B&B Transcript Monday 7/30/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/30/12


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Liam: Hope, just... try to remember the vows I made to you.

Hope: That was all a facade.

Liam: It was our wedding.

Hope: (Sighs) Not really. We're not married.

Liam: (Scoffs) Okay. A signature and an "I do" away. I mean, come on.

Hope: You know what? I'm glad we're not.

Liam: I... I think we should... be very careful about what we say here. Just th--think about what it took for us to get here.

Hope: I do. I do remember, Liam. I remember... I remember how everything seemed to be my fault. I was weak. I was too busy. I was too afraid of sex. I was just too emotional. Now here we are again, and you're trying to make me the problem again this time, too.

Liam: No, I'm not. I'm sorry if it sounds like I am.

Hope: The truth is, Liam, there is something wrong. There is something very wrong... with you. And you can't even see it.

Steffy: Why was that recording on that laptop at all?

Brooke: I copied the photos from Liam's tablet, the wedding pictures, and I wanted to transfer them to my computer, and somehow I guess it got transferred with it. I don't know.

Steffy: You know what you are? You are a human wrecking ball, chaos in human form.

Brooke: It was a mistake.

Steffy: You were the one who kept nagging and insisting that Hope needed to know everything. Well, now she does. So congratulations.

Brooke: Oh, no, no. You are not leaving.

Pam: I just don't understand it. He's--he's just the nicest young man.

Bill: Great, he's nice, but he's kind of a screw-up, isn't he?

Pam: Marcus? No. (Chuckles) I'm even beginning to feel a little sorry for poor Donna.

Bill: Look, you've gotta be doing something wrong to run down a 6-foot, 200-pound man and swear that you never saw a thing.

Pam: And you wonder why people think you're heartless.

Bill: I couldn't care less what people think.

Ridge: Pam... what did I say about showing people into my office when I'm not here?

Pam: Well, I-I didn't let him in. He just walked in. He didn't ask my permission.

Bill: A gentle reminder, Ridge. I do own 12.5% of this company.

Ridge: Is there something I can do for you, Bill, with 12.5% of my attention?

Bill: Look, Justin's a hell of a lawyer, but this appears to be pretty cut-and-dry. Marcus admitted everything.

Ridge: (Whistles) Poor kid. Poor Dayzee. Justin's with him right now?

Bill: Marcus is a Forrester, correct?

Ridge: Yes.

Bill: So when it comes to posting bond, either Donna or your father or you will step up.

Ridge: Bill, is that why you came here, to have me put up bail for Marcus?

Bill: Justin refuses my help. And he is certainly not going to ask you for it.

Pam: Oh, I'm sorry, but we are in the middle of a very important meeting.

Ridge: Pam, not Taylor. Taylor has carte blanche.

Pam: (Gasps) I'm sorry. I have scar tissue on my brain. So if you could try to limit the number of times a day you change your mind, that would be great. (Sighs) Taylor, if would please just come right this way. I'll just be out in reception.

Ridge: One big mistake.

Bill: So glad no one considers me part of it.

Taylor: Well, I assume he told you.

Ridge: Told me what?

Taylor: That Hope and Liam didn't make it legal.

Bill: Oh, that.

Taylor: They're not married.

Brooke: I am not going to let you take advantage of this situation.

Steffy: I never wanted Hope to hear about any of it in the first place. This whole mess was engineered by you.

Brooke: (Scoffs)

Steffy: I could have taken advantage. You know, we had a plane waiting for us right there, but I told Liam to marry Hope.

Brooke: Wow. I really think you believe what you're saying, but then why were you there? Why were you in the room? Why did you let Liam kiss you? Why would you even put yourself in that situation?

Steffy: I am done undermining Hope, okay? You can believe it. You don't have to believe it. I don't care. But it's the truth. And Liam will always be someone I won't say no to. That's just the way it is.

Liam: Hope, I'm not... pretending to be blameless in all this.

