B&B Transcript Monday 1/14/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 1/14/13


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Steffy: I'm pregnant.

Hope: I used to worry so much, always second-guessing myself and making sure I was doing everything right and -- and making sure you were, too. There were just -- there were no surprises. It's like we forgot how to have fun. But I now know that you can't take life too seriously. You have to enjoy it. But I wasn't. I was too busy living it the way I thought it should be lived.

Liam: [Chuckles] Hope, you --

Hope: No, Liam, it's -- it's true. It's true. But now I know that I can have my values and say my message and live my life the way I want to without being such a drag. [Laughing] Honestly. Liam... I believed my brother over you. And I should not have done that. It was a mistake. I want another chance.

Brooke: Sorry I'm late. I got stuck in a meeting. So, you haven't started?

Rick: Not without you.

Brooke: No Taylor?

Eric: Can't make it. Emergency with a client.

Brooke: Should we postpone?

Thomas: No. I am ready for this to be decided.

Rick: My thoughts exactly.

Marcus: Hey, Dad. Is it okay if Dayzee stays?

Eric: Of course it is. I'll be curious to get her reaction.

Dayzee: Oh. Pressure's on.


Thomas: Granddad's right. You're our target age group. It'd be good to see your reactions.

Rick: We market to all age groups, Thomas.

Thomas: I'm aware.

Marcus: Well, it's too bad it's not an "Intimates" showing. I wanted Dayzee to pick out some pieces she might want to take home.

Dayzee: [Forced laugh] Pieces for me to take home?

Marcus: Yeah, for you, Babe.

Dayzee: For me?

Marcus: Yeah. All you.

Dayzee: You sure it has nothing to do with these models walking around in skimpy lingerie?

Marcus: Models? I don't even notice models in lingerie. I like Steffy's artistry. [Laughter] I do!

Brooke: Um, is Steffy coming?

Thorne: Well, uh, no.

Pamela: You haven't heard?

Brooke: What?

Donna: Uh...um... she's on her way to Paris... to visit her dad.

Brooke: Oh. Great. That's good. I'm glad that she's... he'll be happy to see her.

Hope: I never should have lost faith in you. But we can't change that or how we've been cheated. But what happens next we control. We can make it right.

Liam: [Sighs] You make it sound easy.

Hope: If I believe in you and you believe in me... we can do anything.

Steffy: [Voice breaking] A baby. Liam. [Sighs] A baby. [Laughs]

Eric: It wasn't that long ago I had a pretty clear idea of what my future was. I was all but retired and I had handed the reins to the business over to Ridge. But things changed. And for whatever reasons, he doesn't want to be here anymore, and retirement without Stephanie seems -- seems kind of pointless. Big changes for all of us here, in our family and at the business. And now it's time to move forward, and that's what this challenge is all about. I am back as C.E.O., and I want someone by my side, an heir to Forrester Creations. My grandson. My son. You're both very talented, and you've worked very hard on this presentation, and I, uh, appreciate that. But now it's time to go forward. I'm only gonna name one president today. Whoever wins will be running this company with me. All right. Let's get started. Thomas?

Thomas: Well, first I want to thank all of you for being here today. Granddad, you and I would make the perfect team. You as C.E.O., the founder of this company inspiring us all, with your grandson as president, a designer who not only has creative ideas, but can also put them on paper. Look, I respect the company that you and Grandmother started, but it's a different world. We have to...build on that tradition while pushing the boundaries with form and function. I'm the only one who can do that for you, staying ahead of the trends, utilizing the constantly changing technology available to us. And my presentation will prove that.

[Pop music playing]

Hush, hush now don't say a word baby, just play, play, play me a simple chord to my heartbeat like it was yesterday I'm getting weak so please, please, please stay stay, stay, stay baby, please stay, stay, stay every time I look in your eyes, I get butterflies I get butterflies oh, baby just strung out of time make everything better I just want to feel the music forever just strung out of time it'll bring us together strung out of time strung out of time strung out of time strung out of time come, come back you will let it be baby, just fall, fall into my gravity


Just take my hand and please let me have this dance dance, dance, dance I just want to dance, dance

Steffy: Okay. Okay, okay. [Sighs] "So -- so, the thing is that I...I knew I was late, Liam, and I"... no. No. No. [Sighs]

Hope: Where do you think we'd be right now if your dad and my brother had never lied to us?

Liam: [Chuckles] Probably here, married.

Hope: I was gonna say in bed, but yeah, that works, too. [Chuckles] Look, Liam...

Liam: [Chuckles]

Hope: Let's make this right. We were manipulated and lied to over and over again by your dad, my brother...Steffy. We owe it to ourselves to pick up our lives where we left off before any of them interfered. I know that you care about Steffy and supposedly she's turned over a new leaf, but... that doesn't change everything she's done. You deserve so much better. Steffy's on her way to Paris right now, and... I'm glad she's gone. This is our time, Liam.

