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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/16/12


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Ridge: Turn. Walk away from me.

Thomas: Okay, notice the way the fabric moves-- (Sighs)

Ridge: Would this dress feel better if this was gone?

Woman: Mm, yeah, it's a little pinchy.

Ridge: That'll do it.

Thomas: That's it?

Ridge: Son... this dress is exquisite. You should be very proud. I am.

Thomas: (Sighs)

Ridge: We're gonna add it to couture.

Thomas: Wow, Dad. I wasn't expecting that.

Ridge: Well deserved. And you... you wear this very well.

Woman: It's always a pleasure to model Forrester.

Thomas: Appreciate that.

Woman: I hope you'll call me for the first runway.

Thomas: Soon as it's booked.

Woman: Thank you.

(Door opens)

Ridge: Impressive.

(Door closes)

Ridge: Your designs are inspired lately. Is her name Caroline Spencer?

Hope: I'm sorry. I-I don't think I heard you right.

Caroline: Maybe you weren't aware. I think it's a big secret for Rick. Uh, I'm sorry. I messed up. I shouldn't have told you.

Hope: Well, okay, are-- are you really telling me that Rick-- Rick-- wears women's clothing?

Caroline: I know. I-I couldn't believe it, either, but... it's true, Hope.

Hope: Hmm.

Amber: Isn't this better than fighting what's always been, huh?

Rick: Yes.

Amber: Okay. Mm.

Thomas: I'm not gonna deny it. I like Caroline a lot.

Ridge: What's not to like?

Thomas: Exactly. I mean, she's smart, beautiful, funny, sophisticated, yet down to earth. (Chuckles)

Ridge: Seeing a lot of her?

Thomas: Not as much as I'd like. She's been settling in, and I've been busy with my line, so...

Ridge: It's not wasted effort, Thomas. What you're doing now is your best work ever. I see major success coming your way.

Thomas: Thanks, Dad. It means a lot coming from you. And I'll know how to handle it this time. All those months in the basement-- it's kind of given me some time to think, learn a few lessons.

Ridge: Hmm, such as?

Thomas: Being a Forrester-- it doesn't entitle me to anything. And success--it's not a permanent condition. I'm gonna be taking a lot better care of everything-- my line, my relationship.

Ridge: You and Caroline are in a relationship?

Thomas: (Sighs) I'm working on it. Tonight, in fact, I am taking her out for a romantic dinner.

Brooke: So... (Sighs) Who's the lucky lady?

Thomas: Caroline.

Hope: I'm stunned. (Laughs)

Caroline: I know. Me, too.

Hope: No, I mean... I mean, it's--it's absurd. Where did you get this? I mean, was it from some tabloid?

Caroline: No, I-I've seen it.

Hope: You've seen Rick wearing a dress?

Caroline: Yes. I mean, well, not personally, but in pictures, and I did personally witness him prancing up and down a runway in heels and wearing lipstick.

Hope: (Sighs)

Caroline: That's not even the problem.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Caroline: You--people like what they like. And there is not a "One size fits all" thing, and I am-- I'm good with all that. What I'm not good with is dishonesty.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Caroline: Be whoever you are. Own it. Plus, I detest secrets. You know, they are way more destructive than simply just embracing who you are.

Hope: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I-I'm sorry. I'm still stuck on pictures. Do you have some? Do you have pictures of Rick wearing a dress?

Caroline: Yes. I... (Sighs) I printed a few out just so I could lock it in my brain. (Sighs) Okay, see?

Hope: (Laughs) Yeah. (Gasps) Yeah, I see. Um... but I-I don't believe it. Yeah, um, there is something really wrong here, and I'm gonna find out what. I-I'm just gonna--I'm gonna hold on to these, okay?

Caroline: Okay.

Hope: (Sighs)

Amber: (Sighs) We're so fabulous in so many ways. Mm. You can't buy our kind of chemistry. Mm.

Rick: Uh-huh. It is hot in here. (Mumbles indistinctly)

Amber: (Sighs) Mm, it's blazing. You belong with me, Rick, mm, and not Caroline Spencer. She doesn't get you. She doesn't get you. I swear, you won't regret it. Mm. Come to me all the way.

Ridge: Get a hold of Thomas before he leaves the building. I want that dress that I saw earlier added to the couture collection immediately. Yeah, he'll give you the specifics. All right, thanks.

Brooke: Wow. That dress really made an impression on you.

Ridge: You know that feeling you get when a designer is just about to take off?

Brooke: That tingling sensation at the back of your neck?

Ridge: That's it. I felt that for my son today. He's on the brink.

Brooke: And you attribute that to Caroline.

Ridge: Yeah, I think that's Caroline.

