B&B Transcript Tuesday 2/19/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 2/19/13


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Hope: Hey!

Oliver: I have a couple more of the proofs to go over.

Hope: I was just about to text you. I'm so sorry. I-I-I can't look at them right now after all.

Oliver: I thought you wanted to get a jump start on this?

Hope: I do. I really do, but my mom just called me. She wants to see me. She said it was important.

Oliver: I mean, I can wait here till you get back.

Hope: We're gonna have to reschedule. I'm so sorry, but she's -- she's not at the office. She's at Liamís.

Brooke: I wonder when they'll get here. It should be soon.

Fontana: Oh, Brooke, all your preparations -- it's so lovely.

Brooke: Thank you. Hope has suffered so much. This is long overdue.

Fontana: And they're both on their way?

Brooke: Yes. [Chuckles]

Fontana: And what will you tell them when they arrive?

Brooke: [Sighs] I just want them to have the happiness that they should have -- that's been taken away from them. That's what they deserve. Thank you for being here. It means the world to me.


Steffy: You're asking me to give you time, and I'm willing to give it to you. But what I know -- I don't see how you could be with anybody else.

Liam: Listen, I'm not gonna string you along. I'm gonna make my decision soon.

Steffy: And I'm not gonna pressure you.

Liam: Like, tomorrow.

(Present time)

Liam: [Sighs] [Clears throat]

Steffy: Only Liam knows what's best for him.

Taylor: But he can't make any real decisions about his life if he doesn't have all the facts.

Dr. Caspary: Liam's the father? He doesn't know you're expecting?

Taylor: Not yet.

Steffy: He needs to figure out what he wants first, and he'll have an answer by tomorrow.

Taylor: There's another woman involved.

Steffy: He almost married her twice. But some sketchy things happened that kept them apart, and he recently found out, and he feels...conflicted. Hope's going after him, convinced she's the one Liam belongs with.

Taylor: And so does her mother.

Steffy: I feel like we belong together, but he needs to make this decision on his own. I don't want to pressure him.

Dr. Caspary: Hearing he's going to be a father would surely play a role in his decision.

Steffy: But I want him to be with me because the thought of living without me is unspeakable, not because he feels trapped.

Dr. Caspary: Now, Steffy, I understand your concerns, but I have to agree with your mother. Liam conceived this child with you. He has a right to know.

[Birds squawking]

Fontana: You are certain this is what they want.

Brooke: Yes.

Fontana: And yet this ceremony is a surprise to them.

Brooke: Only because of Steffy Forrester. She's fighting hard to hold on to Liam, and I need to be there to support my daughter. That's the only reason why I'm doing this. Make no mistake, Father, Hope and Liam are meant to be together.

Oliver: Why would your mother want to meet you at Liamís?

Hope: I have no idea. Maybe another pep talk about why we should be together? I don't know.

Oliver: She'll have a hard time of convincing you of that.

Hope: [Laughing] Right? I don't know. I just -- I wish she would quit worrying about me.

Oliver: That's not gonna happen.

Hope: No.

Oliver: She'll always be there for you.

Hope: I know. She's a great mom. She really is, but...I'm all grown up now.

Oliver: Well, uh...you should go. She's probably waiting for you.

Hope: Right. Yeah.

Oliver: Hey! Good luck with Liam. I hope it works out.

Hope: Me too.


Liam: Call Steffy.


Steffy: Hey, it's Steffy. You've got my voicemail. If you want the real thing, you know the drill.


Liam: [Sighs]


Steffy: I don't want Liam feeling obligated to me because I'm carrying his baby.

Taylor: That is not the way Liam is.

Steffy: You don't know that. Relationships never work when somebody's being strong-armed.

Taylor: That's not what you're doing.

Dr. Caspary: It's your body, Steffy. It's your life. But you seem to care very deeply for the father. You want a future with him?

Steffy: More than anything.

Dr. Caspary: Then let him share this with you. Holding on to this secret, with this anxiety and the unresolved feelings -- it's not good for you. It's not good for the baby.

