B&B Transcript Friday 6/1/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 6/1/12


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Steffy: You're cutting it kind of close, Mr. Spencer. Our marriage officially expires at midnight...

Liam: (Sighs)

Steffy: Or not.

Ridge: A marriage is at stake. I had to do something.

Brooke: I know, but going to Liam?

Ridge: It's down to the wire, Logan. At midnight tonight, the divorce is gonna be final. Knowing how much Steffy loves her husband, I just couldn't stand by and let it happen.

Brooke: Well, it is happening. I know Steffy's your daughter, and you don't want to see her get hurt, but Liam is very committed to Hope.

Ridge: It's not really that simple.

Brooke: Liam is a sensitive young man.

Ridge: Yes, he is. And he's also very much in love with my daughter.

Brooke: And he'll always be in love with your daughter, the same way you were always in love with Taylor. But fortunately, your love for me won out, just as his is for Hope. And I realize there's some people in this family that won't accept that like Stephanie and Taylor, but Eric has he's even agreed to help design her dress.

Ridge: So you reached out to Dad?

Brooke: Yes, and he's being very supportive. It means a lot to Hope.

Eric: No, I'll do all the fittings. Yeah, just make sure that you take care of all the adjustments.

Hope: (Sighs)

Eric: That's six times and counting.

Hope: What?

Eric: The number of times that you've checked the time in the last few minutes.

Hope: (Sighs) (Groans) Is it just me, or is this night dragging on?

Eric: Midnight can't come soon enough for you, can it?

Hope: I really hope that I'm not putting you in an uncomfortable position, asking for your help with my gown. I know Steffy's your granddaughter, so...

Eric: I love you both.

Hope: (Sighs)

Eric: And unless Liam has a-an identical twin somewhere that nobody knows anything about...

Hope: Mm. What do you think Stephanie's gonna do when she finds out you helped me?

Eric: Stephanie-- she won't begrudge with us.

Hope: I don't think she'll be thrilled. (Chuckles)

Eric: (Chuckles)

Hope: Um, I think it would have been worse, though, if--if Ridge had done it. I mean, she is Steffy's biggest supporter.

Eric: We're all kind of in a tough spot.

Hope: It means a lot to me that you came through, especially when Ridge couldn't. But I think, you know, that was to be expected. I-I'm not his real daughter.

Eric: (Sighs) Hope, you know that Ridge thinks of himself as your father.

Hope: He already has a daughter. And I have a father... somewhere out there.

Eric: No, no, Deacon Sharpe has never been a part of your life.

Hope: (Sighs) Which is probably why it sounds so crazy that I want him to walk me down the aisle.

Eric: I-I thought you wanted Ridge to do that.

Hope: I did. I did. But it--it makes him so uncomfortable. And I--you know what? I just--I don't know what I feel right now. Not to mention how it would make Steffy feel-- I mean, after tonight, she won't be Liam's wife. And for a long time, I honestly didn't think that she really loved him. But now I know that she does, and I think that this must be really hard.

Eric: It's good that you see that.

Hope: I think she made Liam happy... not as happy as I do, of course. (Chuckles)

Eric: (Chuckles)

Hope: You know, this is the beginning for me and Liam. I mean, after all the ups and down that we've been through, we're finally here.

Eric: You're beautiful, and you're gonna make a beautiful bride.

Hope: (Chuckles) Well, I'll be wearing an Eric Forrester original. What could be better? (Chuckles)

Ridge: Logan, you know the position I'm in.

Brooke: You don't want Steffy feeling like you're taking sides, because you're designing a gown for Hope.

Ridge: I don't want Steffy or Hope to think I'm taking sides.

Brooke: But you went to Liam.

Ridge: Time is running out, Sweetheart. That guy has to make a decision.

Brooke: He's already made a decision. In a few short hours, Hope and Liam will be free to be married. But the only question is, will you be there to walk her down the aisle?

Ridge: Of course I'll be there.