Brooke: Hmm. Well, she's a very lucky young lady to have two exceptional men that are interested in her. We know what that's like, right? (Sighs)

Ridge: Sooner or later, she's gonna have to make a choice. I'm betting the momentum has shifted to Thomas.

Brooke: Hmm. We'll see.

Ridge: Yeah, we'll see.

Brooke: Yeah, that's right. We'll see.

Ridge: Absolutely, we'll see.

Brooke: (Laughs) Yes. Yes, we'll see.

Ridge: We sure will.

Karen: So is it my overactive imagination, or have you and Thomas been hanging out a lot lately?

Caroline: He likes me, and I like him.

Karen: Oh, "Like" as in like, like?

Caroline: Could be if I wasn't keeping such a huge secret. You know, it makes me want to take things slowly and hold back, so I'm not lying to people who trust me, you know what I mean?

Amber: (Sighs) Let me show you how much I love you, Rick. Mm. Please don't say "No." (Breathing heavily)

(Knock on door)

Amber: Ignore it. Ignore it. (Sighs)

Hope: Rick, it's me. Open up.

Rick: Oh, it's Hope. I-I've gotta--I've gotta answer the door.

Amber: No. No. No, you donít. (Sighs)

Rick: Hey.

Hope: Hi. We need to talk. It's important.

Rick: Everything okay?

Hope: Oh, good, you're here, too. That saves me a trip.

Rick: What's going on?

Hope: Um, well... (Sighs) I'll bet Amber knows.

Amber: Not a clue. Uh, did something happen between you and Liam?

Hope: No. Uh, I did as you asked, and I spoke to Caroline.

Rick: Did you find out why she's been so distant?

Hope: Yeah, I did. She thinks that you are keeping a major secret.

Rick: What kind of secret?

Hope: (Laughs) Somehow, she's under the impression that you are a cross-dresser.

Rick: (Scoffs)

Hope: I know, and I told her that that was absurd. It couldn't possibly be true.

Amber: (Laughs)

Hope: You know, that someone had started a vicious rumor.

Rick: Well, w-wait, who do you think it is? You think it's a rival, you know, designer or...

Hope: I'd look closer to home.

Brooke: Do you happen to know what restaurant Thomas is taking Caroline to?

Ridge: No, I donít. I don't know, and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you. I know how you are. You'd find a reason to get a detour going. You'd arrive there, and you'd start interfering with everything.

Brooke: Oh! Little old moi? You really think I would do that?

Ridge: Why don't we just stay out of this one? Thomas and Caroline and Rick are adults. They can handle their own love life. I opt... for you and I spending all that time and effort on our own love life.

Brooke: Mm. Hmm.

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Mm. (Chuckles) Mm.

Thomas: Hey. Madison said I'd find you here.

Caroline: Yeah. I was just leaving Rick a couple of notes.

Thomas: What have you got?

Caroline: Um, sketches from the new line.

Thomas: Hmm. Any good?

Caroline: I think so.

Thomas: (Smacks lips)

Caroline: You don't like it.

Thomas: It's okay. (Chuckles)

Caroline: I mean, I think it's better than okay. I'd give it higher marks than that.

Thomas: Hmm.

Caroline: It's bold, edgy.

Thomas: Trendy, no staying power. My designs, on the other hand, are real class-- elegant, simple, yet versatile.

Caroline: Hmm. I'd love to see something.

Thomas: It just so happens that I do have a dress ready for production.

Caroline: Mm! Great.

(Cell phone rings)

Thomas: (Groans) Sorry.


Thomas: I have to take this.

Caroline: Okay. (Ring)

Thomas: Hello? Yeah.

Amber: Why are you both looking at me? I don't know anything about any cross-dressing rumors. You know, it's probably started by one of those tabloids. I mean, Hope, you know first-hand just, like, how out of control they can be. (Laughs nervously)

Hope: Yeah.

Rick: You know, I-I think I would know if I was being accused of wearing women's clothing.

Amber: Yeah.

Rick: It wouldn't be just Caroline hearing about it.

Hope: There are pictures.

Rick: Of?

Hope: You wearing a dress.

Rick: Well, that's impossible.

Hope: Do you want to see them?

Hope: (Laughs)

Rick: Well... (Scoffs) Well, obviously, they're Photoshop fakes...

Hope: Yeah.

Rick: Uh, uh, though-- though they're good, but, uh, you know, it's not me. I never wore a dress in my life.

Hope: What about heels?

Rick: (Sighs) Of course not. Well... once. It was a joke. It was--it--it was a dare, you know. Amber was there. She can tell you all about it. You did this, didn't you? You set me up.

Thomas: That call was about you.

Caroline: Me?

