B&B Transcript Tuesday 6/11/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 6/11/13


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Steffy:  I will never have a baby.  I canít get pregnant.  I canít have a baby of my own.

(Present time)

[Cell phone ringing]

Steffy: Oh, God.

[Cell phone beeps] Hi.

Liam: How are you?

Steffy: Oh, I-I'm fine. You?

Liam: Uh, I'm worried. I mean, you didn't come home last night.

Steffy: Liam, I -- [Sniffles] I told you I had to catch up on some work.

Liam: Yeah, but you could have done that here.

Steffy: Too many distractions.

Liam: Are you sure you're okay?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine. I, um...I'm gonna be home soon, okay? So, you don't have to worry about me.

[Cell phone beeps]

Katie: Did your mom sleep okay last night?

Hope: Um, yeah, I wouldn't say that.

Katie: Did she say anything?

Hope: About what happened? No. She just said that she felt panicky and fainted and you and Bill took her to the hospital. They checked her out, and they released her.

Katie: It's so weird. I wonder what's going on with her.

Hope: Yeah, I don't know, but, I mean, you know her. She's not gonna talk unless she wants to.

Katie: So, what's going on with you?

Hope: Um...well...I saw Liam.

Katie: Really? When?

Hope: Mm-hmm. Yesterday at his office.

Katie: How did that go?

Hope: Um, it -- you know, it was good. I-I kind of got the feeling that he needed somebody to talk to.

Katie: Well, no one better than you.

Hope: Yeah.

Katie: Uh, what about?

Hope: Babies. [Laughs]

Katie: Babies?

Hope: Mostly, yeah. He's just -- you know, he's so crazy about his little brother.

Katie: Really?

Hope: Mm-hmm. You can tell. Yeah, Steffy wants another one as soon as possible.

Katie: Yeah, I know.

Hope: It's sad, Aunt Katie. I mean, she's hurting so much. But I just -- I think it's wrong if she doesn't wait awhile before trying again. And I told Liam that.

Taylor: Liam told me that you stayed here last night. Are you okay?

Steffy: Yeah. I just had things to do.

Taylor: What did you need to do? I don't see any work.

Steffy: Don't pressure me, Mom.

Taylor: [Sighs] I know what's going on, Steffy. Don't do this to Liam.

Liam: So, how are things down at the beach?

Thomas: Good. Good. Hey, did you see that swell yesterday?

Liam: No. No, I didn't catch it.

Thomas: Oh, man. You know, you and Steffy -- you ought to stop by. Where is she?

Liam: Not here.

Thomas: Work?

Liam: No. Actually, she stayed at her loft last night.

Thomas: She didn't come home?

Liam: She said she had stuff to do.

Thomas: What stuff?

Liam: Work stuff. I don't -- I don't know.

Thomas: [Sighs] Liam.

Liam: [Sighs]

Thomas: What's going on?

Liam: You know, I've been asking myself the same question.

Katie: So, you, uh -- you told Liam that you thought that, uh -- that they should wait...

Hope: Yeah.

Katie: ...To have a baby?

Hope: You think I was wrong?

Katie: No. No. Especially not now.

Hope: I know that they both need some time, you know? So -- so, what's the rush? Okay, well, I take that back. I know what the rush is for Steffy.

Katie: Hope, she's in a really bad place right now.

Hope: I know she is, and I feel for her. I do. But the answer is not hurrying up and having another child.

Katie: I think you need to let them work it out on their own.

Hope: I know. You're right. No, you're right. I know.

Katie: Can you do that?

Hope: If what they both want is to have another child, then, okay, I will accept that, but I just don't think that's what Liam wants.

Katie: He's still grieving.

Hope: Yeah, he is. He wanted to be a dad. He -- he wanted to have a family, and he'll have that one day. I know that he will... just maybe not with Steffy. Oh, God. Hit me in the face with something. Just hit me over the head. It's fine. You can.

Katie: No, no. I... I think you're probably right.

Hope: You do?

Katie: Yeah, I doubt very much that Liam and Steffy are gonna have another baby.

Steffy: You know what's going on?

Taylor: I don't think you're being emotionally honest with yourself. It seems to me like you're still feeling some guilt about the miscarriage.

Steffy: You're right.

