B&B Transcript Tuesday 1/29/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 1/29/13


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Hope: Is anything going on between you and Bill? I know you denied it, but... look, I couldn't sleep at all last night. I just have this really bad feeling, so will you -- will you please tell me the truth?

Justin: They'll be flying in from Shanghai tomorrow. Their reps want to meet with us before they finalize the proposal. I was thinking that maybe we could... Bill, hello? Hello?

Bill: Yeah? Uh...they're flying in when?

Justin: Okay. What's on your mind? 'Cause it isn't the meeting that we're having with the Chinese.

Rick: You know, honestly, Thomas, they're good. They're very good. It's not what I asked for.

Thomas: Rick, I'm just trying to make a contribution here. Why do you seem so determined to prevent that?

Rick: All right, you need to ease up on the attitude. You want to talk about this, we can talk. I know that you're still upset that I'm the guy that's in charge.

Thomas: Look, I'm supposed to have a voice here, too, Rick. But you have no intention on letting that happen...do you?

Donna: Hey, wait. Wait. You don't meet a famous French designer by offering him one of your stale lemon bars.

Pam: These aren't stale. But maybe I should have made a batch of croissant.

Donna: Croissants?

Pam: No. [French accent] Croissant. [Chuckles]

Taylor: Greetings, ladies.

Donna: Oh, no, wait, Taylor, you shouldn't go in there.

Taylor: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't --

Eric: Taylor, not at all. Come in. Taylor, this is Jermaine Borgogne. Jermaine, this is my friend, Taylor Hayes Forrester.

Jermaine: Another lovely Forrester woman.

Eric: [Chuckles] Yes.

Jermaine: My pleasure.

Taylor: Oh, it's such an honor to meet you. Your collections are lovely.

Jermaine: Thank you. I'm sorry, but, uh, I, uh, should go. I have a plane to catch. I'll see you at the Paris show.

Eric: Yes, I'll be there. Absolutely.

Jermaine: Au revoir.

Taylor: Au revoir.

Jermaine: Lovely to meet you, Taylor.

Taylor: Nice to meet you, too.

Eric: Have a safe flight. See you in Paris.

Jermaine: Okay.

Eric: Au revoir.

Taylor: He was very charming. Although I haven't gone by that name in awhile. I go by my maiden name, Hayes.

Eric: Oh, I see. All right, well, he -- he was very taken with you. I could see that, Ms. Hayes.

Taylor: [Chuckles] I brought you a cappuccino.

Eric: Thank you. That's nice. Ah. Merci.

Rick: You need to learn how to be a good sport when you lose, Thomas.

Thomas: I have no trouble losing when the fight is fair. This wasn't.

Rick: You know what? I don't have time for this. I heard you might be moving back to Paris. Maybe you should since you feel that there is nothing here for you.

Thomas: Because you took it from me! You, your mother, your whole clan -- that's all you know how to do is take! My girlfriend, my job!

Pam: [Normal voice] Sounds like a storm's brewing.

Donna: Thomas and his mother, they're both on a war path. [Chuckles]

Pam: Yeah. Taylor was pretty upset last night.

Donna: Yeah. Didn't seem that way today.

Pam: No. She didn't, did she? In fact, she seemed pretty darn friendly. You...you don't think she's making a move on Eric, do you?

Donna: [Chuckles] No, Pammy. She better not be.

Taylor: And then when that picture fell off the wall, oh, my gosh. [Chuckles]

Eric: I know, I should have used a much bigger nail.

Taylor: Oh, I really needed that. I really -- I enjoyed spending that time with you last night.

Eric: I did, too. And your secret about Steffy's pregnancy, that's safe with me. She's gonna be a great mother.

Taylor: Oh, as long as the Logans don't interfere, which they always do.

Eric: You know, Brooke has nothing to do with all that, you know.

Taylor: She's the standard bearer, Eric. She sets the example for her daughter.

Eric: She's very loyal to Hope.

Taylor: [Chuckles] I don't think Brooke knows the meaning of the word "loyalty," even when it comes to her family.

Justin: Bill, I know the look. You need to unload. So, what is it?

Bill: Something that can't go beyond this room.

Justin: Okay. That goes without saying.

