B&B Transcript Wednesday 6/26/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 6/26/13


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Katie: I can never know what? What were you two talking about? Go ahead. Finish what you were gonna say.

Brooke: [Scoffs]

Taylor: Mwah.

Eric: Well, look at you. Wow. You're in a good mood, aren't you?

Taylor: What's not to be happy about?

Eric: Well, I don't know. Uh, Steffy leaving was a little difficult for you.

Taylor: Well, I trust her instincts. If she feels like she needs to go spend a little time with her father, then I'm good with that. I support her.

Eric: So, you had a good conversation with her earlier.

Taylor: Yes. I did. I did. She sounds good. Um... [Chuckles] She demanded that I stop worrying about her, so I'm listening. And I'm moving on, and I'm enjoying my life. I'm going to spend every minute enjoying every second of it.

Eric: That sounds like a good plan.

Taylor: Mm-hmm. And if you like that plan, you'll like this one even more. I'm planning a party.

Eric: A party? Nice. What are we celebrating?

Taylor: Uh...I don't know -- joy, life, love, all of the above, you and me. In fact, I'm feeling so positive about things, I'm thinking of inviting Brooke.

Katie: What were you two talking about?

Donna: What were we talking about?

Katie: You said, "Katie can never find out." Find out what?

Brooke: Uh...

Donna: I don't -- I don't even -- what were -- what were we talk-- I don't even remember what...

Katie: Well, it had to be something. Is there something you want to tell me?

Brooke: No, there's -- no, there's nothing that you need to know.

Katie: You're sure?

Brooke: Yeah. I'm sure. [Chuckles]

Katie: This is about the party, isn't it? You're trying to get out of the party, wasn't she?

Brooke: [Sighs]

Donna: Okay. Yeah. You're right. The party. The party.

Katie: I can't believe you! So sneaky! Listen -- I know you don't like birthdays, I know you don't like surprises, and you're lucky that I gave you as much of a heads-up as I did. So, we are having this party to celebrate your birthday and our sisterhood, so why don't you just go back to work, and I will finish planning everything? Okay? All right. Bye. [Smooches] I love you.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Donna: Bye.

Eric: You're thinking of throwing a party, and you're inviting Brooke?

Taylor: Mm, I'm considering it.

Eric: Taylor, is that you? Is that you in there?

Taylor: No, this is not the clone of Taylor. No, it's me. I-I want to be civil. I know that you and Brooke are close. You always will be. And so, I think it's the right thing to do to invite her.

Eric: Well, I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

Taylor: She better. Besides, I'm having a lot of fun. I'm going to be planning it with Gustav, the ultimate party planner, and we've got all these great ideas we're gonna go over. It'll be something great for the family to look forward to. We'll all be celebrating together, and, of course, we'll be celebrating you and me.

Eric: Well, I can think of a couple of ways to celebrate you and me without any planning.

Taylor: [Chuckles]

[Cell phone beeps]

Eric: It's Thorne. He needs me down in shipping. Um...hold that thought.

Taylor: I'll be right here.

Eric: Okay.

Katie: I should have known Brooke would try to take over her own birthday party. I mean, that is what you were talking about, right?

Donna: I'm just not sure Brooke is in the mood for surprises right now.

Katie: Oh. In that case, maybe I should tell her.

Donna: About what?

Katie: I invited Eric to the party.

Donna: So?

Katie: Plus one.

Donna: Oh. So, basically, you invited Taylor to Brooke's birthday party.

Katie: [Sighs] Yeah. Do you think that was a bad idea?

Donna: Well, we'll see. You never really know what's gonna happen when you put Brooke and Taylor in the same room together. [Chuckles]

Brooke: Taylor. I didn't expect to see you here.

Taylor: Uh, I was just here with Eric, but he had to step out.

Brooke: Oh. Well, he might be a while. Do you want me to have him call you?

Taylor: No. I'm fine waiting. I have a meeting in a little bit anyway.

Brooke: Great.

Taylor: So, how are you doing? How's Katie?

Brooke: Oh, she's fine.

Taylor: Good. Good. I'm glad to hear it.

Brooke: Is she not your patient anymore? Is that why you're asking?

Taylor: Well, Katie can always call me. I'm available if she ever wants to meet with me.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Taylor: You know, you may not believe this, but my goal has always been to help your sister.

Brooke: [Chuckles] Wow. I'm too tired to even argue that one.

Taylor: Tired? Why are you so worn out these days? Is it the new man in your life?

Katie: [Sighs] Do you think Brooke is gonna be upset that Taylor's gonna be at the party?

