B&B Transcript Monday 2/11/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 2/11/13


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Hope: Don't talk about my mother that way.

Steffy: [Grunts] Pushing me? Are you serious?

Hope: I am proud of my family, and I am proud to be a Logan. I'm sorry. Do you need help?

Steffy: Don't touch me. I'm just stating the facts. You Logans are all alike. It's a bit presumptuous, don't you think? To assume you and Liam will just pick up right where you left off months ago.

Hope: You're really not letting go. Steffy, don't you see what's happening here?

Steffy: Oh, I see, Hope. All too clearly. You feel privileged. Our jobs, our men, our company -- you feel entitled to all of it. Why? Because your name is "Logan."

Eric: Taylor, I told you before. I'm here for you.

Taylor: I know you are. You've already done so much.

Eric: The Forrester family would not be who we are today if it weren't for you.

Taylor: [Sighs] That's what makes this all so difficult. I wasn't born a Forrester, but neither was Brooke, and yet she walks around here... [Scoffs] ...Behaving as if she is. It's like she's engrained this... this mind-set into her children, like they have this preeminence to take whatever it is they want... whether itís... the father of Steffyís baby or Thomas' position in the company. It's like it's just -- it's all fair. And I've tried to raise my children to be respectful. And it's like Brooke has raised her children to be takers.

Marcus: So you...helped women with adoptions.

Dayzee: Yeah. Homeless women who were -- you know, they were living on the streets and they had babies that they weren't able to take care of. There's just such a real need for that, and so I thought I'd help.

Marcus: So why am I just hearing about this now, though, Zee?

Dayzee: Because I thought I could handle it.

Marcus: Should have told me.

Dayzee: I know. And I'm -- I'm so sorry, Baby. It's -- it's just that she could really be trouble. And I didn't want to bring that to the Forrester family. I was just hoping she would go away.

Marcus: This woman --

Dayzee: Maya.

Marcus: Right. She was one of your clients.

Dayzee: She was being convicted of a crime that she swore she didn't commit. And so I helped place her baby. Well, it turns out she was right. She's been exonerated, she's out of prison, and now she wants me to get her daughter back.

Marcus: So... those are the adoption papers.

Carter: For a child who was raised by another set of parents for most of her life.

Marcus: Zee... you got to tell her no.

Dayzee: I did. But Maya won't accept it. She is demanding that I give her her daughter back.

Marcus: It doesn't matter what the lady wants if this was a legal adoption.

Dayzee: It was. But now she wants her baby back.

[Dayzee remembering]

Maya: Please tell me where she is, Dayzee. I want to go to her.

[Back to present]

Dayzee: Look, I tried explaining to her that the baby was fine the last time I checked in.

Carter: When was that?

Dayzee: It was months ago. But Maya wasn't hearing any of that. She just kept demanding and freaking out and making a scene.


[Dayzee remembering]

Maya: I am not giving in. And I am not going away.

[Back to present]

Dayzee: Look, and she wonít. She's gonna be back. I don't know what to do.

Marcus: Hey, it's gonna be all right.

Dayzee: [Sighs]

Pam: You're worried about those two?

Donna: I'm worried about Eric. He doesn't need the pressure.

Pam: I imagine that Taylor gets that, don't you think?

Donna: Well, she better. Because I don't want her upsetting him.

Eric: Steffy still hasn't told Liam about the pregnancy.

Taylor: She intended to. But then Liam asked her to move out.

Eric: But if Liam knew --

Taylor: She doesn't want him to be with her because she's pregnant. She wants him to be with her because she's the only woman in his life, and I understand that. That's what I wanted Ridge to be with me. But Brooke was always coming between us. And now [Scoffs] Her daughter is doing the exact same thing to Steffy. I hate it. I hate it, Eric. I hate seeing Steffy go through this.

Eric: Okay.

Hope: You were the one interfering with loam and me when were first engaged.

Steffy: I was his friend.

Hope: [Laughs]

Steffy: He needed one, given what you were putting him through.

Hope: "His friend." Wow. Um... look, Steffy, we've both come a long way. You had your chance with Liam. I never got mine. I'm sorry you're hurting, but the truth is Liam and I belong together.

Steffy: If Liam wanted to be with you, then you would be together, despite all the interference. He needed this chance to step back and reassess. And he chose to be with me. Not because Bill brought your daddy to Italy or because Rick told a lie, but because you couldn't give him what I could. And you still canít.

Brooke: Stop it! How dare you talk to my daughter like that?!

Steffy: [Scoffs]

Carter: Did you receive money for this service?

