B&B Transcript Monday 3/25/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 3/25/13


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Katie: Tell her. Tell her that you won't jeopardize our family, our marriage for her. You're better than this.

Marcus: Okay. So, you're not gonna answer the question.

Dayzee: Oh, don't change the subject.

Marcus: What? I can't ask my wife how her day was?

Dayzee: Not if you want me to enjoy my lunch.

Marcus: Oh, no. What happened?

Dayzee: Okay. You know Maya's waiter, the guy she's into?

Marcus: Yeah.

Dayzee: It's Rick.

Marcus: Rick who?

Dayzee: Rick, Babe -- the heir to the Forrester throne.

Marcus: Oh, that Rick.

Dayzee: [Sighs]

Caroline: But you're the president of the company.

Rick: And you know what I'm dealing with. Look, Mom's bedroom line may greatly improve our numbers, so this report needs my attention.

Caroline: Yeah, but so do I.

Rick: We can do lunch upstairs.

Caroline: Or [Gasps] Oh, I know. What about Dayzee's? I bet you'd drop everything to take me there.

Hope: Hey, Rick, um -- oh. Sorry.

Caroline: No. Don't be. You're saving me from getting blown off by your brother... again. Look here. I am a very confident woman, but if you keep turning me down, I just might have to go shopping with your credit cards. A little retail therapy, you know?

Rick: Mm-hmm.

Caroline: Mm-hmm. Fine.

[Door closes]

Rick: [Sighs]

Maya: [Sighs]

Carter: [Clears throat] You mind some company?

Maya: Carter the lawyer, right?

Carter: Well, it's just Carter. Only my mom calls me "The Lawyer." [Chuckles]

Maya: You waiting on takeout?

Carter: No. I haven't ordered yet. Can I get you something?

Maya: No, I'm -- I'm good. Thanks.

Carter: Or how about dinner and a movie? Or I heard about this great club downtown...

Maya: Carter, are you asking me out?

Dayzee: So, clearly Maya doesn't have the best judgment in men.

Marcus: But Rick didn't tell her his last name or what he did, and she just let him spend the night?

Dayzee: Well, we weren't honest with her, either, about being Forresters.

Marcus: Well, we were being cautious, Zee. Rick was...what?

Dayzee: Playing her?

Marcus: Yeah, that doesn't sound like Rick. But, then again, what do I know? I thought he was hot and heavy with Caroline.

Hope: So, Caroline doesn't know any of this?

Rick: No.

Hope: Rick, if you have feelings for Maya, you need to be honest about that.

Rick: She doesn't want anything to do with me.

Hope: Well, neither will Caroline if she finds out you've been sneaking around.

Rick: I blew it. I handled it all wrong. I don't know how to fix it or even if I can.

Carter: Say yes.

Maya: Carter, I'm flattered.

Carter: But you'd rather have dinner.

Maya: I'm really trying to work through a lot right now.

Carter: Well, if you're busy tonight, I'm free tomorrow.

Maya: We hardly know each other, and what you do know about me --

Carter: Makes me want to know more.

Katie: She needs to hear you say it.

Brooke: Katie, don't do this.

Katie: Tell her how you feel, Bill. Tell her that nothing will ever happen between the two of you. Bill.

Marcus: So, now Maya knows the truth about you, too?

Dayzee: Yes. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I should have asked you before telling her.

Marcus: No. It's fine. You had to do what you have to do. I mean, we don't want Maya thinking that there's some Forrester-family conspiracy.

Dayzee: I wouldn't blame her if she did, though.

Marcus: Is she angry with us?

Dayzee: No, no, no. She appreciates our support. I just hope she takes my advice.

Marcus: About what?

Dayzee: Rick. I told her to stay away from him.

Marcus: But you don't think that she will.

Dayzee: I mean [Scoffs] If Rick doesn't let up...

Marcus: Is that a possibility?

Dayzee: That would be too weird, right? I mean, Rick and Caroline -- this hot L.A. couple -- they can't just flame out because of some total stranger that he met at my coffee shop.

Marcus: Yeah, but Caroline won't put up with Rick chasing another woman.

Dayzee: And your family wouldn't be too happy about it, either. Or with me.

