B&B Transcript Tuesday 7/2/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 7/2/13


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Katie: What else are you lying about? What else am I missing?

Bill: It ended the moment that ring went back on your finger.

Brooke: Bill didn't know.

Katie: Didn't know?

Bill: About the baby.

Brooke: I only just told him.

Katie: [Sighs] I hear these words coming out of your mouth, but... I doesn't seem real. You're too old to get pregnant.

Bill: How does that matter now?

Brooke: I thought it was menopause.

Katie: I guess you're just so virile and fertile --

Bill: Oh, stop it, Katie. That little life that never had a chance is not to blame. It is a separate sadness, so leave it alone.

Katie: I think it was lucky. It never had to love the two of you.

Rick: Is it just me, or are psychiatrists the most insane people in the world?

Hope: Yep. Taylor went crazy, but she was right.

Rick: Yeah, but it's her jealousy over mom. It's a sickness. She really needs to have a shrink take a look at her head.

Hope: You don't think that mom's the one who's sick?

Rick: [Sighs] I know that you have to go.

Maya: Not if you need me.

Rick: Look, you can't call in sick. You're the lead. It's okay. Besides, I don't know there's anything else to talk about. So go. Go break a leg. That -- that is what you're supposed to say, right?

Maya: Since you said you love me, everything you say is exactly right.

Caroline: Can't you fine her for being late?

Rafael: She said she's on her way.

Caroline: [Sighs] Okay, well, now you have to be firm, because nobody wants to watch a show about two well-behaved people sharing a toaster and Wi-Fi.

Rafael: Oh! Right! Your crazy script changes are all for the good of the show.

Caroline: They're not boring.

Rafael: Uh. So, uh, what's so special about this Rock?

Caroline: Rick.

Rafael: Rick, Rock, whatever. Yeah, you got me all confused.

Caroline: He's special... because he's it.

Rafael: And, Caroline, old friend, are there any other fish in the sea?

Caroline: Okay, seriously, and I'm just saying this, FYI, because you're new here -- wit does not work in California. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some scripts to work on.

Rafael: [Chuckles] No, you don't.

Caroline: I will by the end of the day!

Rafael: [Scoffs] Girl, you're out of control! [Scoffs]

Carter: Is Maya here?

Rafael: Oh, soon.

Rick: Hope, just keep in mind that there's a lot that we don't know about.

Hope: And what could we possibly find out that would make it okay? That mom, what, had amnesia and suddenly forgot that Katie was her sister?

Rick: Are you kidding me? That marriage has been hanging by a thread for several years.

Hope: And so has Katie's life. And from crisis that are much smaller than this one. You know, I hope you didn't tell Pam to hold any of your calls, because the next one will probably be from an emergency room.

Katie: What a fool! That's what everyone will say. "We tried to warn her, but she just kept taking him back."

Bill: Whatever people say, they won't say for long. They have their own problems, their own lives. They're not that interested. All that matters now is what we say to each other.

Katie: You'll be admired -- bedding both sisters at the same time.

Bill: That is not true, Katie. I repeat -- there was only you as long as you were wearing that ring.

Brooke: It's the truth.

Katie: What would you know about the truth? You weren't married to a ring. You were married to me.

Bill: You want to frame this as something that was done to you, but we all played a part, Katie, including you.

Carter: Well, well, well. Guess we dragged you away from the party for Rick's mom, huh?

Maya: Yeah, it's okay. The party broke up. Way up. [Chuckles]

Rafael: Maya, great! Did you get the new pages?

Maya: Yeah. They're all new. I don't understand.

Rafael: Oh, well, I've been talking to distributors, and we need to have a certain web saturation point to succeed, and I'm hearing them complain that the scripts are, uh, a little dull.

Maya: Shouldn't they make that decision on what they see, not what they read?

Carter: She's got a point.

Rafael: Well, as it happens, I think I agree with them. We need some...sizzle.

Maya: Aren't we trashing the characters? I'm just asking.

Carter: She's got another point.

Maya: If they barely know each other and they're throwing off their clothes, will we even care about them?

Rafael: No, I mean, they're behaving. You know, they're sweet, we adore them, but -- aha! We can see their thoughts. It's the conscious versus the subconscious mind.

