B&B Transcript Thursday 5/16/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 5/16/13


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[Monitor beeping]

Steffy: [Weakly] Is there -- is there something you -- y-you have to tell -- tell me?

Liam: Yeah.

Steffy: I -- I th-- I think I know what it is.

Liam: You do?

Steffy: [Breathing shakily] I shouldn't -- I shouldn't have been on that motorcycle.

Liam: [Sighs] No. No. No. And that doesn't matter now, okay?

Steffy: Can you forgive me?

Liam: Oh, babe.

Steffy: [Crying]

Liam: Shh. You're okay.

[Dance music playing]

Jesse: I mean it, Maya. I've missed you.

Maya: I can't even believe I'm standing here talking to you.

Jesse: It's been a long time. I've changed.

Maya: Have you?

Jesse: Hard to believe? People don't change?

Maya: I shouldn't even be near you.

Jesse: Oh, I know. The restraining order. Come anywhere near me, you could end up back in prison. Saw you talking to a guy. Who was that? Relax, relax. I'm -- I'm not the same as I used to be.

Maya: I shouldn't even be talking to you.

Jesse: Just hear me out. I've come across some money. It's not much, Maya. 10k. Maybe we grab our little girl... and we get out of this town.

[Dance music continues]

Caroline: My gosh, you don't have to babysit her! She's having fun!

Rick: You and I need to talk!

Maya: Are you out of your mind?

Jesse: We leave the state. They'll never track us down. They won't even bother.

Maya: Jesse!

Jesse: We were good together, Maya. We are good together.

Maya: I was good. You were anything but.

Jesse: I screwed up. I'm straight now. Really. [Exhales sharply] We have a daughter.

Maya: No, we don't.

Jesse: Yeah, I understand. I know you had to put her up for adoption. That can be changed. Look. I want you back. I need you, Maya. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I swear, I will make everything up to you. I swear to God. You, me, our little girl -- we can have a fresh start.

Maya: [Voice breaking] No, we can't.

Jesse: Maya. Maya! We could at least -- at least try.

Maya: No, Jesse, we can't. Our daughter is dead. She was killed in a car accident.

Dr. Meade: Steffy's prognosis is good.

Bill: She'll make a full recovery.

Taylor: Of course she will.

Thomas: So, what about her memory?

Dr. Meade: It's slowly coming back.

Taylor: [Crying] I just can't imagine how she's going to react when she remembers she was pregnant, and when Liam tells her...

Bill: Those two fought hard for what they have. And they'll get through this together.

Liam: It's okay.

Steffy: [Breathing weakly] I'm gonna be fine.

Liam: I know. I know.

Steffy: My hero.

Liam: [Chuckles]

Steffy: My husband. You -- you look -- you look wor-- worried. What is it?

[Dance music playing]

Caroline: Thank you.

Rick: For what?

Caroline: For bringing me here.

Rick: I didn't bring you here, Caroline.

Caroline: Right, I know. We all came as a group. I get it. We don't have to define it.

Rick: I'm not, but you are... as a date.

Caroline: As a date? No. No way. I'm not that provincial, love. It'd really bother you if I considered it a date?

Rick: [Sighs] That's not what bothers me. What bothers me is that you're not willing to accept what I have to say.

Caroline: About you and Maya? Look, Rick. I get it, you know? You're intrigued by her. She's got a really interesting story.

Rick: Caroline, I'm not just intrigued.

Caroline: I know. I know. Look, she's the angel of the streets, you know? She's picked herself up by her bootstraps, with your help, naturally. Look, we all have our little projects, okay? Mine is curing cancer, and yours is turning an ex-con into a princess. Look, Rick. She's not the innocent girl that you think that she is. I still think that there's a side to her that neither of us knows about.

Jesse: A car accident. On her birthday.

Maya: Her adoptive family was taking her on an outing. I am so sorry. I know it's a terrible shock.

Jesse: But are -- are -- are you sure? I mean, if she was with strangers --

Maya: I met the relatives of her family. They were good people. She had a happy life.

Jesse: 'Cause I was -- I was really hoping that once we saw each other and -- and --

Maya: No, Jesse. We can't go back. It wasn't meant to be.

Taylor: Sweetheart, all we can do is have faith in Liam.

Hope: Liam is strong. And he's gonna be strong for Steffy. He'll take really good care of her. I actually had a talk with Steffy before she left the house, and... I've never seen her so happy. And it was really hard for me. But it was good. [Voice breaking] It was really good, and -- and I really hate seeing her go through all of this. I'm sorry. If this is weird, I can -- I can leave. I can get a cab. Just tell Steffy --

Bill: No, Hope. You should stay.

Steffy: Boy, so serious.

Liam: [Exhales sharply]

Steffy: It was a close call. I'll be fine.

Liam: [Chuckles softly]

Steffy: Been here before. The bathtub... you all worried... Cabo... me in the hospital... in Aspen... and now this. It's okay to smile.

