B&B Transcript Monday 7/1/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/1/13


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Taylor: Do you want to tell them, Brooke, or do you want me to?

Brooke: I-I don't know what you're talking about.

Katie: You know what? You really have no right to do this. I think you should leave.

Taylor: She slept with him. Your husband and your trustworthy sister had an affair.

Katie: No. That is not true.

Rafael: This is where it's all done. Eric Forrester himself sits down and sketches in this room.

Caroline: And Caroline Spencer.

Rafael: Yeah. You always told me you'd be a world-famous designer.

Caroline: Yes, and you always told me you'd be a doctor. Yet here you are in Hollywood.

Rafael: Who needs to save lives? I got stories to tell. With this guy's help. Ready to see the opening titles?

Carter: Yeah.

Rafael: We shot this yesterday. Turned out great. Here we go. "Room 8."




[Doorbell rings]

[Glass shatters]

[Bells dinging]

Caroline: Huh.

Rafael: "Huh"?

Caroline: Eh.

Carter: "Eh"?

Caroline: Well, this is supposed to be a sexy web series. I thought I'd see more skin.

[Whisk! Boing!]

[Clong! Zip!]

Rafael: There will be a lot of skin. Don't worry. I mean, but this is the opening. People want to see actors smiling.

Caroline: I don't. I want to see his abs.

Carter: Well, you'll like the first episode. I'm shirtless in one of the scenes.

Caroline: One of the scenes? That's it?

Rafael: [Scoffs] The characters just met.

Carter: It's sweet. It's a really good episode. I can't wait to read the next script. It's a good job.

[Cell phone rings]

Carter: Oh. Excuse me.

Caroline: "Sweet"?

Rafael: I've got it here.

Carter: It's Thorne. I need to call him back.

Rafael: Sure.

Caroline: Do you want viewers or not?

Rafael: Uh, yeah.

Caroline: Then get them with their clothes off.

Rafael: Caroline.

Caroline: And kissing. Please? For an old friend. Help me get Carter and Maya together.

Katie: What is wrong with you?

Taylor: I need you to listen to me.

Bill: No, you need to shut your mouth, Taylor. You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Taylor: It's truth time, Bill.

Katie: This obsession you have with my sister, you need to get over it. She's not hurting you anymore.

Taylor: No, she isn't. But she is hurting you.

Katie: Brooke would never do what you're saying she would. This -- this paranoia is amazing. You have serious issues.

Taylor: I have proof.

Katie: You have nothing! You have your own delusions. You've spent your entire life blaming my sister for whatever goes wrong. And now you're trying to project it onto me. You're trying to turn my marriage into what yours was, and I'm not gonna let you do it. This is a party. We are here to celebrate my sister, not tear her down. Eric, for God's sake, get her out of here!

Eric: Katie's right. You and I are leaving.

Taylor: No, Eric! Brooke and Bill had an affair! How else did Brooke get pregnant?!

Caroline: Okay. Let's focus. I want to get this script into shape before Carter gets back.

Rafael: Why? What's wrong with it?

Caroline: Okay. Well... all right, well, here's problem number one. "Lance and Scarlett look at each other. They smile."

Rafael: What?

Caroline: It's boring! Who cares? As an audience member, I am not invested at all. You need to get in there and describe it for the camera.

Rafael: I did. They smile.

Caroline: They can't just smile. We need to feel the sexual tension. Carter -- uh, I mean, uh... what's his name? Lance?

Rafael: Lance.

Caroline: Lance. Lance and Scarlett can't just look at each other. They need to touch. You know, describe their lips, their desires, their bodies pressed up against each other.

Rafael: You don't care about the characters. You just want the actors pressed against each other because you want to make Rick jealous.

Caroline: Yeah.

Rafael: Yeah.

Caroline: But it's also what your audience wants. Passion! Desire. What?! Scarlett comes out in her bathrobe? What is this, "The Golden Girls"? She needs to be in lingerie. And get him in some skimpy boxers.

Rafael: Okay! Okay, okay, okay, okay. Thanks for the help, you know? I've been doing this a while. I worked on several very successful telenovelas when I lived in South America. I know what I'm doing. You have to show restraint. You know, let the relationships build.

