B&B Transcript Wednesday 10/10/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 10/10/12


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Stephanie: Why don't you just throw some things in a bag and come over to the house and stay for a couple of days with me and Eric?

Brooke: No, Stephanie. It's okay, really. Thank you.

Stephanie: I don't want you to be alone.

Brooke: I'm hoping I won't be.

Stephanie: He might show up.

Brooke: But you don't think so. I-I just canít believe this is happening.

Stephanie: What are you gonna do now?

Brooke: (Sighs) I don't know. I've... (Sighs) I can't imagine my life without Ridge. We've been through so much and been able to overcome every obstacle... until now.

Katie: (Sighs)

Bill: How's the baby?

Katie: He's asleep.

Bill: How's his mom? You could probably use a nap yourself. Anything I can do, maybe, um, a shoulder rub?

Katie: Where were you?

Bill: I was at work.

Katie: Why are you home so early?

Bill: To check on you, of course. Has the nurse come by? Everything okay? I'm gonna go check on Will.

Katie: Don't. I don't want you waking him up.

Thomas: Where do we stand on those back orders?

Woman: Uh, I sent you an e-mail.

Thomas: (Sighs) Right. I'm sorry. I haven't had a chance to look at it. What about Intimates?

Woman: Steffy's on top of it.

Thomas: Okay.

Woman: We're good to roll.

Thomas: Then roll.

Man: We need an okay on the fabrics.

Thomas: Of course. I'm sorry. You know, let me look into it, and I'll get back to you in about an hour. That's it for now.

Man: If I may say so, itís an honor working under another Forrester.

Woman: (Chuckles)

Man: (Chuckles)

Thomas: Hey.

Hope: Hey. Redecorating?

Thomas: I'm sure you've heard. Everyone else has.

Hope: Your first act as CEO was to throw my brother out a window?

Thomas: I didn't throw Rick out the window. It was an accident.

Hope: Oh, I'm sure that'll fly with the press.

Thomas: The press doesn't know anything, and they won't.

Hope: You need to rein it in.

Thomas: Rick really needed to be taught a lesson.

Hope: (Scoffs) Yeah, by throwing him out a window?

Thomas: Hope, it wasn't as dramatic as you think. I mean, I gave him a little nudge, and he tripped.

Steffy: He probably deserved it.

Thomas: Hey, Sis.

Steffy: Hey, Mr. CEO. Come over here.

Thomas: Who would have guessed, huh? I know I didn't.

Steffy: Hey, Dad knows what he's doing. Oh, hey, Hope.

Hope: Hi, Steffy.

Steffy: How are you?

Hope: How do you think?

Stephanie: Who else have you told about this?

Brooke: Katie knows. And so does Donna. My sisters will take care of me.

Stephanie: Of course they will. So will I.

Brooke: (Chuckles) You know, I'm gonna really look out for Bill and Katie, though, because they, you know, just had a beautiful baby, and they deserve to be happy. Katie almost died having her baby, so...

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Brooke: Their family's starting. Mine is dissolving. I might as well be there for them. I can help them. I want to be a part of that.

Bill: Katie, you look exhausted.

Katie: Well, I just had a C-section and a heart attack, so yes, I am exhausted.

Bill: All right, I'm gonna get some more help in here.

Katie: I don't need a babysitter.

Bill: That's not what I meant.

Katie: I have a nurse every day. The doctor stops by every day. I'm not inadequate, Bill.

Bill: No, no. Of course you're not. Sweetheart, what-- why are you being this way? What is it?

Katie: What, stubborn, moody, like a woman?

Bill: You're still upset with me.

Katie: (Sighs) Yes, Bill, I'm upset.

Thomas: Yeah, tell them I'll meet them in the showroom, okay? Yes, I'm on my way. (Sighs) I'm gonna go chat with some reporters. Wish me luck.

Steffy: He's gonna be a great CEO.

Hope: Mm. Mm-hmm. Rick would have been really good, too.

Steffy: Yeah. They both have their strengths.

