B&B Transcript Friday 5/31/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/31/13


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Brooke: I see how much you want me, Eric. I'm all yours.

Pam: Oh, Taylor. Did -- did you get my e-mail?

Taylor: Uh...e-mail? Oh! That link. Something about gravy?

Pam: Uh, yeah. [Chuckles] I mean, I don't -- I don't want to make any assumptions, because I haven't tried your recipe -- well, I haven't been invited to try your recipe, but, um, that -- that link has five really helpful tips. How fast do you usually stir?

Taylor: Um...

Pam: Just -- just look it over. [Chuckles] I-I think it'll be really helpful, you know, and I-I want to help you and Eric.

Taylor: Well, I'm always open to helpful tips... especially with gravy.

Pam: Gravy is really, really important. [Chuckles] He's a man, Taylor. He has needs.

Taylor: Bill. Uh, Bill, do you have a minute?

Bill: Not for a lecture.

Taylor: From me? Never. Um, I will bookmark that website. Let's go in here.

Bill: What is it?

Taylor: An apology, not a lecture. I want to say I'm sorry.

[Maya remembering]

Maya: You work for Bill Spencer. He's blackmailing me?!

Alison: He's giving you options.

Maya: [Scoffs]

Alison: You can leave Rick and Miss Spencer alone, or this will go straight to the D.A.'s office.

Maya: I'm not the right woman for you.

Rick: Of course you are.

Maya: I don't want to hurt you, and I will.

[Back to present]

Maya: Hi, Pam. It's Maya. Yeah, listen, Rick asked me to make a couple calls for Hope for the Future, and there's just one number I don't have. I was wondering if you had it. Bill Spencer -- preferably his cell phone. Okay. Great. Uh-huh. Oh. Okay. He's in the building? Uh, no. No, no, no. Don't interrupt. I'll, uh -- I'll call him later. Thanks.

Carter: Hey. You all right? I can't tell if you're about to cry or beat someone up.

Maya: Maybe both.

Carter: What's going on? Someone ticked you off. Just tell me it's not me, because you're looking really scary right now. Just tell me --

Maya: It's definitely not you.

Carter: It's Bill Spencer, then, huh?

Maya: Why would you say that?

Carter: 'Cause you told me he wants you to stay away from Rick. Solid advice, actually, you know? Because there are a lot of handsome guys right here in L.A., and some right here at Forrester's.

Maya: Yeah, can you just forget what I told you about Bill Spencer and, please, don't say anything to anyone?

Carter: Okay. But that's it, right? You need me to put my cape on, go super-lawyer on Spencer?

Maya: [Chuckles] No. It's not even really about him.

Carter: Is it Rick?

Maya: Things aren't going well.

Carter: What's wrong? He hurt you?

Maya: No. But my past might.

Bill: So, contrition? No more harassment, false accusations?

Taylor: I am hoping you can see past my forbearance and know that my warnings about Brooke were motivated out of concern for me patient. At least part of that you can appreciate.

Bill: Not really.

Taylor: Well, you did make a good point that maybe I was bringing in a little of my baggage. Will you accept my apology?

Bill: Katie's the one you should be apologizing to -- filling her head with all that nonsense. But lucky for you, I am in a magnanimous mood. So, fine. Apology accepted. What brought about the change?

Taylor: You know, it's just that I have known Brooke for years, and she's never been without a man, and when she lost Ridge, she was getting too close to you, way too dependent on you, and, well, the good news is all of that is over. And apparently, it is for Brooke, too. She's found someone new.

Brooke: It feels so right, Eric -- being with you. We can do this.

Eric: Together.

Brooke: Raise our baby.

Eric: Our baby?

Brooke: Yes. Our baby. We could have the most amazing family, and I will be so devoted to you and to our child. I mean, it makes sense, doesn't it -- that in the end, we find our way back to each other? Remember how this used to feel -- this kind of intimacy that we used to share? You know, it didn't make sense to me when, all of a sudden, we were left alone, you and I. But now I get it. I understand. They're gone, and we're here. Let's raise this baby. Let's be husband and wife and grow old together -- everything that we were planning all those years ago. This is our second chance.

Eric: I want to do this with you. I want to do this with you so badly. I've already raised another man's son. Have you forgotten the pain it caused? When the truth came out, it -- it was unbearable. I'm not gonna go through that again. And I'm not gonna put this child through that. Tell Bill the truth. Go to him.

Bill: Brooke's involved with someone?

Taylor: Uh, yes. And from what I understand, um, he isn't even married.

Bill: Who is it?

Taylor: I have no idea. As long as it isn't my patient's husband, that's all I care about.

Bill: Well, thanks for the apology. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have someplace I need to be.

Maya: There are conditions on my release. I can't be seen with my ex.

Carter: That's not hard. He's still in jail, right?

Maya: He just got out. And I ran into him the other night. I know. I should have walked away, left the place, but, Carter, he didn't know about our little girl. I had to tell him.

Carter: Uh, did old feelings come up? Is that why you're worried? You want to see him again?

Maya: No, no, no. Just the opposite. Seeing him made me appreciate Rick even more -- all the opportunities I have now.

Carter: But you said it's not going well with Rick.

Maya: I can't mess this up. Rick hired me to be a spokeswoman for Hope for the Future. If I go to jail -- talk about damage control.