Caroline: Okay. Give me a pen.

Rafael: Why? What are you doing?

Caroline: You can let your relationships build slowly all you want. Doesn't mean your show can't be sexy. Fantasies, Rafael. Steamy, hot fantasies.

Hope: My mom isn't pregnant.

Rick: Of course she's not. Mom, you're not pregnant, right?

Brooke: [Scoffs] No. No, of course I'm not pregnant.

Katie: Okay, there you go. So, do you have a home-pregnancy test for her to take?

Taylor: Brooke, admit it!

Katie: Have you been drinking?

Taylor: No.

Katie: Because that's the only explanation for this.

Taylor: No, I have not been drinking, and I'm not paranoid. I'm trying to help you accept this. I'm trying to help you stop her before she does to you what she did to me all those years. You've got a health condition, you've got a heart condition, and as a person who cares about you, I have --

Katie: You don't care about me. You hate all of us. You're not my friend.

Taylor: Katie, I know this is very upsetting, and I didn't want to tell you like this, but actually, its better that you come to terms with it with your family and your friends around you. God forbid you had come in the house one day and found them together in the bed.

Bill: Enough, Taylor!

Katie: I feel sorry for you! I feel sorry for what happened to you. But how dare you come into my house and say these things?! You're dreaming up an affair, a pregnancy?

Taylor: She isn't pregnant now, but she was. She lost it.

Brooke: Oh, my God.

Taylor: Ask her. Ask Brooke if she miscarried your husband's baby.

Caroline: So? What do you think?

Rafael: Scarlett has fantasies about Lance.

Caroline: Yeah, and he has them about her.

Rafael: Mm. Playing the conscious and subconscious mind.

Caroline: Yeah. So some of your scenes are the boring character development -- blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Then you go inside their heads. You see their hunger for each other. Go to the next page. Okay. So, here is what needs to happen in this scene. We keep it how you have it, how she comes in, but before she says, "What痴 for dinner?" She looks in the mirror. Bam! We're in her fantasy, okay? She looks over. He's now shirtless in the kitchen. "I made us some dinner," he says. Her eyes just lingering over his washboard abs. "Oh, how thoughtful," she says. "Is it ready?" "No. The linguini's still a little bit hard." She steps in, salivating over Carter's delicious body.

Rafael: Lance's.

Caroline: Yeah, yeah, that's what I said. Anyway, so, then she says, "Do you always cook like this -- shirtless?" Okay? He says, "Sometimes the sauce splatters. No use in ruining a perfectly good shirt."

Rafael: Oh, come on. Guys don't care about that --

Caroline: It's her fantasy!

Rafael: All right.

Caroline: So, then she looks back in the mirror. Everything's back to normal. He's just cooking in the kitchen. So then she says to herself, in a voiceover, whatever it's called -- right? -- "I can't believe that I'm living here. He's such a perfect gentleman, and he's so sexy!" And that's how we hear her inner struggle. "But don't ruin this, Scarlett. You're saving a bundle on rent!" Then she turns back, and he's shirtless again. Right? Now he's staring at her, seductively tasting the sauce, and a little bit drips down his muscular chest, and she can't help herself! She falls into his arms, and she wipes the sauce off of his chest. "It's been such a long time since I've even been with a man!" And then they're looking at each other, hearts racing. Why aren't you writing this down? It's awesome.

Rafael: Oh. Yeah. Right.

Caroline: [Gasps] What are we calling this episode?

Rafael: Uh... episode two?

Caroline: Pbht! No! What about "Ciao Time"?

Rafael: "Chow time"?

Caroline: Like, ciao, chow...

Rafael: Good one.

Caroline: I know, right? God, I love writing for your show. I'm so good at it. Wow.

Donna: Taylor, don't.

Taylor: Ask her.

Donna: You cannot do this. You cannot come into their home and make these accusations!

Taylor: Katie!

Katie: This is ridiculous.

Taylor: Your sister, if she had a miscarriage --

Katie: She is my sister. She has taken care of me for as long as I can remember. What you're suggesting is... impossible. It's... it's disgusting, and I don't want to hear another word of it. I want you to go.

