B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/4/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/4/12


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Eric: Why isn't Karen coming?

Ridge: Some kind of emergency at work. She's on her way back to New York.

Stephanie: Oh, I'm so sad to hear that. I was-- (Chuckles) It would have been so nice to spend some time with her.

Eric: Hmm.

Brooke: I promised her we'd take good care of her daughter.

Ridge: Well, obviously, you are. She's been here one day, and we're already throwing a party for her.

Stephanie and Eric: (Chuckle)

Brooke: That's right.

Katie: Hello! Hi!

Brooke: Oh, good, they're here. Hi.

Katie: You look beautiful! Mwah! (Laughs)

Brooke: You, too. (Chuckles)

Bill: Everyone.

Brooke: Hi, Bill.

Katie: (Chuckles)

Brooke: (Gasps) Welcome! (Chuckles)

Caroline: (Chuckles) Thank you so much for inviting me.

Brooke: Of course. I'd like to introduce you to Eric and Stephanie Forrester.

Caroline: Oh, it is so lovely meeting both of you.

Eric: Caroline, hello.

Stephanie: It's so nice to see you. I'm sorry that your mother's not going to be here.

Caroline: Oh, work keeps her busy, but she loves it, though. Your home is so beautiful. My aunt lived here?

Stephanie: Yes. Oh, yes, she did.

Caroline: It gives me a place to picture her. I've heard how important you were to her, Mrs. Forrester, all of you. It's--it's so wonderful to be here where she felt so much love.

Brooke: Come on. Let me show you around.

Stephanie: Did you feel that, too? It-- it's almost as though we had Caroline back.

Thorne: Hey.

Taylor: Oh.

Thorne: Mm.

Taylor: (Chuckles)

Thorne: Water?

Taylor: Thank you.

Thorne: (Chuckles) Well, Caroline seems to be fitting in.

Taylor: Yeah, I just wish Steffy could be here. I think they would really get along.

Thorne: Yeah. She's not up for it?

Taylor: It's too soon.

Brooke: Are these two adorable, or what?

Hope: (Laughs)

Liam: (Laughs)

Caroline: Oh, extremely. You think that you've been in love, and then you see this.

Hope: (Giggles)

Brooke: What about you, Caroline? Do you have anybody special back home?

Caroline: (Chuckles) I wish that I could say that I'm breaking some guy's heart ... (Laughs) Coming out here, but... (Sighs)

Liam: That's my cue to talk to my dad.

All: (Laughing)

Brooke: Caroline, would you like something to drink? Champagne maybe?

Caroline: Oh, sure.

Brooke: Great. I'll get Rick to get you a glass.

Hope: (Chuckles) Sorry about that. My mom isn't always such a, um--

Caroline: Matchmaker?

Hope: Yes, that. (Laughs)

Caroline: It's okay. Rick's cute. I don't mind. Now that your life is so perfect, I'm sure she just wants something for your brother.

Hope: Right. Perfect... (Chuckles) Yeah.

Caroline: Oh, I'm so sorry. I know that you've had your share of troubles lately.

Hope: Yeah, being called a "fraud" and a "hypocrite." Yeah, it's kind of a crazy time in my life. (Chuckles) It's nice to make a new friend, though.

Eric: Dayzee, Marcus, hi. I'm glad you're here.

Dayzee: Hi.

Marcus: Hey.

Eric: Let me introduce you to our guest of honor.

Dayzee: Hi!

Stephanie: I thought you were gonna bring Rosey.

Marcus: Oh, no, she's with Amber today.

Stephanie: Oh, oh. Did you set a date?

Dayzee: Oh, we've been throwing some ideas around.

Marcus: Mm-hmm.

Eric: Caroline, I want to introduce you to my son Marcus.

Caroline: Oh, it's good to meet you.

Marcus: Yes, and you.

Stephanie: Oh, and this is my very dear friend Dayzee, Marcus' fiancée. Caroline, Dayzee.

Dayzee: Hi.

Caroline: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Eric: They were only recently engaged.

Caroline: Congratulations!

Dayzee: Thank you.

Caroline: That is wonderful.

Amber: Hello, everyone! So sorry we're late. Look, Rosey, there's Uncle Rick. Say "Hi, Uncle Rick!" (Giggles) Oh, look at. Go see Daddy. Hi. Oh, oh, Caroline. I am so happy we're having this party for you. Welcome to our little family! (Laughs)

(Indistinct conversations)

Brooke: Caroline? Excuse me. I'd like to apologize.

Caroline: Is something wrong?

Brooke: Well, if Amber said anything inappropriate, she can be really abrasive.

Caroline: Oh, no. Oh, my goodness. No, she's--she was lovely.

Brooke: Oh. Well, that's one way to describe her. (Chuckles)

Caroline: (Chuckles)

Brooke: Thomas, did Steffy call? Did she change her mind about coming?

Thomas: I doubt it.

