B&B Transcript Thursday 1/31/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 1/31/13


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Taylor: It feels so good to have...have a man like you stand up for my family. For the first time in a long time, I-I feel safe.

[Cell phone ringing]

Taylor: Hold on. I better get that. Uh, let me check who this is. Hello?

Steffy: Hey, Mom. It's me.

Taylor: Hi!

Steffy: Guess what. I'm on a plane heading back to L.A.

Taylor: Right now? Oh, that's great. That's great. Have you talked to Liam?

Steffy: I haven't told him yet. He doesn't know I'm pregnant.

[Cell phone ringing]

[Cell phone beeps]

Liam: Hello?

Steffy: Hey, you.

Liam: Steffy. Where -- where are you?

Steffy: Just, uh, living it up in first class. I'm heading back to L.A.

Liam: Oh, wow.

Steffy: I couldn't be away from you any longer. I'm too excited about our future together. I can't wait to see you. We have a lot to talk about.

Liam: Yeah, we do.

Steffy: Bye for now.

Liam: Bye. Be safe.

[Door opens]

Hope: Hello?

Liam: Hey.

Hope: Anybody home?

Liam: Just me.

Hope: Oh, good. Just the way I like it.

Liam: Yeah, well, enjoy it while it lasts.

Hope: Uh-oh. Why?

Liam: Steffy just called me from the plane. She's on her way home.

Hope: Hmm.

Marcus: What are you doing here, man?

Carter: Came all the way from Texas to see my little brother.

Pam: That's your brother?

Carter: Gonna leave me hanging, or do I get a hug?

Marcus: Come on, man.

[Both laugh]

Marcus: What's good with you, huh? It's good to see you.

Carter: It's good to see you, too, Marcus.

Marcus: You're sharp.

Carter: Look at you, man. You put some weight on.

Marcus: Eh.

Carter: Yeah? [Laughs]

Marcus: Okay, so when did you get here?

Carter: I came straight from the airport.

Marcus: Why didn't you tell me so I could roll out the red carpet for you?

Carter: I know that's how you do it in Hollywood. Mr. Marcus Forrester.


Pam: [Clears throat] Aren't you gonna introduce me, Marcus?

Marcus: Yes, Pam. Um, Pam, this is my brother, Carter, from my adoptive family in Texas. Carter, this is Pam.

Pam: Very nice to meet you, Carter.

Carter: Thanks. Same here.

Marcus: Man, this is -- this is great. You get to meet my whole entire family. My wife, Dayzee, and my dad, Eric.

Carter: Your Forrester dad, right?

Marcus: Yeah.

Carter: [Chuckles]

Marcus: Oh. Auntie! Come here. [Chuckles] Auntie, this is my brother, Carter, from Texas. Carter, my aunt Brooke.

Brooke: Carter.

Carter: Nice to meet you.

Brooke: Oh, wow.

Eric: So, this is good news, isn't it, that Steffy's coming back?

Taylor: Yes. Yes. It's great. And -- and she can tell Liam that she's pregnant.

Eric: Yeah.

Taylor: Thank you so much. Thank you for helping me and for listening to me and being there for me.

Eric: Anytime.

[Door opens]

Brooke: Nice to meet you, too. See you soon. Oh. There you are. Did Thomas leave for Paris yet? I have a gift for him.

Taylor: Oh, you didn't have to do that.

Brooke: Well, it's one of Ridge's old pens. I thought he might like might to have it.

Taylor: Oh, I'm sure he would love to have Ridge's pen, but he won't be using it in Paris. Thomas is going to be staying in Los Angeles.

Brooke: Since when?

Eric: Since I named him vice president of the company.

Brooke: Did Taylor talk you into this?

Eric: [Chuckles] No. It was my idea. Rick is president. Thomas will be second-in-command. And as C.E.O., I will mentor them both.

Brooke: I see.

Taylor: And you should also be aware that Steffy is on her way back home to Los Angeles.

Steffy: [Sighs]

Monica: Did you have a good nap?

Steffy: Oh. [Chuckles] No. I-I wasn't sleeping.

Monica: Oh.

Steffy: Too much on my mind. I'm Steffy, by the way.

Monica: Oh, well, Monica. Nice to meet you.

Steffy: Nice to meet you.

Monica: So, you're preoccupied. A lot waiting for you in L.A.?

Steffy: Yeah, you could say that. My family, my life, my boyfriend, the girl who's in love with my boyfriend. She's probably making another play for him as we speak.

Hope: Oh, Steffy's on her way back. Fantastic. I was having such a good day.