Taylor: Steffy, you've got to let that go. You need to move beyond it, and you've got to remember this isn't the end of the world. You and Liam will have another child. [Sighs]

Katie:  Is he asleep?

Hope: Fell asleep right away. God, I hope my children are that good.

Katie: Your children will be beautiful.

[Both chuckle]

Hope: [Sighs] Oh, God, you know, as much as it hurt to see Steffy pregnant, I can't deny how incredible she looked. She had this energy about her. She had this -- this sparkle in her eye. And I really -- I truly feel like she's going to have that again, just not with Liam. What? Are you feeling bad for her?

Katie: Yeah. Yeah. I am. [Chuckles]

Hope: She's really strong, Katie. She's gonna get over this. She'll be okay.

Katie: I don't think that's her only problem.

Hope: No, losing Liam will be her problem. But she's going to be okay. I know she is. But, Katie, the day that he and I stood out in the back of his house, he was looking in my eyes, and he was about to put that ring back on my finger. And I knew. I knew the truth of what he and I are was right there, and -- and nothing would come between us. Steffy will find another man. She will, and she'll raise a family with him. And I'll be with Liam. This time, for good.

Thomas: So, she was working at her loft?

Liam: Look, I don't buy it, either, but that's what she said.

Thomas: And you didn't go and check on her?

Liam: Thomas, I know your sister, and I know when she wants to be alone.

Thomas: Okay. [Scoffs] It's the miscarriage. Look, I know it's been hard on the both of you.

Liam: Yeah.

Thomas: You know, Steffy wants to get pregnant again. And I can only assume you feel the same.

Taylor: [Sighs] Honey, I do understand what you're feeling right now.

Steffy: No. No, Mom. No, you don't.

Taylor: You've got to find a way to move past your grief, and you're stuck in this anger at yourself. You need to let go of it so you can...accept it. You haven't fully accepted your loss.

Steffy: [Scoffs] Some losses are greater than others.

Taylor: Honey, you have your whole future to look forward to.

Steffy: Oh, I do, huh?

Taylor: Yes. And you can get pregnant again.

Steffy: Don't, Mom. Please.

Taylor: Isn't that what you want? Honey, we talked to Dr. Caspary about it. She was fine with it.

Steffy: You know, everything's changed, Mom. It's different, okay?

Taylor: No, it -- it isn't, honey, not at all...unless you and Liam are not getting along. Is that why you didn't want to go home?

Steffy: No, no, no, no.

Taylor: Then talk to me. I know when you're holding out on me, honey. Let me help you.

Steffy: You can't. I wish I could just turn back the clock. [Sniffles]

Taylor: Oh, I know, sweetheart. But Liam doesn't blame you. He loves you. And he's happy. He's excited about your future together. You still have that. And he can't wait to have a baby.

Steffy: Yeah. I'm sure he can't.

Hope:  I told Liam to stay with Steffy until she's better, but then he's able to make his own decisions.

Katie: Well, a lot's happened since the miscarriage.

Hope: Yeah, but Steffy's back at work. She's doing much better. But getting pregnant again can't be part of the picture. She can't use this to hold onto Liam.

Katie: No.

Hope: And, trust me, I know how bad it hurts. I had to face a life without Liam. I get it. I-I've waited so long for Liam, but I-I'm done.

Katie: Well, if anyone deserves a future with Liam, it's you.

Hope: I always believed that he and I would end up together if I was just patient. If -- if I -- if I waited. And, trust me, I don't -- I don't take any pleasure in Steffy's miscarriage. But she'll be okay. She'll have children. She will. And so will I...with Liam.

Thomas: So, you and Steffy -- you're in sync about all this -- getting pregnant now that she's better?

Liam: That's...kind of personal, don't you think?

Thomas: Well, she is my sister.

Liam: Yeah, and she's my wife. And it's a private matter.

Thomas: But, just out of curiosity, why would you wait?

Liam: There are tons of reasons why I would wait. What are you talking about?

Thomas: Maybe having another kid will help you get through it faster.

Liam: Can you just back off, please? Just back off.

Thomas: Listen -- you've been there for Steffy, and nobody appreciates that more than I do...except for maybe Steffy, but... [Sighs] I can't help but wonder --

Liam: What? What? Just say it. What?

Thomas: Hope. Is she a part of this?

Liam: Now you're starting to piss me off.