Brooke: But will you give her away? You know she's been talking about reaching out to Deacon.

Ridge: You can't be serious.

Brooke: He's toxic, Ridge. I don't want her anywhere near him, especially on the most beautiful day of her life, her wedding to Liam. Look, I-I know that you think Liam has changed his mind because he tore up those annulment papers, but that's just not the case. I feel bad for Steffy. I do. But it's time that she has closure. It's time for her to move on she has to, Ridge. And maybe she already has.

Steffy: You're staring.

Liam: Sorry.

Steffy: I'm not... not when it comes to you and me. You already know how much I love you. And it would be hard if our marriage ends. I'm sensing it would be hard for you, too. You're not saying I'm wrong. Cha-cha-cha.

Liam: (Sighs)

Eric: Ridge is in a sort of difficult position, you know? He wants what's best for both of his girls, but at the same time--

Hope: He thinks that Steffy and Liam had something really special...

Eric: Mm-hmm.

Hope: And could again if--

Eric: Look, the point is Liam is marrying you. That's the way this has all turned out. Ridge would never do anything to undermine that.

Ridge: We don't know what will happen tonight, Logan.

Brooke: I know my daughter and Liam have waited a long time to be man and wife. He's certainly not going to do anything to disappoint her now.

Ridge: Where are you going?

Brooke: To remind Hope of that.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Taylor: Ridge, we need to talk to you.

Ridge: Let me guess--you're wondering if anything I said to Liam made a difference.

Steffy: You didn't invite me over here for a friendly glass of wine. You have something to tell me.

Liam: (Inhales sharply)

Steffy: I'll shut up now. (Chuckles)

Liam: (Chuckles) Before you arrived, I was actually, uh, s-sitting here thinking about... all the fun we had-- you know, Cabo and Aspen and even right here in Malibu. And ever since we said our "I dos" up on the top of that mountain, you've been like a whirlwind and you just swept me away and... I-I don't always know where I'm gonna end up, but, um, it's a guaranteed hell of a ride. And I wouldn't trade it for anything... (Inhales sharply) Even the tough times. (Sighs) Now how many people can say that?

Ridge: You can imagine how Brooke felt when I told her I went to see Liam, but I did it as much for Hope as I did for Steffy.

Taylor: Ridge--

Ridge: Look, this young man holds our daughter's future in his hands.

Stephanie: Honey, we're trying to tell you something. Liam called Steffy.

Taylor: Liam called her and--and she went straight to the cliff house. He wanted to talk to her. She was so excited, she--she practically tore out of the bedroom.

Stephanie: I don't know what you said to him, but it must have had quite an impact, maybe more than you realize.

Ridge: Or maybe there's another reason he asked to see Steffy.

Taylor: Uh, well, I am trying not to go there.

Stephanie: No. Don't. I'm very proud of Steffy for exactly the way she's dealt with this whole situation.

Taylor: So am I.

Stephanie: I know he loves her. I just--I just hope it's enough.

Ridge: I want what's best for both my daughters.

Taylor: Ridge, one of them is going to be very happy and one is going to be heartbroken. There isn't any way around it.

Ridge: (Sighs)

[Hope remembering]

Hope: (Sighs)

Liam: I will tell you his-- I am very much in love with you. That will never change.

Hope: (Sighs)

Brooke: That wedding dress-- that's gorgeous.

Hope: Oh, thank you.

Brooke: And you are going to be the most beautiful bride ever. And Liam won't be able to tear his eyes away. Really, that's how it's going to be. And after tonight, the path is clear, and we can focus completely on your wedding in Italy.

Hope: (Giggles)

Steffy: You're not hoping to get me tipsy, are you? Ah, wait a minute. That's more like something I'd do...

Liam: (Scoffs)

Steffy: Before I reformed. Well, I'm--I'm trying. (Sighs) I'm not quite perfect yet.

Liam: Well, you're pretty damn close.