Liam: [Chuckles]

Hope: You know, my offer still stands. I'll help you pack up all her stuff and move it out of here.

Liam: Hope, you know I can't do that.

Hope: You can do anything, Liam. You just have to decide what you want.

Pam: Well, I hope I see you again, Carter.

Carter: You, too, Pam.

Marcus: Bye, Pam. [Chuckles] Yeah. Um...

[Both laugh]

Marcus: So, how long you in town for?

Carter: I haven't decided. It's kind of an open-ended trip. How's your little girl doing?

Marcus: Rosie?

Carter: Yeah.

Marcus: Oh, man. She's adorable. Getting bigger every day. Can't wait for you to meet her.

Carter: Yeah.

Marcus: Dad. Come here, man. Someone I want you to meet. Carter, this is my dad, Eric. Eric, my brother, Carter, from Texas.

Eric: Hello. What a pleasure to meet you. I've heard a lot about you.

Carter: Glad to meet you, Mr. Forrester. Thanks for being so great to my little brother.

Eric: He's a wonderful addition to this family.

Marcus: [Chuckles] I can't tell you how much this man has been there for me.

Carter: I mean, I've never seen you so happy. [Laughing] You know, like, that smile.

Marcus: Man, get off of me, man. [Laughs]

Eric: Oh, here's a good reason for that smile right here. Come here.

Marcus: Absolutely. Zee, you will never guess who this man is.

Dayzee: Oh, my gosh. Your brother. Hi.

Marcus: How -- how'd you know that?

Dayzee: You showed me pictures. He showed me pictures.

Marcus: I showed her pictures.

Dayzee:  It's nice to meet you. I'm Dayzee.

Carter: I'm Carter.

Dayzee: Hi.

Carter: My kid brother's one lucky man.

Marcus: Yes, I am.

Dayzee: [Chuckles] Well, Marcus didn't tell me that you were coming in town.

Carter: I surprised him.

Marcus: Mm-hmm.

Eric: Well, that's great that you're here.

Carter: I figured I'd spend some time in L.A., check up on Marcus. I'm impressed. You're a Forrester, working in the family business, raising your daughter, beautiful wife. I'm happy for you, Marcus.

Marcus: Thanks, man. I am one lucky man.

Dayzee: [Chuckles]

Brooke: You sound so certain that Steffy and Liam will go back to the way it was before she left for Paris.

Taylor: And I am very sure that their relationship is going to be stronger than ever.

Brooke: Seems like you know something that I don't. But I wouldn't be so sure.

Taylor: I know that Hope has been going over to see Liam quite often.

Brooke: They have a lot to work out.

Taylor: Brooke, I only ask you to tell her to keep her distance, okay? But, oh, well. Steffy's on her way back home, and what will be will be.

Steffy: Thank you. Have you heard of Hope Logan?

Monica: Should I have?

Steffy: Hmm. She's a fashion designer.

Monica: So, Hope's trying to steal your boyfriend?

Steffy: Ugh. Yeah. It's -- it's a little complicated. Liam and I, we were married before, and then we split, and, uh...and that is a long story. So, uh, anyway, I guess I didn't really let him go. And I don't think he let me go, either. We've always been there for each other, whether we were together or whether he was with Hope. I just didn't want to push him into anything. I just want him to do what makes him happy.

Monica: Well, it makes sense.

Steffy: I know there's a part of him that will always care about Hope. But so many things have gotten in the way. So many people have interfered and weddings have been canceled by lies and manipulations, and I just don't want to deal with any of that drama. So...that is why I'm giving him his space.

Monica: Isn't that kind of dangerous? I mean, if this Hope person is right there making moves, you don't want to leave him alone.

Steffy: Yeah, well... [Chuckles] It's so funny you say that. Because before I-I left... I saw Liam. He was in our bedroom making out with Hope. They don't know that I saw them.

Monica: Still...wow. What you saw, maybe he's not over her.

Steffy: Well, she's fighting not to let him go. And I know that they have this connection. They will always have that. But it's nothing compared to what Liam and I have. Especially now. I'm pregnant.

Monica: Your boyfriend doesn't know?

Steffy: Well, I'm -- I'm gonna tell him today. And I think he's gonna be thrilled.

Liam: So, scale of 1 to 10, how upset are you that Steffy's coming home?

Hope: [Chuckles] Oh, it only goes up to 10? Ooh. [Chuckles] Well, it's okay. I, um -- I'm actually very surprised that she let you out of her sight in the first place.