Liam: [Laughs]

Steffy: It's okay.

Liam: I just don't want to live without you.

Steffy: You won't. I'm like a cat. I got nine lives.

Liam: Well, I only need one if it's with you.

[Dance music playing]

Caroline: My gosh. This place is amazing, and Othello is an incredible deejay. [Chuckles]

Rick: Caroline, can we talk? I need you to let me say what I need to say.

[Mid-tempo music plays]

Caroline: Oh, my gosh. I love this song! Come on! Let's dance!

Rick: No, not -- not now.

Caroline: [Sighs] Will you just chill? Look, I get it! You don't want to be tied down. You are not on a leash, Rick.

Rick: I need to let you know where I stand.

Caroline: Why is this so important to you?

Rick: Because you're not hearing me.

Caroline: Look, we are all friends. We all work together, okay? But will you just give it a little bit of time, Rick? You don't even know if Maya's gonna work out at Forrester. I mean, she's pretty green. I mean, what if she flops? I'm not -- I'm not saying that she will. Look, I'm not even hoping it. But I'm just saying, if she's a bust, are you gonna still feel the same? I have always been by your side, Rick. You know me. I have been there through your battles with Thomas and with Taylor. What has Maya ever done but try to take you away from me? Look, if -- if you want to go and walk on the wild side, then go. Do it. [Voice breaking] I can't stop you. But the one thing that you can't do -- you cannot stop me from loving you.

Maya: Not a day goes by I don't think about her.

Jesse: You might not believe this, but... when I was in the inside... one day, it just hit me. I have a kid out there. I have a kid, and I have -- I have to be a better man. I started thinking about you. I was -- I was thinking about us.

Maya: There -- there is no "us," Jesse.

Jesse: I --

Maya: There is no daughter. Look -- sometimes, things happen. The world changes. That's just how it is. How -- how did you find me? Did you know I was gonna be here?

Jesse: Friends brought me. Maya, we've been through a lot together, right?

Maya: Uh, yeah.

Jesse: Yes.

Maya: Yeah, we've had a lot of painful memories.

Jesse: We had a lot of good memories, too.

Maya: And it's all over. I wish the best for you. I mean that. But I can't ever see you again.

Liam: We've been through a lot. Some of it coming back, maybe? How many weddings have we had?

Steffy: [Weakly] Uh... four? Two. Two.

Liam: Okay.

Steffy: Two.

Liam: Okay. [Chuckles]

Steffy: Aspen and L.A.

Liam: What do you remember about the one in Aspen?

Steffy: Um... mountaintop. Combat boots.

Liam: [Chuckling] Yeah.

Steffy: And a funky veil. But I was -- I was stupid. I made dumb mistakes. And then I-I-I gave up. Agreed to an annulment.

Liam: Remember what happened then?

Steffy: You -- you tore up the annulment papers.

Liam: Yeah.

Steffy: You kissed --

Liam: Yeah, I kissed you. Kind of like this. Okay. What do you remember about our wedding in L.A.?

Steffy: It's coming back. But you lo-- you look wor-- worried? There's something you have to tell me, Liam. What is it?

[Dance music playing]

Alison: Good job.

Jesse: Yeah, I'm gonna need to know exactly what's going on here.

Alison: You are earning 10 grand...

Jesse: Yeah.

Alison: ...For doing next to nothing.

Jesse: Right. Why?

Alison: That's not part of the bargain, Jesse.

Jesse: Maya is a good person. So whoever you are and whatever you've got planned --

Alison: Our business is finished, and this should never be talked about. Understood?

[Cell phone ringing]

Bill: Yeah.

Alison: I've got what you need.

Bill: Once the authorities see it, Maya will no longer be a problem. Is my niece there?

Alison: Caroline's around here somewhere. She doesn't look very happy.

Bill: Well, I'm about to fix that. Good job, Alison.

Rick: Where've you been?

Maya: I just...gave you time to talk to Caroline.

Rick: You've been gone a while.

Maya: Yeah, I, uh, ran into someone. An old friend.

Rick: Who?

Maya: Someone who reminded me how lucky I am to have you in my life. I will never take you for granted.

Steffy: [Groans weakly]

Liam: Okay. Let's try to talk about... today.

Steffy: [Weakly] What about it?

Liam: We had plans at the house.

Steffy: Uh... a barbecue.

Liam: Yeah.

Steffy: A barbecue.

Liam: Yeah, a barbecue. And at some point, you left to go see your brother. Um... I don't know for sure, but I'm gonna guess what happened. I think that you were gonna come home from Thomas', and there was so much traffic on PCH, you took your motorcycle instead of your car. Steffy, do you remember why I didn't want you riding your motorcycle?

Steffy: Because you were -- you were worried about me.

Liam: [Sighs] Yeah. Yeah. Anything else?

Steffy: I'm -- I'm pregnant. No. No! [Sobbing] No! No! [Continues sobbing] My baby! My baby!

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