B&B Transcript Thursday 7/4/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/4/13


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Rick: Thanks, Donovan.

Hope: Hey!

Rick: Hey. Did you speak to her?

Hope: Mom? I-I don't know what to say.

Rick: You know, in retrospect, I keep thinking, did we miss something?

Hope: What -- something that would have clued us in about mom sleeping with her sister's husband and getting pregnant? No. No, I don't think so. I mean, we all know that she got close to Bill when Katie was away, but --

Rick: You're angry.

Hope: I'm -- yeah, I am, and I, uh -- I'm disappointed, and I'm... disillusioned, and I-I just don't understand our mother sometimes.

Rick: All right. Let's not dwell on the drama. It's Independence Day, and we're gonna celebrate. Bill, mom, Katie -- they're all gonna figure out their own lives. And speaking of which, where's Liam?

Hope: Uh, uh, at home, I guess.

Rick: He's coming?

Hope: Yeah. Yeah, he -- I mean, I think so. Yeah.

Rick: Sounds like there's some doubt. I thought you guys were back together at Big Bear.

Hope: Um...you know, he needs some time to sort out what happened between him and Steffy, and I'm giving it to him.

Rick: Don't you think you've given that guy enough time?

Bill: So, I'll be staying at the hotel for the time being.

Liam: Man, I'm really sorry. You know you're welcome to bunk here.

Bill: I appreciate it, but I don't plan to be there that long. I'm not gonna just stand by while Katie tries to keep me from seeing my son.

Liam: Well, do you think she'd go that far?

Bill: I won't let her get that far. I'm not losing my family because Brooke and I did what Katie told us to do.

Liam: Dad, this, um -- this thing with Brooke -- was it a full-on affair?

Bill: No. It was one day. Only after Katie insisted again that we be together. When she woke up in the hospital and wanted her rings back, from that moment, Brooke and I were over.

Liam: I mean, wow, dad! Like, you slept with your wife's sister!

Bill: Liam, I know what I did. I was there.

Liam: All right!

Bill: It happened. We move on. And you don't need to be overly concerned about my problems, all right? You have your own. Have you heard from Steffy?

Liam: [Sighs]

[Horns honking]

[Birds chirping]


Dr. Caspary: You won't be able to conceive again. I'm so sorry, Steffy.

[Indistinct conversations]

Caroline: How did the fantasy scene turn out?

Rafael: Um... I just finished uploading the footage. I'm gonna start editing right now.

Caroline: Okay. Well, let's see what you've got.

Rafael: [Chuckles]

Lance: Spicy enough for you?

Scarlett: Mm...I don't know. I might need another taste. You have some right...

Rafael: What's with the look?

Caroline: It's not... hot enough. It's needs to be more sensual. Okay. Look. Stop. Stop right here.

Rafael: [Sighs]

Caroline: Maya really does look like she's thinking about dinner. I mean, can we lose this shot and put in something a little bit more steamy... like her hands on his chest or maybe some, like, smoldering eye contact -- something like that? Ooh, and effects -- like maybe slow-mo, so that all of the touching feels a bit more erotic.

Rafael: Hmm. I can make magic. Let me show you. Okay.

[Indistinct conversations]

[Both gasp]

Maya: Guess who.

Hope: I'm just gonna go!

[Both chuckle]

Rick: Hey! What took so long?

Maya: I just left to go home and change.

Rick: Well, you look great.

Maya: Thank you!

Rick: Mm.

Maya: [Giggles] [Chuckles]

Marcus: Ah, party, par-tay!

Dayzee: Oh. Ohh.

Marcus: Hey. You all right, man?

Carter: Got to be. Lady's taken.

Dayzee: If only you had come into town just a little bit earlier.

Carter: Timing's everything. Mine isn't great. But hey. We came to party, right?

Marcus: Par-tay! Oh, yeah!

[Both chuckle]

Oliver: I was new here once, too.

Teresa: Oliver.

Oliver: They're intimidating at first... so rich and glamorous, self-assured. But once you get to know them, they're just like everybody else. Come in and have fun.

Teresa: Okay.

Dayzee: Hey.

Hope: Hey.

Dayzee: How's it going?

Hope: Oh, you know. Things are...interesting.

Dayzee: I imagine, with Steffy gone now.

Hope: Uh, it's kind of "yet to be determined." We're taking it slow.

Dayzee: All right.

Hope: Yeah.

Dayzee: You okay with that?

Hope: Yeah, it was kind of my decision.

Dayzee: Oh. Good for you.

Hope: Well, yeah, I mean, it's just if Liam and I are gonna be together, I want to be the only one.

Dayzee: Absolutely. Where is he now?

