B&B Transcript Thursday 6/20/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 6/20/13


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[Bird cries]

Hope: [Laughing] Thank you!

Liam: There we go. Yeah.

Hope: Oh, wow.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: You know, when I was little, I actually got lost here once. [Laughs] My mom -- she, um -- she drove down into the village, and she got this search party together.

Liam: Really?

Hope: Mm-hmm. The funny thing is, I didn't even know I was lost.

Liam: W-what did you think you were?

Hope: Close to home?

Liam: Yeah. You know, sometimes, you're away from home. Sometimes, home moves away from you. [Sighs softly]

Hope: Is it too much? Being here with me. Is it too soon?

Katie: [Sighs] I'm wondering if I should tell Taylor.

Brooke: Taylor? No! Why?

Katie: Steffy can't have any more children, and that's got to be so traumatic for her! Taylor is trained to deal with these situations.

Brooke: Maybe for somebody else's child, but not her own. You know what she'll do -- she'll run straight to Liam, and she'll tell him everything and make it sound like my fault or Hope's fault. Steffy asked you to keep this a secret. That's exactly what I think you should do. Those kids' lives have been meddled with way too long.

Katie: So, you don't want Taylor to get involved, but you're fine sending Hope and Liam to Big Bear whether he's ready to move on or not?

Brooke: [Sighs]

Carter: Hold -- wait, wait, wait. So, this -- it's not a callback? I actually -- I actually have the job? That's fantastic. I-I can't thank you enough, Rafael. Yes. Yes, I'll -- I'll see you shortly. Yes! [Laughs]

Caroline: Moonlighting, are we?

Carter: No. I-I-I mean, I'm -- I'm not -- I'm not an employee. I'm -- I'm on retainer.

Caroline: Oh. Don't get nervous. I'm not gonna rat you out. What kind of firm is it?

Carter: Well, everyone's going to know, so, um... it's in entertainment.

Caroline: Oh. Well, that's fantastic. Entertainment law is very big out here.

Carter: Well, it -- it's not a legal job.

Caroline: But you're a lawyer.

Carter: I am, but... I want to be an actor.

Caroline: Wow. L.A. got to you, didn't it?

Carter: [Chuckles]

Maya: Careful.

Rick: Of what?

Maya: No fingerprints on my new necklace.

Rick: Oh.

[Both chuckle]

[Tribal music playing]

Maya: What is that?

Rick: Oh, uh... [Clears throat] ...It was, uh -- [Chuckles] It was this, uh -- this -- this thing that I saw. Uh, it said "Mayan," so I --

Maya: [Laughing] Rick.

Rick: It's Forrester calling.

Maya: They want their big boss back.

Rick: Well, they're not getting me.

Maya: You know they're just gonna keep trying until you call back. It's okay. Go ahead. This is not a "who's more irresistible?" contest. And, besides, I like when you get all presidential.

Rick: Oh.

[Both chuckle]

Pam: Yes, Rick. That was me that called. Should I order a late lunch for you?

Rick: No. No, Pam. That won't be necessary.

Pam: Well, what time should I say you're expected?

Rick: Just say that I'm working from home today. Why? Who's asking?

Pam: Well, nobody asked yet. That's 'cause nobody thinks I ever know anything. But Maya might. She actually speaks to me.

Rick: Say hello to Pam, Maya.

Maya: Hi, Pam.

Pam: [Chuckles] So, should I have lunch sent to the house, then?

Rick: No, we have everything that we need. Thank you.

Pam: Could I take the day off, too?

Rick: No. And... tell Caroline if she asks that you don't know where I am.

Pam: Well, she couldn't ask me if I wasn't here.

Rick: Goodbye, Pam. [Laughs]

Caroline: What is drama club?

Carter: You know -- plays in school.

Caroline: Is it like a theater department?

Carter: Yeah. Yeah. We did everything from Molire to Stephen Sondheim. I was John Proctor. I was Billy Bigelow. I was Hamlet.

Caroline: Not Romeo?

Carter: Him, too. [Chuckles] My drama teacher told me I could get a scholarship to any acting school I wanted, but my parents were worried I wouldn't be able to support myself.

Caroline: Oh. So you gave up your dream to study law.

Carter: Why do you think I came to L.A.?

Caroline: To visit your brother?

Carter: Sure. But I also sent out all these headshots and résumés before I got here. DVDs of commercials I had made. Started going to some open auditions, and all of a sudden, I got a lead.