Katie: I see. This is when the blame game starts -- where it becomes all my fault because I was erratic and I withheld sex and I abandoned my husband and child.

Brooke: Nobody is saying that, Katie.

Katie: That is exactly what he's saying. Look at him. He doesn't think he's done anything wrong!

Bill: Are we gonna put everything in a right or wrong box, or could we turn the dial to something more grown-up other than keeping score, like maybe taking responsibility?

Katie: Oh, yeah, yeah. Let's -- let's be grown-ups. You can start by taking responsibility for lying to me.

Bill: I never did.

Katie: Oh, my God. Do you even know when you're doing it?

Bill: There were lies of omission, phone calls I hid from you because you had turned away from me again and again. There were conflicted feelings. That was the worst of it.

Katie: Do you remember that I asked you to your face if you had slept with her, and you said no?

Bill: I told the truth.

Katie: [Sighs]

Brooke: She wants to know, Bill, and she has a right to. It didn't happen that night when Bill came over drunk and spent the night.

Bill: It was the next morning, when you stormed in and accused us, said the marriage was over. You took off your ring. You told Brooke she could have me. You went as far as to say that Brooke would be better for me than you could ever be. Do you remember saying that? I'm sure you do.

Katie: So, as soon as I turned my back, you... because there were feelings?

Bill: There were.

Katie: Are you in love with her?

Bill: I'm in love with my wife.

Katie: How long did it go on? I'm asking her. You two haven't had time to coordinate your stories yet, so I'd like to hear her version.

Brooke: [Sighs] It didn't.

Katie: It didn't what?

Brooke: It didn't go on. Bill and I found out that you were in the hospital, and that's all that we could think about.

Bill: You wanted your ring back. I put it on your finger. You were scared. You realized you were wrong to accuse us.

Katie: No. Not wrong. Just early.

Carter: I think I understand.

Rafael: Great. Are we ready for a run-through?

Maya: What about the courtship? I'm just wondering. [Chuckles]

Rafael: What about it?

Maya: The getting to know each other, like each other? I thought that was the hook for the audience.

Rafael: Yeah. I mean, we still play the courtship, humor, learning each other's likes and dislikes, but now we can see beneath the surface -- the hunger.

Maya: I'm guessing you're not talking linguini.

Rafael: For each other.

Maya: But why? She barely knows him.

Rafael: What do you mean why? Look at him -- that body!

Maya: That's it?

Carter: How to hurt a guy.

Rafael: Okay, can you trust he's gonna bring a little sparkle to the part? I mean, wait, wait, wait a minute. Is there a problem, Maya? Uh, are you gonna get all method every time we tape a scene?

Maya: No. No. I'm sorry. You're right. I am an adult. I just -- it just feels a little bit like a bait and switch. This is not what I thought that I would be doing, and it's not what I told my boyfriend I'd be doing. But I am a professional, and it's a new relationship, so I'm probably overcomplicating things. Look, yes, this is a job. We're adults. Let's run the scene.

Marcus: Everything okay?

Rick: Yeah, we're all right. But, you know, you were at the party.

Marcus: Yeah. Yeah, I was. What happened was pretty messed up.

Rick: Right. So, what brings you back here?

Dayzee: Well, actually, we -- we went to your mother's office, first.

Hope: Is she there?

Dayzee: No. But, uh, Marcus and I thought that --

Marcus: I thought that you might be there.

Rick: Doing what?

Marcus: Well, you know, clearing the place out.

Rick: Mom's office?

Marcus: Yeah. I mean, you said it yourself. What she did was wrong.

Rick: No. No, I was talking about the arrogance of Taylor waiting for her birthday to expose her in front of everyone, completely humiliating her.

Marcus: Okay, if that's how you think of it.

Rick: How I think of it? How else would I think of it? Marcus, we're family. Family takes care of family. And when somebody attacks it, we do everything in our power to defend that honor. I hope we're clear on that.

Katie: You think you showed restraint. Because you could have had him at any time, but you decided to wait.

Brooke: Katie...

