B&B Transcript Monday 3/18/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 3/18/13


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Rick: Mom! Hey, Mom! Where are you? You got to get out here and celebrate.

Brooke: Coming! [Chuckles] Did that really just happen?

Bill: Oh, you bet it did. In a big way.

Brooke: [Sighs] Come on.

Rick: I could believe it, but I can't believe it. Dad just relaunched the Brooke's Bedroom line. Yes! Right on!

Bill: Nothing gets the blood flowing like averting an attempted coup.

Rick: Did you see the look on Taylor's face?

Brooke: Oh, horrified. [Laughs]

Rick: Today was priceless. Thomas droning on and on, the lights go down, the music comes up, the models come out, and then there you are.

Bill: I told you we could pull this off.

Brooke: Well, you've said many things that have turned out to be true.

Bill: Remember that next time you're tempted to doubt me.

Brooke: This is so unexpected. [Laughs] I get to work with my amazingly talented children, and I get to turn this company around and make it profitable again.

Rick: Now, Mom, I know that the quarterly profits aren't where they should be --

Bill: Well, that's why we had to move. Don't sweat it too much. Once we launch Brooke's Bedroom, the figures will turn around.

Brooke: Yeah. There's no way you're gonna lose the presidency because of the quarterly report. In fact, I think you're gonna turn out golden.

Rick: You're amazing. I got to get back to my office before Thomas tries to pull a coup of his own.

Brooke: Okay.

Rick: Great job. Seriously. Both of you.

Bill: [Sighs]

Brooke: Our first joint venture. Assuming it wasn't a hit and run.

Bill: Do I look like a guy who's gonna mess with a winning combination?

Brooke: [Laughs]

Bill: I'm there for you, Brooke. All the way.

Rick: [Chuckles] It was a joke, but then, uh, here you are.

Thomas: What?

Rick: Nothing. What can I help you with, Thomas?

Thomas: I just wanted to say congratulations. You must be proud. Your mommy saved your butt doing what she does best.

Rick: Mm.

Thomas: Taking off her clothes.

Rick: That was beneath you, but I understand why you're lashing out. My mother just blew that whole proposal of yours right off the map, so I'll give you that one, but don't ever, ever disrespect my mother.

Thomas: We both know the Brooke Bedroom relaunch is a bad idea.

Rick: [Sighs]

Thomas: As long as we cling to the past, we'll never move forward, and we need to, with a new business model because the old one no longer works. I think your first-quarter figures should have told you that.

Rick: Brooke's Bedroom is gonna turn that around.

Thomas: A 50-year-old woman modeling lingerie. Ooh. Edgy. Meanwhile, my vision will make us more competitive and relevant.

Rick: You know, maybe, Thomas, I mean, maybe... you should just let go of that dream. Because it seems to me that you're the only one around this place that seems to believe in it.

Thomas: My vision is the future. And Eric will realize that once this throwback line sinks under its own weight. Your days as president are numbered. So make your mark while you can.

Donna: Did Brooke agree? Well, I-I think her being more involved at Forrester is a great idea.

Katie: I do, too. It gives her something to embrace, you know?

Donna: And this was Bill's suggestion.

Katie: Yes, my brilliant husband.

Donna: Okay, well, maybe Bill is good for Brooke.

Katie: That's what I've been trying to tell you.

Donna: It's just awfully generous.

Katie: What do you mean?

Donna: Oh, I don't know. Most women don't let Brooke near their husbands, let alone encourage a friendship. You must be pretty confident.

Katie: Well, I trust my husband and I trust my sister.

Brooke: [Laughs]

Taylor: You just made a complete spectacle of yourself.

Brooke: Well, I thought it went rather well. Eric gave the go-ahead for Brooke's Bedroom, in spite of your influence. Where is he, by the way? I'd really like to thank him.

Taylor: He left to Genoa City.

Brooke: Oh.

Taylor: You know, Brooke, you just basically hijacked my son's presentation.

Brooke: It wasn't personal, Taylor. I just needed Eric's attention.

Taylor: So you stripped down to your underwear?

Brooke: [Laughs] Oh, there's nothing wrong with underwear. It's not scandalous. I mean, you wear it. For Eric, apparently.

Taylor: [Sighs] That's besides the point. That's not what we're talking about.

Bill: No, that's precisely the point. Look, Taylor -- Brooke's Bedroom is a proven entity. Saved the company once. Rinse, repeat. We all win.

Taylor: Why don't you ask Thomas if he feels like a winner right now?

Bill: Look, Thomas is relatively bright, talented. But he's also wrong. Forrester Creations is not about warehousing, click-and-buy. It's tactile, high-end, classy.

Taylor: Brooke in her skivvies? Yeah. Very classy.

Bill: Brooke is going to pull this company up by its bootstraps. She has nothing to be ashamed of.

Taylor: So, why are you involved in this?