Bill: Brooke.

Justin: What about Brooke? Oh. I see.

Hope: Are you and Bill Spencer...

Brooke: Honey, I can't talk about this.

Hope: Then you are. Then you're emotionally involved with him. How far has it gone, Mom?

Taylor: Eric, I know you were married to Brooke and you share a son. But Thomas and Steffy and I, we've -- we've been marginalized by the Logans.

Eric: You're extremely important to this company and this family. All of you are.

Taylor: I-I know you mean that, but... Rick is sitting in the president's chair, and -- and here's Hope pursuing the father of Steffy's baby. I mean, the Logans have hurt my family over and over again. And now Thomas wants to move away. He wants to leave and go to Paris. Ridge isn't here for him. He needs a man in his corner. He needs somebody on his side.

[Knock on door]

Pam: Um, I'm sorry to interrupt, but we -- we have a situation out here.

Donna: Yeah, Thomas and Rick are arguing in the office.

Eric: I'm sure they'll work it out.

Donna: No, it's -- it's getting pretty loud.

Taylor: [Sighs]

Eric: Come on. Let's go see.

Rick: You can say what you want, but I earned this position.

Thomas: Yeah, no more than I did.

Rick: I'm in. You're out. Deal with it!

Thomas: Oh, wow. The Logan mantra. Move in, take over, and the rest of us can just deal with it.

Eric: All right, what's happening here?

Rick: Thomas seems to be having some trouble understanding what his position is in this company.

Thomas: No, I have no position.

Eric: That's not true, Thomas.

Thomas: Yes, it is, Granddad.

Hope: I'm waiting.

Brooke: Honey --

Hope: Oh, Mom, please just tell me. Please tell me.

Brooke: Okay. As you know, after Will was born, Katie went into a deep depression.

Hope: Post-partum. Yeah. I know. She took off.

Brooke: And she left Will with Bill and me.

Hope: Until she got herself together.

Brooke: Only it wasn't until she got herself together. It was meant to be permanent. She asked Bill for a divorce.

Justin: She wanted a divorce?

Bill: She left a note in Aspen.

Justin: When you and Brooke went looking for her.

Bill: She felt incapable of being a mother.


Bill: "Bill, I'm sorry, but I can't be Will's mommy. I want a divorce. Our son is yours now. Find him a good mother, something I can't be. Katie." Where is she?

(Present time)

Hope: She left her wedding ring?

Brooke: With a note.

Hope: Okay. Uh... why -- okay, why did she have you go on this wild goose chase in Aspen? She could have just done that here in L.A.

Brooke: She wanted Bill and me to be together somewhere out of town where we could bond.

Hope: Ugh. What?

Brooke: Yeah, I know. She was depressed, and she thought she was going to die, so she was trying to arrange for Bill and I to raise Will.


Katie: You'll look after my boy, won't you? You and Donna and -- and Hope and Bridget and Bill. I promise he won't miss me. I promise.

Brooke: You are not making any sense.

Katie: This will be good for you, too. It will. It'll help you heal because you can step in for me, because you're good with babies. You are. You have that instinct and -- and I don't, and you... you can look after Bill, too. You can help him.

(Present time)

Hope: She wanted you to step in for her?

Brooke: She wanted us together, and she went to great lengths to make that happen.

Eric: Thomas is integral to everything we do here at this company, just as Rick is.

Taylor: I know you mean that, Eric, but the truth is, Thomas has been brushed aside.

Eric: Rick, I want Thomas to be involved and active in everything we do here at the company. Is that understood?

Rick: I'll certainly do my best.

Eric: No, I want you to see to it. I want his ideas to be respected, and I want him to be involved in everything we do, all of our major projects. Is that clear?

Brooke: Katie got it in her mind that Bill and I would be better parents for Will than she and Bill would be. It was just part of her depression.

Hope: So, what happened in Aspen, Mom?

Bill: Aspen was extraordinarily difficult. I mean, Katie was in L.A., God knows where. I just wanted to get on my jet and get the hell back here. Liam and Steffy are trying to get me to relax. Then Ramona shows up and tells me that arrangements have been made to take my balloon up, which is the last thing I felt like doing. Liam thought I should go. It would be good, get my mind off of everything, I'd relax. Brooke wanted to go. So, next thing you know, we're at the balloon field.

