B&B Transcript Friday 7/5/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/5/13


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Marcus: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wow! [Laughs]

Wyatt: Stick around. Hang out with me. Forget about that other guy. He didn't show. But you and I could have a great time tonight.

[Fireworks whistling and exploding]

All: Ooh! [Laughter] Ooh!

Marcus: Oh, hey, look -- it's the finale, Guys!

Carter: It's not the finale, man.

Oliver: They just started.

Carter: You know, he used to do that every year when we were kids. He thinks he's a riot.

Marcus: It's the finale. Whatever.


Oliver: Ahh.

Thomas: Oliver, Teresa's been eyeing you all night. If you don't hit on her, I will.

[Fireworks exploding]

Dayzee: Ahh! Oh, look at that one. I love it. It's like a giant chandelier in the sky. [Chuckles] Baby, you're not even paying attention.

Marcus: Baby, I got all the fireworks I need right here.

Dayzee: [Chuckles]

All: Ohh!

Maya: Oh, a heart. That's my favorite.

Rick: Oh, that's my favorite, too.

Maya: Liar.

[Both laugh]

Oliver: Happy Fourth of July, everybody!


All: Whoo!

Maya: Whoo-hoo!

Carter: Hey, look at that. Look at that.

Maya: Look at that one!

Rick: [Laughs] Oh, right there -- that one there is my favorite.

Maya: The smiley face?

Rick: Yeah, ever since I was a kid.

Maya: You are so cute. You're such a softy.

Rick: Oh, come on.

Maya: [Laughs] [Clears throat] I feel eyes on us.

Rick: What? Oh, Caroline? Yeah. Rafael brought her as his date. I guess they knew each other from New York.

Rafael: You haven't taken your eyes off Rick since we got here.

Caroline: As soon as this is over, you have to show him the video of Maya and Carter.

Rafael: It's in my bag, ready to go.

Caroline: I still can't believe this is how things ended up. I should be in his arms. You weren't here in the beginning. From the moment that I stepped foot in L.A., something magical happened between Rick and me. It was incredible. He could barely live without me. And I lost him somewhere along the line...when Maya showed up. And I have to get him back. I'm going to because I know how great we are together.

[Caroline remembering]

Rick: Did you just say that you love me?

Caroline: [Chuckles] Yes.

Rick: I love you, too.

[Both chuckle]

Rick: I love you so much.

[Back to present]

Hope: Wow. It's so beautiful.

Wyatt: The finale. It's the best part.

Hope: [Sighs] I don't want it to end.

Wyatt: Neither do I.

Hope: I think there should be fireworks all the time, every night.

Wyatt: [Chuckles] Me too.

Liam: Hope?

Hope: Liam, what are you doing here?

Liam: Um... what's going on? Who's this? Uh, who is this?

Wyatt: I'm Wyatt. And you must be the guy that stood her up.

Liam: Okay. What's -- what's going on, Hope?

Hope: Nothing, Liam. We're just watching the fireworks. You know, you really didn't have to drive all the way over here.

Liam: Well, clearly, I did. I should have been here sooner, but I lost track of time, Hope.

Hope: I know.

Liam: What more do I got to say?

Hope: The night is basically over. I mean, you missed everything.

Liam: Well, I'm here now, and I'd really like to hang out with you. Listen, I know I screwed up, but, I mean, can we start over? Can I, like, grab a beer, dance a little, or something?

Wyatt: She just told you that you were too late.

Liam: Okay. Where did you come from?

Hope: Okay, Wyatt, can I just have a minute with Liam, please?

Wyatt: Sure.

Hope: Thanks.

Wyatt: No problem.

Hope: [Sighs]

Liam: Who is that?

Hope: No one. He's just a friend that I invited.

Liam: Like, as a date?

Hope: No. No. I thought I had a date.

Liam: Hope, look, I should have been here, all right? I tried to be here. I wanted to be here.

Hope: I know. Yeah. But you had other priorities. You had more important things to do.

Liam: No, Hope. It was just bad timing, okay?

Hope: Bad timing? What time is it in Paris, anyway? What is it -- 6:00, 7:00 A.M. there? God, that's early for Steffy. She usually sleeps in.

Liam: You know what? I have been trying to get a hold of Steffy ever since she left me, all right? I need some kind of explanation. You know that.

