B&B Transcript Thursday 8/22/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 8/22/13


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Caroline: Okay, um, these are yours.

Got it.

Caroline: Oh, you know what? And keep the energy up. No matter what happens, we need pace and height.


Caroline: Oh! Hope! Do you have your notes?

Brooke: Do I really have to use the script to welcome our guests today?

Caroline: Okay, we are rebranding the line, so every detail of this show is calculated for strategic awareness, okay. Your brother needs this. His future as president depends on it. All right? No, that's not it!

Eric: I'm anxious to see what you have planned.

Thorne: Been a little stingy with the details.

Thomas: Why all the mystery?

Rick: I'm building suspense for our new brand identity. Promise that you'll have an open mind.

Eric: I will make no decision until I've seen the numbers. But the audience reaction today ought to tell me everything I need to know.

Rick: I'll see you down there.

Caroline: Everything is riding on this, Othello.

Othello: Rick told me.

Caroline: He went over the music?

Othello: Not what people will be expecting.

Caroline: Nothing about this show is.

Rick: Hey, Othello. So, where are we?

Caroline: On the verge of making fashion history.

Rick: Let's hope so. Thorne and Thomas are upstairs licking their chops.

Marcus: Uh, zee, does rick look nervous to you?

Dayzee: No. You do. What's going on?

Marcus: Oh, no, it's just, uh, you know, he told me to watch the press, and usually they're here by now.

Caroline: Will you forget about Thorne and Thomas? When this is over, they will be kicking themselves for underestimating you. And we will be celebrating all over the town.

Rick: I am blown away by everything you've done. If we pull this off, a lot of the credit goes to you. But I will be celebrating with Maya.

Caroline: Right.

Rick: Look, we make a great team. We do. But...

Caroline: I messed up. I showed you the worst side of me.

Rick: After hiding it from me for a long time. My relationship is different with Maya. She doesn't keep secrets from me.

Maya: I'm keeping a secret from rick. I have to tell him.

Carter: Okay, but wait until after the show.

Maya: Okay. But we spent the night together, carter. He needs to know.

Eric: I wouldn't write him off just yet. He and Caroline have put a lot of work into this rebranding.

Thorne: It doesn't bother you that they've been so tight-lipped?

Thomas: You can't create a lot of buzz by withholding information.

Thorne: If he's trying to hold onto his job, I'm not sure this is the way to do it.

Rick: Caroline, you've done everything for this project. No one could have done more.

Caroline: But it doesn't change the way that you feel about me.

Rick: It has. But it doesn't change the way that I feel about Maya. She was honest with me from the very beginning about things that most people would try to hide. I've got to go. I've got to go check on a few other things.

Rafael: I really, really need to talk to you.

Caroline: Okay, I'm kind of busy -- fashion show, trying to save my ex-boyfriend's career. I barely had time to fix my makeup.

Rafael: No, no, no. You want to hear this. It's about Maya.

Carter: That night at your apartment... I stayed on your couch.

Maya: It wasn't exactly innocent, carter. You and I both know that. I love rick. And I won't lie to him.

Thorne: You were right. Rick posted the guest list.

Thomas: I don't even recognize most of these people.

Thorne: [Chuckles] He couldn't get our buyers to change their minds. There's no need to wait for the numbers. His time as president is over. He'll be moving into the basement by the end of the day.

Thorne: We should get downstairs. It's almost showtime. [Sighs] I almost feel sorry for the guy.

Thomas: Yeah, but not quite.

[Indistinct conversations]

Caroline: Ah-ah-ah! Yep. Those are good. Okay, good. If you could just...yes! Up a little bit more. No, these two are yours. For you guys. Yeah. Those are perfect. That's yours. That works. Not now, Rafael.

Rafael: Uh --

Madison: Press and buyers are here. I don't know most of them.

Caroline: Just try your best to make them feel comfortable and welcome. Will you?

Madison: Sure. Of course.

Caroline: Thank you.

Rafael: I heard you talking to rick.

Caroline: Okay, well, then you will know that I do not want to talk about Maya right now.

Rafael: Rick said she doesn't keep secrets, but she does. I saw carter leaving her apartment the morning after the premier. And he was wearing the same clothes from the night before.

Caroline: Oh, my. The walk of shame.

Rafael: Yes. So he spent the night with her, and I'll bet rick doesn't know a thing about it.

Rick: Hope.

Hope: Yeah?

Rick: I just sent over Othello's music cues.

Hope: Oh, okay.

Rick: I hope they work.

Hope: They're gonna be perfect. Look, rick, I know you're taking a big risk here, but trust me, it's gonna pay off. Okay, I'll be back.

Eric: Your creativity can fuel Forrester's renaissance. But rick will be the one to lead us. Congratulations to the new president of Forrester creations.

Eric: Everything under control?

Rick: You bet.

Eric: Good. Oh, I love this. All the energy, the momentum. It's what a fashion show should be all about. Anxiety?

Rick: A little.

Eric: Kind of goes along with the program today, doesn't it? Rebranding a line is a big risk. New logo, new designs.

Rick: Yeah, branding identification, strategic awareness. I've done my homework. I know what's at stake. And I think you know by now just how much being president means to me.