Marcus: Zee, if Rick messes things up with Caroline, then that's on him. It has nothing to do with you.

Rick: Nice.

Hope: All right. You're telling me that you want to fix things, but are you talking about with Maya or with Caroline?

Rick: They both deserve the truth.

Hope: Okay. So, don't wait to tell them.

Rick: Maya won't talk to me. Caroline doesn't want to hear it.

Hope: No one likes hearing bad news. But it's not gonna make it better if you put it off. In fact, it's only gonna make things worse.

Rick: Maya feels tricked. She's not sure that she can trust me.

Hope: Show her that she can. I know you're capable of doing it. I mean, I'm talking to you again, aren't I?

Carter: Thank you. Don't be fooled by the blazer.

Maya: You're not what you seem?

Carter: Well, Marcus likes to joke that I'm a little uptight.

Maya: You're not a Forrester, too, are you?

Carter: No. [Chuckles] I just work for them.

Maya: Okay.

Carter: Okay?

Maya: You caught me at the right time, Carter. It just so happens I am free tonight.

Bill: Katie, what are you doing?

Katie: Don't tell me that you can't see what's going on here.

Bill: Brooke is your sister.

Katie: Yes, and you are my husband.

Bill: Yes. I am. I'm your husband and a man, Katie. The man that you vowed to love just the way I am.

Katie: I do love you.

Bill: And I love you. But I can't take the judgment.

Katie: [Scoffs]

Bill: When we got married, you promised you wouldn't try to change me. You said that you would accept me for who I am, flaws and all. And yet here you are telling me what to say to Brooke and how to conduct my business.

Katie: I'm not judging you, Bill.

Bill: You're telling me how to live again. Just like you did with my drinking, my relationship with Liam, my support for Steffy -- shall I go on? Because I could. The point is -- the point is, Katie... it has to stop.

Brooke: Honey... Bill and I were working. He convinced me to reintroduced the bedroom line.

Bill: Don't, Brooke. You don't have to defend yourself. This really has nothing to do with you. It's between my wife and me, and it's gone on long enough, and I've put up with it because you were a new mom and you went through hell to get there and then you had your postpartum issues. I've made mistakes. They're well-documented. But I will not have you slap me on the wrist every time you think that I've crossed a line.

Katie: Maybe I'm not as accepting as you would like me to be, but things have changed, Bill. We have a child now. We have to do what's best for Will. We have to hold ourselves to a higher standard of behavior.

Bill: As long as we agree on what that standard is.

Katie: I think we should agree right now that you have something to clarify to my sister.

Bill: No, Katie. I don't.

Katie: Fine. I'm going home to be with our son. We'll continue this discussion when you decide to show up.

[Door slams]

[Dayzee remembering]

Dayzee: Look, I did you a favor, and you have an opportunity to get back on your feet -- no rent, no restrictions -- but I have one for you now -- no more Rick Forrester. It's not gonna happen. And you've had enough heartbreak to last you a lifetime, Maya.

[Back to present]

Caroline: Hey, Dayzee.

Dayzee: Hey. Hi. Hey, Caroline, are you busy?

Caroline: Oh, why? Did your lunch date bail on you, too?

Dayzee: [Chuckles] Yeah. Is Rick AWOL on you?

Caroline: No. He's just, um...too busy to spend time with his girlfriend, so...

Dayzee: Mm. It's been like that a lot lately?

Caroline: Yeah.

Dayzee: I think I know why.

Caroline: Uh, yeah. He's been at your coffee shop saving the world one free latte at a time.

Dayzee: [Chuckles] Um...actually, I-I think it's more than that. There's another girl, Caroline. Her name is Maya, and she lives upstairs from my coffee shop. She and Rick have been spending a lot of time together.

Caroline: My Rick?

Dayzee: Look, I don't think it's gone very far, and she says it's over, but just in case it's not -- I don't know. I just thought you should know.

Maya: You look surprised. What did you think I was gonna say?

Carter: I don't know. [Laughs] It's been a while since I asked someone out, and I'm a little out of practice.

Maya: You're out of practice?

[Both laugh]

Carter: All right. Let me get your number. I'll call you later with the details.

Maya: Okay, but nothing fancy. That might be fun for the Forresters, but to me it just feels fake.