Liam: Well, I mean, she knew that we had some stuff to sort out.

Hope: I'm really glad that we had this time alone.

Liam: [Chuckles]

Hope: There's nothing standing in our way, Liam. Don't let me go.

Carter: Okay, okay. I got some good Marcus stories.

Eric: I want to hear about when he was little. Come on. He must have been a real handful.

Marcus: Don't you be going on telling him stories about me, especially the one about pee-wee football.

Carter: Are you kidding? That's the best of all time. How can I not tell him that?

Marcus: Do you see this, Zee? Man's only been here for, what, a minute or so? He's already wanting to sell his own brother out. I tell you.

Carter: So, we free for dinner? Everyone. It's on me.

Eric: No, no, no, no. You'll be our guest, all right? It's my treat.

Marcus: No, absolutely not, Dad. This man right here is a big-shot lawyer. I'm pretty sure he can take the bill. Ain't that right, big brother?

Carter: I'd like that.

Marcus: Zee? How about you, babe? Are you good for dinner tonight?

Dayzee: Um, yeah, yeah. Sure. That sounds good.

Carter: All right. You two pick the place.

Eric: I know where to go. Look, where are you staying? Where are you staying?

Marcus: What's going on with you? You all right? You seem a bit out of it. What's going on?

Taylor: Steffy is looking forward to spending some time with Liam. And if Hope is wise, she won't go anywhere near their home.

Brooke: Hope would be married to Liam right now if they hadn't been lied to so many times. She has every right to pursue Liam. She wants her life back, Taylor. It's Steffy who's the outsider.

Taylor: Well... we'll see about that.

[Door closes]


Brooke: Hi. It's Brooke Logan. Look, um, I need a favor. Today. It's really important.

[Tone beeps]

Steffy: Oh. Finally back in L.A.

Monica: You -- you make my life seem very calm.

Steffy: Oh. Glad I could help.

Monica: Well, good luck. From the pictures you showed me of Liam, that baby's gonna be one gorgeous, little boy. Or girl.

Steffy: Thank you. I can't wait to tell him.

Hope: Steffy's going to try and tell you that you can't live without her, that she understands you better than I ever could. But if that were true, she never would have kept anything from you. It just...I want you to remember that. And remember this. Remember this feeling. The life that we started got cut short through no fault of our own. But we can still have it. We can still have the life that we always dreamed of sharing. It's right in front of us.

Brooke: Are you sure you can make this happen? The timing has to be exactly right. I'm counting on you. Make it work.

[Cell phone beeps]


Hope: What is that look?

Liam: It's me wanting to make love to you all night long.

Hope: You want to, but you can't.

(Present time)

[Knock on door]

Liam: [Sighs] Oh. I thought you'd be Steffy.

Brooke: I heard she was on her way home. That's why I'm here.

Liam: Yeah. Thought you'd want to put up barricades.

Brooke: [Chuckles] If only it were that easy. No, Liam. You are going to have to make this decision.

Liam: Yeah. Actually, uh, Hope was just here.

Brooke: Well, she did say you've been spending a lot of time with each other. She said you kissed. You ended up on your bed together. Yeah, well, she tells me everything.

Liam: [Chuckles]

Brooke: She really does love you. And she wants this relationship with you. And not just for now, but for the rest of your lives. I know you feel the same way. And I don't want to see her hurt. You're going to have to tell Steffy you're starting a life with Hope.

Liam: [Sighs]

Taylor: [Gasps] You're back!

Steffy: Hi, Mom.

Taylor: Oh! Oh, I missed you.

Steffy: I wasn't gone that long. Okay, it sort of feels like an eternity, but, um, it was great to see dad.

Taylor: Oh, I know sometimes that it feels like, you know, time is creeping by when there's something serious going on. You're pregnant, and this is a very important time in your life. So, why haven't you told Liam yet?

Steffy: [Sighs] Before I left for Paris, something happened.

Taylor: What?

Steffy: I saw something.

Taylor: Involving Liam?

Steffy: Yes.

Taylor: And Hope.

Steffy: Look, the time away, it was great. It gave me a chance to get perspective, and now I know what I have to do. I'm gonna go home to Liam, and I'm gonna tell him about this baby. I know he's gonna be stunned, but he's gonna be excited, just like I was. And we will begin our future together. [Sighs]

Brooke: Steffy's gonna be here soon. You need to tell her she can't stay. She's a lovely girl, but she was your second choice. Hope is counting on you. I am counting on you. Tonight, Liam, you say goodbye to Steffy.

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