B&B Transcript Wednesday 3/27/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 3/27/13


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Bill: To us.

Danielle: Oh, Honey, I'm so sorry.

Caroline: An ex-con. Can you believe that?

Danielle: Okay, well, you're hurting.

Caroline: You know, if it were a model or an actress or even, like, a reality star, I would get it, but this.

Danielle: You'll get over it.

Caroline: I'll get over it?

Danielle: Mm-hmm.

Caroline: No, no. He will get over it. I am not losing him. That is not part of this picture.

Dayzee: All right, I'm gonna go get her.

Marcus: No, no, no. Zee, give it a minute.

Carter: I didn't realize Rick and Maya knew each other.

Eric: They said they met at the coffee house.

Carter: It seemed like more than that.

Taylor: You never know with Rick.

Eric: I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding.

Rick: So, you and Carter.

Maya: Our first date.

Rick: He's a good guy.

Maya: He is.

Rick: The right guy?

Maya: [Sighs]

Marcus: Your port, Sir.

Carter: Thank you, Sir.

Marcus: Mm.

Dayzee: [Sighs] I'm sorry. It's just that she came here with Carter. She shouldn't be out there with Rick.

Carter: It's not a problem, Dayzee. It's only our first date.

Dayzee: Well, it's a problem for me.

Eric: Why?

Dayzee: Well, I don't know. You've just been really hospitable, and it's rude for her to just walk out and leave.

Taylor: I'm sure she wasn't trying to be rude.

Dayzee: Anyway, I'm gonna go get her.

Maya: You seem upset.

Rick: I just didn't expect --

Maya: Carter's a good guy. He's honest and forthcoming.

Rick: Yeah, I should have been honest from the very beginning with you. I just thought what we had -- what we shared -- it was...

Maya: What?

[Door opens]

Dayzee: Hey, Maya? Um...we're waiting for you.

Rick: You know what? You should get going in, anyway.

Maya: [Sighs]


Bill: You did it.

Brooke: [Sighs] We did it.

Caroline: What?

Danielle: I'm worried about you. You were doing so well out here.

Caroline: [Sighs] I was trying to fit in, okay? And then Rick got all Mother Teresa on me.

Danielle: He's helping the needy.

Caroline: So then write a check. I have needs, too. I haven't been to a club in days.

Danielle: Oh, you poor thing.

Caroline: I have expensive tastes. It's not my fault you guys raised me in Manhattan on Park Avenue.

Danielle: There are other men out there.

Caroline: Not with the Forrester credentials. He's mine.

Danielle: Where are you going?

Caroline: To give him a taste of what he's been missing.

[Cell phone ringing]

Brooke: Hello?

Bill: Sorry for calling so late, Brooke.

Brooke: That's okay. What's going on?

Bill: Nothing. That's the problem.

Brooke: Where's Katie?

Bill: In bed.

Brooke: Did you fight when you got home?

Bill: I wouldn't say we argued. Taylor was here.

Brooke: Taylor?

Bill: That's why Katie came to Forrester.

Brooke: So, Taylor went over there and got Katie all riled up.

Bill: She told her about Brooke's Bedroom, yes.

Brooke: And then Katie took it out on you.

Bill: I don't know how much more of this I can handle.

Brooke: It's okay. Just [Sighs] Try not to let it bother you.

Bill: There's no intimacy. No gratitude. Just...rules and regulations. Thanks for listening, Brooke.

[Cell phone beeps]

Carter: Are you okay?

Eric: Uh, we have dessert. Here, have dessert.

Maya: I'm sorry, Mr. Forrester. That was incredibly rude of me.

Eric: These things happen. I didn't realize you and my son were so close.

Dayzee: Well, they haven't known each other for that long.

Carter: Long enough to have some unfinished business.

Dayzee: Well, it's finished now. Right, Maya?

Taylor: Is it?

Eric: Let's not put Maya on the spot.

Carter: Well, you're not on the spot. Are you, Maya?

Dayzee: You know what? I agree with Eric. Let's talk about something else.

Maya: I shouldn't have come here.

Eric: Of course you should have. You were invited.

Maya: I think I owe you all an explanation.

Dayzee: Maya, that's really not necessary.

Maya: Yes, Dayzee, it is. I want to tell you about my relationship with your son.

Rick: [Sighs] Ah! What the...

Caroline: Door was unlocked.

Rick: And what? You were just passing by?

Caroline: Yeah. You like?

Rick: [Sighs] [Chuckles]

Caroline: Bad night?

Rick: Yeah, not the best.

Caroline: Mm. So, then... you should grab a bottle of champagne and take a carriage ride through Central Park. That's what I used to do on nights like this.

Rick: This is not New York, Caroline.

Caroline: No. But I'm New York. And you can ride in my carriage all night.

