B&B Transcript Monday 6/17/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 6/17/13


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Caroline: Works for me.

[Cell phone rings]

Bill: Yeah, Alison. What is it? Really? No, no, no, no, no. No, no. This should be entertaining. Put him through. Slick Rick, what can I do for you?

Rick: I need to see you. I'm not messing around. You better get over to Forrester.

Bill: "Not messing around." Boy, everybody is so grumpy today. Getting a lot of orders and attitude. Well, maybe it will improve your mood to know that I am already here in the building and I look forward to our chat.

Rick: Great. I'm on my way.

Maya: You're not planning anything drastic, are you? Because I don't want you to make Bill Spencer an enemy because of me.

Rick: You think I care whether or not Bill Spencer likes me? He needs to know that you're off limits. No more threats. No more bullying. He needs to keep his mouth shut about who you're with. Well, as long as it's with me.

Maya: No doubt about that.

Rick: I missed you. Welcome back.

Hope: Yeah?

Liam: Yeah, you're like... my best friend in the world. You're more -- you're more than that to me, but... that's exactly what I needed right now. And here you are. [Sighs] Even though it can't be much fun for you.

Hope: Oh, Liam.

Liam: [Chuckles]

Hope: You were blindsided. This is what you least expected, and you need time. You do. But one day you're going to accept it and you're going to move on. And I can wait. I don't know if you've noticed, but, um, I'm incredibly patient.

[Both laugh]

Liam: I don't... I guess I thought we ran out of chances. [Laughs]

Hope: I always believed our time would catch up to us. And it -- it hasn't quite yet. You know, you still need some time, but I do believe that our plans and our dreams can be real. We can have the life that we wanted.

Rick: I'm at the photo studio. Good. I'll see you soon.

[Cell phone beeps]

Maya: You got a minute?

Caroline: Wait. I need to make sure this photo posts. [Clears throat] If my followers don't hear from me every hour, they get concerned. Not that you would know anything about social media, seeing as you were in prison when the whole world went viral. What can I do for you?

Maya: I was hoping that we could come to some kind of -- I don't know -- live-and-let-live agreement.

Caroline: Why?

Maya: We do have to work together.

Caroline: It doesn't mean that we need to be friends.

Maya: So, you'd rather be enemies?

Caroline: I'd rather you weren't here at all.

Maya: Well, I'm not going anywhere, and you can pass that on to your uncle, too.

Caroline: Just for the record...I didn't know he was blackmailing you.

Maya: And if you had known?

Caroline: It wouldn't have bothered me. Whatever it takes to get you out of Rick's life, and if that means sending you back to jail, oh, well. Maybe you shouldn't have made that an option.

Maya: You're really something, aren't you?

Caroline: I'm a Spencer. And we protect what's ours, and Rick is mine. So why don't you do us all a favor and go latch onto someone else. Like Carter. He's hot, and have you seen those abs? And best of all, unlike Rick, he's available.

Maya: Let me break this down for you a little bit. Rick and I are together because it's what we both want. I will not be blackmailed away. I will not be insulted away. So the best solution for you in this situation is to accept it and make the best of it.

Caroline: I will never accept you as Rick's girlfriend. I staked out that territory a long time ago, and I am sure not handing him over to some ex-con that he feels like he needs to save. Before I left that happen, I'll send you back to jail myself.

Bill: What's this?

Rick: It's a prop. The Hope for the Future photo shoot. Caroline's idea. But really just a way to stick it to Maya. Which is why I asked you to come down here. See, Bill, I know that you're blackmailing Maya. And let me tell you something. It stops. It stops right now.

Maya: Is that what you tell yourself?

Caroline: Save you, fix you -- it's all the same. Rick has a rescue complex, so the more the damaged the woman, the better. There was train-wreck Amber and jailbird you.

Maya: Oh. Okay.

Caroline: I, on the other hand, represent another choice. The opposite choice -- a woman of Rick's caliber. One he can take in public without doing the walk of shame.

Maya: Only problem -- Rick doesn't want to be with you.

Caroline: Sure he does. He's just temporarily blinded. I mean, what do you even know about being a spokesmodel? Have you ever walked on a runway? And clearly you know nothing about fashion, because, no offense, your outfits are embarrassing.

Maya: I love that. How you put "No offense" before you say something completely offensive. Did you learn that in school?

Caroline: The point is you aren't suitable for Rick.

Maya: I hate to break it to you, Caroline, but you don't get a vote. And neither does Uncle Bill. Rick has decided. And he chooses me.