Thomas: Wow. Liam, she's been sniffing around again after my sister lost the baby?

Liam: Okay, we're done. We're done here, Thomas.

Thomas: Liam. Hey, you have two women in love with you -- one you're married to. Are you committed?

Liam: I'm gonna tell you this one time. I love your sister. I love her.

Thomas: But are you committed?

Liam: Goodbye, Thomas! Goodbye!

Thomas: Liam, I don't have to tell you this, but my sister -- she has everything -- brains, beauty, wit. And I would like to believe that she -- that you deserve her. So, don't prove me wrong.

[Door opens, closes]

Taylor: You will recover from this. I see women all the time who've recovered from miscarriages. But, I-I do hear the pain, and I understand that part.

Steffy: No. No, you don't understand.

Taylor: Well, then, talk to Liam about it. I know he will. He is so worried about you, honey.

Steffy: [Sighs] I just wanted to give him a child.

Taylor: I know, but it didn't work out that way this time.

Steffy: He would have been such an amazing father.

Taylor: He will be.

Steffy: Yes. And maybe he will.

Taylor: Oh, stop it. There are no maybes about this. You both have long lives ahead of you. And you can have as many babies as you want. [Chuckles]

Steffy: [Sighs]

Taylor: Your husband needs you. Please, honey, go home to him. He loves you so much.

Steffy: [Sniffles] You've always been there for me. You have.

Taylor: And I always will be. But I'm not the one you need anymore.

Steffy: I know. There's someone else I need to see. Thank you. You are the best mom a daughter could ever ask for.

Taylor: Oh.

Steffy: You are.

Taylor: Oh, honey.

Steffy: [Sighs] I wish I could be just like you.

[Door closes]

Liam: No, uh, Iíve just been waiting for Steffy. Come on in. I'm sorry.

Katie: Do you, uh -- do you know where she is?

Liam: She, um -- she spent the night at her loft last night, and I haven't seen her since.

Katie: Why?

Liam: She had stuff to do.

Katie: But you talked to her this morning. Um, how did she sound?

Liam: Not good.

Katie: And she didn't tell you why?

Liam: No. All she said was, "I'll be home later." Something is going on with her, Katie.

Katie: Well, she's been through so much.

Liam: Yeah, I know. I know she has, but, you know, the miscarriage -- her guilt about it -- that's one thing. This is different. This is... it's -- it's heavier. It's darker.

Katie: Why do you say that?

Liam: Because of the way that it came on so suddenly. I mean, she hasn't said anything to you?

Katie: I know she's been suffering.

Liam: Ye-- yeah. But then again, you know, she was also looking forward to -- to trying again for another kid.

Katie: Yeah, she was.

Liam: She's keeping something from me.

Katie: How do you feel about having another child?

Liam: [Chuckles] That's funny. Thomas was here earlier, and he asked me the same thing.

Katie: And?

Liam: Honestly, it's like the last thing on my mind right now. Seriously. I-I-I'm worried about Steffy. I think she's in a crisis, and I need to find out what's going on with her. [Sighs]

Hope: Steffy. Hi.

Steffy: Can we talk?

Hope: Yeah, sure. Um...are you okay?

Steffy: There's something I need to tell you.

Hope: Okay, look, if this is about you wanting to have another baby, I understand that Liam gets --

Steffy: It's not about that.

Hope: Okay. What's up?

Steffy: There's been a change in plans.

Hope: Yours and Liam's?

Steffy: No. Just mine.

Hope: And -- and you're telling me this why?

Steffy: Because it affects you.

Hope: How?

Steffy: I'm gonna be doing some traveling.

Hope: Oh, oh, I see. You're going away on business, and you're warning me to stay away from Liam while you're gone. I get it.

Steffy: No. No. I'm leaving the country, and I won't be back.

Hope: What?

Steffy: I'm doing it for Liam.

Hope: Steffy, wh-- I'm sorry. What?

Steffy: I'm not saying he's ending our marriage or that he wants to be with you more. This is a decision that I have made. And you are the first person to know.

Hope: Okay, I-I don't understand what's happening right now.

Steffy: Just take care of him, Hope. I know what I'm doing.

Hope: Steffy, this doesn't make any sense.

Steffy: You can give him what I can't. He's yours. Be good to him.

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