B&B Transcript Wednesday 6/19/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 6/19/13


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Brooke: Steffy left town?

Hope: Yesterday.

Brooke: And she's not coming back?

Hope: No. No. She left LA ... and Liam.

Brooke: Why? What happened? Did they get in an argument?

[Hope remembering]

Steffy: I'm leaving the country, and I won't be back.

Hope: Okay, I-I-I don't understand what's happening right now.

Steffy: Just take care of him, Hope. You can give him what I can't.

[Back to present]

Hope: I think that the guilt of losing the child finally got to her, and I'm guessing that... she realized that without the baby, Liam would eventually find his way back to me.

Thomas: She just took off?

Liam: Yeah. I-I mean, she went to Paris to be with your dad.

Thomas: Well, did he ask her to come? I mean --

Liam: It's her decision, Thomas.

Thomas: No. No, she wouldn't leave without at least saying goodbye. What happened? Did you guys have a fight or something?

Liam: No.

Thomas: You made her feel bad about losing the baby.

Liam: [Chuckles] I tried not to. Believe me. I-I have tried so hard to be a supportive husband, and, yeah -- things were rough for both of us, but they were getting better. I didn't expect her to just... give -- give up on us.

Maya: Hi.

Rick: Good morning.

Maya: How long have you been up?

Rick: Not very long.

Maya: [Sighs] You should've nudged me.

Rick: I didn't want to. You were sleeping so peacefully.

Maya: Last night was --

Rick: It was incredible.

Maya: Well worth the wait. [Chuckles]

Rick: I meant everything I said last night.

Maya: Me too.

Rick: I still mean it -- even more now.

Maya: I feel the same way.

Rick: Is there anything you have to do today?

Maya: Well, there are things I could be doing, but --

Rick: I'll take that as a no.

Maya: [Chuckles]

Rick: I'm gonna go ahead and text Pam right now and let her know that I'm gonna be late to the office. Actually, I'm gonna be very late. In fact... I might not even go in today.

Maya: What are you gonna be doing?

Rick: I was thinking about hanging out here in bed with you, and, um, I don't know -- making you breakfast.

Maya: Oh. You read my mind.

Rick: If you think last night was incredible... wait till you try my omelet.

Maya: [Laughs]

Brooke: Steffy actually said that you could give Liam what she couldn't.

Hope: She insisted that I take care of him. She -- she wanted me to love him and to have a life and a family with him.

Brooke: You sure she's not playing some kind of game -- pretending to leave town, then she comes back and wreaks havoc?

Hope: No, no, no, no, no. No, she's not. I mean, this is exactly what she said to Liam. She even gave her rings back.

Brooke: How's he taking all of this?

Hope: He's shocked. I mean, we all know that he was, you know, going through a lot after losing the baby, but he just -- he wasn't prepared for this.

Brooke: It's never easy when you lose a child.

Hope: Oh, my God. No, I -- I can't even imagine. I feel bad for Steffy. But [Sighs] You know, the baby was the only thing keeping them together. And she must've admitted that to herself, and that's why she left.

Brooke: What else could it be?

Hope: [Sighs] I-I'm not gonna rush things with Liam. You know, he still needs time to deal with everything that's happened, but... now that Steffy's gone... we have another chance.

Liam: Before she left, Steffy, uh -- [Chuckles] She told me to be with Hope.

Thomas: Well, why would she say that?

Liam: I don't know. She looked at me. She said that she can't make me happy. She took off her ring, and she said goodbye.

Thomas: Steffy loves you like crazy.

Liam: Yeah, exactly. So can you think of a reason for this? Yeah. Me either. I'm -- I'm just telling you what happened, Thomas. I'm just telling you why Steffy's not around.

Thomas: [Scoffs] Liam, look. You understand how hard this has been for Steffy. She's upset about losing the child, and she feels like she's let you down. Maybe she just needs some time away.

Liam: Thomas. You and I both know your sister. She says what she means. She's gone.

Brooke: They'll be there later today. Yes -- my daughter and somebody very special to her. It'll be a nice afternoon and a great, little getaway. Thank you.

Hope: Are you going somewhere?

Brooke: No, but you are.

Hope: I am.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Where?

Brooke: It's a surprise. And it's not just you -- it's you and Liam. There will be a car waiting for you downstairs.

Hope: What are you up to?

Brooke: Don't worry. I didn't call Father Fontana.

