B&B Transcript Tuesday 2/28/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 2/28/12


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Brooke: I thought you were going to bring little Logan.

Bridget: Oh, Mom, your grandson does need an education.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Eric: He's still a toddler.

Owen: Do you have any idea how hard it is to get kids into preschool these days?

Bridget: Well, you think he's smart enough to start applying for college.

Owen: Well, the kid's a genius.

Brooke: (Chuckles)

Owen: Takes after his mother.

Bridget: Owen already has him reading tide charts. (Whispers) No joke.

Brooke: (Chuckles) Oh, wow.

Owen: Priorities.

Brooke: So things are going well?

Owen: Y-yeah, actually, um, that's why we're here today.

Bridget: We want to talk to you. It's about Jackie

Owen: And, uh, we hope that you both understand.

Eric: (Sighs)

Jackie: (Sighs)

Owen: You're not making any sense right now.

Jackie: Oh, I'll tell you what doesn't make any sense-- two loving parents who live apart but shouldn't have to, not when they feel about a child and each other the way that I know you and Bridget do.

Owen: No, Jackie, I love you, okay?

Jackie: Oh, God, I'm not questioning your love, and I never will, but this is not about me and it's not about you. It's about a little boy. It's about Logan and what he needs.

Owen: Listen, you're one classy... selfless dame. And I'm always gonna love you, and I'm never gonna forget you. (Sighs)

Jackie: But your future is... (Sniffles) it's somewhere else now, isn't it? But we will always, always have our memories. (Sniffles)

Hope: (Sighs) (Sighs)

Hope: (Sighs)

Katie: All right, you said it was an "aunt emergency," so here I am. What's going on?

Hope: Ohh, you're here. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you.

Katie: What's up?

Hope: Well, I'm kind of a wreck.

Katie: Hmm.

Hope: And I don't know what to do, and I need your advice.

Katie: Okay, on what?

Hope: Um, I'm--I'm writing the Hope for the Future blog right now-- all these young women who look up to me, who admire me. And, um, if they knew the truth, I...

Katie: (Chuckles)

Hope: Ohh. (Sighs) I'm usually so put-together, but right now, I am not.

Katie: You have writer's block?

Hope: Not exactly, no. Um, more like hypocrisy is the problem.

Katie: I don't get it.

Hope: (Sighs) I don't know how much longer I can wait.

Katie: Ah.

Hope: Katie, I feel like I am in a pressure cooker! I can't concentrate. I can't think straight. I... (Scoffs) (Inhales deeply) this is supposed to be the happiest time of my life, and I ju-- I just want to be married.

Jackie: (Sighs)

Nick: Hey, this t-shirt made its way into my room somehow, and it sort of reeks. It doesn't look like your style. I thought you might know--

Jackie: Give me that. Give me that.

Nick: What do you want with a dirty old t-shirt?

Jackie: It's Owen's, if you must know.

Nick: I thought you packed all his stuff up when he moved in with Bridget.

Jackie: I may have held onto it. I wanted to keep something of his.

Nick: You could have kept him, Mother, but you decided to give him to Bridget.

Jackie: I did it for Logan.

Nick: Want me to put it in the wash machine for you and--

Jackie: No. No, I don't. I actually like the way it smells... like Owen.

Nick: You miss him, don't you?

Jackie: Terribly. I'll always love him. But I'm happy. I'm--I'm happy for his little boy.

Nick: It's a big sacrifice you made, Mother.

Jackie: Worth it, though. I mean, really, Logan has a family, and that's what's important.

Bridget: Dad, I'm sure you have some... well, hard feelings just because of the stolen designs and all that stuff that went on.

Eric: Never mind that. Now what is this about Jackie? Is she ill?

Owen: No, no. It's nothing like that.

Brooke: She's not trying to come between you.

Bridget: No, no.

Brooke: But you still care for her.

Bridget: Mom, Owen has been the best. He loves Logan so much. I could not have possibly asked for a better father. And I know that you will continue to be an amazing dad.

Eric: Bridget, what is it? What--what are you trying to say?

Bridget: Dad, Owen just-- he misses Jackie, and Jackie misses him, I'm sure. We've done a lot of soul searching, and we have come to a decision.

Owen: I'm going back to Jackie.

Brooke: So you're going back to Jackie?

Bridget: It--it's the right thing to do, Mom. She made a huge sacrifice for Logan's sake.

Eric: Yeah, so that his parents would be together.

Bridget: She gave up the man that she loves so that we could all be a family. It was a beautiful selfless gesture, but Owen has... (Sighs) I mean, you've sacrificed a lot, too. And we have a great, great, great relationship as parents, but nothing--nothing more. What we've shared has never become a real marriage. I mean, we're great friends, and... (Chuckles) we love each other dearly, and we will always be great friends. And we have the most beautiful child. The woman that Owen loves is Jackie. It's not me. She is the one that he wants to share his life with.

Owen: Look, I adore your daughter.

Bridget: (Chuckles)

Owen: And I always will. But I never should have left Jackie.

Brooke: Is Jackie aware of all this?

Eric: Does she know what the two of you have decided?

Owen: No, no, not yet.

Eric: Well, I would be prepared if I were you. She may not want to take you back.

Nick: Mother, it's me here.

Jackie: (Sighs)

Nick: You having second thoughts?

Jackie: (Sighs) Bridget, Logan, and Owen are a sweet little family.

Nick: That doesn't answer my question.

Jackie: (Scoffs)

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: I gotta take this. Joe, hey, what's going on with these press releases? I need a timeline.

