B&B Transcript Friday 4/26/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 4/26/13


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Steffy: Wait. Were you serious?

Liam: Mm-hmm.

Steffy: Name the baby Aspen?

Liam: I mean, it works for a boy or a girl, right? And it's got meaning. I mean, we got married here before. We're on our honeymoon now.

Steffy: Yeah, you know, maybe for a girl. But if it's a boy, your dad's gonna expect some form of William.

Liam: I mean, what's left? Wilhelm?

Steffy: Wilmer.

Liam: Pray for a girl.

Steffy: Yeah.

Katie: Watch it. Don't drop him. He's awfully squirmy.

Bill: Hey, hey, hey, hey. These are the hands of an NFL wide receiver right here. I got this. Here you go.

Katie: Hi, my love. Oh, hello, my big boy.

Bill: There you go. All right.

Katie: [Laughs]

Bill: You comfortable?

Katie: Yes, very, thank you.

Bill: You sure?

Katie: Yes. What's going on here? I know that look.

Bill: What look? This is my face. It's the only face I have. Okay, all right. Just...sit back and relax. I have a few surprises for you.

Pam: Hey, Brooke, have you seen Donna?

Brooke: She went to Katie's.

Pam: [Scoffs] Yeah. And then on to a nail salon. She should have been back by now. If you see her, could you tell her that other employees might enjoy a lunch break, too?

Brooke: Okay.

Pam: Oh, and this came for you. It's from a body shop about a car. I mean, you were on the other line when it came, so...

Brooke: Thank you.

Pam: Um, buzz me if you need me. Toodles.

Brooke: Toodles.

[Door closes]

Pam: Lieutenant Baker. Oh, oh! Oh, good. Okay. I thought for a minute that you had a corner piece. I-I save those for Eric.

Lt. Baker: Oh, I'm not gonna forget a detail like that. I didn't make lieutenant for nothing.

Pam: [Chuckles]

Lt. Baker: Now, let's see here. Mmm. Nutmeg.

Pam: You are good.

Lt. Baker: Nah, it's just like solving a case. Uh, speaking of which, I need to see Brooke Logan.

Pam: You need to see Brooke? What'd she do?

Lt. Baker: Nothing. I just need to chat with her about her car.

Pam: Rats. You can go in. There's no one in there.

Lt. Baker: [Chuckles]

Pam: Here, take another lemon bar with you.

Lt. Baker: Oh, no, no, no. I got to save some room. I got a couple of hot dogs waiting for me at the precinct with my name written right on them.

Pam: [Chuckling] Okay. You caught Brooke at a good time, 'cause her mechanic just called about that car.

Lt. Baker: Oh, that's convenient. Thank you, Pam.

Pam: You're welcome.

Lt. Baker: So, how's the car? All fixed?

[Door closes]

Katie: That's nice. Catered lunch, huh?

Bill: Mm-hmm. Surprise number one.

Katie: Mm. I like it. [Laughs] Yes. We like it.

Bill: How about you? How about you? Do you like it? Ahh.

Katie: Thank you very much.

Bill: Thank you.

Man: And dessert's in the kitchen whenever you're ready. If there's anything else...

Bill: We're good for now. Thanks.

Katie: Are you sure you can take time out for this? I mean, I don't even see a cell phone.

Bill: Mnh-mnh. No cell phone. No interruptions. You are my number-one priority -- our family.

Katie: I like the sound of that.

[Cell phone rings]

Steffy: It's my mom.

Liam: Voicemail.

Steffy: Oh, no. What -- what if it's -- what if it's important? Don't. No, no.

Liam: [Laughs]

Steffy: Hello?

Taylor: Oh, I was just about to hang up. Where are you?

Steffy: Uh, I'm, uh -- I'm in Aspen.

Taylor: You're not snowboarding or anything, are you? I mean -- oh, well, then again, it's -- it's probably past snow season. [Chuckles] A little late for that.

Steffy: You know, I'm not -- I'm not really concerned about the ski conditions right now. Stop it.

Taylor: And I'll hang up now. I can see I'm completely interrupting. I'm sorry, Sweetheart. I just wanted to hear your voice. Have fun. Don't think about any of us back at home.

Steffy: Who are you, again?

Taylor: [Chuckles] Bye.

Steffy: Bye. You little...

Liam: [Laughs]

Steffy: [Chuckles] Here comes your favorite part.