Rick: See, I just -- I don't get it, Bill. You're the owner of an international multimedia conglomerate. You're a world-renowned business king. You're a husband. You have a new son. You got a lot on your plate, which is why I don't understand why a grown man with so much power would be so interested in manipulating Caroline's personal life.

Bill: Caroline's my niece. I want her to be happy.

Rick: Yeah, well, Caroline and I aren't gonna be together. She's not the person I thought she was.

Bill: Oh, but Maya the ex-con, she's perfect.

Rick: You tried to use her past to get her thrown back in jail. I'll tell you something, Bill, I can make threats, too. See, Caroline's got a real cushy situation over here at Forrester. If you so much as intimidate Maya, blackmail Maya again, I'll make sure that Caroline loses her job, and I'm sure that she's not gonna be so happy about that.

Bill: You're taking this all wrong. I have nothing personal against Maya. I'm sure she's a very lovely young woman.

Rick: Yeah, she is.

Bill: But Maya is not my concern. You and Caroline are.

Rick: Well, like I said, Caroline and I are done. Although I appreciate this sudden concern, all I really want from you is your word, man to man, that you're gonna leave Maya alone.

Hope: Don't misunderstand. I'm not pushing you. I want us to do this right. Take our time. You know, get to know each other again. Not, you know, as we were, but as we are now.

Liam: I know how much I've hurt you.

Hope: Hey, you know... I've made a lot of mistakes that have hurt you, too. And that's why I feel like we need to rebuild and reconnect.

Liam: [Laughs] [Laughing] You really think we can do that?

Hope: Um, yeah, I really do.

Liam: I got to be honest with you, though, I'm a little shell-shocked still.

Hope: Of course you are. Of course. You cared a lot about Steffy. She was your wife. I'm just saying I believe in us. And I can wait. I can wait until you're ready.

Caroline: You donít even know me.

Maya: No. I see you for exactly what you are.

Caroline: You think that I am flighty and superficial, not enough woman for Rick. Well, you're wrong. I happen to be a very smart and substantial person.

Maya: Then you've been hiding, because all I've seen is superficial and rude.

Caroline: I'm not superficial, and I'm from Manhattan, so what you perceive as rude is actually just brutal honesty. I've earned the right to be. I went to school. I studied hard. I have fashion sense and style. I am sophisticated and graceful, and I didn't just pop out this way. I went to classes. I went to cotillion. I learned what is proper and what isn't. I am a ballerina and a sommelier. Do you even know what that is? You give me any glass of red wine and I can tell you what region it is from and its appellation in one swallow.

Maya: I'm sure you're very impressed with yourself. Look. This is pointless. I came here hoping for some kind of truce, and obviously that's not happening.

Caroline: If it means accepting you with Rick, never.

Maya: Then we're done.

Caroline: I wouldn't get too comfortable. Another thing about New Yorkers -- we never give up.

Hope: I have never been more excited about our future. We finally have a clear shot, and we already have the foundation. When I think of everything that we've been through... we had an amazing first chapter, Liam. And I can't wait to live the rest.

Bill: So this was Caroline's idea?

Rick: Yeah, unfortunately, it works. We're featuring stripes.

Bill: Pretty clever girl. Getting the job done and a little dig in there at the same time.

Rick: Maya doesn't deserve pot shots from Caroline or your bullying. You need to understand that.

Bill: Well, you need to understand that Caroline's happiness is my priority. Not Maya's hurt feelings. Look, uh, for some reason, Caroline is stuck on you. Maya's in the way, and it's my job as her uncle, her protector, to clear a path for her so she can get what she wants.

Rick: So, in other words, you're not gonna back off.

Bill: Oh, no, no, no. Not in my DNA.

Rick: You just don't know when to quit, do you?

Bill: Well, I could say the same thing about you and, uh, your little -- oh! -- And your little friend right there. Got to hand it to my niece. Pretty good idea. Reminding the little lady where she came from. Where she's going back to if she doesn't play by the rules. Now, I'm not talking about my rules. I'm talking about the rules handed down by the court. A restraining order, crystal clear. If Maya spends any time with the ex-boyfriend, then she is going back to a cell just --

[Door clangs]

Bill: What are you doing?

Rick: I guess you'll have to listen to me now.

Bill: Oh, is that your little plan, huh?

Rick: See, Bill, I've been trying to reason with you, but you're just not having it. So now that you're a captive audience, maybe now you'll know what it feels like to be behind bars. I'm gonna tell you something else. I'm not gonna unlock that door until I get your word that there will be no more threats to Maya, no more bullying. Until I actually get that promise from you and you apologize to Maya... maybe I'll let you go.

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