Caroline: That's incredible.

Carter: That's what I'm saying. [Laughs]

Caroline: No, I mean that's preposterous -- like, too good to be true.

Carter: Well, it's a -- it's an internet show. It's only being produced online.

Caroline: Ah... how many clothes do you have to take off? You know what? Never mind. I'm gonna go with you to meet this Rafael person.

Carter: Caroline, I think I can handle it, if there's anything to handle.

Caroline: No, I'm sorry. Studying law does not make you worldly. You're clearly a babe in the woods. So I'm gonna go with you. We'll say I'm your agent. Are you coming?

Hope: Are you, uh -- are you hungry? I can make you something to eat if you'd like.

Liam: Uh, no. No, thanks.

Hope: What's up?

Liam: I'm not hungry. I'm lost.

Hope: Okay. You want to tell me why?

Liam: I've -- I've never not known what to say to you before.

Maya: You know it doesn't always have to be that way, don't you?

Rick: What way?

Maya: You don't have to choose between me and everything else in your life. I am perfectly happy with the room you have for me, and I want you to love your work, your family, your friends -- all of it.

Rick: Are you trying to lull me into some sort of false sense of security? Are you gonna take up with Carter if I get too busy?

Maya: [Laughs] Well...he and I have more in common than you know.

Carter: Rafael.

Rafael: Carter.

Carter: Hey.

Rafael: Thanks for coming.

Carter: Hope you don't mind. My agent wanted to meet you.

Rafael: You have to be kidding.

Caroline: What? You think I can't stand up for my client's best interests?

Rafael: Baby, I'm impressed you can stand up on those heels without falling.

Caroline: Huh. I told you this guy was a lowlife. You're lucky you're all the way over there, or I would slap you.

Rafael: Oh, yeah?

Caroline: Uh-huh.

Rafael: Take your best shot.

Carter: Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Let's just keep it calm, okay?

Caroline: Rafael!

Rafael: Caroline!

Caroline: [Squeals, laughs]

Rafael: Oh, my God. Wow! Look at you.

Caroline: [Laughs]

Carter: So you two know each other.

Caroline: Oh, for ages. Carter, he's a brilliant producer.

Rafael: And I'm sorry, but you are no kind of agent.

Caroline: [Gasps] Well, I had to come check out this shady operation for my friend, now, didn't I?

Rafael: "Shady"?

Caroline: And how dare you come to L.A. and not look me up?

Rafael: I know. It's on my to-do list.

Caroline: [Gasps]

Rafael: As you can see, I've got a show to put on.

Brooke: I am not going to apologize for helping my daughter get to some kind of neutral ground with Liam. This is Big Bear we're talking about -- not Paris. Besides, Liam needed to get out of the house for a while, and so did Hope.

Katie: Look, you know I've always been in Hope's corner, but -- [Sighs]

Brooke: But what?

Katie: I just feel so bad for Steffy. I mean, I lost a baby once, too, and -- and I almost lost Will. And I look at him, and I just -- I can't imagine if he wasn't here. And we've had our differences, but... I'd want to run away to Paris, too.

Hope: I hope you know that you can say anything to me. Right now is a time that we need to be very... honest with each other, and... you know, we've been very careful. But...

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: ...You don't need to be careful of me.

Liam: [Sighs] My -- my wife... went through one of the most difficult experiences a woman can go through. And... I tried to be as supportive as possible, but... it wasn't enough. And Steffy told me that she thought her leaving was for my own good. I -- I-I think that's a crock. I-I do. I think -- I think that after everything we've been through, her being alone was just easier than being with me. And here you are -- [Chuckles] Beautiful as ever, patient as ever, and I -- I don't know what to say to you. I-I-I know I should say something, but I don't know what it is, Hope. "Love me"? "Let me go"?

Hope: I think... what you should say to me is exactly what you just said. It's really funny -- there are... so many, you know, things that have kept us apart. And those are all gone now. But there's still this thing -- this -- this thing we didn't expect, and it's -- it's a distance that we -- we can't seem to cross. I think that what we need... is just a little time.

Rick: Hey. I thought I was the waiter in this relationship.

Maya: Well, you were moving a little slow, and I need to keep my strength up in case you get all strenuous again.

Rick: Oh, I see.

Maya: Mm-hmm.

Rick: Almonds, cashews, and where the heck did we get strawberries from?

Maya: Heaven.

Rick: Heaven?

Maya: Mm-hmm.