[Up-tempo classical music plays]

Liam: How do you know that?

Steffy: You tell me every time.

Liam: No, I don't.

Steffy: Uh, yeah, you do. It's really cute.

Liam: Oh, my god! Here's my favorite part coming up.

Steffy: Oh, God, you're impossible.

Liam: Shh. Shh. [Screaming]

Steffy: Really? Okay.

Liam: Hey, what are you doing?

Steffy: I like Bob Hope as much as you do, but I just -- I think we should take a little break.

Liam: Oh, really?

Steffy: Well, if you're -- if you're up for it.

Liam: Mm.

Steffy: Thank you. This is the ideal honeymoon.

Liam: It was an ideal wedding.

Steffy: Was it? The bride riding up on her bike?

Liam: Yeah, well, after the first one, I-I kind of expected the dramatic entrance.

Steffy: Yeah. Mountaintops and motorcycles.

Liam: Okay, what is -- what is all this? I-I know what's going on. The wheels are turning. What are you doing? Are you planning, like, a vow renewal 10 years from now? What? Parachuting in, rafting over a water-- just lay it on me, okay?

Steffy: Oh, you're just gonna have to wait and see.

Liam: [Chuckling] Oh, great.

Bill: Some food? What do you say? I'll do the plane. [Imitates plane engine]

Katie: [Laughing] Don't even think about putting that in his mouth.

Bill: What?

Katie: I'll tell you what. We will celebrate his first molar with a big juicy steak.

Bill: Yeah?

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Bill: All right. Deal.

Katie: [Chuckles]

Bill: Hey, what -- what? How did you get your hands on this?

Katie: What is that?

Bill: Look at that.

Katie: What is that?

Bill: You little kleptomaniac, you. What's that about?

Katie: What are you doing with mommy's necklace?

Bill: Huh?

Katie: What is that?

Bill: He must want you to put this on.

Katie: [Laughs]

Bill: 'Cause he knows how beautiful it looks on you.

Katie: Mm. All right.

Bill: Watch. Watch it. Look at mommy. Look at that.

Katie: [Chuckles]

Lt. Baker: So, this is your car?

Brooke: Yeah. Yeah, that -- it looks like...

Lt. Baker: It is. I took this picture down at your auto-body shop. Now, what about this car?

Brooke: The one being towed?

Lt. Baker: Recognize it? Oh, I'm sorry. I know it's a little blurred. It's a, uh, still shot from a video camera, but you should recognize the location. I mean, it's right down the street from your driveway.

Taylor: Hi, Pam. Is Eric in?

Pam: Uh...no. But Brooke is... with the police. Don't worry. It's nothing juicy. It's just something about a car. Could you do me a favor? I got to run these down to the photo lab, and Donna's not back, yet, so could you have her call me when she gets back, please?

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Pam: Thank you.

Lt. Baker: I ran the plates.

Brooke: Okay.

Lt. Baker: This damaged car, presumably being towed from your driveway, belongs to Bill Spencer. What were you and Spencer hiding?

Brooke: Nothing.

Lt. Baker: There were tire tracks in your gravel driveway the night of the accident leading right up to the garage -- the garage that you also would not let me search. If I had, would I have found Bill Spencer's car? Now, why, I ask myself, would Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer be so secretive about a car accident? Nobody died. No...serious injuries. In fact, there's only one reason why I could think of that you would even bother to hide it -- why you were so eager to get rid of me that night. I've been in this business a long time. You want to know what I think?

Brooke: Um...

Lt. Baker: Bill Spencer was driving drunk, and you are covering for him. +

Steffy: [Sighs]

Liam: [Sighs] Yeah, that was...pretty cool the way you came riding up on your motorcycle.

Steffy: You're still thinking about that?

Liam: Oh, my God. Do you have any idea how hot that was?

Steffy: [Laughs] And my handsome groom -- you did look impressed.

Liam: Yeah?

Steffy: But your eyes were, like, bugged out.

Liam: I-I bet.

Steffy: But I probably looked like that, too, when you brought in Julia Michaels.

Liam: Does that song really make you think of us?

Steffy: Yeah.

Liam: It was a memorable wedding.

Steffy: Mm-hmm. And different from our first.

Liam: Mm-hmm.

Steffy: I know how it's supposed to be now...when it's right for both people. I remember when it started turning -- the annulment papers. I will never forget you tearing those papers up. And in that moment, I just felt someday we might end up like this.