Katie: Are you ashamed of yourself, Brooke? You always seem so ashamed of the things you do. Not enough to not do them again, but... you don't have to. I mean, Bill just explained that you didn't do anything wrong. Weren't you listening?

Bill: What is the point of this, Katie?

Katie: What's the point? Do you want him? Do you want a life with him? Because you've been alone for almost a year now, and that's an awful long time for you. Do you want him?

Brooke: I want you back. I want our childhood back. I want things back that I can't have. And I definitely didn't want to hurt you like this.

Bill: You know, all this talk of shame and disgrace -- I did what I did. I had my reasons. It didn't happen in a vacuum. You can't threaten me with the end anymore, Katie. You've done that too many times. I'm not gonna play that game with you again.

Rafael: Okay, Scarlett, back to your unpacking.

Lance: Whoa, whoa! That's got to be worth a couple months' rent, huh?

Scarlett: Oh, I got it for 20 bucks at a secondhand shop. It's like my Aladdin's lamp.

Lance: Aladdin?

Scarlett: You know, rub it and make a wish.

Rafael: It's a magic thing. I don't know. I-I didn't write that.

Maya: Where did the line come from?

Rafael: I can't write every word myself. Okay, Scarlett, now, you give the tray a little buffing, okay? Catch sight of your reflection. Hold it right there. Boom! We hear a music sting, and we're into your fantasy. Lance is shirtless.

Carter: Now? During -- during rehearsal?

Rafael: Yeah.

Maya: The dialogue gets a little rocky here.

Rafael: Just go on.

Scarlett: Did a genie steal your shirt?

Lance: Didn't want to get sauce on it. I get carried away when I cook.

Carter: Okay, the genie thing?

Rafael: Just go with it. Go with it. Come on.

Lance: Besides, my body temperature rises when I cook Italian.

Maya: [Chuckles]

Rafael: Yeah, you're right. I may need to work on these lines.

Carter: Yeah.

Scarlett: Look, you spilled a little.

Lance: Where? It's Fra Diavolo -- it's wh-- it's --

Rafael: Just cut it. Yeah.

Scarlett: You must have been tasting, too. You have a little right here.

Rafael: Nice. Now, let it build. Come on. Give me more. Passion is like a river. You know... [Blows] Get carried away. Come on. Ah!

Katie: So, let me get this straight. The two of you make eyes at each other for months, and you tell me that I'm not seeing what's right in front of my face. And then you take the first possible pretext to jump into bed and get pregnant.

Bill: You want me to -- to beg. I get it. But it's not going to happen. C-can we eliminate all of the judgment and defending in this conversation and make it about cause and effect? Can we do that? No. No, we can't do that. Because that's not what Katie likes to look at. So much so, that you might walk out that door...again. For -- what -- the fifth or sixth time? Because that's how you win. And you always win, don't you, Katie?

Katie: Wow. Go clean yourself up. I can't look at you like that. Do you really think that you can school me on the subject of you? Bill Spencer doesn't grovel. He doesn't beg or apologize. Bill Spencer demands. Well, what exactly are you demanding of me now?

Bill: For you to get honest.

Katie: [Chuckles]

Bill: We told you the truth. Now it's your turn.

Katie: What do you want to know? I've told no lies. I've hid nothing from you.

Bill: No? No, you're sure about that, huh? How about when you disappeared from my life? Wh-when you sent me off to Aspen with Brooke hoping that more would come of it?

Katie: How dare you use that against me! I was sick, and you know it.

Bill: It's not a weapon, Katie. It's a fact. You go to a lot of trouble to create these scenarios of persecution. I mean, it takes a certain amount of what -- self-induced amnesia? I mean, you make yourself forget that you abandoned our son so that Brooke and I could look after him? You conveniently overlook the times that you bailed, that you just -- you just washed your hands of me. You discount the consequences of telling me that your sister would be better for me than you could ever be.

Katie: I did not force you to sleep with my sister. I did not rob you of your own free will.

Bill: That doesn't mean that the words don't count, Katie. I am not proud of the way that I handled it. But I don't think that what happened is completely incomprehensible.

Katie: [Sniffles]

Bill: I love you. And I believe that we can get through this...if we don't compound the mistakes that we've already made. Say you forgive me.

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