Dayzee: Yes. Most of it went to the mission. I was doing this on my own.

Carter: Were you licensed?

Dayzee: Yes.

Marcus: Well, isn't it there?

Carter: No. Neither is the home study.

Marcus: Home study? Okay, what's that?

Carter: It's a study of the adopting parents. It's pretty thorough, pretty important, too.

Carter: Dayzee had to work for a licensed adoption agency. The state of California requires it.

Marcus: Okay, does any of that ring a bell?

Dayzee: I don't know. It's been a long time since I've done this. I was working with an attorney. He handled all the paperwork.

Carter: Your attorney -- are you sure he was licensed?

Dayzee: Yes! Uh... I mean, I assume he was. Look, I was just trying to help these women.

Carter: I realize that, Dayzee. I'm not questioning the value of what you were doing. But the attorney general of the state might.

Dayzee: What?

Marcus: Attorney general?

Carter: Adoption is regulated. It's monitored by the state. If you don't follow the rules...

Marcus: What, man?

Carter: You open yourself up to charges.

Dayzee: What sort of charges, Carter?

Carter: Human trafficking, for one.

Dayzee: [Gasps]

Taylor: I'm sorry, Eric. I-I shouldn't be laying this on you. I know you have children with Brooke and you're her biggest supporter. I-I need to respect that.

Eric: And I've always been supportive of you, too.

Taylor: I need to leave. I don't feel good about this. You know, it's just that I don't have anybody else to talk to, and you've shown such kindness to me and to Thomas, and I... I really appreciate you lending your ear to me and letting me vent.

Eric: It's not combat duty, Taylor. I care about you and Thomas... and Steffy and everything that she's going through.

Taylor: Yeah, but Hope feels she's entitled.

Eric: Hope and Liam were manipulated.

Taylor: But is that Steffyís fault? She's carrying Liamís baby. Is it fair that she and the baby should pay the price?

Hope: I can handle this.

Brooke: I'm just saying, if you're hoping that Liamís going to change his mind --

Steffy: He hasn't even made up his mind!

Hope: He asked you to move out. I think that says something.

Steffy: He's still undecided.

Hope: Well, I think maybe we should both give him some space.

Steffy: So what are you gonna do, stay away and back off? I doubt it.

Brooke: He doesn't want Hope to stay away. That's why he asked you to leave. He'd like to explore a relationship --

Hope: Okay, this is completely pointless right now. Liam's going to do whatever he wants to do. We just have to wait.

Steffy: But you won't! You will be there every chance you get. And I can't afford to wait.

Hope: [Sighs] All right. What are you saying, that you're gonna keep pursuing him?

Steffy: We share something that you donít.

Hope: Not anymore, Steffy. I'm going to end up with him, be his wife, have his children. Liam and I are starting over.

Dayzee: Carter, my attorney assured me that what we were doing was legal. Okay, I had a license, and it was valid then. I don't know if it's valid now.

Carter: I'm just asking the questions that need to be asked, Dayzee.

Marcus: Okay, so this Maya person, I mean, how is she?

Dayzee: She's street smart, but she's educated, and she was really desperate at the time. I just was doing -- I was doing what was right for her and the baby.

Carter: And now she's making demands.

Dayzee: She wants her daughter back, and she's not taking no for an answer.

Carter: The adopting parents, do you have their phone number?

Dayzee: It's on one of those forms. But I'm not calling them. They raised that little girl her entire life. They are the only parents that she knows. I won't mess with that.

Carter: Birth mother has rights.

Marcus: Whoa. What do you mean rights?

Carter: She can legally ask who she's giving her baby to before she handed it over. Did she ever do that?

Dayzee: No. It just all happened so fast. And, you know, she had to sign over her baby the morning that she was going to prison. I don't want to call those people.

Carter: You may have to. This woman can cause you some serious trouble, Dayzee.

Marcus: I think you need to make that call.

Dayzee: [Sighs] Okay.

Brooke: Things have changed, Steffy. I know it's hard for you to accept that.

Steffy: The only thing that changed is that Liamís living alone.

Hope: I think that's pretty major.

Steffy: That doesn't mean he's ready to commit to you, Hope. If he were, he would have, but he didnít.

Hope: I didn't expect him to. Liam and I need time -- time that was taken away from us.

Steffy: It wasn't taken away from you. You had your wedding in Italy. Nobody robbed you of that. And then when you realized that it wasn't legal, you planned to have another one in L.A.

Brooke: Hope and Liam were manipulated. Are you saying they weren't?

Steffy: Everybody has their complications. People interfere, just like you and Hope are doing right now.