Hope: I know you do. I know, and Iím... I know that you're still confused and that you're a little conflicted. I get it. But we had plans tonight. You were supposed to be here with me... not with Steffy, not -- not with Steffy, not tonight. Steffy left you. She's gone. How long will it take for you to accept that?

Marcus: Hey. So, I'm still waiting when I'm gonna get my invite to the set, Mr. Hollywood.

Dayzee: Marcus says you guys have been working a lot of hours on your new web series. How's it going?

Thomas: "Room 8," right? When are we gonna see this thing?

Rick: Rafael said there were some episodes that were finished.

Maya: Yeah, but, you know, it's just a rough cut, so it's not really worth watching.

Rick: What?!

Marcus: Oh, look at Maya, being all modest and everything. Girl, you better be proud. This thing is huge for you -- for the both of you, okay?

Caroline: I can hear them talking about the show. It's time.

Rafael: This is awful. You can fuel the Spencer jet with this stuff. Come on.

Caroline: Rafael, focus! It's time to show Rick the fantasy sequence.

Rafael: Okay. All right.

Caroline: What are you waiting for? Go. Show it. Go, go, go.

Rafael: I'm going. I'm going. Okay.

[Indistinct conversations]

Rafael: Hey! I-I heard you were talking about the show.

Thomas: Yeah.

Rafael: Anyone want a sneak peek?

Rick: I do.

Rafael: All right. Let's do it.

Rick: Sit down. Sit down. Sit down.

Rafael: All righty. Okay.

Dayzee: Come on. What have you got?

Marcus: I can't wait to see this. So proud of you, Brother.

Carter: Thanks, Bro.

Maya: So, uh, which scene is this?

Rafael: The best one so far.

Rick: You excited?

Maya: [Clears throat] Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Oliver: How much you want to bet this guy's got his shirt off the entire episode?

Teresa: [Laughs]

Thomas: No bet.

Rafael: Okay. We're all set. Ready?

Thomas: Yep.

Rafael: Here we go.

[Whimsical music plays]

Carter: I hope you're ready, 'cause I'm about to rock your taste buds, Girl.

Maya: You cook like a man.

Carter: Bold and original?

Maya: Boil something in pot "A," heat sauce in pot "B," pour "B" over "A," and -- voilŠ -- call it "Dinner."

Carter: Mm-hmm! A perfectly good shirt I can still wear tomorrow...

[Slow jazz music plays]

[Nervous laughter]

Carter: ...If I don't get any sauce on it.

[Nervous laughter]

[Slow jazz music plays]

Rafael: So, what do you think?

Marcus: I've never seen a kitchen get that hot.

Thomas: "What, Roomie? You're cooking dinner for me?"

Dayzee: Seriously, you guys, that was -- that was -- that was -- it was steamy. I-I had no -- I had no idea.

Carter: Yeah, I-it was -- it was a lot sexier on-screen. I don't remember it being that, um, intense when we shot it, right?

Maya: What did you think? Are you okay?

Oliver: What did I tell you? No shirt. I didn't bet on spaghetti sauce all over the -- the chest, though. Nice touch.

Rick: Can we talk?

Marcus: Okay. Rafael, seriously, when can a brother get a cameo? Because I'm just letting you know Carter's not the only one in the family that can take his shirt off, 'cause I can take my shirt off and get pumped. You see what I'm saying?

Maya: You seem upset.

Rick: I didn't know it was gonna be like that. It was a lot to take in.

Maya: I honestly don't remember it being so hot and heavy. Yes, we kissed, and all of that happened, but it is really different than how I remembered it. I'm an actress, Rick. It's part of my job.

Rick: I'm not gonna lie. It wasn't easy for me to watch.

Maya: [Sighs]

[Indistinct conversations]

Hope: Liam, it is so frustrating to know that Steffy is thousands of miles away and she is still getting between us. No. I am exhausted. [Sighs] I'm -- I'm -- I'm trying to be very understanding and really cool about this, but, Liam, there's really only so much that I can take.

Liam: I-I know. You're right. It's not fair to you. I know that.

Hope: Steffy isn't here anymore. She chose to leave you. I don't know how she could have done it, but she did. And you can't spend the rest of your life trying to figure out why. I am right here. I'm right here in front of you. And -- and -- and I just -- I don't feel like you care.

Liam: I care about you so much, and you know that.