Eric: Yes, I do. We need this today. I expect to be very impressed. Good luck, son.

[Whispered conversations]

Pam: What are you doing over here? Aren't you gonna be sitting up front?

Jarrett: [Sighs] No one to talk to. They're not even talking to each other.

Donna: It does seem kind of quiet.

Pam: Yeah, but, you know, who knows? Maybe they'll perk up once the show starts -- you know, clapping and hoo-hooing.

Jarrett: Yeah. I'll hoo-hoo.

Carter: Rick gonna pull this off?

Marcus: Man, I don't even know. Look, he told us to expect the unexpected, but I think he's the one that's gonna be getting a surprise.

Caroline: Are we on track?

Hope: Yeah. So far. Nice work.

Caroline: This is so important to me, hope. I would do anything to make this a hit for you and your brother. I love him so much. You know, and I've done things that I'm not proud of, but I am so proud of HFTF and what it can do for Rick's career.

[Whispered conversations]

Marcus: Hey, dad.

Eric: Hi. I haven't seen a lot of our regulars.

Marcus: Yeah, I noticed that, too. You worried?

Eric: I might be, if rick weren't so confident.

Rick: You look great.

Maya: I'm not even dressed yet.

Rick: You always look beautiful. I'm not gonna keep you. We're about to get started here in a second. You nervous?

Maya: No. What about you?

Rick: I've done everything I can. I'm putting it all out there, Maya. Once you and the rest of the models hit the stage, it's out of my hands.

Maya: It'll be incredible -- a big success, I'm sure.

Rick: I'm so glad that you're a part of this.

Maya: Me too. You know, we all know what's at stake for you, rick. We won't let you down.

Rick: You think anybody would mind if I steal you away after the show so we can celebrate?

Maya: I would like that.

Rick: Yeah.

Caroline: Ticktock, Mr. President. The show's about to start.

Rick: [Chuckles]

Maya: I do need to see you alone.

Rick: Okay.

[Whispered conversations]

Thomas: Rick managed to fill the seats.

Thorne: He won't fill enough seats to keep the presidency.

Thomas: I just wonder why he even bothered if our usual buyers weren't interested.

Thorne: I'm sure that's one of the questions my father will have for him when this is over.

Rick: Yeah. Othello? Yeah, we go in five minutes. All right.

Caroline: Hey, rick. I just wanted to, um... I just wanted to -- I want you to know that I --

Rick: Good luck to you, too, Caroline.

Caroline: Rick, if this works, it's not because we got lucky. It's because we relied on each other and we made good decisions.

Rick: We made risky decisions.

Caroline: We're going in a different direction, you know, a cutting edge and reaching out to a new audience. That's always risky. Just go -- go on. Give hope her cue. Show the whole world what a great team we are.

Rick: I don't know how to thank you.

Caroline: Save it. You'll have a lot more to thank me for later.

Rick: Okay.

[Whispered conversations]

Eric: Hi.

Hope: Hello! Thank you so much, everyone, for coming. I'm hope Logan. And it is my pleasure to welcome you to Forrester creations for the reintroduction of my line, HFTF. Uh, today we will be giving you an exclusive look at one of the most exciting new ideas in fashion -- a line not about personality but perspective. HFTF is a way to see the world and to express yourself in it. It's a line with global vision. And just like art and music, fashion transcends boundaries. It communicates across cultures. And this new collection, designed by the very talented Caroline Spencer, captures that idea beautifully, incorporating influences from around the world with Forrester's southern California spirit. I am very pleased to present to you the new HFTF.

[Indistinct whispering]

[Up-tempo music playing]

[Camera shutter clicking]

[Light applause]

[Up-tempo music playing]

[Camera shutter clicking]

Pam: Othello should be getting this crowd to their feet. You can't dance to this.

Dayzee: Nobody's clapping.

Marcus: Yeah, I know.

[Light applause]

Eric: The designs were wonderful.

Hope: Thank you.

Eric: Wish they were getting more of a response.

Hope: Yeah.

Donna: Is this what you expected?

Marcus: To be honest with you, I didn't know what to expect. I mean, rick was being so mysterious about everything. I...I guarantee you this wasn't what he was hoping for.

Rick: All right, ladies, we need to hurry it up. Gorgeous, you're up next.

Thorne: You should have pulled the plug on the show when you had a chance.

Thomas: It's like a disaster out there.

Rick: I don't know what you two are smoking, but our designs look great.

Thorne: [Chuckles] Your audience doesn't agree.

Rick: I don't hear anybody booing, Thorne.

Thomas: Maybe Othello's new-age music put everybody to sleep.

Rick: You're on fire today, Thomas.

Thorne: You know, I'm surprised, rick. Your back's against the wall, you knew what was at stake, and this is the best you can do.

Thomas: Is this why you and Caroline were so tight-lipped about everything? You just wanted to put something together last minute, avoid a total embarrassment?

Thorne: And I'm sure dad and hope are wondering why they trusted you. You were supposed to save the line.

Rick: The HFTF line is different than anything we've ever created. Therefore the showing was intended to be equally as creative, too.

Thomas: [Scoffs] It's different, all right.

Thorne: You failed, rick. You failed your team. And you failed this company. So you can say goodbye to the presidency. Because it's time for a change.

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