Steffy: I would love to tell him, but I have to know I'm the one he wants to be with, or I'm always gonna have doubt. Hope and Brooke -- they're gonna try to drive a wedge between us. And you know how the Logans operate. They've done enough damage already.


Liam: Call hope.


Hope: Hi. It's Hope. Sorry I missed your call, but leave a message, and I will call you back as soon as I can.


Liam: [Clears throat]


Fontana: This, um...thing -- what did you call it?

Brooke: Room-service elopement.

Fontana: [Chuckles]

Brooke: You do agree, don't you, Father, that this is the right thing?

Fontana: You're only doing what your heart says you must.

Brooke: They should be married. I'll never forget that perfect day.

Fontana: And that's what you want -- remind them, take them back.

Brooke: They really do love each other. If I can just re-create that moment for them.

[Vehicle approaches]

Brooke:  I think that's Liam.

Fontana: Let the elopement begin.

Brooke: [Chuckles]

Fontana: [Clears throat]

Liam: Father Fontana?

Fontana: Hello, Liam.

Liam: Hey! How are you? What are you -- what are you -- what are you doing here?

Brooke: I brought him.

Liam: Y-- uh, w-- all the way from Italy? What are you doing in L.A.?

Fontana: God's work.

Liam: [Laughs]

Taylor: Well, Steffy, there's no way to know what the future holds unless you tell Liam. But it is more than that. He deserves to know. It's only fair.

Dr. Caspary: And not just to Liam, but to you and to your child. A baby senses his mother's energy in the womb, and if you're in turmoil -- a lot of stress, a lot of anxiety -- your baby will sense that.

Taylor: It should be a joyous time, but you're stressing yourself out by keeping this from Liam.

Steffy: It wasn't exactly planned, Mom. Yeah, I-I'm thrilled. I really am, but we talked about taking it slow, day by day. And now this?

Taylor: Things change. [Chuckling] That's life.

Steffy: I just -- I don't know how he'll react. I mean, we used birth control. I-I thought it would work. I guess it didnít.

Dr. Caspary: No form of birth control is 100% effective. Abstinence is the only sure way.

Steffy: I just don't want Liam to feel trapped and that he's only with me because of the baby. That wouldn't be good for our child...or for me.

Liam: So, are you here on official church business, or...

Fontana: It's more personal.

Liam: Yeah? Listen, if you have some downtime, I'd be happy to show you around L.A.

Fontana: Ah, unfortunately I won't be here that long.

Liam: Oh. Short and sweet, huh?

Fontana: If it all goes as planned.

Liam: How did you get into my house, Brooke?

Brooke: Oh, um...I borrowed Hope's key.

Liam: Oh...so, have you seen Hope?

Brooke: No. This is a surprise for her, too.

Liam: Um... [Chuckles] I'm sorry. Where are my manners? Uh, can I offer you something like a coffee --

Brooke: No. I'll do that. You guys chat.

Liam: Yeah? Okay.

Fontana: Well, I could definitely use that. I had such a long flight.

Liam: Yeah. So...

Fontana: So, I've heard about the many challenges you and Hope had to face since your wedding.

Liam: Yeah. Yeah, it's just kept on coming, you know -- lies, manipulations. It really -- really messed with us.

Fontana: But you do remember that beautiful day, glorious day in Polignano A Mare?

Liam: Oh, my God, Father, come on. I mean, how could I ever forget that?

Fontana: That idyllic setting above the deep, blue sea.

Liam: Yeah.

Fontana: Your beautiful bride, the vows you shared, the commitment you made buoyed by the energy of all the townspeople singing and celebrating with you, the kites flying. You see, Liam, I've married many couples, and I see -- I see many of them, and the pure connection you guys shared -- oh, you know, you and Hope share a true gift. And it's a shame that you're apart.