Thomas: Well, us--dinner. I-I need you to weigh in.

Caroline: Okay.

Thomas: Okay, I made two reservations, very different restaurants. We could either go to this place on the beach in Malibu...

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

Thomas: Or rooftop dining downtown.

Caroline: Hmm. You really like to cover all your bases, don't you?

Thomas: I'm really trying to impress you. (Laughs)

Caroline: No, you did a good job.

Thomas: Thanks.

Caroline: Mm.

Thomas: Mm. So...

Caroline: Hmm?

Thomas: What's the verdict?

Caroline: Mm... beach. I feel like downtown's too urban for my mood.

Thomas: Yeah, you probably had enough of that in New York.

Caroline: I am getting really used the sunny southern California lifestyle.

Thomas: Mm-hmm.

Caroline: My mom is, too. She just rented a beach house.

Thomas: Interesting.

Caroline: Not really.

Thomas: No, it is, because you never talk about your family, yet you know everything there is to know about mine.

Caroline: (Sighs)

Thomas: But yours-- it's a mystery. For example, your mom's maiden name is Spencer, but I don't understand why it's your last name. Or did your mom take it back after your parents divorced?

Caroline: You know, I would be happy to bore you silly with the story of my life someday, but right now, I have to finish this...

Thomas: (Sighs)

Caroline: So that I can be ready for tonight.

Thomas: 30 minutes long enough?

Caroline: Sounds good.

Thomas: Okay.

Caroline: Thanks.

Thomas: See you then.

Caroline: All right.

(Door closes)

(Cell phone rings)

Caroline: Hi, Mom.

Karen: Hey. I miss my daughter. Any chance you can come out to the beach house tonight? I'll make your favorite pasta, and I'll even watch one of those horrible vampire movies with you.

Caroline: I can't tonight. I'm going out with Thomas, but soon, I promise.

Karen: Ah, the old bum's rush, huh?

Caroline: All right, well, I gotta get ready, so I'll talk to you later. Love you.

Karen: I love you, too, Sweetie. Have fun.

Rick: Answer me, Amber! Are you responsible for this?

Amber: (Scoffs) Why would I be? I mean, come on. It--it really--it doesn't-- it doesn't make any sense.

Hope: Are you kidding? This is classic Amber. Of course she's responsible. She hasn't changed. She is still devious and manipulative. Did you want me to tell him about the pills, or would you like to do that?

Amber: Oh, I was trying to help you!

Rick: What pills?

Hope: Really? Oh, you were trying to help yourself to my brother. Rick, I was taking antianxiety medication, but the pills came from Amber. She got them online and gave them to me, hoping that I would take her side over Mom's supporting your relationship with her.

Rick: Is this true?

Amber: Not the way that she's making it sound.

Hope: (Laughs)

Amber: See, I felt sorry for Hope...

Hope: Oh, yeah.

Amber: Because she was so flipped out because of the press. In fact, I didn't force you to take those pills.

Hope: No, that's true. You didnít. And I-I really should not have taken them, but I was incredibly vulnerable, and I needed relief, and you took advantage of that. Amber didn't care at all if I was put in danger. All she cared about was getting an in with you. And if I had to be collateral damage, hey... life's tough.

Rick: It's all right, Hope. I can take it from here.

Amber: Okay. You got to let me explain, okay? It is not the way that Hope made it sound.

Rick: My sister doesn't lie!

Amber: I was just trying to help her. I really was. You know, she--she's-- she's just like Brooke. She is. She hates me, and she cannot stand to see us together. We can't let them ruin it, Rick. What we have, it is too special. It's too rare. Maybe I can remind you. Just--

Rick: No! No. No more. I want you to look me in the eyes, and I want you to admit to me what you did.

Amber: Fine. (Sighs) I told Caroline that you like to wear women's clothes...

Rick: (Sighs)

Amber: And then I doctored some pictures to prove it!

Rick: I can't even believe you, Amber.

Amber: I-I just--you know, I wasn't about to lose you to some twit out of nowhere who doesn't deserve you or appreciate you. I am the one who has always been here. I have! There's always been us-- all the things that we've been through together. I mean, you--you have-- you have my kidney. I helped you survive, and right now, right as we're on, like, the brink of success, this... (Sighs) Donít. (Sighs) (Voice breaking) No. Don't look at me like that, please. What-- I mean, we can salvage this. This was just like a little mistake that I made. You know, it wasn't-- it wasn't any big deal. I mean, you know me. This happens. This happens with me. I-I--when I feel, like, scared or--or threatened in any way, it just--you know, I just-- I do crazy things, but it's-- it's just, uh... it doesn't make me a bad person, or it doesn't make my unworthy. It just... (Sighs) It just makes me, um... Amber. (Sighs) I'm flawed. (Sighs) I am. But I'm... also so--so in love in with you. (Inhales sharply) Please. (Sighs) I'm sorry. I am sorry. See? I can admit that. I can. (Sighs) I-I-I know what I did was wrong. Can we just-- just get past that, huh? Please? You forgive me? Please, Rick? Just... just say something, please. I love you, Rick.