Hope: Yeah. Kind of like you and me.

Steffy: Hey, um, you did an amazing thing with Hope for the Future.

Hope: Thank you. And, uh, the--the Intimates line is really--it's really hot.

Steffy: Thanks.

Hope: Um... I'm sure Liam told you about our little chat at the hospital.

Steffy: Oh, yeah. Yeah, he mentioned it.

Hope: You know, that could have gone either way, Steffy.

Steffy: Isn't that always the case with you two?

Hope: Yeah, but it's never been us two. It's always been us three. If it were just me and Liam, we would be married.

Steffy: I could say the same. We both made a choice. You ended it, and he moved on.

Hope: I did what I had to do. Curious, though. How long after you found out about that did you show up on Liam's doorstep?

Bill: Thought we were over that.

Katie: What?

Bill: Your anger toward me over Deacon, Hope, Liam, that whole mess.

Katie: Anger, yeah. I-I guess I am beyond that. I'm beyond feeing much of anything.

Bill: So everything I said to you, asking you for your forgiveness, vowing to never do anything like that again, it had no effect?

Katie: Why is it always about you? You disrupt my life, you disrupt the life of my niece your son, our child, my family. I--you risk our future, and--and I'm supposed to do what? Apologize for not being understanding, for not showering you with forgiveness, for not being the perfect wife and mother (Sighs) Honestly, I look at you, and I don't even know who I'm looking at.

Bill: I'm worried, Katie.

Katie: Well, if I did half the things you did, I'd be worried, too.

Bill: I'm not worried about myself. I'm worried about you, about the baby, about us. We are a family now.

Katie: I'm gonna go lay down. Check on the baby if you want, but don't wake him up. Don't make him cry. I hate it when he cries.

(Cell phone ringing) (Rings)

Brooke: Hello.

Bill: Can you come over?

Brooke: Bill?

Bill: Your sister needs you, Brooke.

Brooke: What's wrong?

Bill: I don't know. She's completely distant from me, she's withdrawn from the baby. Just please come to the house.

Brooke: I'm on my way.

Stephanie: What's wrong?

Brooke: I don't know. Something's going on with Katie. I'll call you later.

Stephanie: All right.

Steffy: I didn't even know you broke it off with Liam until he told me.

Hope: Are you surprised?

Steffy: Nothing about this surprise me anymore.

Hope: Mm, well, you always just seem to... be there.

Steffy: And I'm going to be to be there, when he needs me.

Hope: Even when he doesn't. Kind of like the night before our wedding at Stephanie and Eric's.

Steffy: Do you really want to go down this path again?

Hope: You'd rather I didn't?

Steffy: I just think it's irrelevant.

Hope: Irrelevant?

Steffy: You ended it. It wasn't because of that crazy night at the club.

Hope: It's amazing.

Steffy: What?

Hope: You really see me as an unreasonable, intolerant person.

Steffy: You are who you are. And I'm not one to judge.

Hope: Especially after the way things turned out, huh? So you two are back together then you're--you're living together?

Steffy: I work with him, Hope. He covers my line.

Hope: He covers my line, too. That's not what I'm asking.

Bill: Thanks for coming.

Brooke: Where's Katie?

Bill: She's upstairs.

Brooke: With the baby?

Bill: No, by herself.

Brooke: What's wrong?

Bill: (Sighs) I don't know.

Brooke: You two didn't argue, did you? You know, she's still trying to recover.

Bill: No, no, no, we didn't have a fight. I know Katie can't be upset.

Brooke: So what happened?

Bill: (Sighs) It's me. I mean, I-I'm certain of that.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Bill: What else could it be?

Brooke: What did you do? What did you do to upset her?

Bill: It's not-- it's not why she's upset at me Brooke. It's the way she's upset.

Brooke: Okay, I'm not really following you.

Bill: We've had our share of fights. Believe me, Katie can hold her own.

Brooke: Go on.

Bill: It's different this time. I mean, she's not fighting back, not the way she usually does.