Hope: I am not interfering right now. I am taking back what's mine.

Steffy: It was yours. Until you gave it away. The day you called off the wedding, the day you moved out of Liamís house, you gave up the right to say he belonged to you.

Hope: I never said he belonged to anyone. I said he and I belong together.

Steffy: Liam and I -- we didn't talk about commitment or marriage, who belonged to whom. We just enjoyed each other. We laughed. We cried. We loved. We cared. That's what defined our relationship.

Hope: Steffy, I could say all that and more.

Steffy: You listen to me. Liam and I have something that you donít. And you never have.

Taylor: If Brooke would just talk to Hope and tell her that this isn't going to work out, that she isn't ready for a serious commitment, which she's proven. It's proven true over and over again. Steffy and Liam are the ones that -- that need a serious commitment. They're going to have a baby.

Eric: I'm gonna talk to Liam.

Taylor: No! No! Don't do that. No. Brooke will think that I sent you there.

Eric: Well, that's simply not the case.

Taylor: But that's the way she'll see it. And I don't want to cause any problems for you and Brooke.

Eric: That you would even care about my relationship with Brooke -- that's amazing to me.

Taylor: You share children. How could I not respect that? I just wish Brooke would do the same thing regarding my children, my daughter.

Eric: Taylor, she doesn't know about that. She doesn't know anything about this.

Taylor: And I don't want her to know. It's none of her business. [Sighs] I just feel like I'm reliving every nightmare... every tragedy my family has suffered, you can count on a Logan having contributed somehow. See? I'm sorry.

Eric: Taylor, stop. You're hurting. And you're worried about your daughter. I understand.

Dayzee: [Sighs] The number's been disconnected. Okay.

Marcus: You know anything about them?

Dayzee: I know that the father had a really good job. Um, they wanted kids, but they couldn't have a baby.

Carter: So you talked to them.

Dayzee: I never placed a child without interviewing the adopting parents. These people were perfect candidates, and I don't want Maya causing trouble for them.

Marcus: Well, I got to say, I know what she's going through from being a father myself, knowing how much Rosie means to me. It's got to be tough giving up your own baby.

Dayzee: Look, I feel for Maya. But, seriously, she did the best thing she could for her daughter. That child has a good family. They're her parents now. Oh, God! No!

Marcus: What is it?

Dayzee: They're dead!

Marcus: Who?

Dayzee: The people that adopted Mayaís baby. They're dead. Looks like it was a car accident.

Carter: What about the little girl?

Dayzee: [Sighs] Um... family was on their trip to a theme park. It was her birthday. Oh, no! She's dead, too. [Sighs] My God. Maya.

[Dayzee remembering]

Maya: I have had enough. I want to know where my daughter is.

Brooke: You've had your chance with Liam. Now it's Hope's turn.

Steffy: You and Hope -- you guys are the ones in charge?

Hope: No, Steffy. Liam's in charge. It's his decision.

Steffy: Okay, okay. Here's what I'm gonna ask of you. Step back. Don't put guilt trips on him. We give him this time. No pressure from you. No pressure from me. We let him make up his mind. And if you really care about him, you'll give him that.

Taylor: Eric, it's just that... Brooke has cost me so much. And I just -- I feel like she has this stranglehold on my family. At least when Ridge was here he could keep her in check. But now he's gone, and -- and Brooke has free reign. She and her children are ruling the roost. [Chuckles] And you have got to know that even though Thomas is vice president, Rick is going to shoot him down every chance he gets.

Eric: No, no, no. I'm not going to allow that. I won't allow that.

Taylor: Steffy's already been asked to move out of the house, where she's sharing it with Liam, and she's pregnant!

Eric: Look, he doesn't know that!

Taylor: And she isn't going to tell him! Because she doesn't want to use the baby that way! That's what I'm talking about. It's like our hands are tied. Our values are used against us, Eric! Now I finally understand what Stephanie was trying to tell me all those years! I finally get it! [Sighs] Although I'll never understand why she wanted to die in Brookeís arms. Although, you know, it does make sense. I can't even tell you how many times... Brooke has interfered in a special moment of mine. Do you know that she showed up on a horse in the middle of my living room when Ridge and I were getting remarried? And where's Ridge now? He's as far away as he can possibly get because he is so tired of her dishonesty and her games. Steffy and Thomas feel the exact same way. That's why they want to flee the country. I'm so sick of Brooke doing whatever she wants and taking whatever she wants. I try to see the best in people. I never ever would have believed things would end like this.

Eric: Who says this is the end?

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