Rick: Rosario, my dad's housekeeper? Yeah. She thinks a guy living alone is a starvation risk.

Maya: Maybe she looked in your fridge.

Rick: So... are you gonna punish me by making me jealous of Carter?

Maya: Can I?

Rick: Well --

Maya: I didn't know that was an option.

Rick: You two have so much in common.

Maya: [Gasps] Well, I can't tell you what it is. It might be a secret.

Rick: You're secretly a minister, too. Wait, wait. I got it.

Maya: Hmm?

Rick: He's secretly an actor/singer/dancer.

Maya: Eat your strawberries, jealous boy.

[Both chuckle]

Caroline: So, you could fire him every three months, but he can't quit for two years?

Rafael: Well, that's industry standard.

Caroline: Okay, well, what about the title of the show -- "Roommate"? That's it?

Rafael: No, it's "Room Eight."

Carter: It's a play on words.

Rafael: Yeah.

Caroline: Okay. Well, how about "The Naked Roommate," 'cause have you seen him with his shirt off?

Rafael: [Chuckles] You're always so cute when you're wrong. It's "Room Eight." Cuarto Número Ocho.

Caroline: Oh.

Rafael: Uh-huh. Two adorable, young people -- a little broke but hella hot -- come to the big city. They rent the same one-bedroom apartment. You know, they meet. Sparks fly. They end up deciding to share it. What? It happens all the time.

[Both chuckle]

Hope: [Sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Brooke: Hope? Is everything okay?

Hope: Okay as it can be. [Sighs] I think I might need to come home.

Brooke: Why? Did something happen?

Hope: Nothing you don't already know about. Liam lost a child and then his wife. I just don't think that he's ready to be here with me, you know, as much as I hoped I could help him through this.

Brooke: How do you know he's not hoping for the same thing? He went up there with you.

Hope: Yeah, he did. But he's grieving, and I feel like I have to let him do that, however he needs to, without questioning it. I love you so much for wanting to do this for us. It's just that the timing was off. Thanks anyway.

Brooke: All right, honey. I'll see you later. Well, I guess you were right. I was pretty insensitive. They both want to come home.

Caroline: So, where is this other adorable, hella hot roommate?

Carter: Well, that's why Rafael asked me to come in -- to help out with the casting.

Rafael: Right. You -- I know I want. Now we have to find a female lead who clicks with you.

Caroline: Seriously? Look at him. What woman wouldn't? [Clicks tongue]

Rafael: Oh. This is Jennifer, my assistant.

Carter: Hey, Jen.

Jennifer: Hi. I've got the four girls we called back to read with Carter.

Rafael: Okay, great. You ready, sport?

Carter: Way ready.

Jennifer: Let's go.

Caroline: All right. Well, I'll be right here... waiting. So, I thought that theater was your passion.

Rafael: Yeah. And making a living is my other passion.

Caroline: Well, if it's those four girls that we passed on our way in that were mumbling to themselves, none of them are leading-lady material.

Rafael: Hey, we chose the best four.

Caroline: One of them had purple press-on nails as long as a seafood fork.

Rafael: I said we want simple, wholesome.

Caroline: I know someone simple.

Rafael: [Scoffs] You're kidding.

Caroline: Oh, and she's so wholesome. She's from the Midwest.

Maya: I don't know that much about Carter, and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you, because you have no reason to be jealous.

Rick: I'm just -- I'm curious, that's all.

Maya: Do I ask you a hundred questions about Caroline?

Rick: All right, that's different. Everybody knows way more than they want to know about Caroline, and she wants it that way.

Maya: Everything that happened before today doesn't seem important, except that it led us here.

Rick: I'm sorry if I ask too many questions. It's just that I've never been in love like this before.


Steffy: I'm pregnant.

Liam: Doctor, please tell me that our baby's gonna be okay.

Steffy: [Sobbing] No. You deserve a strong marriage... and a beautiful family. And you'll have that. You'll have that with hope.

Hope: I know that she loves you. But no one will ever love you... the way that I do.

Steffy: Let me go.

(Present time)

Liam: Um... I'm sorry. I-I mean, I-I know you wanted to come up here and --

Hope: No, no. No. [Sighs] I wanted something that couldn't be. I wanted to... roll back time and... start over, but... life doesn't work that way. We can never be at the beginning again. Just in the middle. Never knowing what happens next or -- or what's at the end.

Liam: We're not at the end yet.

Hope: It is the end of me trying to force my way into happily ever after.

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