B&B Transcript Wednesday 3/6/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 3/6/13


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Brooke: Katie and the baby?

Bill: Sleeping.

Brooke: [Sighs] I'm sorry for barging in on you and your family like this.

Bill: You're not barging. Katie spends most of her time in the nursery.

Brooke: She does?

Bill: Look, Brooke, uh, I don't know what to tell you about Eric and Taylor.

Brooke: She has an agenda. She doesn't love Eric. She's only using him.

Steffy: I can't believe it. You and Eric?

Taylor: All I can say is it feels right.

Steffy: I'm happy for you. I really am.

Taylor: So, how's the little one?

Steffy: Oh, you know, shakin' and a-bakin'.

Taylor: [Chuckles] So, where's the father-to-be?

Liam: Hey.

Hope: Hey. Thanks for coming.

Liam: Uh, yeah.

Hope: So, you're probably wondering why I asked you to come here.

Liam: You don't need a reason.

Hope: Well, in this case, I have one.

Liam: Okay. Do you, um -- do you want to do this here, or...

Hope: [Chuckles] Don't -- don't worry. Rick is not in the building. I'm sure you'd rather not run into him.

Leilani: Oh, yeah. Just so you know, we're good without you.

Rick: Are you sure?

Leilani: Yeah. We got this.

Rick: Thank you.

Leilani: Mm-hmm.

Maya: Mr. Popularity. First your girlfriend shows up, and now everyone's waiting on you.

Rick: Yeah, that's just because they don't want me breaking any more dishes.

Maya: Yeah, right.

Rick: So, about your music...

Maya: Uh, not now. I have a job to do first -- one that I could use some help with.

Rick: You need my help?

Maya: Well, I could do it alone, but it wouldn't be as much fun.

Rick: Mm-hmm. Do you want me to guess?

Maya: Hint. It's gonna take some stamina. Now do you want to guess?

Rick: [Sighs] You know, I better not. I might get myself into trouble.

Maya: With your girlfriend?

Rick: Yeah, about that.

Maya: I'm just kidding. It's legit. I'll even pay you a little bit. Not that much, but it's what I can afford.

Rick: All right. All right. You got my interest. What is it?

Maya: Come on. I'll show you.

Liam: Well, I'm glad you called.

Hope: Why?

Liam: You kidding? After everything that happened, I...

Hope: Didn't know if I'd want to see you again?

Liam: [Chuckles]

Hope: So, how's Steffy? I mean, the -- the pregnancy.

Liam: You know, she's taking her vitamins. The grocery bill's about to go up.

Hope: [Chuckles]

Liam: How are you?

Hope: Great. Thinking about joining a convent. I think "Sister Mary Hope" has a great ring to it.

Liam: Yeah, seriously, I kind of need to know you're okay.

Hope: I'm good. I'm not happy, but I'm good. Uh, but it's you I'm worried about. It's why I wanted to see you.

Taylor: You and Liam getting all settled in?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, it's all, uh, it's all very new.

Taylor: Getting used to the idea of being parents?

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: How was your first night back together?

Steffy: It was lovely. Peaceful and -- and different.

Taylor: Different?

Steffy: Yeah. It was great, Mom... all things considered.

Taylor: Well, I'm sure you were both a little overwhelmed, given, you know, the kind of day it was.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah. Not exactly the way I planned it.

Taylor: Well, you can thank Brooke for that.

Bill: You're sure Taylor is living with Eric?

Brooke: Yes. I told you. I was there when the movers were bringing all of the boxes in.

Bill: Yeah. Then she is definitely on the offensive.

Brooke: She doesn't fall for anybody that quickly, and it took her years to get over Ridge.

Bill: Eric is definitely that vulnerable?

Brooke: He's sleeping with her, he asked her to move in, and he appointed her son vice president.

Bill: I don't want Taylor having any influence over that company.

Brooke: Well, she already does. It's too late. And I'm afraid it's only going to get worse. So, what are we gonna do about it?

Bill: It's what you're going to do.

Brooke: Me?

Bill: I felt strongly about it before, but I'm positive now. I want you running Forrester Creations, Brooke.

Maya: Home sweet home. What do you think?

Rick: It's cool.

Maya: Where do you live?

Rick: Uh, a bus ride away.

Maya: One room? Studio?

Rick: A little bigger.

Maya: I bet you have the same dream I do.

Rick: What's that?

Maya: To live in a mansion someday. Maybe Beverly Hills, Brentwood. Not that I'm complaining. I'm grateful to have a roof over my head.

Rick: Well, dreams can come true. So, what is this job you wanted me to do? You said it required stamina.

Steffy: I just didn't want Liam feeling trapped.

Taylor: Sweetheart, you had to tell him.

Steffy: Yeah, but if I didn't, he might be committed to Hope.

Taylor: No, he needed to know because he's the father of the baby you're carrying.

Steffy: I know. Maybe you're right. Yeah, I-I had to tell Liam the truth. Everyone needed to know.

Taylor: And now we can all go on with the rest of our lives.

Steffy: It's a lot easier for me than Hope.

Hope: There's something that I want you to do for me, uh, and I've given this a lot of thought.

Liam: What?

Hope: I want you to marry Steffy... before the baby's born.

Liam: Why -- why -- why would you ask me to do that?

Hope: Because it's -- it's what's right -- for the two of you and -- and mostly for your -- your child. You don't agree?

Liam: I... I don't know. I just -- I can't believe you're saying this.

Hope: Well, you know, I-I grew up with a mother and father who were separated, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Liam: Yeah, but this is not your responsibility.