Donna: I don't think so. I mean, she'll understand. Unfortunately, Eric and Taylor are living together, so, you know, it's kind of a given that if you invite him, he's gonna bring her.

Katie: I just don't want any drama.

Donna: [Chuckling] Well, there is no guarantee of that -- not with this crowd.

Katie: Well, this party is to celebrate Brooke's birthday, but it's also to celebrate us as sisters. I mean, we've been through so much together. And Dad's in Texas, and we lost Storm and Mom. We're all we have, and I'm so grateful for that.

Donna: So am I.

Katie: And we're closer than we've ever been before, right? I want everybody to see that, to witness it -- that there's peace in our extended family.

Donna: I think we all want that.

Katie: And Stephanie's dying wish was that we all get along. We should try to honor that.

Donna: So do I. But I bet she wasn't banking on Eric and Taylor shacking up together.

Katie: Well, she might be okay with that. You, on the other hand, probably not.

Donna: [Chuckles]

Katie: And definitely not Eric and Brooke.

[Eric remembering]

Brooke: Look familiar?

Eric: Our honeymoon. Our tent in the desert.

Brooke: That's right. [Chuckles] Is there anything I forgot?

Eric: No.

Brooke: I was such a young girl back then, when you first surprised me with all of this. It was the beginning of our life together.

Eric: So we thought.

Brooke: It could be again.

[Back to present]

Pam: You're salivating.

Eric: What?!

Pam: [Chuckles] Don't worry. I saved a corner piece just for you.

Eric: Oh, thank you, Pam. I appreciate that. I-I'll pick it up later. Thank you.

Pam: You know who else is a corner person? Maya. I knew there was something I liked about her. She's a good girl, that Maya. How about you, Eric? How you doing? You know, Taylor -- you bored yet?

Eric: [Chuckling] No, I'm not bored. Everything's going very well. Everything with Taylor is going very well, thank you.

Pam: Okay.

Eric: Everything's wonderful.

Pam: Good.

Taylor: This new man in your life? Come on. We can have a little girlfriend talk. You can talk to me about it. How's it going?

Brooke: [Sighs] I-I don't really feel comfortable talking to you about that.

Taylor: Well, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was a secret.

Brooke: It's not. It's just...

Taylor: You just seemed like you were really excited, and I thought maybe you might like to have somebody to talk to about it, if you're still seeing him.

Brooke: No, I'm not. It's over.

Taylor: Oh. Well, that's not good. Are you okay with it?

Brooke: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks.

Taylor: Because you seemed really excited about it when you were telling me before. You were saying that this was...a very special person, that this was somebody maybe you wanted to spend your future with.

Brooke: It just didn't work out. Things didn't turn out the way that I thought they would, but its fine.

Taylor: Well, I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to probe. You asked me not to, and I did. I apologize. And I, um, also want to apologize...for accusing you of some things that...were not really fair.

Brooke: Oh, that is all water under the bridge.

Taylor: Well, but I was accusing you of something inappropriate between you and Bill.

Brooke: I certainly hope you put that behind you.

Taylor: Well, it's just that I -- you know, I was trying to get to the truth of things. It's a work hazard I have -- just trying to read into patients and find out what's really going on, if there's something else that they're getting into that they shouldn't, and I was wrong this time, and I'm glad I was. I hope you'll accept my apology.

Taylor: What is a foam party?

Gustav: Really? Oh, no. We bring in a huge foam machine, and we cover the dance floor in suds and bubbles, and everyone goes wild dancing and diving around. It's a total freaking blast. It's very liberating. You'd love it.

Taylor: Uh...well, I was thinking of maybe something just, uh, kind of more elegant.

Gustav: Okay, fine. We'll keep it classy.

Taylor: I kind of had in mind, like, you know those big white flowing cabanas?

Gustav: Tents.

Taylor: Yes.

Gustav: I can easily do a tent. I just did one for Brooke Logan in her backyard.

Taylor: Brooke Logan?

Gustav: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: She just had a party? Was it a -- a big event?

Gustav: [Chuckles] It wasn't a party. It was very intimate -- just Brooke and some guy.

Taylor: [Sighs] Really?

Gustav: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: Was it, uh, Bill Spencer?

Gustav: [Scoffing] No. Not that sexy beast. Mm. I'm not sure who it was. But the tent was gorgeous. It was very pricy, uh, southwest theme, very romantic -- silks, pillows. They even had a bed inside.

Taylor: [Laughs] Brooke, of course.

Gustav: Well, I was given specific instructions to duplicate her wedding night in Palm Springs years ago. Must have been one of her marriages to Ridge.

Taylor: Palm Springs?

Gustav: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: Uh...I'm pretty sure that's when she got married to Eric. Really? She wanted you to duplicate her wedding night in Palm Springs?