Hope: Uh, actually, I was just about to call him and find out where he is.

Dayzee: All right. Well, you go ahead. Do your little call. I'll see you around, okay?

Hope: Okay, thanks.

Liam: She doesn't call me back, she doesn't text me --

[Cell phone ringing]


Liam: Hey, Hope.

Hope: Liam, where are you? The party's starting.

Liam: Yeah, I'm -- I'm, uh, with my dad. But I'm gonna be there really soon.

Hope: All right, bye.

[Rock music playing]

Hope: Hi.

Wyatt: Hi. With you smiling at me like that, I might think you were glad to see me.

Hope: [Laughs] Oh, well, maybe I am. [Chuckling]

Bill: So, what are you doing about getting Steffy back?

Liam: Not much I can do.

Bill: Not while you're sitting here and she's in Paris.

Liam: Well, that's what I'm saying. That's what's driving me so crazy. Why is she Paris in the first place? It doesn't make any sense.

Bill: You want answers?

Liam: Yeah, more than anything.

Bill: Well, you're not gonna get them by making your little party plans with Hope, are you? At the very least, you could video chat.

Liam: Dad, I've tried.

Bill: Try harder.

Liam: You know what? You're right. You're right. I'm gonna do that. There's more to this than Steffy's telling me, and I deserve to know.

Rachel:  Hey! I got your two firecrackers.

Thomas: You want one?

Hope: Yes, I do want one.

Rachel:  They're delicious.

Hope: Okay, so, really quick -- your informed opinion. You think Steffy's coming back?

Thomas: Well, are you asking me 'cause you're concerned, or you just making sure your way to Liam is clear?

Hope: Um...look. Okay, just so you know, Liam and I aren't rushing into anything.

Thomas: Right.

Hope: I know that he has a lot to sort out, and I understand that.

Thomas: Well, there's a different take.

Hope: Live, learn, and grow, I guess.

[Indistinct conversations]

Hope: Hey, web star!

Maya: Hi!

Hope: Hello. How's it going?

Maya: Oh, just a little overwhelming. You know, you dream about something happening, and then it actually does.

Hope: Oh, I bet.

Maya: But I just want you to know that, you know, it's not at all going to interfere with my responsibilities for Hope for the Future.

Hope: Oh, my God, no. I'm not worried about that at all, really. This is a big deal for you. We'll make it work.

Maya: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Hope: Of course.

Teresa: A fellow newbie?

Wyatt: Wow. It shows?

Teresa: I'm Teresa.

Wyatt: Wyatt. So, uh... how do you fit in to all this?

Teresa: Spokesperson for Hope for the Future.

Wyatt: Do you know Hope?

Teresa: We're friends. How about you?

Wyatt: New acquaintance. She invited me.

Maya: I probably should have checked with you first, but I invited Rafael.

Rick: Great.

Maya: You don't mind?

Rick: He's your producer. I should get to know him.

Maya: And I said he could bring a date.

Rick: Okay. You know what? Now you've gone too far.

Maya: Oh.

Rick: I'm kidding.

Maya: I am too easy.

Rick: No, you're not. You're just right.

Caroline: Okay, yeah. That's good enough. We have to leave.

Rafael: Where are we going?

Caroline: Rick's party. I'm your date.

Rafael: What do you mean? I wanted to take Mario.

Caroline: Are you being dense on purpose to annoy me? I have to be there when you show Rick this scene.

Rafael: Tonight?

Caroline: Come on, Rafael. You know how important this is to me. [Giggles]

Liam: Well, and if you change your mind about hotel living, the offer's on the table.

Bill: Oh, thank you. I appreciate it, but you don't need to be tripping over your old man. I'll be fine.

Liam: Dad, I really hope things work out between you and Katie.

Bill: And you and Steffy.

Liam: We'll see.

Bill: Well, reach out, Liam. It's a start.

Liam: All right. Thanks.

Bill: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]


Steffy: Hello, Liam.

Liam: Steffy, why did you leave? I deserve answers.

Steffy: I already told you.

Liam: I know that there's more to this and you're not telling me, and I deserve to know, so be straight with me -- why are you in Paris and I'm here?

Steffy: It's how it has to be.

Liam: No, it isn't, because the reason you gave doesn't even make sense, and, Steffy... what are we right now? Are we married? Are we divorced?

Steffy: Liam, I've already made myself clear, okay? We're getting a divorce.

Liam: No, actually, you are. Which brings me to why. I mean, what happened? Why are you walking away?

Steffy: I have to go.

Liam: Do not hang up on me right now. I am so serious.

Steffy: Please do not call me again, okay? My attorneys will be in touch.