Steffy: I get jealous you know. I want what I want. The difference is I won't-- I won't cross those lines anymore.

Liam: And here I am, thinking I've got you figured out. It's funny. It's--it's like the Steffy standing in front of me right now isn't the same one I married in Aspen.

Steffy: (Sighs) I'm still a tomboy at heart.

Liam: Okay, see, that is what I'm talking about. I mean, you can take a hit on a ski slope with the best of them, and then three hours later, you walk into a party dressed in some hot little number just... wowing everyone.

Steffy: There's only one person I ever really wanted to wow.

Liam: (Sighs) Well, in fairness, there's only one person who ever really understood my fascination with Bob Hope humor.

Steffy: Yeah. "My next-door neighbor just had a pacemaker installed."

Liam: (Sighs)

Steffy: "He's still figuring out the bugs, though. Every time he makes love..."

Liam: "My garage door opens."

Steffy: Ba-da-bing.

Liam: Ba-da-boom.

(Glasses clink)

Steffy: Ba-da-boom.

Liam: You haven't taken it off.

Steffy: I'm always gonna treasure being your wife, no matter what happens at midnight. So what is happening? Is this the end for us...

Liam: (Sighs)

Steffy: Or a new beginning?

Brooke: Oh, Sweetheart. This wedding gown you chose...

Hope: I know. Isn't it beautiful? Oh, I really hope Eric doesn't get any flack from the rest of the family.

Brooke: Eric isn't concerned about that. And I'm sure that Ridge is pleased that he's doing it.

Hope: Mom, you don't have to keep doing that. You don't have to keep defending Ridge.

Brooke: I know. I just want you to understand how much--

Hope: No, I do. I do. He's got Steffy's feelings to think about. You know what? Ever since Aspen, she has been so confident that the divorce won't happen. I don't know why, but... I don't know why she's doing this to herself. It's only gonna make it harder. And I-I haven't spoken to Liam, but I'm sure that Steffy has reached out to him. But I'm not worried. Liam and I have been through so much to get here, and we're here. We're finally here. And I am so happy. I'm the happiest I've ever been.

Taylor: Oh, it's taking everything in me not to call Steffy.

Stephanie: He'd be so foolish to let this divorce go through.

Ridge: He's in love with two very special women. I happen to know something about that.

Taylor: Oh, well, you had your chance, several times, actually.

Stephanie: So has Liam. He'd better get it right this time.

Ridge: So you think the reason he wanted to see her is because he's choosing Steffy?

Taylor: If he hasn't let the clock run out on his marriage.

Stephanie: Well, I think Aspen was the game-changer. Honestly, I do. I know he's had a very difficult time making a commitment, because he doesn't want to hurt Hope I mean, nobody does. But on the other hand, Steffy's been hurt. Now he has the opportunity to make--make it right. And I believe he will.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Liam: You know, our marriage is one of a kind, and so are you.

Steffy: (Inhales sharply)

Liam: But... I don't know. It's--it's different. You're-- you're more confident now.

Steffy: I have finally grown up.

Liam: (Laughs)

Steffy: (Chuckles)

Liam: No, I think we both have. I think, uh, marriage does that to people, especially one like ours.

Steffy: Mm. I haven't always made it easy on you. I did some really... hurtful and stupid things. And if I could go back, I'd... (Sighs) All I can do is just look forward. I even, um... programmed my cell phone, remember? At midnight... (Sighs) I'll hear wedding bells. Liam, I know you're torn about this. I know it because you ripped up the annulment papers and the way you kissed me in Aspen. You haven't said anything to Hope. Look, no matter how this turns out, I honestly believe I am the wife you need. I'm hoping that's why I'm here, especially since I said I wouldn't step foot into this house...

Liam: (Chuckles)

Steffy: Until I returned as your wife. (Chuckles) So is--is that why I'm here... to tell me you don't want a divorce? After midnight, am I still gonna be your wife?

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