Hope: It will be if you don't marry Steffy, because there's only one reason why you wouldn't. As much pain as I'm in right now, it would hurt me even more to know that somehow I hurt this child. Marry her, Liam.

Bill: You need to be at Forrester so you can counter Taylor's influence.

Brooke: I don't know.

Bill: You understand every facet of that business, Brooke.

Brooke: Yes, I do, but --

Bill: No, no, there's no -- no "Buts" -- no "Buts." You can save that company. I know you can do it. I know you can. You're a Logan.

Rick: That's true about everyone, though, isn't it? I mean, take you, for example. I know that you've been through some tough times... but your attitude sure doesn't show it.

Maya: I'm not complainer.

Rick: Sometime it's hard not to be.

Maya: Oh, well, maybe if it worked for me, I'd give it a try.

Rick: Look out. Talented, beautiful, and a spirit that won't quit. It's a pretty potent combination.

Maya: For what?

Rick: Well, for success. Happiness.

Maya: I'm happy right now. No money, but I have got a roof over my head.

Rick: Yes, you do.

Maya: As for success, I got you to help me move in, so I'd say I'm doing pretty well.

Steffy: It's amazing, isn't it -- the way everything's turned out?

Taylor: For both of us.

Steffy: You have Eric. I have Liam.

Taylor: And don't worry. Hope will have someone, too.

Steffy: I really want that for her.

Hope: Tell me you'll do this.

Liam: This is that important to you?

Hope: It's important to your child, Liam. He or she needs to grow up with a mother and father who are together. Yours weren't. Mine weren't. Steffy's weren't. This cycle needs to break, starting with us.

Liam: Us.

Hope: You mean you and Steffy. Yeah, obviously. [Sighs] Look, this isn't easy for me. Part of me wants to just claw Steffy's eyes out. And the other part of me wants to pretend that my life did not end up this way, but it did. And now there is a baby coming, and you have to protect your child. You and your wife. Promise that you'll marry Steffy before the baby's born.

Bill: Eric and Stephanie may have founded that company, but you are the best thing that ever happened over there. You, Brooke, are the face of Forrester Creations.

Brooke: Oh, no, that's a bit of an exaggeration.

Bill: I want to show you something. Come here. Sit down with me. All right. Let's see. Search.

[Keyboard clacking]

Bill: Forrester Creations.

Brooke: [Chuckles] Oh, my gosh. I can't believe...

Bill: That's what comes up. Do you know how many hits this clip gets even today? Millions.

Brooke: Hmm. I remember how horrified Stephanie and Taylor were... but it did create a phenomenon.

Bill: You're damn right, it did...and sent profits through the roof. You're going to revamp your bedroom line. Same name, same woman in charge.

Brooke: Who would model it?

Bill: Who else?

Brooke: Not me.

Bill: Why not?

Brooke: [Scoffs] I'm too old.

Bill: You're not too old. What are you talking about? You're as sexy as ever.

Brooke: I'm a mother.

Bill: Mothers can't be sexy?

Brooke: Look, I love lingerie, and just because I'm wearing some right now doesn't mean I consider myself a model.

Bill: Let me be the judge of that.

Brooke: [Chuckling] Really? So you're gonna give me your professional opinion?

Bill: Nothing but. Consider it market research.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Bill: Not bad.

Brooke: [Chuckles] "Not bad"? That's it?

Bill: You look amazing... and you know it.

Brooke: It feels good to hear that from a man. It's been so long.

Rick: What are you doing?

Maya: Paying you.

Rick: No. No way.

Maya: Come on. You need the money as badly as I do. $10. You can eat well tonight.

Rick: Thanks, but no, thanks. Consider this my housewarming present.

Maya: I can't let you walk away with nothing.

Rick: Okay. Then how about this?

Steffy: We've turned a corner, haven't we, Mom?

Taylor: We sure have.

Steffy: I want nothing but happiness for you.

Taylor: And for you and for Liam.. and the newest little member of our tribe.

Hope: Tell me you'll do this. Tell me you'll marry Steffy.

Liam: What about you?

Hope: Oh, I'll -- I'll be fine. I'll be working here, making a new life for myself -- a good life. You'll have a good life, too. That's all I ever wanted for you. Okay, now go home. [Chuckles]

Liam: Okay. Okay. I'll do what you ask. I'll start my life and my family with Steffy, but, Hope, y --

Hope: Oh!

Brooke: So, you really think we can pull this off?

Bill: You can pull this off. You've done it before. You're as beautiful as ever. Brooke's Bedroom will be a money-making machine again, and you will be running Forrester Creations.

Brooke: You better go check on Katie and the baby.

Bill: Supermom.

Brooke: Superwife.

Bill: On the rare occasion she's available.

Brooke: Well, she's spending time with Will, and that's a good thing. It's understandable after everything she's been through.

Bill: Yeah, I know. It's just hard sometimes.

Brooke: Just be patient.

Bill: She's changed, Brooke.

Brooke: Babies do that.

Bill: It's not the baby. She's -- she's different. She wants me to be different, to -- to fit into this idyllic mold that she's created for herself. The fact is... I don't think she finds much to love about me anymore.

Brooke: No. I don't believe that. There's a lot to love about you.

Bill: When I think back to Aspen -- Katie sending us up there after she left Will and me. The balloon ride. The kiss at Big Bear. I tried to tell myself that the feelings I had were a result of the vulnerable positions that we were both put in. But it's more than that, Brooke. And I can't get it out of my mind.

Brooke: Shh!

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