Hope: [Laughing] Okay. Good to know. Good.

Brooke: I may, sometime in the future.

Hope: Okay. Well, uh, maybe for now, let's hold off.

Brooke: [Laughs] Okay. I promise.

Hope: Okay, did you plan this whole...I mean, whatever this is, while I was out talking to Teresa?

Brooke: You know me. When I get an idea in my mind, there's nothing stopping me.

Hope: Should I be worried at all? [Laughs]

Brooke: No, Honey. Not at all. I just think it's good for you two to be alone and...get away for a little while.

Hope: I agree. I just hope that Liam is into it.

Brooke: Well, he better be. It'll get his mind off of Steffy, and it'll focus back on you.

Hope: Mom, I'm really -- I'm not trying to rush him or -- or pressure him into feeling like he's got to jump back into a relationship with me.

Brooke: But just go and enjoy yourself and... see how things fall.

Hope: Okay. Thank you, Mom.

Brooke: [Laughs]

Hope: Thank you. [Laughs]

Brooke: Oh, Sweetie, I just want to see you happy -- you and Liam.

Hope: I can hardly believe it. I mean, we finally have another chance.

Brooke: I'm so happy.

Hope: Thank you.

Maya: This is delicious.

Rick: I'm glad you like it.

Maya: You're spoiling me. Be careful. I might get used to it.

Rick: Well, it's high time somebody spoiled you. You deserve it.

Maya: You are a good man, Rick Forrester. I'm starting to like you almost as much as the waiter.

Rick: Oh, yes. My alter ego -- Rick Forrester the waiter.

Maya: But you're more sweet and kind... and just as handsome and funny. You're a keeper.

Liam: For Steffy to just leave, with no real explanation -- yeah, I mean, the girl's unpredictable, but --

Thomas: Just don't give up on her, Liam. Maybe this is something that she needs to get through on her own.

Liam: What are you ta-- we were married! I mean, we -- we made a commitment to each other! She doesn't get to just pack up and go the minute the going gets tough! You -- it doesn't make sense, okay? She stays at her loft one night, and then the next day, she's telling me to move on with Hope?

Thomas: She definitely didn't mean that, because she has fought way too hard for you and your relationship.

Liam: I know. That's why it doesn't make sense for her to just up and go.

Thomas: Liam, she'll come back. She's just in a weird head space right now.

Liam: You didn't see her, man. You didn't see her walk away like she had no intention to come back.

Thomas: [Sighs] So, what does this mean, Liam? You said that she wanted you to be with Hope. I mean... you just need a little more time.

Liam: I need to figure out what's going on, what's motivating her, because there's more to this story. I'm telling you there is.

[Door opens]

Hope: Hey! I heard you were here.

Liam: Yeah. Uh, I was just... catching Thomas up.

Hope: You know what? I'll come back later, then.

Thomas: No. No, it's okay. I'll try to get a hold of Steffy, make sure she made it to Paris okay.

Hope: Um... clear your schedule.

Liam: Why?

Hope: This may not seem like the best time, but... you and I are getting out of here. I have no idea where we're going, but there's a car downstairs waiting for us, so... let's go.

Liam: Is -- are you -- is this a joke?

Hope: No. No, no, no. Not a joke. My mom set this up.

Liam: Your mom? Hope, no, no, no, no, no.

Hope: No, it's fine.

Liam: We have no idea where your mom could be sending us.

Hope: I know. And that's what makes it so great. Liam, come on. You and I are going to go on an adventure.

Katie: Hey! There you are.

Brooke: Just writing Rick a note. He hasn't showed up for work yet.

Katie: I left you a couple of messages. I've been worried about you.

Brooke: Oh, thank you. Well, all's good. You know, I just had a fainting spell. The doctor said its fine.

Katie: You sure?

Brooke: Yeah, I am.

Katie: Okay. Have you talked to Hope? Steffy left town.

Brooke: I know. She just told me.

Katie: Yeah.

Brooke: You don't think Steffy's up to something, do you?

Katie: She made me swear not to say anything, but there's more going on than anyone realizes.

Maya: Kitchen's all cleaned up. Thanks for breakfast.

Rick: You and I make a great team.

Maya: Yeah, we do.

Rick: Well, look at you -- how much you've already accomplished -- quelling the great Dollar Bill.