Rick: [Sighs] Not tonight.

Caroline: She disappointed you. What did she do?

Rick: All right, you want the truth? I met someone. And she's sweet and she's kind.

Caroline: Mm-hmm. And she's fresh out of prison.

Eric: You and Rick have known each other for how long?

Maya: Not long. Dayzee's right about that.

Carter: Long enough to have a pretty serious relationship.

Dayzee: Well, not really. I mean, Rick has been dating Caroline.

Maya: Rick and I met at Dayzee's. He was a waiter and I was a customer, but there was something that I noticed about him right away. He was sweet and kind. He was interested and so encouraging. He asked about me like I really mattered. And no one had done that in a long time.

Eric: Are you from here?

Maya: No, I grew up in the Midwest, and I came here, like so many others, to follow my dreams of acting and singing. The first night I met Rick, I sang a song. And I will never forget the way that he watched me, the look in his eyes.

Taylor: Did your dreams come true, Maya?

Maya: No, I -- I had some problems, but Rick wouldn't let up. He insisted I could have a future. Your son is a good man, Mr. Forrester. He even helped me move into my room above Dayzee's. I trusted him. And maybe that was foolish.

Eric: Why?

Maya: Because he never told me who he really was. He didn't lie to me. He just wasn't open.

Eric: Why not?

Maya: I'm not sure. He took me to Rodeo Drive. [Sighs] What a fantasy that was. The people walking up and down the streets, celebrities. It almost felt like we belonged there. We even went to your boutique.

Eric: The Forrester boutique?

Maya: Mm-hmm. Rick insisted, and I tried on dress after dress. He said I was queen for a day. And I felt that way, until a clerk slipped up and called him "Mr. Forrester."

Eric: Well, that's when you found out who he was.

Maya: You have to understand. I told him the most intimate details of my life. And he never even told me who he was.

Rick: You know?

Caroline: Yeah, Rick. I know all about your little jailbird, Mona.

Rick: Maya.

Caroline: Mm.

Rick: How'd you find out?

Caroline: Who cares? You were trolling. So what? You're a guy.

Rick: She's a good person, Caroline.

Caroline: But this good?

Rick: [Sighs] Look, I'm serious.

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

Rick: She really likes me for who I am.

Caroline: And I don't?

Rick: Well, I wonder sometimes.

Caroline: Really?

Rick: Yeah. I mean, you're all about the Forrester name and the title and the influence and all that stuff.

Caroline: Well, that stuff is good. [Sighs] Okay, look. I accept responsibility for my part in all of this. I should have reacted better when we went to Dayzee's the first time, and then you would have never met that...lady. But really, Rick, you've known each other for, like, what? One, two weeks? Are you really gonna throw away all...of this... for someone that you can't even relate to? Someone that you don't even know? Someone that doesn't know you? 'Cause she doesn't, Rick. She doesn't know you. Not like I do.

[Cell phone ringing]

Brooke: [Sighs] Hello?

Bill: I'm sorry, Brooke. I shouldn't have hung up like that.

Brooke: No, it's okay.

Bill: I'm just so damn frustrated. I'm crawling the walls. I mean...Katie won't let me near her. We've become so different. And you and I --

Brooke: Don't say it.

Bill: We're so alike, Brooke. You're free. You're fearless. You devour life. You're the kind of woman that I --

Brooke: Bill, I got to go.

[Cell phone beeps]

Brooke: [Sighs]

Caroline: There. Now the mood is set.

Rick: [Sighs]

Caroline: Are we having fun yet? Maybe some champagne, then.

Rick: No, no, no, no. No.

Caroline: Mm. Poor baby. Something did happen.

Rick: It wasn't good.

Caroline: Well, lucky for you, I am.

Maya: Carter, I am so sorry. I had no idea Rick would be here.

Carter: Things happen.

Eric: I apologize, Maya, for my son's lack of honesty.

Maya: I need to speak to him, Mr. Forrester. I've really given Rick a hard time.

Eric: He's staying in the guest house across the courtyard.

Maya: Excuse me.

Rick: Did you really mean it when you said you would volunteer at Dayzee's?

Caroline: Sure. I mean, I might have to wear a hazmat suit, but...

[Both laugh]

Caroline: See? We're laughing. We're smiling. I must have done something right. [Moaning loudly]

Bill: [Sighs] Brooke, what are you doing here?

Brooke: I was worried about you.

Bill: I went for a swim.

Brooke: Did it help?

Bill: No.

Brooke: Oh, Bill. I know exactly what you're going through.

Bill: Yes, you do.

Brooke: I thought that I met the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I was certain it was Ridge. But now he's gone.

Bill: Sometimes I feel the same way about Katie. And I wonder if the timing had been different... if you'd been available...

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