Taylor: Are you afraid to ask her?

Bill: Eric, drag her if you have to, but get that bitch out of my house!

Taylor: Listen to Bill! Look at him! He looks guilty. Look at Brooke.

Katie: This obsession with Brooke has ruined your life! I can't believe that you would do this to me. I mean, for months, I have let you counsel me. I have confided in you, and you have just been biding your time to take us all down, waiting for your chance to attack Brooke.

Taylor: Katie, you're upset.

Katie: This was supposed to be a celebration. I invited you into my home out of kindness, and you say these awful things. My God, what a colossal error in judgment having you as my psychiatrist. Well, no more. You are fired! I never want to see you again -- not personally, not professionally. Get out of my house!

Eric: Let's go. Let's leave.

Taylor: No, not yet. I have to help her understand.

Katie: This is a new low -- a new low for you.

Taylor: Do you want to hear an all-time low? It's when you were in the hospital and you were fighting for your life, and your sister was betraying you in the worst possible way.

Katie: She would never do that to me.

Taylor: She would. And she did. And if Brooke cared at all about you, she would tell you the truth -- that she slept with your husband, and she got pregnant.

Katie: You don't have to say anything. You don't have to admit to anything. Okay? Because what she's saying is... it's unthinkable. It's repulsive. You're my sister. And she's lying. Just say she's lying, and... and I'll believe you. I'll believe you. Just tell me she's lying.

Caroline: Ooh! I have an idea. Let's bring it even closer to home. Scarlett has a boyfriend.

Rafael: We haven't established that.

Caroline: "Oh, I'm -- I'm living with you, Lance, but I'm involved with someone else." "Oh, you must leave him. Yes, I must."

Rafael: Yeah. Let me guess. The boyfriend's name is Rick.

Caroline: Let's call him Rock.

Rafael: Yeah.

Caroline: "I'm so drawn to you, and I'd hate to do it, but I have to leave Rock." Right? Then the sexual tension builds. And finally, they come together in a steamy, hot kiss. Whoo! Now, that is something I would want to watch.

Rafael: Cut back to reality.

Caroline: Yeah.

Rafael: Lance steals a glance at Scarlett. We realize he's been fantasizing about her, too.

Caroline: [Clicks tongue]

Rafael: I like it.

Caroline: Yeah!

Carter: You two still here?

Rafael: Hey. Done being a lawyer?

Carter: Yeah, ready to focus on the show again. Did you watch the video?

Caroline: Mm-hmm. I think the show is going to be a huge success.

Rafael: [Clicks tongue]

Caroline: All right, back to work for me.

Carter: So, episode two.

Rafael: Oh. It's called "Ciao time." Lance and Scarlett, new roommates, first dinner together, okay?

Carter: Mm-hmm.

Rafael: And the fantasies start.

Carter: Well, who's fantasizing?

Rafael: You both are, but you don't tell each other, you know? You want to keep it platonic, be good roommates. But the fantasies will grow, and boundaries will be pushed. It's a great acting challenge for both of you...

Carter: Yeah.

Rafael: ...As your characters are trying to cover up the inner struggle, the desire...

Carter: Yeah. That's great. Yeah, I'm up for it. Yeah.

Rafael: Good. Avoid garlic. There is a very hot kiss in the first fantasy.

Katie: Taylor's out of her mind. You didn't sleep with Bill. You... you weren't pregnant. Just say it.

Brooke: [Crying]

Bill: Katie...

Hope: Mom... you didn't, right?

Katie: You got what you wanted. Now get out of my house. Everybody out!

Taylor: Katie, I'm so sorry.

Katie: Get out! Get out of my house! You get out of my house! [Crying]

[Door closes]

Bill: Katie...

Katie: Not...one...word.

Brooke: If you'd --

Katie: If either one of you say that this is my fault, I swear to God -- I swear to God -- I'll start screaming! "Don't pressure him"... you said. "Don't push him away or you'll lose him," you said. My God. You're so sick. You're both so sick. My whole life... my whole life... and I never knew who you were. How could you do this? How could you do this to me?

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