Maya: [Scoffs] I'm just glad that we got through to him and that he realized how ridiculous it was -- someone as powerful as he is, blackmailing me? I shouldn't have let him intimidate me in the first place.

Rick: Oh, don't feel bad. He intimidates everyone.

Maya: I am so sorry I almost gave up on us.

Rick: I already forgot about that.

Maya: [Chuckles]

Rick: You know, I have something for you.

Maya: Why? It's not my birthday. Do you even know my birthday?

Rick: It's just something I want you to have --

Maya: Oh...

Rick: Something to let you know that I'm happy that you're a part of my life.

Maya: Rick, you didn't have to do this.

Rick: I wanted to. Open it up. Go on.

Maya: Oh, my goodness. It's gorgeous.

Rick: It was my grandmother's, on my father's side.

Maya: It's way too much. I-I can't accept it.

Rick: Well, you -- you have to. It was left for me, you know? And, besides, if she knew how I felt about you, she'd insist on you having it. Let me put it on you. It looks beautiful.

Maya: [Chuckles] I -- I love it.

Rick: And I love you.

Brooke: It's always something with Steffy. I knew she couldn't be trusted.

Katie: No, it's not what you think. She's not being manipulative. She loves him very much.

Brooke: I know. That's why I was surprised to find out that she's leaving.

Katie: Well, I tried to get her to talk to him before she left.

Brooke: Okay. What's going on? Why did she really leave?

Katie: I was with her when she found out some terrible news. She can't have any more children.

Brooke: What? That can't be.

Katie: No, it is. Apparently, there was damage done to her uterus, and she won't be able to conceive.

Brooke: Oh, my God. Poor Steffy. So that's why she's leaving and she's allowing Hope and Liam to be together.

Katie: Listen. You know I've always wanted Hope to be with Liam. But I tried to explain to Steffy that there are other options. There's adoption and surrogacy. But she had made up her mind. And she doesn't want anyone to know about this -- not Hope, not Liam. I just don't think it's fair to him.

Brooke: No. No, it should be this way. What Steffy is doing is admirable. She is doing the right thing. She finally realizes that hope and Liam are meant to be together. And they always will be.

Maya: I've never had anything like this.

Rick: It's time that you did. You're an amazing woman. You're so strong... and beautiful. And, honestly, Maya, that's nothing. You deserve so much more than that. And I'd like to give you that... because, honestly, this is the way that I've always seen us -- together.

Hope: Oh, my gosh! Thanks, Rodrigo!

Liam: Thank you! Uh...should I tip him?

Hope: Uh, no. My mom took care of it. [Chuckles] Wow! Oh, my God.

Liam: Oh. Well, it looks like your mom took care of a lot of things.

Hope: [Sighs] Big Bear was always one of my very favorite places. It is so beautiful. I'm so glad she sent us here.

Liam: Are you sure you didn't know where we were going?

Hope: No. I had no idea.

Liam: 'Cause I-I seem to recall the last time your mom arranged a surprise.

Hope: Oh, yes. Yes -- the, uh, almost-wedding on the cliff.

[Both laugh]

Liam: You don't think, like, a priest is gonna pop out --

Hope: [Laughing] No! No. I assure you that will not happen. She promised. Uh, but a bear might.

Liam: A bear is fine.

Hope: Good. Okay.

Liam: A bear I can handle.

Hope: No. Look. She just -- she sent us here so we could relax and decompress and get away from the noise and just...be.

Liam: That's good. Fresh air... solitude... hanging out with you.

Brooke: I know Liam's your stepson, and you want honesty in the family. But Steffy asked you not to say anything, and I think you should honor that.

Katie: Well, she did swear me to secrecy.

Brooke: Hope put her life on hold because of Steffy. And if Steffy wasn't pregnant, she and Liam would be married.

Katie: Yes, but Liam is married to Steffy, so I think Hope needs to take this slow and let Liam process everything.

Brooke: Of course. That's why I sent them to Big Bear -- give some time for Liam to process.

Katie: You sent them to the cabin?

Brooke: Yes, I did. It was a surprise.

Katie: Brooke!

Brooke: I am not pushing. And neither is Hope. It just allows them some time to get away and be together. And Liam would be able to heal. I think it's the perfect place for a new beginning.

[Liam remembering]

Steffy: I'm -- I'm pregnant. No! [Sobbing] No!

Hope: I always believed our time would catch up to us. We can have the life that we wanted.

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