Liam: [Sighs]

Rick: Thomas talks about pushing boundaries, as if that's something new for Forrester, as if we're some backwards company that's in the need of being rescued. Really? With our history? With our clientele? I think not. Do we need to move forward? Yes. Do we need to implement new technologies and be mindful of -- of trends? Absolutely critical. But doesn't Thomas understand that that's exactly what we've been doing since day one? What I want, and what Caroline and I have been working on with our designs, is to continue that delicate balance of what's new and what's timeless. Let's face it. We've raised the bar in this industry since the conception of our company, and I will continue to do so. Now, Caroline is still recovering from her accident, and she's here in spirit, and she would agree that we need to do more than just simply follow trends. We need to transcend them. And I'm confident that you all will agree that our designs will do just that.

[Juliana Joya's "Crazy Good" plays]

Hmm yeah, yeah I like waking up in the morning walk to the store with my PJs still on I like standing on the edge of a rooftop and being scared that I just might fall off call me nuts, but I think it's all good I'm just misunderstood and if we're all gonna go someday, then why live by the book? Hey gone, a second guess I'm all about saying yes I give into the craving 'cause this is crazy good you won't catch me looking back I'm moving way too fast I give into the craving 'cause this is crazy good crazy, crazy, crazy good crazy, crazy, crazy good crazy, crazy, crazy good I like questions with no answers, big mistakes, and second chances and putting quarters in expired meters and watching their reaction makes it so much sweeter call me nuts, but I think it's all good I'm just misunderstood and if we're all gonna go someday, then why live by the book? Hey gone, a second guess I'm all about saying yes I give into the craving 'cause this is crazy good you won't catch me looking back I'm moving way too fast I give into the craving


Crazy, crazy, crazy good crazy, crazy, crazy good crazy, crazy, crazy good 'cause this is crazy good you won't catch me looking back I'm moving way too fast I'll give into the craving 'cause this is crazy good crazy, crazy, crazy good crazy, crazy, crazy good crazy, crazy, crazy good 'cause this is crazy good crazy, crazy, crazy good I keep thinking of things I never told you I keep thinking of things I didn't say I keep wanting to wrap my arms around you I just had to walk away I wonder if I'll see you tomorrow

[Steffy remembering]

Steffy: Did I forget something at your house?

Liam: Yeah. Me. . . .

If I have to beg, steal, or borrow I've got to find a way

Liam: I love you.

Steffy: I love you, too.

Back to you back to you

Liam: Okay, can we just -- can we start over? Because the fact is, Hope, I'm living with Steffy.

Hope: Not anymore.

Liam: Oh, what? She's gonna come back from Europe and I've just packed up all of her stuff?

Hope: Don't -- don't worry. I'm gonna donate it to a really nice charity for out-of-work biker chicks.

Liam: [Chuckles]

Hope: [Laughs] Look, Liam, you're a nice guy, and I'm nice, too, and we never want to hurt anybody. And where has that gotten us? Now that I know the truth, I'm not letting this go. I'm taking up this battle.

Liam: Oh? Oh, battle? It's a battle now?

Hope: Yeah, it is, for the life that we should have had, life we would have, the life that we deserve. What has happened that can't really be undone?

Liam: Uh... Hope, I-I mean, Steffy and I, we -- we have a --

Hope: I know. I know. You -- you have feelings for Steffy. I know you do. That's nothing new. Okay, but to be honest, I really don't understand why, because after all the lies and manipulations from her, it... whatever. You care about her. But... you are not married to her. There is nothing tying you to her. Now is the time. Is this hers?

Liam: What?

Hope: This jacket. Is this Steffy's jacket?

Liam: Um, yeah.

Hope: Okay. Great. Um, I'm gonna need, like -- like a bag or something.

Liam: Why? Why?

Hope: Oh, just, you know, like a -- like a suitcase or a trash bag. I really don't care.

Liam: Oh, my God. Hope. Hey. Hope.

Hope: We deserve our chance. I'm through being nice. I'm coming home.


Donna: It's a shame he has to choose.

Pamela: Well, he can't have two presidents, Donna. Now, I mean, sharing a job works fine for us, but Rick and Tom? I don't think so.

Dayzee: You know, I am feeling for your dad right about now. This is gonna be tough.

Marcus: Yeah, it'd be a lot easier if there was a clear winner, but...

Thorne: Well, you both did great.

Pamela: Yes.

Eric: I agree.

Brooke: Yes. Be proud. This company will flourish no matter who Eric chooses.

Eric: That's right. Two talented candidates. The company will thrive, no matter which one of you gets the job. And only one of you can have it. I've made my decision.

Steffy: [Chuckles]

Hope: We are doing this. Going back to who we were before Italy -- two people beginning a life together. Your father totally screwed us, and Steffy suspected it and she said nothing to you. She claims to be loyal, but she's not. She only tells you the truth when it benefits her. And you deserve to be with somebody's who's gonna tell you more than bits and pieces of the truth.

Liam: What do you expect me to do, Hope? I'm in a committed relationship with her.

Hope: Um, actually, you made a commitment to me.

Liam: No, actually, I begged you. I begged you to believe me.

Hope: Oh, God! I know! And I should have! "I'm sorry" doesn't matter anymore! This should be my bedroom!

Liam: Oh, really?

Hope: Yes! You should be my husband! I love you, and I never stopped loving you!

Liam: You know what?! I love you, too!

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