Hope: Yeah, you are. Why am I the unstable one, the one who overreacts, when your intense need to have a girl adore you makes Steffy and me almost interchangeable to you? So much so, in fact, that on our wedding day, you went from me to Steffy, then back to me. And it was as easy for you as changing a channel. Liam, if you could explain that to me... I wish you would.

Ridge: I wish you'd come to me about this and not my daughter.

Bill: I just told you. I was looking for Liam, and Steffy happened to be there.

Ridge: How'd she seem?

Taylor: Well, there are certain things our daughter has learned to play very close to the vest.

Bill: Is there some issue that I'm missing here? I simply told Liam he and Hope had to sign some paperwork and have it filed to make things legal. I wasn't suggesting in any roundabout way that Steffy should make some last-ditch play for him. Liam and Hope are married now, period.

Taylor: Right. You mean Liam kept his promise to marry Hope.

Bill: That's what I'm saying.

Taylor: Whether or not he would have actually chosen to do that, which I don't think he would have.

Bill: Taylor, let's face it. We backed the wrong horse.

Ridge: I'm not so sure about that either, not after seeing that video.

Taylor: You saw. How did you see the video?

Bill: What video?

Ridge: Katie didn't tell you?

Bill: Video of what?

Steffy: You used to accuse me of underestimating Hope. You know what? You're right. I thought she was childish. I thought she was spoiled, terrified of life. But since then, she's-- she's done a lot of growing up, and so have I. She has guts and conviction. And clearly, I have more faith in her than you do. Hope and Liam, they'll figure this out. They always have.

Brooke: This is different.

Steffy: Why?

Brooke: She saw him with you.

Steffy: Yeah, that's happened before.

Brooke: Not like that, on this video.

Steffy: (Sighs) Yeah, not like that.

Brooke: (Sighs) I defended him.

Steffy: He was operating on bad information.

Brooke: If that was all.

Steffy: If what Liam believed in that moment had been true, that Hope actually left him at the altar, his behavior made sense.

Brooke: Or maybe there's more going on between you and him.

Steffy: Honestly, Hope shouldn't be surprised.

Brooke: Hmm. Maybe she can get past all of this now that she's a married woman.

Steffy: Almost a married woman.

Liam: I don't know how you came to see that recording, and I'm so sorry you did, but the way that you feel now, after having watched it... (Sighs) Is kind of the way I felt when I thought that note was from you. But I'm here. And I really believed that we were done.

Hope: Why did you believe it? Why didn't you have any faith in me? Oh, that's right. That's right. Because I'd done it before, when I caught you making out with Steffy.

Liam: Hope, I'm just trying to tell you how the mistake got made.

Hope: The mistake. Yeah, the mistake.

Liam: That is what it was.

Hope: So what does that explain? You thought the note from my father was actually from me, so that makes it somehow logical for you to jump into bed with Steffy five minutes later? What kind of a person does that, Liam? You said that you kissed her because you needed comforting. But what you really needed was to tear each other's clothes off.

Liam: We did not have sex. I told you that.

Hope: So what stopped you? I mean, the video just ends. What would I have seen if the battery hadn't died? Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I would have seen myself, wouldn't I? I would have heard me knocking on the door and seeing you answering it, buttoning your shirt.

Liam: No, no. We had stopped by then.

Hope: Steffy was still there, wasn't she? Somewhere in--in the closet, in the bathroom, listening to everything we were saying, wasn't she?

Bill: So who made this video? By which I mean whom do I sue?

Ridge: It's not like that, Bill. Liam left the record button on, or hit it accidentally. Nobody even knew this video existed until Brooke was reviewing his wedding pictures.

Taylor: With your wife. It's very strange she didn't mention that to you.

Bill: All right, look, uh, this is awkward, but not insurmountable. Liam's already manned up and--and told Hope what happened, right?

Ridge: A very sanitized version, yes.

Bill: Hope does know about the video?

Ridge: No.