Brooke: So there is an issue?

Bill: That's not the point.

Brooke: Well, that could be very well the point. And the fact that you're not telling me what's going on here...

Bill: Okay, you just have to--you just have to trust me on this, Brooke. It's not that she's upset at me. It's the way that she's handling it. She is completely distant. She won't look at me. She won't talk to me. She won't let me do anything for her. It's like I'm not part of her life anymore.

Brooke: Well, that sounds like you and my sister need to have a heart-to-heat.

Bill: I've tried.

Brooke: Well, try again, because, obviously whatever's bothering her, is bothering her more than you even realize.

Bill: Then wouldn't she yell at me? Wouldn't she throw me out of the house, and, do something?

Brooke: She's probably--

Bill: You know Katie can be volatile.

Brooke: Okay, yes, I do. But she's probably taking care of her condition. Just go in there and talk to her. I'm sure it'll be fine. You two have been through worse. Is there another woman?

Bill: No, there's not another woman. Katie is everything I could want, Brooke. Everything I could ever want. That's why I'm so worried. I feel like I'm losing my wife.

Steffy: Is there any reason I shouldn't be seeing Liam?

Hope: So the two of you are back together?

Steffy: Hope, this conversation isn't going anywhere.

Hope: I just want to know where things stand.

Steffy: You know where things stand. You ended it with Liam.

Hope: Well, I mean with you two.

Steffy: Why does this even matter to you? It's been days since you had this conversation with Liam, and you seem to be hitting it off with Thomas.

Hope: You're getting off topic. Are you, or are you not, back with Liam? The fact that you don't want to tell me says a lot.

Steffy: Look, Hope, I don't want to hurt you, okay? We've done enough of that lately.

Hope: Have you slept with him?

Steffy: Oh, please don't do this.

Hope: Just tell me the truth.

Steffy: (Sighs) Yes. We're back together.

Hope: Okay. See, that wasn't so had.

Steffy: (Sighs) The last thing Liam and I want to do is--is cause you more pain.

Hope: (Clears throat) I'm fine... Steffy. In fact, you can tell Liam that for me. Will you do that? Uh, I gotta get back to work. Bye, Steffy. (Sighs) (Sniffles) (Sniffles) (Exhales) (Sobbing)

Brooke: (Sighs) Do you think Katie's problem could be medical, her heart?

Bill: Brooke, I have a nurse here two or three times a day. I have the doctor coming by on a daily basis.

Brooke: Maybe you're just overreacting. She is very, very tired.

Bill: She looks at me it's like she's looking right through me. She says she doesn't know who I am anymore.

Brooke: Do you want me to talk to her?

Bill: I would really appreciate that.

Brooke: Okay. So when did this start?

Bill: It's been coming on. Today was the worst.

Brooke: And she gave you no explanation?

Bill: She barely looks at me. She won't talk.

Brooke: Oh, the silent treatment.

Bill: No, it--it's deeper, darker. And then there's the baby.

Brooke: What do you mean? What about the baby?

Bill: Before Katie went up to her room, she told me I could check on Will, but not to make him cry. She hates hearing that.

Brooke: No new mom likes to hear their baby cry.

Bill: No, itís different than that. Itís like she was removed or detached. Katie almost died bringing our child into the world, Brooke, and... (Sighs) It's like she's drifting away from us.

Brooke: Okay. I'll find out what's wrong.

Bill: A lot's happened.

Brooke: And Katie's going through something very painful.

Bill: It's my fault.

Brooke: Okay... (Sighs) You know what? We're not gonna get into that right now. We're just gonna bring Katie out of this deep, dark mood that she's in. I love her so much. She is my little sister. And growing up, I've been like a mom to her. And she is a new woman with you, Bill. You've made her a strong person. She has a lot of self-esteem, a lot of self-confidence. Thank you for that. You know, we're gonna do this. We're gonna help Katie together, okay?

Bill: I can't lose her, Brooke.

Brooke: You won't.

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