B&B Transcript Friday 10/12/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 10/12/12


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Brooke: I want the whole story, whatever it is that you did to hurt my daughter.

Bill: I regret what I did. It was very poor judgment.

Brooke: You must be in really deep, 'cause I've never seen Katie this messed up. So let's hear it.

Bill: When Katie married me, she knew there wasn't anything I wouldn't do to protect my family-- Katie, Liam, now Will. I have a misguided notion that Liam needed my help.

Brooke: With Hope?

Bill: I saw two kids that weren't at all ready for a marriage - all the drama, the immaturity, on both their parts. Hope was moving in and out of the house, and Liam was moping around that place--

Brooke: Stop it! Stop rationalizing. You did something awful to my daughter. What was it?

Hope: Hey.

Liam: Oh, sorry. I didn't--I didn't think you were home. I was just dropping this off. It's, uh, some stuff you left at my place.

Hope: Oh, oh, you, um, you didn't have to do that.

Liam: I--yeah, well, it was on the way.

Hope: Thank--thank you. Thanks.

Liam: You heading out?

Hope: I was, yeah.

Liam: Cool.

Hope: Uh, but, actually, we should talk. Do--do you have a second?

Liam: Yeah. Yeah.

Hope: Yeah? Okay. Cool.

Liam: Let me just...

Hope: Great.

Liam: Here's this.

Hope: Okay, thanks. (Sighs) I just want you to know that I-I spoke to Steffy. So I know that you two are back together.

Eric: Well how'd it go?

Stephanie: (Sighs) Fine. You know it's not a good sign that she's ordered a scan.

Eric: Well... (Chuckles) It's just--it's--it probably doesn't mean anything. It's just standard operating procedure.

Stephanie: No. She saw something in the blood.

Eric: No, don't do that. Don't do that. Don't jump to conclusions.

Stephanie: Okay.

Liam: Yeah--uh, yeah, I was-- I was planning on telling you myself.

Hope: Hey, no, it's--it's-- you know, it's no big deal. I mean, I-I practically forced it out of Steffy, so...

Liam: (Chuckles) You okay?

Hope: No. But I will be. I will be. Um, have you set a wedding date?

Liam: A--uh, no--no. No, it's not like that. We're not, um, we're just-- we're taking it very slow.

Hope: Good. I-I think that's--that's good.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: I mean, you need that time to be single, I think.

Liam: I was ready, you know? I--wanted to be your husband.

Hope: I wanted, just not able.

Liam: (Sighs)

Hope: But you know, now you can go out with Steffy and party all night, and there won't be any consequences.

Liam: Uh, Hope, I don't-- that's not--

Hope: I'm sorry. That came out really funny.

Liam: (Chuckles)

Hope: I-I meant for that to be a... positive.

Liam: I know you're hurting.

Hope: Liam, I just want you to be happy. And it seems like you are... with Steffy.

Brooke: (Sighs) Katie said that you could go to jail.

Bill: Yeah.

Brooke: So what did you do?

Bill: Deacon.

Brooke: What?

Bill: I could go to jail because I got Deacon out of it. I flew him to Italy, knowing what seeing him would do to Hope.

Brooke: (Gasps) What? You? You did this? He stayed away for so many years, and now just because you don't want my daughter with your son, he's back. You don't even know what you've done, Bill.

Dr. Lewis: Oh, you're back from the scan.

Stephanie: Yes. Uh, did you hear anything?

Dr. Lewis: I'm my way down now to pick up the results.

Eric: And the--the tumor markers in the blood?

Dr. Lewis: I'll have them, too.

Stephanie: Dr. Lewis, you ordered the scan for a reason.

Dr. Lewis: Covering all bases. Try to stay positive. I'll check in soon.

Brooke: I don't understand. (Sighs) You broke Deacon out?

Katie: He blackmailed the warden.

Brooke: Oh, my God.

Katie: Yeah, Bill gets what he wants, no matter what the consequences are.

Brooke: No wonder Katie's so upset. Hope and Liam fly halfway around the world to be together, and then you do... do they even know?

Bill: No. Best if it stays that way.

Brooke: For you.

Bill: You want to tell Hope and Liam, I'm not going to stop you. But given their latest attempt at marriage, don't you think it's best to leave it done?

Brooke: Once you're in jail, maybe they'll finally have a chance to stay together.

Katie: I don't know how I'm gonna do this. I don't know how I'm supposed to raise this baby by myself. And, what happens if you're in jail and I'm-

Bill: All right, s-s-stop. Nobody's going anywhere. You're getting better every day. You are getting stronger every day. Brooke... you are understandably angry with me. But sending me away isn't going to do anything other than hurt your sister and your nephew. Donna was in the same position.

Brooke: She knows?

Bill: Yes, she does, and she ran off to tell Hope and Liam, but instead, she found Liam with Steffy, going at it.

Brooke: Oh, my God.

Katie: They were in that cabin on your property. They didn't realize that she had walked in on them.