Caroline: I'm sorry your sister couldn't make it.

Thomas: She's going through a tough time.

Stephanie: Yes, it's very difficult to come to a party, when you show up, uh, that your, uh, husband is with another woman.

Brooke: You'll meet her eventually, probably become fast friends.

Stephanie: The baby's asleep up in one of the guest rooms, so I guess that means Amber's gonna stick around for a couple of hours.

Brooke: (Sighs) So it appears.

Stephanie: Yeah. Well, maybe, Rick, you should take her somewhere, just the two of you.

Brooke: No. No, Rick is here... for Caroline, just like all of us are.

Stephanie: (Chuckles) Speaking of which, may I have everybody's attention? Ding, ding, ding, ding. I thought maybe it'd be nice just to say a few welcoming words to Caroline. Gosh, it seems, um, after so many years, a little strange, but also wonderful, to say that name aloud in this house. Your aunt was such a wonderful woman, and we have so many wonderful memories of her. You remind me of her. Welcome to L.A. I hope you stay.

Ridge: Hear, hear.

Stephanie: Hear, hear.

Thomas: Cheers.

Caroline: Thank you. (Laughs) You're so kind!

Stephanie: Not at all.

Caroline: All of you. I-I just never thought that I would feel so at home.

Hope: I know it must have been really hard, leaving your mom and your friends in New York. But Forrester Creations is such a great place, especially if you love fashion.

Caroline: I do. (Laughs)

Hope: You're going to learn a lot from Ridge and Eric.

Thomas: My dad and granddad-- they're masters.

Rick: Well, it wouldn't be so bad working with young folks.

Caroline: (Chuckles)

Rick: Caroline, let me just say how excited I am-- we all are-- to have you on board.

Brooke: I had a great feeling about you when I saw your sketches. And then when I met you, I knew that you were somebody very special. We all have worked very hard and long at Forrester Creations for many, many years, and there comes a time when you just have to pass on the torch to the younger generation-- Rick, Hope, Thomas, Steffy. And they're all going to need some very good designers-- and not just designers with raw talent, but designers who have style and sophistication and talent. Working at Forrester means fitting in with the family, becoming a part of the family, so to speak. And you, Caroline, have done just that.

Caroline: Thank you.

Brooke: Is there anything else anybody would like to add?

Amber: I do! (Laughs) On behalf of me and my daughter Rosey Forrester, I would like to welcome you to Los Angeles. (Chuckles)

Rick: Amber, this is not--not--not a good time.

Amber: What? (Chuckles) You know, Brooke's right. You'd be an amazing fit here at Forrester. And it's a-- it's a very special place to work at. It really is, you know, if you decide to stay. As I am, uh, working with Rick, I'm sure there's plenty of room for all of us. Of course, um, you got a lot to learn. I mean, come on, let's face it-- you're new. (Chuckles) You're inexperienced, but don't be afraid or get intimidated, you know, just 'cause you see what great designs Eric has or you know, I don't know, what an amazing team... (Chuckles) Rick and I make together. We've all been at this a really long time, and we've shared a-- a-a lot of our lives together. But you'll get there, you know? It just takes a little, you know, time and experience. And Rick and I, we would be more than happy to let you learn from us. So cheers, hmm? (Sighs) Mm.

Caroline: Thank you, everyone. I feel so welcomed. And you're right, Hope. Moving away from home and leaving my friends and family behind, it's--it's intimidating. But having the opportunity to work at Forrester, an industry legend... (Chuckles) I never imagined that this could happen. There's so many reasons for me to choose to come here-- new friendships, new family. Uncle Bill, your wife is so charming.

Katie: (Chuckles)

Caroline: And Katie, I would love the opportunity to spend more time with you. And now I have a cousin.

Hope: (Chuckles)

Caroline: Liam, you're just-- you're so cool and sweet, and you make me laugh, and I just--I wish that we could have grown up together, riding bikes and climbing trees.

Liam: And what? We can't still?

Stephanie: (Laughs)

Caroline: (Laughs) Yes. Why not? (Laughs)

Hope: (Laughs)

Caroline: It's never too late to get to know family... even my aunt. You know, I don't know why it took me so long to come out here and to see where Caroline lived. It's strange. You know, I-I never knew her, but I always felt this-- this special kinship with her. Could be the sharing the name thing, but I always felt like it was more. And being here with all of you, I'm sure it is. And I feel her presence here. It makes my work for the foundation even more real.

Brooke: What foundation?

Caroline: The Caroline Spencer Cancer Foundation.

Bill: Caroline's on the board, our chief fund-raiser.

Ridge: I didn't know that.

Caroline: Oh, it's been my passion for the past few years-- raising money for cancer research in honor of the woman I was named for. It's--the foundation is very important to me. All of our events have been in New York. I guess that's why you weren't aware. But I'll have to change that. (Giggles)

Stephanie: Oh, that'd be wonderful. I mean, if you'd let us, I'm sure we'd all love to be involved.