Justin: And you thought Alison had arranged all of that.

Bill: But it wasn't Alison. Katie arranged it.

Hope: So, that's when you started to get close. On -- on the balloon ride.

Brooke: We weren't even thinking about that. Our thoughts were on Katie. We were desperate to find her. And then I had to come back because Stephanie was dying, and her last wish was for me to be there by her side. So I was. And I held her. She passed away in my arms. And my heart was so heavy. And that's when Bill arrived. I really couldn't believe that he was there. But he was. He came to support me. And he was right. I needed that. Then I realized the ring Stephanie gave me before she died, her engagement ring, was missing. I-I went into a panic. I searched everywhere for it.

Bill: I found the ring in the same area where Stephanie had died a few hours earlier. Brooke was thrilled, relieved. I wanted to comfort her. She had lost the woman who had become her -- her best friend.


Bill: She's still with you.

Brooke: Thank you for that.

Bill: You've been there for me, Brooke. And I will always be there for you.

(Present time)

Bill: So I slipped the ring on her finger.

Hope: You kissed him?

Brooke: Yes, Hope. We kissed.

Taylor: Thank you.

Eric: I don't want you ever to feel that I'm discounting Thomas' contributions.

Taylor: It means so much to me to hear you say that you're supporting him. He's been through such a difficult time.

Eric: Yeah.

Taylor: All of us have.

Eric: I see that now.

Taylor: I'm not asking you to feel sorry for me or sympathize with me. I-I'm just saying that I'm having a hard time dealing with what's going on with Thomas.

Eric: You're a wonderful parent to him. And to Steffy, too. I've admired you, Taylor, for a very, very long time. Your strength, your style, your grace, the way you've been able to deal with your challenges in your life. And there have been a few, haven't there?

Taylor: [Sighs] Well, we're all facing challenges now with...losing Stephanie... and getting beyond the pain and the disappointment.

Eric: Yeah. For the first time since Stephanie died, I'm just beginning to believe that maybe I'll be able to survive it. And your visit last night had a lot to do with that. Thank you. Taylor, there's nothing -- there's nothing you cannot say to me. I'll never turn my back on you or your family.

Taylor: And I want you to know you can share anything with me, as well. Loss and your pain and your emptiness. I know what you're going through. And I want you to know I'm here for you.

Eric: Thank you. Thank you.

Hope: What are you going to do about this?

Brooke: I'm gonna let go, just as Bill has. I'm not going to involve myself in my sister's marriage. Katie and Bill have a strong relationship.

Hope: Um...[Clears throat] Okay, I-I hope you understand why I'm about to say this. You crossed the line before, and judging by the look on Bill's face when I walked in, he is a man...full of desire.

Brooke: Neither of us wanted extramarital involvement. Katie set all this in motion. I'm not making excuses, but...

Hope: Are you sure?

Brooke: She basically threw us together to try to raise Will. And then she just left for weeks. Look, I know all of this was because of her post-partum depression.

Hope: I just -- Mom, I just -- I really... I think you're playing a very dangerous game.

Brooke: No. No, I'm not. And neither is Bill. Katie and Bill are fine. They're very happy. They're intimate with each other. Everything's fine. All of this is just going to fade away. I will not hurt my sister. I swear. And neither will Bill. You've got to believe me.

Justin: So, where do things stand?

Bill: I have a wonderful son, a wife who is, uh, unique and special and...challenges me every day to be a better person.

Justin: You admire her. I know that.

Bill: It's more than admiration, Justin. Katie is that unique individual who can stand up to me, force me to take a look at myself. She can be difficult, and she's complicated and, hmm, she's exasperating at times. But... I wouldn't be the man I am today without her.

Justin: And there's Brooke.

Bill: Yeah. Brooke. When she looks at me, it's like she looks right through me, she knows who I am. She accepts me for who I am. My faults, my controlling, dominant nature, no comment. She accepts it, Justin. She accepts it all.

Justin: Wow. Okay. Tell me, Bill. You ever wondered if you married the wrong Logan sister?

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