Taylor: (Sighs)

Ridge: By now, Brooke's erased it, I hope.

Taylor: You want to know what I think the real crime in this whole thing is that the one who stirred this whole thing up has gotten away.

Bill: Who would that be?

Ridge: Deacon Sharpe. Who else?

Brooke: Of course, the marriage was legal.

Steffy: I'm not saying that it was illegal. I'm just saying when you get married in a church, even at home, you have to file for a marriage license and, you know, sign papers. I guess it's kind of the same overseas, maybe just a little bit different, but... okay, you know what? Just--can you just do me a favor? Just stop thinking what you're thinking.

Brooke: Oh, my God. This is just a-a really bad time for this kind of technicality to arise.

Steffy: You know, all they just have to do, you know, sign and take the papers down to the recorder's office and just ex-- exchange wedding vows.

Brooke: I suppose you're right.

Steffy: No kidding, I'm right. Granted, this may not be the most ideal day for Hope to reaffirm her wedding vows. But I'm confident she will.

Brooke: And what if she doesn't?

Hope: Liam... why did you bother keeping her hidden if you didn't think you were doing anything wrong? What happened after I left?

Liam: Steffy and I talked.

Hope: About what?

Liam: About our mistake.

Hope: That's it? There was no good-bye kiss?

Liam: We're better than this.

Hope: Yeah, I thought we were. And then you left that hotel room and went to Polignano.

Liam: Yes.

Hope: And you promised to treasure me, and you told me that you would never let a day go by without telling me or, more importantly, showing me--

Liam: What are-- what are you doing? What is this right now?

Hope: God, I really loved those words.

Liam: Yeah, well, I meant every one of them.

Hope: And what you said to Steffy?

Liam: I'm sorry.

Hope: What did she say when you went from... from what I saw on that screen to marry me?

Liam: I should've had more faith in you, okay? I should've. But, hey, this is how life goes, you know? You stumble, and you fall, and you get back up again. And I love you. I love you, and we have what we've always wanted. We're married now.

Hope: I thought we weren't.

Liam: It's a formality.

Steffy: So is this the part where you want me to swear I won't come within 50 feet of Liam?

Brooke: If they need time to work this through, you'll give it to them.

Steffy: Time doesn't belong to me. It's not mine to give.

Brooke: This is important, Steffy. Don't play games with me.

Steffy: I am not playing games. I am done with that. You want to know why? Because whatever I won, I had to give back. You're the one playing games. You're the one who's gaming me. You're trying to get me to give you reassurance that I can't give.

Brooke: I'm just asking you not to interfere so they can sort things out.

Steffy: And that's not insulting because...

Brooke: Because you've interfered time and time again.

Steffy: Okay, you know what? Here's what I can tell you. If people ask about me, I'm livin' my life. I'm not setting up traps for Liam. I'm not trying to chase him with a butterfly net or pretend that my-- my ankle's sprained every time he walks by. No, Liam knows what he could have with me. He knows everything there is to know about me. I mean, you saw the video. You know that he wanted a life with me. We could be married now.

Brooke: But he married Hope.

Steffy: Give or take a few signatures. What they do about that is their own business.

Liam: I don't understand.

Hope: I know.

Liam: You don't want to be married to me?

Hope: Well, our wedding day was a hoax.

Liam: No. No.

Hope: Liam, I called it the most beautiful day of my life, but only because so much of it was hidden. Do not ask me to sign something that says that day was the day we were married. I won't do it.

Liam: So all that love, all that effort, all that hope and happiness...you're saying it's worth nothing? Are we better off now? Do you believe that this is how we should end? 'Cause I don't buy that, Hope. I know you love me. But love is not enough when we can't forgive each other when it all goes wrong. 'Cause I'm not perfect. And I need forgiveness from you, as you needed it from me in the past. And I never withheld it from you. You know I didn't.

Hope: I wish I could hate you.

Liam: I know. Forgive me, Hope. Say you forgive me.

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