Bill: I'm a shareholder, a financial stake.

Taylor: Really?

Brooke: I know you're disappointed for Thomas, but Bill is right. This is all about the bottom line.

Taylor: No, this is about you being an attention junkie. [Scoffs] This act is 15 years old. You can't just dust it off, repackage it, and pretend like it's something fresh and new. You look like a fool, Brooke. A desperate, aging fool.

Rick: If it goes down easier for you to think that I'm gonna lose my position, feel free. But in the meantime, I believe that that door has my name on it -- not yours.

Thomas: Well, like I said, enjoy it while you can. You think your first-quarter numbers were off? Just wait. Your mother is going to sink this place.

Rick: My mother has never been anything but an asset to this place, and that's not about to change. Brooke's Bedroom is gonna open up a whole new market for us -- sexy, sophisticated women over 40 embracing their sensuality. You know, instead of hoping that it fails, why don't you do something constructive, like design a new line of your own? And be grateful that we are moving in the right direction.

Thomas: You'd like that, wouldn't you, if I just took myself out of the running? Well, that's not gonna happen. 'Cause I know what this company needs, and it's not some retro, embarrassing lingerie line.

Rick: No, you need to accept it, Thomas. Your mother made an end run for you by using her new status with Eric. It didn't work. Move on.

Donna: Is everything okay?

Katie: Oh, yes. Sleeping like the angel he is.

Donna: Well, I thought so.

Katie: Really?

Donna: It just sounded, you know, like a -- more like a snore than a waking-up thing, but you left before I could say anything.

[Both chuckle]

Katie: I hear any sound, and it's like a trigger. Bill thinks I'm overcompensating for being away when I had postpartum depression.

Donna: Is he right?

Katie: Probably. [Chuckles] You know, he just -- he just wants more -- more of me, more attention, more...

Donna: More sex?

Katie: Yeah.

Donna: [Laughs]

Katie: Maybe I should plan something special.

Donna: Well, count me in for a babysitter, please, 'cause it's not like my social calendar is jumping or anything.

Katie: Well, I might take you up on that sooner than you think.

Donna: Okay, good. You should. I mean, Bill adores you, of course, but, you know, a man has needs.

Katie: And if I don't fulfill them, then somebody else will?

Donna: Well, I-I did not say that.

Katie: [Sighs] They kissed.

Donna: Who?

Katie: Bill and Brooke. While I was away. They kissed.

Donna: [Scoffs]

Brooke: I don't expect your support. I'm aware that this galls you on so many levels.

Taylor: Yes, it does. And we're not doing it.

Brooke: Excuse me?

Taylor: Eric didn't have time to think about this. He was pressured into it, and he'll think about it and he'll realize that this whole relaunch is not only absurd, it's undignified.

Bill: That is exactly the kind of thinking that has hobbled this company. Undignified? What does that even mean in today's day and age? Brooke's Bedroom is the shot in the arm this company needs, and I am behind it 100%.

Taylor: Well, you would be, I guess.

Brooke: Meaning?

Taylor: Well, Bill's your number-one fan. That's becoming painfully obvious.

Brooke: And Eric is yours. So what?

Taylor: Eric is available.

Bill: You know, Doctor, the more time I spend around you, the more I realize that you could use a few sessions on your own office couch. Maybe then you could step back and be objective. Deal with that personal baggage you carry around concerning Brooke and see the profit potential.

Brooke: Don't waste your breath. Taylor isn't a businesswoman. That's why she can't think like one. This is how it's going to be. We're not gonna let Forrester Creations pinwheel into the future, a future that only Thomas can see. There's not gonna be any discounts, no warehouse outlets. We're not gonna change the structure of the company. We're gonna do what works, and what works is Brooke's Bedroom. And there's nothing that you can do to stop us.

Rick: I realize that this is a very frustrating time for you. Stephanie made Eric C.E.O., he appointed me president. All your ideas for revamping Forrester are falling upon deaf ears. But you are an asset to this company. You're very talented. You're forward-thinking, and we need that. And it would be to everyone's benefit if you would just get on board.

Caroline: Is this a high-level confab, or can a girl interrupt? I need to speak with you, Mr. President.

Thomas: He's all yours.

Rick: Think about what I said, Thomas.

Thomas: Yeah.

Caroline: Well, he lives, he breathes, he exists. Still the handsome guy I'm crazy about.

Rick: Well, aren't you in a cheery mood.

Caroline: Well, I'm kind of hoping that you'll give me a reason to be cheery.

Rick: There's a lot going on around here.

Caroline: And not to mention your second job at Dayzee's. Hope we're not in danger of losing you to the food-service industry.

Rick: [Chuckles] Not a chance.

Caroline: Good, because then I would miss you even more than I already do.

Donna: Okay, okay. I did not hear you right. Bill and Brooke have been kissing?