Carter: Over a chance meeting? That's not likely, Maya.

Maya: It could happen...if someone who saw testified -- I-if there was evidence. That's why I broke it off with Rick. Because if I'm dragged down with this, he's not going with me.

Taylor: Oh, there you are. I was starting to wonder what was keeping you.

Eric: Hey.

Bill: Taylor was right. There's another man. You didn't waste any time getting involved with someone else.

Brooke: I have to.

Bill: I guess what we shared didn't mean that much to you after all.

Brooke: Don't say that.

Bill: You've moved on already, Brooke. Is there another explanation?

Carter: So, Rick doesn't know why you broke it off, huh?

Maya: It's safer that way. You won't say anything?

Carter: Why would I do that? You guys are a horrible couple. Would have never worked out.

Maya: Yeah, okay. Thanks. [Chuckles]

Carter: Seriously, though, Rick's not the only guy in Los Angeles who appreciates you. Everything you've overcome -- pain I can't even imagine -- it makes me admire you. I know you like Rick. I know you wanted it to work out. But if the idea of jail time keeps you apart, that's a sign. If you were with me, nothing would make you give up on us -- fear of scandal, jail time -- none of it. Pay attention to the signs.

Taylor: Are you ready to go? I have visions of us cuddling up in front of the fireplace at home.

Eric: Yeah. Been a busy day. I, uh -- I look forward to concentrating on you and me. Let me just check my phone messages, then we'll go.

[Door opens]

Pam: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I have really been thinking about this Brooke problem.

Eric: Brooke problem?

Pam: Yeah. No, she's gone totally diva on us. She hasn't showed up for any of her lingerie fittings for the press conference, and she just makes excuse after excuse after excuse.

Taylor: Brooke putting off an opportunity to put on lingerie? [Chuckles]

Pam: And she's holding up the whole company, Eric.

Taylor: Well, what's going on with her? Why would she do that?

Pam: Hello? Cold feet? I mean, let's be honest. She's not as young as she used to be, and I think that she's second-guessing the whole campaign. But I thought of something. If she's really nervous about being this mature model for the line that she created, I think there is another option.

Eric: And what's that?

Pam: Ta-da! Pammy's Boudoir. [Chuckles] Now, I-I've been practicing at home, you know, with heels and everything, so just hold on. I think I got the looks down and all that, so just stand like you're at the end of a runway. Ready? Okay. First look. Smoldering. Next...pouting. [Chuckles] Oh, and...the look back.

Taylor: [Chuckles]

Pam: So?

Eric: [Chuckles]

Pam: What do you think?

Eric: It's terrific, Pam. It's terrific.

Pam: Okay, but?

Eric: Well --

Pam: It's okay. You don't think I'm quite sexy enough. It's okay.

Taylor: No, you're beautiful. You look amazing.

Eric: Pam, Pam...

Pam: It's okay. I got it. No, no.

Eric: Pam, it's very sexy.

Pam: Yeah?

Eric: It's just -- it's just that I think, uh, before I start auditioning other models, I need to talk to Brooke about it, that's all.

Taylor: I say scrap Brooke's bedroom and give Pam her own line.

Pam: [Laughing] Wow!

Eric: Well, there's an idea.

Taylor: Yeah, yeah. Somebody else besides Brooke running around here in their lingerie? It's about time.

Pam: Well... yeah? [Giggles]

Brooke: What we had means more to me than you will ever know. I will never forget, but there's no going back. I don't want to hurt Katie. You don't want to hurt Katie. So, I have to move on. As much as I don't want to, I have to try to pretend this never happened.

Bill: You should be more careful. Stop giggling about it in the girls' room.

Brooke: What?

Bill: You told Donna, Brooke, and she could easily tell Katie.

Brooke: Donna would never say anything to Katie, and she promised me that she was going to take that to her grave. [Sighs]

Bill: I know I should want you to be with someone. But I still think about you. Wanting to be with you for so long, and then, finally, that morning in your bed, I-I thought everything changed. Katie will never know. My family means everything to me -- my son. But I can't deny that I will always feel something. I've heard the talk -- how men fall under your spell.

Brooke: [Chuckles] [Sniffles]

Bill: But I'm not just any man, Brooke, and I won't let that happen to me. I won't.

[Maya remembering]

Rick: That's was incredible.

Maya: Really? Thanks.

Rick: Maya, is it? I'm Rick.

Maya: I can't let you walk away with nothing.

Rick: Then how about this?

[Back to present]

Maya: [Sniffles]


[Cell phone rings]

Bill: Hello?

Maya: Um, Mr. Spencer?

Bill: Yeah?

Maya: This is Maya Avant. We need to talk.

Bill: I'm busy.

Maya: I know what you did to me.

Bill: Goodbye.

Brooke: So, was that important? Do you need to go?

Bill: No. Not important. But I'll go... home to my wife and son.

Brooke: Yes. Focus on them. Forget about everything else.

Bill: I'll remain committed to my marriage, Brooke, but I won't forget.

Brooke: Do what's best for your wife and child. That's what really matters.

Bill: Come here.

Brooke: No.

Bill: Let me hold you one more time.

Brooke: [Thinking] I want to tell you I'm pregnant, but I can't.

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