Bill: But it's good she did, because she understood that Liam has moved on. Does Liam love Hope? Sure. Maybe he always will. But the marriage will never happen, because he is in love with Steffy. You are the only one who thinks they may still have a chance. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but Hope and Liam are done. You have to let it go.

Liam: It's hard to believe all that's happened. I mean, after everything we've been through, how did we not end up together, you know?

Hope: Well, I think the same could be said for you and Steffy. I think that's kind of the problem when you're in love with two women, isn't it?

Liam: Yeah. (Chuckles) I believe it would have worked out. I really do. I-I mean, if I just didn't go to that club, you know...

Hope: But you did.

Liam: Yeah, I did.

Hope: And I think that's always, you know, been an issue for us. There's always that if. You know, if--if not for going out that night, if not or everything that happened in Italy, if not for the pills, if not for Amber, if... (Sighs) I'll always love you. We just can't be together. It's so clear. (Inhales)

Liam: (Sighs)

Hope: (Sighs) (Sniffles) Um...uh, maybe you should--

Liam: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Hope: Thanks again for...

Liam: Of course. Hope...

Hope: I know. (Sobbing)

Brooke: I could easily go to the police. But what would that do? I don't know how I'm going to able to forgive you, Bill. But that is not what's important here. It's family. It's my sister and her newborn. As much as you deserve it, I am not going to be the one responsible for putting you in jail.

Bill: Thank you.

Will: (Crying)

Katie: Oh...

Brooke: I'm gonna go get him, Sweetie.

Katie: Oh, no. No, you--you don't have to.

Brooke: Oh, no, no, I want to. You're in no condition, physically or emotionally. I know how upset you are with Bill, how frustrated and disillusioned. I am, too. Honey, you're gonna have to put that aside. The tension in this room is too much, and the baby's going to feel it. I'm going to be angry with Bill for a very long time. But you can't be. You are not allowed, because you're a new family now, and you have to be there for your baby, and you have to love him. Promise me. He can't feel any of this.

Stephanie: Honey... if this doesn't turn out the way we want it to--

Eric: Stephanie, don't do that. Don't do that.

Stephanie: No, s--no, stop. We have to be prepared.

Eric: (Sighs)

Stephanie: Oh, God. I just...

Eric: What? What?

Stephanie: I just thought about Brooke.

Eric: Brooke.

Stephanie: (Coughs) She'll be chasing me all over town... (Coughs) Wanting me... (Sighs) Who ever knew after all these years I'd feel so sorry for her that Ridge is gone?

Eric: Look, I feel sorry for Brooke, too, all right, but I just want to focus on you right now.

Stephanie: No, you're not listening me. You're not listening to what I'm saying. I don't want to talk about this. I want you to talk about something else, okay? Making martinis, Ridge, Brooke Hope, Liam, anybody. Just t-talk about something else. (Breathing heavily)

Dr. Lewis: The blood test indicated elevated tumor markers. The scan confirms the cancer has returned and metastasized.

Stephanie: It's spread?

Dr. Lewis: I'm sorry.

Stephanie: I always knew one day. It doesn't look good, does it?

Dr. Lewis: I'm afraid not.

Stephanie: Right. Dr. Lewis, could we just have a moment?

Dr. Lewis: Of course.

Stephanie: Thanks.

Dr. Lewis: I'll be back to answer any questions you have.

Stephanie: Thank you for all your kindnesses. (Sighs) I don't want anybody to know about this right now. Not for a while yet.

Eric: You tried that before.

Stephanie: It's different this time. It's different. (Sighs) Well, I'm not the poster girl... (Chuckles) For curing cancer again. (Sighs) I don't want to look at all those sad faces. You know, people saying one thing, thinking another. "Come on, you're a fighter," and thinking, "Oh, God, she's dying." I don't want to deal with that. (Sighs) I need some time, okay?

Eric: All right. Iíll be with you every step of the way.

Stephanie: I know.

Eric: We'll do this together.

Stephanie: I know.

Will: (Crying)

Brooke: I'm gonna go get your baby.

Katie: Wait, wait. I... (Sighs) I don't know if I can do this.

Brooke: You have no choice.

Katie: It's too much.

Brooke: You mean Bill.

Katie: He just makes it impossible sometimes.

Brooke: What he did was awful, yes, but you can get through this, just like you've overcome many things before. And now you have a good reason. You have a baby. Find peace.

Katie: How?

Brooke: Honey... (Sighs) This is a sacred time in your life, and you really need to enjoy your newborn, for the next couple days, the next few weeks. You gotta focus on being a mother. Will can sense what you're feeling. And when I bring him back down here in this room, I want it to be filled with love and harmony and peace, because that's what Will needs. And don't you worry about Bill. I will take care of him. And he did apologize. Bill does love you. And he loves Will. But he's not... (Chuckles) The most important person in this house. And neither are you. Will is. That's why you need to dig deep and work together, husband and wife, and be loving, devoted parents. Okay? Find forgiveness. Do you understand?

Will: (Crying)

Bill: She's right, Katie.

Katie: (Sniffles) I know. But how am I...

Brooke: Hey, little guy. Everything's okay now.

Katie: He's what's important.

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