Caroline: Would you like to see a video I made?

Stephanie: Sure.

Eric: Sure, let's see it.

Ridge: Yes, we would.

Hope: Yeah. Yeah.

Caroline: My skills are in design, not in video-making. (Laughter) Still, I'm-- I'm really proud of this. My mom had all these photos of Caroline and these videos from years ago. I don't know where they came from.

Thorne: Uh, from me, I think. I remembered giving Karen a whole box of stuff.

(Soft music begins)

Caroline: The Caroline Spencer Cancer Foundation was formed with one goal in mind-- finding a cure. Caroline Spencer Forrester was a brave woman, full of grace and elegance. Cancer took her from her loved ones much too early. But the foundation passionately carries on in the battle she lost. Our commitment to this cause has already helped thousands of lives all over the world, and we will not stop. It is our mission to continue fighting this horrible disease in honor of Caroline. In her memory, we work hard to fund research, educate the public, and strive for nothing less than eradicating cancer once and for all.

Brooke: Can it be any more clear how well Caroline would fit in and how perfectly suited the two of you would be?

Rick: For work?

Brooke: Or maybe more I saw the way you were looking at her.

Rick: Yeah, well, you know, she's a knockout. Anybody could see that.

Brooke: Well, just think, you could work side by side with a beautiful, dignified woman, somebody at her age who started a cancer foundation, or you could work with Amber Moore.

Rick: I'm not gonna kick Amber to the curb. Look, the--the line is good. I understand your reservations, but I don't want her pushed aside.

Ridge: Good news is she's not an actual employee, so you won't have to.

Rick: I want that changed. I want her officially attached to my line. I want her on payroll, health benefits, parking spot, the works.

Brooke: (Scoffs)

Ridge: Mm-hmm. That would be a no.

Rick: Let's not argue about it.

Ridge: Look, if you want her to continue drawing with you, you do it far away from me. And you pay her out of your damn trust fund. I really don't care. I'm not bringing her back into this company.

Brooke: There's really no reason to, not when Caroline can do a much better job. Just think about it.

Liam: You did a really good job, Caroline. The web site's cool.

Caroline: Thank you.

Katie: You know, Liam does a lot of work on the web for Spencer Publications.

Caroline: Oh.

Liam: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Um, you know what? Excuse me for one second. I'm gonna go get some water, okay?

Liam: Okay.

Hope: (Exhales) (Exhales) (Sighs)

Taylor: I know the signs.

Thomas: The signs?

Taylor: You're smitten. You've got that sparkle in your eyes.

Thomas: (Chuckles)

Taylor: You've got the biggest grin on your face...

Thomas: Come on. What?

Taylor: From ear to ear. Yes. You haven't been able to take your eyes off her for two seconds.

Thomas: Who? Caroline? (Sighs) Okay, I'm not gonna deny it. I-I find her attractive.

Ridge: Find who attractive?

Thomas: (Clears throat) Caroline. Who wouldn't? (Chuckles) Uh, dad, I-I've been thinking. I know Brooke has it in her head that Rick's gonna work with Caroline, and let's be honest, he could use the help, but... (Scoffs) Come on. How much are we really going to invest in his line? It--it's--it's ridiculous that Amber and him even have one in the first place. Dad, he's not even a designer. I am. Okay. Look, I messed up. Look, I understand that. But I've paid my dues.

Ridge: Yes, Thomas, you certainly have. I've been thinking about this, too. I would love for you to have another chance.

Thomas: R-really?

Ridge: Yeah.

Thomas: (Chuckles)

Ridge: Maybe immediately. We'll have to work on the timing of it all.

Thomas: Okay.

Ridge: Okay.

Thomas: Dad, if... if you're gonna give me another shot, just please, make it with Caroline.

Brooke: Amber's been watching us like a hawk.

Rick: Oh, please.

Brooke: You don't see it?

Rick: What?

Brooke: You didn't hear how she was pretending that you two were a couple? She was pretending, wasn't she?

Rick: I like Amber, but we're not in a relationship, if that's what you're wondering.

Brooke: Well, maybe you should tell her that.

Rick: Well, maybe I want to keep my options open with Amber.

Brooke: Oh, Rick, please, don't scare me. Caroline is an extraordinary young lady. She's beautiful. She's poised. She's elegant. And maybe you won't end up with her, but maybe somebody like her. Not Amber. Look at her over there with Marcus, manipulating something, I'm sure. She had to use her baby to get in here today. Is that what you want? A life full of lies and deceit?

Rick: (Sighs)

Brooke: I care about you. And I want what's best for you. You deserve to have somebody by your side that you're proud of first at work, and then, who knows? But you had your life with Amber. And that's all in the past. It's over, and for good reason. Just get her out of your life. Stop working with her, and do it today.

Rick: (Sighs)

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