B&B Transcript Friday 3/15/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 3/15/13


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Thorne: Do you want a cue?

Thomas: No need.

Jake: What about music?

Thomas: Jake, no music.

Pam: A Forrester show with no music?

Thomas: This isn't a show, Pam. It's a presentation. Look, you've all seen the numbers.

Thorne: He's right. The numbers are down.

Thomas: All we need is a solution, and I have it.

Thorne: All right. Well, let's finish up, get going.

Jake: All right. All right.

Marcus: You guys are doing this today?

Brooke: Yes, Marcus.

Marcus: Wow, I sure missed that memo.

Bill: There wasn't any memo.

Brooke: Nobody knows about it.

Oliver: Why not? It's huge.

Bill: Brooke's Bedroom was the biggest money maker this company's ever seen.

Rick: What's this?

Brooke: Where have you been?

Rick: I was out with someone. What's going on?

Bill: Oh, nothing much. Well, unless you've seen the quarterly report. Have you seen the quarterly report, Rick?

Rick: No. Not yet.

Brooke: It's bad -- really bad. We're operating at a loss. I know it wasn't your fault. We're dealing with a lot of factors here.

Bill: Still, it happened on your watch, and Thomas is taking full advantage.

Rick: How's that?

Bill: He's making a presentation to Eric.

Rick: Again?

Bill: But this time, he is armed with a fistful of nasty data.

Rick: [Sighs]

Bill: But we have an answer of our own.

Rick: Yeah, what's that?

Bill: Brooke's Bedroom.

Rick: Your old line?

Bill: An extremely profitable line -- one that could turn this company around.

Rick: But who's gonna be the spokesmodel? You mean you?

Donna: So darn cute! Oh, and he knows it, too, just like his daddy.

Katie: Yes, they are alike in many ways.

Donna: Both demanding, right? [Chuckles] So, um... have you heard about the drama at Forrester?

Katie: Well, I heard about Eric and Taylor.

Donna: There's that, for what it's worth.

Katie: I'm sorry. I know you were hoping for something with him.

Donna: Oh, don't count me out. Taylor's -- Taylor's a pest.

Katie: Brooke thinks Taylor is using Eric.

Donna: Oh, she so is. I mean, she -- she has Thomas going after Rick's position.

Katie: Again? He just doesn't give up.

Donna: Now Thomas is doing a pitch today to Eric. You better believe Taylor's behind that one.

Eric: Brooke's had a lot going on.

Taylor: We've all had a lot going on. You know, Brooke has been dealing with losing Ridge, and you just lost Stephanie. I don't know. I've had so many losses, I can't even keep count. But I thank God for you.

Eric: And now you and I... we have everything.

Taylor: We have a lot to be grateful for. You know, all of these business decisions, they don't matter. They don't mean anything. All that matters is us.

Eric: You're right. Come here. Hello, Pam.

Pam: Thomas is ready for you down in the showroom.

Eric: Good. We'll be right down.

Pam: Yeah, and don't forget you have the flight right after for Genoa City.

Eric: Yes. Thank you.

Pam: And remember to bring a big coat, 'cause it's cold in Wisconsin.

Eric: All right, Pam. Thank you. All right. Let's go see what your son has in mind for us. Mm.

Marcus: Okay, we'll see you guys in a few minutes.

Rick: [Clears throat] You're serious about this?

Bill: You don't think your mother's capable?

Rick: Well, if anyone could, you know, pull it off, you can.

Brooke: I'm doing it to help the company, Rick.

Rick: Yeah, well, God knows we need something.

Hope: Sorry. I didn't know...

Brooke: Come in.

Hope: [Sighs]

Bill: How are you doing, Hope?

Hope: Great. What are we talking about?

Rick: Have you heard about Thomas' presentation?

Hope: Uh...yeah, it's all over the office.

Rick: Yeah. Pretty ridiculous, isn't it?

Hope: No, I think it's serious. I mean, Eric's giving him an ear.

Rick: Well, we've got a little surprise of our own.

Hope: We do?

Rick: Mm-hmm. Mom...to the rescue.

Hope: How?

Rick: Well, how else... but by re-launching her lingerie line?

[All chuckling]

Caroline: So, where have you been?

Rick: Not now, Caroline.

Caroline: Oh, boy. His favorite line. [Mockingly] "Not now, Caroline."

Rick: We are in the middle of a crisis. Thomas is vying for my job -- again.