Gustav: Uh, I don't know. [Chuckles] Ugh, four-alarm fire. Ding, ding, ding. Put out the blaze. What? Yeah, I'm coming. Oh, got to go. Love you. Mean it. Bye. I should take that.

[Door closes]

[Birds chirping]

Katie: So, I'm planning a party for my sister for her birthday and to kind of celebrate all the women in our family. Oh, these are so great.

Caterer: I was thinking we could use this one for the party.

Katie: Oh, I love this. This is perfect. I love this picture of me and my sisters.

Caterer: You're really close, huh?

Katie: Yeah. They're awesome. They're the best. I mean, they -- they're so supportive, especially Brooke. That's why I want to do something really special for her.

Donna: Oh, good. There you are.

Brooke: What are you doing?

Donna: Oh, I don't want Pammy to know I'm back yet. She wants me to go to an exercise class with her.

Brooke: Oh.

Donna: Yeah.

Brooke: So, how was Katie after I left?

Donna: Yeah, I don't think you're gonna like this very much.

Brooke: What?

Donna: Katie's inviting Eric and Taylor to your birthday party.

Brooke: Taylor?

Donna: Uh-huh. Well, I mean, she's inviting Eric, plus one, and, obviously, he's gonna bring her.

Brooke: Ugh. Well, what can we do?

Donna: You don't care?

Brooke: [Sighs] Well, I mean, I'm not really thrilled about spending the evening with her, but I don't know. I guess it's all right. I saw her a little while ago, and...believe it or not, we had sort of a civil conversation. I think she's finally off my back.

Eric: Good. You're still here.

Taylor: I just finished my meeting with Gustav.

Eric: How did that go?

Taylor: It was interesting.

Eric: Well, did he come up with any good ideas?

Taylor: Uh, he, uh, had a lot to say.

Eric: Well, no matter what, I'm sure it's gonna be a wonderful party. I can't wait to see it.

Taylor: Can I ask you something?

Eric: Sure. What?

Taylor: Brooke was here earlier. Um, you know, there's been this new man in her life that's not Bill.

Eric: Yes, yes, that's right.

Taylor: Are you that man?

Eric: What?

Taylor: Is there something going on between you and Brooke?

[Birds chirping]

Donna: Well, I spoke to Katie some more about the party she's throwing.

Brooke: [Sighs] I didn't know how to react when she told me about it. It's really sweet of her. I just don't deserve it.

Donna: She wants to do something special for you -- for all of us Logan girls.

Brooke: She wants to celebrate our loyalty and our devotion. How ironic is that? She's been so good to me, and look at what I've done to her.

Donna: Don't. There is no point. You can't go back and change anything.

Brooke: I know, Donna. I know, and we've got to stop talking about this 'cause Katie almost overheard us last time. If she finds out that I slept with Bill and I got pregnant with his baby, and then I lost it --

Donna: She can't. She won't.

Brooke: She doesn't deserve that. It would kill her. Our little sister -- she can never know.

Caterer: I love this picture of you and Mr. Spencer.

Katie: Oh, thank you. I had no idea what I was getting myself into on this day. [Chuckles] Oh, look. How cute. It is Brooke and my husband. Hmm.

Taylor: I asked you a question. Are you involved with Brooke?

Eric: You're serious? Where's this coming from?

Taylor: I was planning the party, and I was talking to Gustav.

Eric: Yes. I know.

Taylor: And we were brainstorming ideas. I suggested perhaps using a tent, and he thought that was a great idea because he just had a client that had done that very thing -- Brooke Logan, in her backyard. It was a very intimate setting -- something she set up that was very romantic, and it had a bed.

Eric: Taylor, look --

Taylor: And he was telling me that he had been hired specifically to re-create Brooke's wedding night in Palm Springs. Now, the only person I know of that ever married Brooke in Palm Springs was you. Did she lure you to the tent? Are you who Brooke has been seeing?

Eric: Nothing happened between us.

Taylor: But you were there.

Eric: Yes.

Taylor: And you didn't tell me.

Eric: I didn't mention it because there was nothing to tell.

Taylor: Did Brooke come on to you?

Eric: I told her I was committed to you.

Taylor: Wow.

Eric: Taylor, it's not what you think. Uh, she wasn't really interested in me that way.

Taylor: What are you talking about? Why would she go through all of that trouble to plan Palm Springs and a tent and everything? And you convinced me that I was wrong -- that she isn't involved with bill. Are you covering for her? What is it? I-I don't understand, Eric. Now you're telling me that she made a play for you. We can't have secrets between us. What is it?! Is Brooke hiding something?  

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