Liam: Wow. Just like that?

Steffy: I'm out of your life, so you need to move on with Hope.


[Dance music plays]

Hope: Hey!

Teresa: You've been holding out.

Hope: What?

Teresa: That hunky guy who can't stop staring at you, the one you invited here.

Hope: Oh, you met Wyatt.

Teresa: Mm-hmm. The question is, how did you know him?

Hope: Oh, gosh. It's a really crazy story. Um, okay. So, Liam and I went up to Big Bear to spend some time together, but it was a little premature, so Liam came back to L.A., I stayed in Big Bear, and I went out for a walk, and there was Wyatt, taking a shower.

Teresa: What? Did you peep in his window or something?

Hope: No, I -- he was taking a solar shower. He was just outside, naked. So, I may have taken a picture of him.

Teresa: Shut up.

Hope: I know! [Laughs] But he heard my phone click, and he turned around, and he saw me. And, um, I flipped out, and I started running away, and he scrambled and apparently found some clothes, and he chased after me. And I fell because I'm a klutz, and I knocked myself out, and he kissed me, and I woke up.

Teresa: How romantico?!

Hope: I told you. It was really crazy.

Teresa: Crazy romantico.

Hope: [Giggles]

Rafael: [Sighs] I'm not sure your plan's gonna work. They're way into each other.

Caroline: Which is exactly why Rick is gonna have a problem with his girlfriend making out with some other guy.

Rick: Maybe we should stay in this corner all night?

Maya: We'd miss the fireworks.

Rick: Oh, we could set off our own. Like, for instance, we could, uh...hug when everybody "Oohs." And when everybody "Ahhs," we kiss.

Maya: Do you know you have the best ideas?

Rick: Yeah, I know.

Hope: [Laughs]

Wyatt: Great party.

Hope: Thank you! I'm glad you could make it. And look -- you're dressed.

Wyatt: Yeah. Yes. And so are you.

Hope: A little bit.

Wyatt: Yeah, a little bit. So, um... [Clears throat] So, which one is the boyfriend?

Hope: Um... [Clears throat]

Carter: Hey, everyone, I'd like your attention, please. I'd just like to take the time and remember while we're celebrating and make a toast to our country. It's not perfect. We're a big, messy work in progress. We've struggled -- we still do -- to find our way, but through the courage and the sacrifice who came before us, we have freedom. Now, we don't always agree. We fight amongst ourselves. But when we need to, we come together -- as a people, as a nation -- and that's why this country is like no other. So, to the United States of America. Happy Fourth of July!

[Cheers and applause]

Carter: Let's get the party back on!

[All cheering]

Man:  U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

Maya: That was lovely.

Carter: Well, you know I can't resist the opportunity to preach.

Maya: Okay, be humble. But I know that came from your heart.

Carter: Are you okay? You seem a little... skittish.

Maya: I guess I'm just worried about Rick's reaction to the scenes. I'm sure he's not gonna be thrilled about the fact that I was making out with you.

Rick: You two know each other?

Caroline: Oh, yeah. We go way back.

Rick: Oh. I'm glad you both could make it.

Caroline: And we came bearing gifts -- something I know you're interested in seeing.

Rafael: Oh, I -- I got a rough cut of the latest scene we shot for the web series.

Caroline: All of Maya's hard work.

Rick: Great! Let's check it out.

Maya: Hey! The fireworks are about to start.

Rick: Rafael was about to show me some of the scenes that you shot.

Maya: You can see those anytime. Fireworks? Not so much. Come on!

Rick: All right.

Caroline: Wow.

Rafael: Yeah.

Caroline: People say I'm manipulative.

Rafael: Not to your face, baby, but I'm so proud of you for showing restraint.

Caroline: Rick is gonna go ballistic when he sees Maya making out with Carter. And that is worth waiting for.

[Cell phone rings]

[Fireworks exploding]

Hope: Liam, where are you?

Liam: Hey, I am so sorry. I, uh -- I got hung up.

Hope: With Bill?

Liam: No. He left a while ago.

[Fireworks exploding]

Liam: Are those fireworks?

Hope: Yeah.

Liam: [Sighs] And I'm missing them. Listen, I'm gonna be right there, okay? I'm gonna leave really soon.

Hope: It's too late, Liam. By the time you get here, the party's gonna be over.

Liam: Listen, I can explain.

Hope: You don't need to. I get it. Good night, Liam.

Wyatt: You're upset. What happened?

Hope: Oh, um... Liam's not coming, so... I'm gonna go, actually.

Wyatt: Wait. Look. I don't know what this guy's problem is, but... I mean, he's got to be the biggest fool. But I'm here. Stay.

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