Katie: Is he asleep?

Bill: Mm-hmm. Poor guy's gonna miss the next big surprise. I promised him I would give him a full description of your reaction.

Katie: Hmm. Spencer men conspiring. Oh. You've already given me so much. [Gasps] They're gorgeous. [Chuckles]

Bill: No wonder Will wanted you to wear the necklace.

Katie: Oh, my gosh, Bill. They're beautiful.

Bill: Hmm. Let's see how they look on you.

Katie: Okay. [Chuckles]

Brooke: [Sighs] You're jumping to conclusions.

Lt. Baker: The pieces fit. Look, it doesn't matter if you admit it or not. I could easily prove that his car ran into yours -- if nothing else, the paint marks.

Brooke: So what if I had Bill's car towed from my house? That's not against the law.

Lt. Baker: It's jail time if he was driving drunk. He was here with you that night, wasn't he, when I came by to question you about your car? I understand he's your brother-in-law, and you don't want your sister to be hurt, but a lot of people could have been hurt that night, including you. And you want to...lie for this man, protect him? Let me tell you something. A guy like Bill Spencer -- he's going to do it again.

Brooke: He won't.

Lt. Baker: I'll be in touch. Dr. Hayes.

Taylor: I knew there was more going on.

Brooke: Whatever you think you heard...

Taylor: No, I know what I heard, and I also knew you and Bill were covering something up.

Brooke: Oh, my God. Will you stop with this obsession?

Taylor: What Katie must have thought when you brought her husband home drunk with his car totaled? Katie knows, right?

Brooke: Yes. Now.

Taylor: You did bring Gill home? Oh, my gosh. Don't even -- did -- did Bill spend the night at your house? Was he drunk in your bed?

Liam: You know, we've both -- we've both come so far. It's like we've figured out how to be grown-ups. [Chuckles]

Steffy: I just can't wait to see where we'll be in a year from now -- new parents, a new adventure... a lifelong adventure.

Liam: Yeah.

Bill: [Laughs]

Katie: Well, what do think?

Bill: I think they're beautiful. Let me get you a mirror.

Katie: No, no, no. You don't have to. I can see it in your face, in your eyes. Thank you. Thank you for everything -- for this lunch and these earrings and our life together.

Bill: Katie, you don't have to say --

Katie: No, no, Bill. [Sighs] I lost my way. I did. But you're still here after everything we've been through, and that -- that just shows your commitment to me, and...I never should have questioned it. Because I know you. You're a man of your word, and I know that. You've been so loyal to me -- the best husband a girl could ask for. And I've been unappreciative, but no more. Because I'm back. Your fearless Katie is back. That morning at my sister's after your accident, the way I overreacted -- it's all behind us. I love you so much. I appreciate you so much. [Sniffles]

Taylor: Bill spent the night at your house.

Brooke: Not the way that you're thinking.

Taylor: Inhibitions gone.

Brooke: Nothing happened that night. [Sighs] Yes, maybe he had too much to drink, and he shouldn't have been driving. I'm sure you can relate. We were both driving to his house, and he swerved into me. And I helped him by taking him to my house.

Taylor: Of course, you did.

Brooke: Katie couldn't see him like that. You know how much she hates him drinking.

Taylor: If that's what you need to say to convince yourself.

Brooke: Lieutenant Baker stopped by. He was very suspicious. I couldn't let Bill leave the house. He was probably watching. So, I called Katie and [Sighs] I tried to explain.

Taylor: Lied, you mean.

Brooke: No, I was protecting her, and I was protecting Bill. And then Katie came over in the morning, and she -- she found Bill in my bed. It was innocent, but she, of course, freaked out, and she took off her ring, and she just left it there, and she drove off, and --

Taylor: That's -- that's why Katie collapsed -- because of you and Bill.

Brooke: No. It was because she stopped taking her medication.

Taylor: You're to blame.

Brooke: No, Taylor, I'm not.

Taylor: No, Brooke. Bill was in your bed. Katie was upset. You're telling me nothing happened that night.

Brooke: Nothing.

Taylor: You, Brooke Logan -- a woman who can't argue with fate. Seriously?

Brooke: Stop it. Just stop it, Taylor, please!

Taylor: Why do you look so guilty, Brooke? What -- there's something that you're not telling me. There's something that you're not saying. Look at me! Disgusting. You did it. You did it. You slept with your sister's husband.

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