Caroline: Well, maybe if you didn't spend all your time at Dayzee's. What is your attraction to that place, anyway?

Marcus: Okay, it's all set.

Brooke: Lighting, music?

Marcus: Yes. We're on it.

Rick: Who has the cues?

Oliver: I'm your man.

Bill: All right. Sounds like we're a go.

Brooke: We all have to be on our toes here. You know what's at stake -- the future of Forrester Creations. There's no way I'm gonna let Thomas and Taylor take over this company and ruin it. So let's go out there and show 'em how it's done.

Hope: Let's do it.

Marcus: Logans, Baby.

Hope: [Laughs] Okay!

Brooke: All right. [Sighs]

Bill: Isn't this better than sitting around waiting for a phone call?

Brooke: [Laughs] Thank you.

Jake: Okay. Everyone's on their way.

Thomas: Good. Jake, you're at the door. Once I start, no interruptions.

Jake: Got it.

Pam: Do you want refreshments afterwards?

Thomas: Yeah, Pam. Put some champagne on ice.

Pam: A celebration? Okay.

Taylor: So, now, you got everything in here that you need for Nikki and Victor's wedding?

Eric: Yes, I'm sure everything's here.

Taylor: Okay.

Pam: You have gloves and earmuffs?

Taylor: Yeah, I put it in.

Eric: I don't need earmuffs, for God's sake, Pam.

Taylor: Hi, Sweetie. Mwah.

Thomas: Thanks for this.

Eric: I'm looking forward to it.

Thomas: Yeah, me too.

Eric: Where's Brooke?

Taylor: I don't know, but, you know, Eric has a flight to catch, so we better get started.

Thomas: Okay.

Eric: The floor is yours.

Thomas: All right, everyone. Let's get started.

Both: Okay.

Eric: Sit here.

Thomas: [Clears throat] [Sighs] Look, this shouldn't take very long. You all know the bad news. This last quarter, our numbers took a serious dive, and we're suffering a loss we may not recover from unless we make changes. The good news is, is there is a solution. That's what I would like to present to you today.

Katie: Oh, you're still here?

Donna: Yeah, yeah. I thought I'd stick around.

Katie: Any particular reason why?

Donna: Oh, just didn't have a chance to talk with the baby and all.

Katie: Okay, well, what's on your mind?

Donna: How are you?

Katie: I'm good. I'm good. I'm happy.

Donna: You and Bill?

Katie: We're good. You know, I mean, things have been a little challenging, I guess.

Donna: Yeah, well, a baby changes things.

Katie: Yeah, I keep trying to explain that to him. [Chuckles] But he just keeps complaining that I'm not available enough to him, if you know what I mean.

Donna: Are you? Ah, gosh, you know, I hate to bring this up, but, um... [Sighs] I just -- I can't help --

Katie: What? What?

Donna: Brooke and Bill -- everything they shared when you sent them off to Aspen.

Katie: [Sighs]

Brooke: [Sighs] A lot's riding on this.

Bill: Only the entire future of the company.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Bill: But it couldn't be in better hands.

Brooke: I wish I had as much faith in me as you do.

Bill: Oh, come on. You've already got that Logan spirit. Now you need to apply the words that I live by. You fight to the death. Take no prisoners.

Brooke: You're wrong.

Bill: About what?

Brooke: The company. You said that it couldn't be in better hands. Well, the truth is... I couldn't be in better hands. [Sighs] Well... I better go suit up for battle. [Laughs]

Thomas: As you can see from this graph, our margins are shrinking. As fabric prices go up, so does our cost per unit, so we passed it along to the buyer, but they're not buying. We've priced ourselves out of the market.

Rick: Not the luxury market.

Thomas: You're right. The 5%, and even they're looking elsewhere for a bargain.

Rick: So, you want to ignore our customers who gave us our reputation?

Thomas: [Sighs] Look, I understand what you're saying, but trends change. The world is more casual. Even the rich don't dress up to go to dinner anymore. The tie, the monogram, the cuff links -- they all have their place. But that's not the future of this company, and that's not gonna change the quarterly report you gave us, Rick. Let's move on. This is an analysis of our expense breakdown. Raw materials, production, labor, marketing, boutique expenses. Let's go with boutique expenses.

Bill: How you doing? You need any help?

Brooke: Garter.

Bill: Here you go.

Brooke: [Sighs] Thank you. Ah. The piece de résistance.

Bill: You look stunning.

Brooke: [Laughs] Turn your back if it's too much, Stallion.