Carter: Casual. I got it. And Marcus may be a Forrester now, but deep down inside, we're just two guys from Texas. There's nothing flashy about the Walton boys. What you see is what you get.

Rick: I should have been honest about who I was and what I felt.

Hope: You can't be one person for Maya and another person for Caroline. That's not fair. And it's not fair to you.

Rick: Yeah, but opening up to Maya now about my feelings might not change anything.

Hope: Well, maybe not. But if there's a chance, even if it's small, it's better than having no chance.

Rick: You're right. I shouldn't give up.

Hope: Not if you don't have to. Does being with Maya make you happy?

Rick: Very.

Hope: Then be happy. And don't let anyone make you feel selfish about it, because it's not. You say that Maya knows the real you. Well, I know that guy, too, and I think he's special enough to deserve a second chance. But you have to talk to Caroline.

Rick: This means a lot coming from you... knowing how my dishonesty completely messed up your life.

Hope: [Sighs] I tried to put things back together with Liam, and it didn't work, but...I'm so glad knowing that I tried everything I could. Take a chance, Rick. Reach out to Maya. Because if you don't, you'll never forgive yourself.

Brooke: My sister overreacted. But it did look bad.

Bill: We didn't do anything wrong.

Brooke: No. We didn't. But I don't understand why you had to unload on her like that. All she needed was a little reassurance, and she would have calmed right down. She just needed to know that nothing was going on between us. But you didn't say anything. Why?

Bill: Because it's not true.

Carter: Okay. My gut said, "Go for it," so I did.

Marcus: [Chuckling] Wait, wait, wait. So, you asked Maya out?

Carter: Yes. Making plans tonight.

Marcus: Well, congratulations, man. That's great. Dayzee's gonna be thrilled.

Caroline: Rick is not dating an ex-con.

Dayzee: She was wrongly convicted, but --

Caroline: So, then, what is she, like, some sort of a grifter or --

Dayzee: No, no. Actually, if anyone was being dishonest, it was Rick.

Caroline: No, Rick was definitely not honest with me. [Chuckling] I-I even asked him if there was someone else as a joke. I guess the joke is on me.

Dayzee: No, stop. Don't talk like that, okay? Maya didn't even know who Rick was. Caroline, she thought he was a waiter.

Caroline: And it turns out that he's a Forrester. I mean, what a great surprise for her.

Dayzee: Actually, it wasn't. Maya's had a lot of tragedy in her life, and the last thing she needs is to get involved with some high-power executive who's been on the cover of fashion tabloids and magazines. Look, she says it's over, and I told her to stay away from Rick, and she seems to understand, but [Chuckles] I don't know. Actually realizing that and keeping her distance -- anyway, I just -- that's why I wanted to tell you.

Caroline: What do I do?

Dayzee: Well, that depends on how much you actually care about Rick. She and Rick are a bad idea for everybody.

Caroline: No, you're right. [Sniffles] They have to be kept apart.

[Rick remembering]

Rick: Hey, welcome to Dayzee's. What can I get you?

Maya: Let's start with some coffee.

Rick: You know, 8 out of 10 waiters in L.A. are actors, but I'm not. In fact, I like my life... particularly the last 15 minutes.

Dayzee: Bet you have the same dream I do.

Rick: What's that?

Dayzee: To live in a mansion some day, maybe Beverly Hills, Brentwood. Not that I'm complaining. I'm grateful to have a roof over my head.

Rick: Well, dreams can come true.

Maya: Where are we going?

Rick: Just trust me.

Maya: You're nuts!

[Both laugh]

Brooke: You just said what we did wasn't wrong.

Bill: It wasn't.

Brooke: So, what Katie said --?

Bill: Wasn't wrong, either.

Brooke: Bill...

Bill: I won't say there's nothing between us, Brooke, because we both know it's not true and so does Katie.

Brooke: Katie was just reacting to the situation, which she misunderstood.

Bill: Did she?

Brooke: You need to go talk to your wife.

Bill: You're right. I do.

Brooke: Wait. Before you do, think about this.

Bill: It's all I've been thinking about, Brooke. The way things have been lately -- with Katie, with you -- sometimes I feel... sometimes I feel like I married the wrong sister.

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