Katie: Once.

Donna: Oh, well, that's one time too many. Please tell me you did not walk in and see this.

Katie: No, Taylor overheard them talking about it, and at first, I didn't want to believe it, and then I confronted Brooke.

Donna: And she admitted it?

Katie: More like she didn't deny it. I mean, you know Brooke. Whatever she's feeling, it's always written all over her face.

Donna: You seem, uh, awfully okay with this.

Katie: Well [Sighs] I mean, it's not like they're carrying on and having some torrid affair, right? And the thing is, it's like I feel responsible. The postpartum had me so messed up, and I thought that if Bill and Brooke connected, then it would be good for Will. It seems hypocritical to be angry because they did. Besides, they -- they promised that it would never happen again, and I believe them.

Taylor: Eric definitely wasn't thinking very clearly. You, at your age, parading around in your underwear? You're going to make Forrester a laughingstock.

Bill: You really don't see the appeal? All right, let me simplify this for you. Hope for the Future, the way the younger demographic wanted to emulate Hope. The older demographic is going to want to look like Brooke. And that sound you hear -- shh. Ka-ching.

Taylor: Exactly how involved do you plan on being in this venture?

Bill: Whatever Brooke needs, she's got it.

Taylor: So let me make sure I've got it. You and Brooke are going to be putting your heads together over bra and panties while your wife is at home dealing with diapers. You have the nerve to call my relationship with Eric inappropriate? This is your sister's husband. They have a baby together. For goodness' sakes, Brooke. Examine what you're really doing here, and stop yourself before the damage is irreversible. [Sighs]

Caroline: So, Thomas' presentation turned into quite the show.

Rick: Yeah.

Caroline: Your mom looks amazing in lingerie.

Rick: Doesn't she, though?

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

Rick: It was so cool that Eric decided to relaunch the line.

Caroline: I agree. But right now, I just wanted to show you that Brooke isn't the only one here that can rock some lingerie. [Laughs] It's yours, Rick. Just reach out and take it.

Katie: You seem upset. Is everything okay?

Taylor: Uh, no, actually. That's why I'm here.

Katie: What's going on?

Taylor: I was just at Forrester. Your sister's up to her old tricks -- flaunting herself in her underwear.

Katie: What are you talking about?

Taylor: Do you want to know who she's with? She's with your husband. It isn't good. I know the signs. There is a situation going on with Bill and Brooke, and it's going to lead to nothing but heartache...for you.

Brooke: Oh, I swear, that woman is so irritating.

Bill: What woman? Yeah, that's right. That's what I want you to do. Forget about Taylor. Her opinion is irrelevant. You killed it today. Brooke's Bedroom is back.

Brooke: I was a little nervous up there. Could you tell?

Bill: No, not a bit. Are you kidding? When you were carried out on that bed, standing there in your lingerie, it just looked like another day at the office.

Brooke: [Laughs] I thought you were crazy when you said let's bring back the line, but here we are. It's really happening.

Bill: Proving that you have to do whatever I tell you.

Brooke: And I will. Well, most things.

Bill: Well, you better strap in, 'cause once production starts, we're off to the races.

Brooke: I know. I'm so excited, and I'm so happy to be contributing to Forrester Creations again. This is great. I mean, it makes me feel so alive.

Bill: [Chuckles] It looks fantastic on you.

Brooke: Thank you. And I'm not just doing this for Forrester Creations. I'm doing this for my children, too. 'Cause my success is their success. And it's all because of you. You gave me my confidence, you built me up, you supported me, and you believed in me, and now here we are, at the start of this glorious adventure.

Bill: Taking it together.

Brooke: Side-by-side.

Bill: I'll be right there.

Brooke: Good, because I still have my doubts, you know, especially when somebody like Taylor says, "At your age."

Bill: You know what? Just let Taylor choke on her bitter pills. I mean...look at you.

Brooke: [Chuckles]

Bill: You're gorgeous. Stunning. Dynamic. This line -- it's gonna go through the roof. It will surpass our expectations, and your children -- their positions will be secure, and you -- you're gonna be appreciated for the visionary that you are. And I'm proud to be a part of this, Brooke.

Brooke: I'm going to depend on you.

Bill: Never hesitate.

Brooke: [Laughs] I still can't believe this. I'm just trying to wrap my head around it. My line back in production. You know, if it flies, Forrester Creations is gonna be on top again.

Bill: Oh, it'll fly.

Brooke: Brooke's Bedroom. This is so exciting. And with my not-so-secret...

[Cork pops]

Brooke: ...Weapon.

Bill: This calls for a celebration.

Brooke: I don't think that's a good idea.

Bill: Are you kidding me? This deserves a toast.

Brooke: [Clears throat]

Bill: To you.

Brooke: No. To you.

Bill: Allow me to demonstrate the art of compromise. To us.

[Glasses clink]

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