Hope: But you care about Steffy, too.

Liam: Yeah, well...

Hope: But -- okay, Liam. I always thought that what we had was so much greater, it was so much deeper, and Steffy was just really good at manipulating her way into your life. But she left. She gave up. There's nothing standing in our way, so...what are we doing? Is there a future for us or not? Do we have a chance? I need to know, Liam.

Liam: Yes. Yes, we have a future.

Hope: Okay. Okay. When? Now? In -- in a week? What about when Steffy comes back to town, which she will? I just -- I don't understand why I still feel like I'm being taken for granted.

Liam: I-I don't know. I-I hate that I'm making you feel that way, because you have no idea how much I appreciate you. I want to talk to you about this, okay? I want to do this the right way. Can we just -- can we get out of here? Can we go someplace, just you and me, and have a conversation?

Hope: No. No. I'm staying. I'm gonna stay, Liam. You can go.

Liam: Come on. Come with me.

Hope: No, Liam, not tonight. I'm staying.

Liam: With him?

Hope: We'll talk about it another time, okay?

Liam: Whoa.

Hope: [Sighs] [Scoffs]

[Indistinct conversations]

Rick: I've been so -- so proud of you, and I'm really happy that you have this opportunity, and I want to be supportive. I'm just not crazy about the idea of watching you make out with Carter.

Maya: I'm sorry that's the first clip that you saw.

Rick: The least you could have done is warn me. I had no idea. You made it seem like it was innocent.

Maya: I thought it was. Rafael must have done some crazy editing. Look, I don't know. But you're right. I should have told you about the kissing. I should have eased you into the fantasy scene. If I were you, I wouldn't have wanted to see it, either.

Rick: I know that this is a great opportunity for you... and I'm happy you have it. Honestly, I just don't like the idea of you having your hands all over Carter and kissing him. Maybe it would be different if it was somebody else, somebody that I didn't work with. But I do. I work with him. He's our friend. I have to see him every day, and, honestly, I don't think I can get that idea out of my mind.

Maya: I'm an actress, Rick. That wasn't me kissing Carter. That was my character kissing Carter's character. It's my career. I'm playing a part, and I thought if anyone would understand that, you would.

Rick: I'm getting a drink.

Maya: [Sighs]

[Indistinct conversations]

Rafael: [Exhales sharply] You were right. Rick did not like the clip. He's totally the jealous type. Caroline, what if he pressures Maya to quit?

Caroline: She's not gonna quit. This is her dream -- being an actress, star of her own show. If it comes down to it and she has to choose, she's gonna choose her career over Rick.

Wyatt: You okay?

Hope: Yeah. Yeah. I'm really sorry that you were, uh, caught in the middle of that.

Wyatt: No worries. [Chuckles] Does it freak you out that I could pretty much hear everything that you guys were saying?

Hope: No. Did it freak you out? 'Cause I wouldn't blame you. You can run away now if you want to.

Wyatt: No, it takes a lot more than that to make me run away.

Hope: Good. That's good to know.

Wyatt: So, it goes pretty deep with this Liam guy, huh?

Hope: Ohh, you have no idea. A couple engagements, a few almost weddings.

Wyatt: [Whistles]

Hope: Yeah.

Wyatt: Didn't know there was another woman.

Hope: Yeah -- Steffy... who's technically his wife.

Wyatt: Moving to Paris...

Hope: Mm-hmm?

Wyatt: ...Doesn't really seem like she's that into it.

Hope: No. No. But he still is, and that's the problem.

Wyatt: You know, I don't get that. You know, he's got a beautiful girl right in front of him, and he doesn't know what to do with that? [Chuckles] What an idiot.

Hope: [Chuckles] You said it, not me.

Wyatt: I'm serious. Look, I mean, I don't know you that well, but I do know a good person when I meet one. I mean, obviously, you're gorgeous and brilliant...

Hope: [Chuckles]

Wyatt: ...And... you like to take pictures of naked guys in the woods, so...

Hope: [Laughing] Oh, come on. [Laughs]

Wyatt: But there's something else... something extraordinary about you. Can't quite put my finger on it -- not yet. But I will. Just give me some time.

Hope: Wow. I've never been described as being mysterious. I kind of like it. [Chuckles]

Wyatt: I like you.

Hope: [Sighs]

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