Liam: [Chuckling] Yeah. Yeah. I, uh -- I got to be honest with you, Father. This whole thing -- there's another woman involved, and it's my ex-wife, Steffy. And, um... she and I have something really special, too.

Dr. Caspary: Shall we get started?

Steffy: Yeah.

Taylor: It's your first ultrasound. It's so exciting.

Dr. Caspary: This might be a little cold.

Steffy: Okay. Yep. [Chuckles]

Dr. Caspary: Sorry. Now, we're still in the very early stages of your pregnancy.

Taylor: When do you think you'll be able to see if it's a boy or a girl?

Steffy: Mom, you're getting ahead of yourself.

Dr. Caspary: Not for a while, but you're far enough along, so we'll be able to see a little something and to hear the baby's heartbeat.

[Heart beating]

Steffy: [Sighs]

Taylor: Oh, Steffy.

Dr. Caspary: And here's your little one, right...right there.

Steffy: Oh, my God. That's our baby. [Sniffles]

Fontana: Look, Liam, I-I cannot speak about your relationship with your ex-wife, and I'm sure she's a very lovely woman, but I imagine there are reasons why she's your ex-wife.

Liam: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, well, a lot happened, you know -- misunderstandings, bad timing, bad luck.

Fontana: Luck has nothing to do with it. It's what's in your soul. Look, I've seen you with Hope.

Liam: I know. Yeah. And she's -- she's amazing. She's exceptional. She's in a class unto herself.

Fontana: You care very deeply for her, as she does for you.

Liam: Yes, Father. That is very true.

Fontana: From what I've observed, I simply don't see you having that kind of connection with any other woman.

Dr. Caspary: So, everything looks good. Keep taking the folic acid, and let me know if the morning sickness becomes a problem. [Chuckles] It's pretty spectacular, isn't it?

Steffy: It's unbelievable.

Dr. Caspary: Maybe it will help you decide to tell the father. I'll see you in a few weeks.

Taylor: Thank you. [Sighs] Oh.

Steffy: Wow. Liam and I created this -- this beautiful little life inside of me. I never knew I could feel this way. This -- this love -- it's so instant. It's so intense.

Taylor: It's a beautiful thing.

Steffy: Yeah.

Taylor: Your first baby. My first grandchild. I'm so glad I was here with you when you saw the baby. It's so special. But you know who should really be here with you? Liam. Go show him this picture. Go show him he's going to be a father.

Liam: Father Fontana, I -- I appreciate everything you're saying. I really do, but --

Brooke: You know it's all true.

Liam: [Chuckles]

Hope: Uh, Mom? Liam? Hi. Hi. Hi! Father Fontana, hi!

Fontana: Lovely to see you, Hope.

Hope: It's nice to see you, too. Wow. This is such a surprise.

[Cell phone ringing]

Taylor: It's your phone.

Steffy: Hey, Madison.

Madison: I need to talk to you.

Steffy: Uh, you know, I'm kind of in the middle of something right now.

Madison: Trust me. You'll want to hear this, Steffy. I'm at Liamís.

Steffy: Why are you at Liamís?

Madison: Brooke asked a few of us to help her set something up. Liam's here and Hope...along with that priest from Italy.

Steffy: What?

Madison: It's all very hush-hush -- totally Brookeís idea -- but she's planning a surprise elopement. Hope has no idea and neither does Liam.

Steffy: Oh, my God.

Madison: Hope just got here. Brooke is probably springing it on them. Steffy, this is our secret. You have got to promise me. But you had to know.

Steffy: Thank you.

Taylor: What?!

Steffy: Brooke is trying to get Hope and Liam married, and we have to go. Come on.

Hope: Mom, what's going on? Why did you call me here?

Liam: Yeah. I-I was curious about that as well.

Brooke: I asked Father Fontana to come and to help remind you of those vows that you said to each other in Italy on that very special day. He wants to help remind you of the life that you lost and the life that you should be living now. Let me show you.

Fontana: [Clears throat]

[Birds squawking]

Hope: Wh-what's going on? Oh. [Sighs]

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