Rick: (Sighs)

Amber: I do. And I thought I was losing you. I-I-I had to do something. And you know I do-- I do stupid things when I feel threatened. (Sniffles)

Rick: Caroline wasn't a threat.

Amber: I have eyes, Rick. The way you look at Caroline... yeah, that's the way you look-- used to look at me. (Sniffles) I would give anything to see you look at me like that again.

(Touch tones beeping)

Caroline: Hey, it's me.

Karen: Hey, Sweetie. I hope you're calling to say you changed your mind about coming for dinner tonight.

Caroline: I did. But I'm bringing Thomas.

Karen: (Sighs) Caroline.

Caroline: Mom, I hate secrets, and I don't want to keep this one anymore, especially from Thomas now that he and I are getting closer.

Karen: I really appreciate that you want to be honest with Thomas. I really do. But now is not the time. Go out to dinner and have a wonderful evening. Call me tomorrow and tell me all the details. I love you, Honey.

Caroline: All right, bye.

Thomas: Hey. Reservation's in 30. We should get going.

Caroline: Would it be really rude if I changed my mind.

Thomas: Fine. Rooftop dining, it is.

Caroline: No. I had something else in mind.

Thomas: Like?

Caroline: Taking you to meet my parents.

Thomas: Tonight, you mean?

Caroline: Yeah, I thought we could drive down to the beach house.

Thomas: Wait. Beach house?

Caroline: The one that my parents rented.

Thomas: Right. (Sighs) Sorry. Do--do they even know we're coming?

Caroline: I just got off the phone with her. It won't be a problem.

Thomas: Yeah, maybe not for Karen. She kind of digs me, but uh...

Caroline: (Laughs)

Thomas: What if your dad doesn't approve?

Caroline: Hmm. What's not to like? Let's go.

Thomas: Okay.

Caroline: (Giggles)

Thomas: (Sighs)

Brooke: Here you go. Please get my notes to Rick.

Woman: Mm-hmm. Your son has really come into his own.

Brooke: Oh, thank you, Mary Ellen.

Mary Ellen: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Hi, Hope.

Hope: Oh, hi. Hi. Hello.

Brooke: Hi. Why aren't you with Liam?

Hope: Oh, he's working late tonight. I'll go see him in a little bit. What's your excuse?

Brooke: Oh, Rick wanted some feedback on his designs, and I'm still working on that.

Hope: Hmm.

Brooke: Do you have any idea where he is?

Hope: Yeah, I do. He's at his place with Amber. But don't worry. It is not what you think. Rick is finally seeing Amber for who she really is. After tonight, she will be out of our lives forever.

Rick: You admit it-- everything that Hope said was true...

Amber: Yeah, but just...

Rick: What you lead Caroline to believe, about the drugs you supplied my sister.

Amber: Yeah, but it just...

Rick: I mean, Hope was vulnerable, Amber...

Amber: (Sighs)

Rick: And you took advantage of that.

Amber: Rick... (Sighs)

Rick: You made her think that the doctor gave her a refill, but the truth was it was you the entire time.

Amber: The truth is I was trying to help her! I was trying to help for once. I-I thought I was doing something good. I did. When her doctor wouldn't give her any more pills, she was so freaked out and... (Sniffles) I didn't know it was wrong, okay? I didn't know that there were any risks getting prescriptions online with... (Sighs) I just... (Sniffles) It was--it was so stupid. I'm so stupid, and I'm sorry, okay? I'm really sorry. And I swear-- God, I swear I will never do anything like that again.

Rick: Now how many times have I heard that?

Amber: Rick, please, I mean it.

Rick: No, I went to the mat for you, Amber... against everyone. Nobody wanted you back in our lives. But I believed-- I believed--you made me believe that you changed...

Amber: (Sniffles)

Rick: Because of Rosey, because you wanted a better life for that little girl, better than the messed-up one that Tawny gave you.

Amber: I do. (Sobs) I do. I want such a wonderful life for her. I want her to have a family that she can proud of.

Rick: Yeah, I'll tell you who she can be proud of-- Marcus. He's a good parent.

Amber: I know. But he's marrying Dayzee, and soon they're gonna have kids of their own, and you know what that means. (Whispers) We can get past this, Rick. We can. (Sniffles) (Sniffles) Please... (Sighs) Just say that we can. (Sniffles)

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