.

Hope: Should we go out and talk up our designs?

Eric: Not necessary. It was one of the most unusual fashion shows I've ever seen. Quite a learning experience.

Rick: What did they say?

Eric: Look, Rick, it's obvious that you gave it your all. We've never had a fashion show like this.

Thorne: Come on, Dad. It was pretty obvious no one liked the line, which means it's time for new leadership, okay? Now, Thomas and I are ready --

Rick: All right, just stop. Just stop talking. Dad has something to say. Will you please give him the common courtesy and let the man speak?

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