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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 8/28/12


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(Door opens)

Liam: Hope? Oh.

Rick: This is the last time my sister leaves here in tears.

Liam: Oh.

Rick: You're through hurting her, Spencer.

Liam: Okay.

Rick: I'm done letting you. I'm coming here tomorrow to pick up Hope's things. She's not coming back to this house.

Liam: (Sighs)

Thomas: What happened, Hope?

Hope: It's over... really over. Steffy is always going to be part of Liam's life... too much so. The night before our wedding was just more proof. (Sighs) (Laughs)

Thomas: Hey.

Hope: But, hey, you know, when you're a silly romantic like me...

Thomas: No, Hope, there's nothing silly about what you believed--

Hope: About what I believed my whole life, that I would meet somebody, fall in love, get married, and everything would be perfect, forever. It's crazy, huh? It's crazy. Especially, you know, considering how I grew up, you know, seeing all my mom's marriages, her year marriages. You'd think I'd turn out totally cynical. (Sighs) And I didn't, I-- even when I knew that Liam still had feelings for Steffy, and I just-- I kept telling myself-- he-- he kept telling me... no, we were both wrong. (Sniffles) Mm. And now the two of them are free to be together, if that's what they want.

Taylor: Pam said you just slipped back in your office. So?

Steffy: So?

Taylor: You know about what happened at Liam and Hope's wedding, right?

Steffy: Yes, Liam told me.

Taylor: And?

Steffy: And nothing changed.

Taylor: What are you talking about? Yes, everything has changed. You finally have a chance now.

Steffy: No, it-- it is not what you're thinking, okay? Liam still wants to make it work with Hope.

Taylor: Liam told you that?

Steffy: Well, no, no, he's-- he's probably with her right now asking for forgiveness, even though there's nothing to forgive.

Taylor: Okay, wait a minute, wait. You told me that you were out with Liam all night last night-- is there something that I missed here? Something else happen?

Steffy: Well, you know, isn't there always?

Taylor: Honey, you've gotta talk to me. Why give up on Liam right now? Why now, of all times?

Thomas: Look, I know Steffy is still in love with Liam, and evidently, Liam still has a lot of feelings for her.

Hope: It's just-- you know what? No, never mind, it's nothing.

Thomas: What--what doesn't?

Hope: No, nothing, doesn't matter. It's... it's just, you know what? They'll either get back together, or they won't. I don't-- I don't know, but I'm done. No more weddings, no more telling myself that it's going to work out when it never would have, not with a man with divided feelings.

Thomas: No, no, Steff said nothing happened in the club. It was all innocent fun.

Hope: Yeah, which they expected me to buy... which is believable, I guess, 'cause I was the most naive girl in the world.

Thomas: No, Hope, there is a big difference between being naive and trusting.

Hope: The point is, what I believed and what was true were two different things. If it weren't for Rick, I wouldn't have seen that until it was too late. I owe my brother so much.

Rick: You and Steffy couldn't stay away from each other, even on the night before your wedding to my sister. And why the hell you thought that was okay with your fiancée is beyond me.

Liam: Rick, for the last time, nothing happened between Steffy and me. Not--why are you here, really?

Rick: I don't know exactly what went on, but I'm pretty sure that Hope's through with you. Leave her alone, Spencer, or you're gonna have to answer to me.

Liam: Okay, are you done?

Rick: No, as a matter of fact, I'm not. I've got-- I've got some advice for you, and if you're smart, you'll listen to it. If not, you may wind up losing Steffy, too.

Steffy: I haven't given up on Liam. I know he still loves me.

Taylor: And you love him.

Steffy: Yeah, of course, and I always will, but he's committed to Hope, and he wants to make it work with Hope for the zillionth time.

Taylor: Honey, you don't know that that's necessarily true, and for that matter, we don't know if Hope even wants him to.

Steffy: Mom, this is what they do. They break up, and they get back together. I should be used to it by now. Why aren't I?  I can't keep putting myself through this. I can't. Liam has made it very clear that he is all about Hope.

Rick: You're a screw-up, Spencer. You've blown it three times trying to marry my sister. You ain't gettin' a fourth.

Liam: Stay out of this.

Rick: No, not after watching you make a fool of yourself in Stephanie's living room...

Liam: (Sighs)

Rick: Out partying with Steffy after what you two did to Hope in Italy on her wedding day. You should be ashamed of yourself. But that's your M.O., right?

Liam: What?

Rick: Yeah, a little misunderstanding, and you hightail it back to Steffy. You know, I ought to tell you something-- yeah, maybe that's your problem-- you think too much, instead of doing what you really want to do.

Liam: And what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Rick: You lost my sister. You're not getting her back. If you're lucky, you might have a shot with Steffy, if you don't make her wait too long. Now she's patient, but she's got her pride, and I'm sure she's fed up with this merry-go-round you keep putting her on. Go back to Steffy. You and Hope are done. Pick up where you two left off, but do it now, or like I said, you're gonna end up losing her, too.  And you'll deserve it.