Bill: [Chuckles]

Brooke: All right. So, the lipstick. The lipstick and how are we doing on time?

Bill: Cutting it close.

Brooke: Cyanide crimson or drumbeat red?

Bill: Cyanide, definitely.

Thomas: As you can see, brick and mortar is killing us. Our boutiques are a drain on the bottom line, and they have been for years. So we need to consolidate. Centralized warehousing, price-point discounts, and an aggressive online presence.

Rick: Many of our boutiques have had good sales, Thomas.

Thomas: Well, not good enough. Let's move to production costs.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Bill: It's a big night for someone.

Brooke: Yeah. Well, that's what I'm going for.

Bill: You're nailing it.

Brooke: I hope so.

Bill: You look stunning, Brooke.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Katie: You're worried about Brooke and Bill?

Donna: [Chuckles] No, I'm not worried. I'm just, you know...

Katie: You are. You're worried.

Donna: Katie, you walked out on your husband and baby and left them in Brooke's care.

Katie: I was suffering from severe depression.

Donna: I know! I know, and I'm not blaming you. I just... it just -- it had an effect on them. The question is...how much?

Katie: [Sighs]

Thomas: There you have it. Costs are up -- labor, marketing, production. The only thing that isn't up is sales. Why? Because we're afraid of change. But the world has changed. We need to find a new paradigm, a way to cut into that 95% who can't afford us. Young adults and college grads, they don't want a fashion boutique. They want a fashion experience. A fashion gallery where they can be seen, hang out with friends, drink coffee, and, yes... buy beautiful, hip, affordable Forrester Originals. Where they can order online at the store with the fashion technicians or purchase the app and order from home. With everything warehoused, everything shipped to your front door -- the same day, in most places.

Rick: It wasn't gonna work the first time you pitched it. It's not gonna work now.

Thomas: Why? Because it's different? Well, let me ask you something, Rick. Give me one example of a line that we've produced during your tenure that's shown a profit. Just one.

Rick: [Chuckles]

Brooke: [Sighs] I just need to finish my hair, and then I'll be ready. How do I look?

Bill: Incredible. Let's go knock 'em dead.

Brooke: Oh, Bill.

Bill: Yeah?

Brooke: I'll never forget what you've done for me today... even if it doesn't turn out the way we were hoping.

Bill: It will.

Thomas: Rick, the fact is you gave it a shot, but you failed. You couldn't give me one example of a line you've produced that's shown a profit.

Rick: I haven't been president that long, Thomas.

Thomas: We need to make a profit right now in order to turn this company around.

Bill: Ladies and gentlemen, the most profitable line in the history of Forrester Creations. Feast your eyes -- the new Brooke's Bedroom line.

Katie: Yes, Brooke and Bill got close in Aspen. That was the whole point.

Donna: That doesn't concern you?

Katie: It did for a minute, but not anymore.

Donna: Well, you know, if you're cool with it...

Katie: Listen, Bill is a huge supporter of Brooke, especially after everything that's happened with Ridge and Hope.

Donna: Yeah, she's been through a lot.

Katie: He's even convinced her to go back to Forrester and get more involved in the company.

Donna: So I've heard.

Katie: And I think it's a great idea. It's the best thing for her, and it's all because of Bill. Seriously, I'm sure she's, like, slaving away behind a desk as we speak.

[Sam and the Womp's "Bom Bom" plays]

When I go bom, bom I'm so cool and I'm so groovy when I go bom, bom, bom

Bill: Ladies and Gentlemen, Forrester Creations proudly presents the future -- the new Brooke's Bedroom line.

Bom, bom, bom I'm so cool and I'm so groovy when I go bom, bom, bom bom, bom, bom I'm so cool and I'm so groovy when I go bom, bom, bom

Brooke: This is how we made profits before, Eric. If it worked once... why not do it again?

Eric: I like it.

Brooke: I knew you would.

Eric: Sorry, Thomas, Taylor. Brooke's Bedroom it is.

Hope: Yes!


Hope: Oh, my God!

[Laughter and applause]

Hope: Oh, my. You are so beautiful. Oh, my God. Congratulations. You did so good.

Eric: You guys were great.

Rick: Yes.

Eric: Good job.

Hope: I'm so proud of you. Oh, my God! Thank you.

Eric: Good, huh? It's great.

[Indistinct conversations]

Brooke: [Sighs] [Laughs]

Bill: You did it.

Brooke: [Sighs] We did it.

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