Taylor: (Sighs) You know, maybe you should take that trip.

Steffy: Hmm, or maybe I should get real and just admit that the thought of Liam actually showing up here and telling me that he is done with Hope and that I'm gonna be first in his life-- only that's not gonna happen. He's always gonna carry Hope in his heart. Look, I-I just gotta-- I gotta get out of here.

Taylor: Well, where are you going?

Steffy: I'm just gonna go home, change, get on my bike, go for a ride.

Taylor: Oh, God, not the bike, not the bike.

Steffy: Mom, don't worry, I'll be fine. I'll try not to run over Hope. I'm kidding.

Taylor: (Chuckles)

(Door closes)

Taylor: (Sighs)

Thomas: After everything you and Liam have been through, are you-- are you absolutely sure you want to go through with--

Hope: Yes. Yeah. I was an idiot to ever think that I could have a wonderful relationship that would last forever. I mean, who has that? I-I don't know of anybody, do you?

Thomas: Grandma and Granddad?

Hope: Well...

Thomas: Okay, well, maybe not exactly, but they've had their ups and downs. At the end of the day, they're still sipping martinis together. (Chuckles)

Hope: (Chuckles)

Thomas: You know what?

Hope: Hmm?

Thomas: You might feel better if you threw this.

Hope: (Laughs)

Thomas: Or if you cut Liam's picture into shreds.

Hope: Yeah.

Thomas: It's going to be okay, Hope. It might not feel that way right now, but I guarantee you, there are stand-up guys out there who would be more than happy to make you the center of their world. I should know. I was one of them.

Taylor: No, that's fine. Rescheduling is better. Okay, bye-bye.

(Knock on door)

Liam: Hi, um, I tried Steffy's cell, she's not answering. Um... Taylor, I gotta talk to her. Do you know where she is?

Taylor: Why?

Liam: Because... (Sighs) Because I have to explain something. Please tell me where she is.

Hope: Doesn't it get old, rescuing damsels in distress?

Thomas: Is that what you think I'm doing?

Hope: Not that I need any rescuing. (Chuckles)

Thomas: (Sighs)

Hope: I... I don't expect you to understand all of this.

Thomas: Just means there's more to this than you're saying. I don't think you would just end things with Liam because he went clubbing the night before your wedding. Or even the fact that he did it with Steffy-- yes, it was insensitive, but the two of you have survived a lot worse.

Hope: I know, I--yeah, I know. (Sighs) Our love has been tested so many times, and we've always overcome it. (Voice breaks) Not this time.

Thomas: Hey. It's okay.

Hope: Mm.

Taylor: I think you know why I'm hesitating. After everything you and Steffy have been through?

Liam: Look, I-I know. I--but I really need to talk to her.

Taylor: Why?

Liam: (Sighs) I just do. It's really important.

Taylor: (Sighs) She left on her motorcycle, and she didn't say where she was going.

Liam: Thank you. Thank--thank you.

Taylor: (Sighs)

Thomas: You know what you need?

Hope: Hmm, a good, stiff drink. (Chuckles)

Thomas: Wow, you're really serious about this.

Hope: (Laughs) Oh, I--

Thomas: No more Miss Goody Two Shoes, huh?

Hope: I just need to grow up. I've been living in a fantasy world...

Thomas: Hey...

Hope: For way too long.

Thomas: I happen to enjoy a good fantasy. I'm living one right now. I'm fantasizing putting a smile on your face.

Hope: (Sighs) Rick? Rick?

Rick: Hey, you two.

Hope: Hey.

Rick: Um, I didn't want to interrupt.

Hope: Mnh-mnh.

Thomas: No, it's fine. Uh, Hope's been having a tough day.

Rick: I know. I went over to Liam's to check on you. I saw you run out of there in tears.

Hope: You two didn't get into it, did you?

Rick: You're my little sister. I could have ripped the guy apart for what he's done to you. But I restrained myself, barely.

Hope: What did he say?

Rick: Actually, I got the impression that he was headed over to Steffy's.

Hope: Hmm.

Rick: Sis, you shouldn't be surprised.

Hope: Mnh-mnh.

Rick: It's what the guy always does.

Thomas: Hey, it's gonna be okay.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Thomas: Yeah.

Hope: Yeah.

("Back to You" by Perrin Lamb playing)

I keep thinking of things I never told you I keep thinking of things I didn't say I keep wanting to wrap my arms around you I just had to walk away I wonder if I'll see you tomorrow I wonder if you'll forget about today if I have to beg steal or borrow I've got to find a way back to you back to you everything I am or ever want to be is back to you never been the first to say I'm sorry I've never known the stinging of regret I can't help but feeling like I'm buried I've got to find a way back to you back to you everything I am or ever want to be is back to you

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