Jackie: (Sighs) (Clears throat)

Nick: Hi. Me, again.

Jackie: (Chuckles)

Nick: Let's get back to answering my question.

Jackie: Do I regret letting Owen go? Every second of every single day. But then I think about Logan, and I make peace with it.

Nick: You're a pretty special woman.

Jackie: They are a family, Nicky, and I'm not going to do anything to jeopardize that.

Katie: So you don't think you can wait?

Hope: (Sighs) Six months! How am I supposed to wait that long? I am already losing my mind. I can't even imagine what Liam is going through.

Katie: Is he pressuring you?

Hope: No, but I-I think that he's starting to get really worried.

Katie: About what?

Hope: Whether or--or not I'm--I'm ready to be intimate, or--or he's worried that I'm maybe afraid of it or something, which is--is so... not the case. (Scoffs) This girl-- this girl can do no wrong-- I, um... I don't know her. I cannot relate to her at all right now. I'm a woman who wants to be with the man she loves, but I can't, because we're not married, because Steffy won't sign the damn annulment papers, and because I told the whole world I would wait.

Katie: And there's the hypocrisy.

Hope: So what do I do?

Brooke: Poor Bridget. (Sighs) Another breakup.

Eric: She seems to be handling it pretty well.

Brooke: Yes. I guess... it's probably for the best... (Sighs) If it's not working out, right?

Eric: I had no idea they were living together as just friends.

Brooke: No intimacy-- that's not good for Bridget

Eric: No, no. It's not right. She deserves more and... I can't fault Owen for this, though.

Brooke: I knew Owen and Jackie had a strong bond, but I didn't realize it was unbreakable. (Sighs)

Nick: Mother... (Sighs) I don't want to break Bridget's family apart, but... if Owen wants to come back to you--

Jackie: No, Nicky, don't. Stop. Please, don't--don't even think it, say it, nothing. I mean, I just can't let my heart go there. It took so much for me to let them go, and as painful as that is, I have to live with it.

Nick: But he's already-- he's already come to you. Maybe you should reach out to him.

Jackie: They're a family. It's what I wanted. And I won't put myself first. Yes, miss Owen. But I'm not going to ask him to come back to me ever. He's where he belongs.

(Doorbell rings)

Nick: Are you expecting anyone?

Jackie: No, I'm not.

Nick: Hello, Bridget.

Bridget: Hi. I'm sorry to come in unannounced.

Jackie: (Clears throat) Hello. (Chuckles) Nice to see you.

Bridget: Oh, well, thanks. It's good to see you, too.

Nick: So what brings you here? Um.. actually here to talk to your mom. Jackie, I need to talk to you about Owen, and please just promise me you'll listen.

Katie: Honey, this has to be your decision.

Hope: (Sighs) But I-I don't trust myself, Aunt Katie. I just--my head is spinning, and I don't know what to do. That's why I need your opinion. Okay, please, just tell me is it cruel making him wait?

Katie: Your heart will tell you what to do.

Hope: When?

Katie: I don't know-- maybe six months from now, maybe tomorrow. You can't put so much pressure on yourself. That's part of the problem.

Hope: You're right. I-I am putting a lot of pressure on myself. I mean, I've gotten so wrapped up in my message that I've--I've placed all these boundaries around me, and I... what am I doing? I mean, aren't we supposed to live every day like it's our last?

Katie: You don't have to come up with the answers today.

Hope: No, I-I--it's getting ridiculous. I can't drag this out any longer, okay? Liam is a saint for putting up with me.

Katie: Liam loves you. He'll wait if that's what you decide.

Hope: Yeah, I know he will. And that just... makes me love him and want him even more. Oh, I just wish Steffy weren't so stubborn and manipulative. I-I just--I-I am so sick of her controlling our lives. I have to start living my life for me, nobody else. But I'm scared.

Hope: (Sighs)

Katie: You have to live your life yourself, Hope. Your happiness is more important than any clothing line or ad campaign.

Hope: Yeah, but I'm a role model to so many young women, and I can't take that lightly.

Katie: And you shouldn't. But your message has always been about choice, right, about making your own decisions. You haven't tried to dictate how people should live their lives. You've just said that it's okay if girls want to wait, if that's what they choose. It's their decision. It's self-determination. You shouldn't let anyone pressure you into doing anything that you don't want to do. That's your message.

Hope: (Sighs) My relationship with Liam is sacred, and I made it so public. (Sighs)

Katie: Honey, circumstances change. Yours are completely different from what they were, from what you thought they were when you had that press conference.

Hope: (Sighs) Which was so stupid! I got so ahead of myself. I told everybody that Liam and I were going to get married the very next day. How could I think that Steffy was going to make it that easy for us? Of course she's not. She is going to drag it out as long as she can until that divorce is final.

Katie: Well, it's not fair...

Hope: (Sighs)

Katie: But it's the way it is.

Hope: I've gone on record- I am Hope Logan waiting until marriage. It's like that's become my identity now.

Katie: Hope, that does not define you.

Hope: (Sighs)

Katie: That is a facet of your life. It's not who you are or were. It is a public persona, an image. It doesn't make you you.

Hope: (Sighs) This shouldn't be this hard. (Sighs)

Katie: (Chuckles)

Hope: Liam and I have done everything we're supposed to do. We have waited so long to be together. No more. I'm done waiting. There's so much inside me that says it's--it's okay. I think I'm ready.

Katie: And I will support you 100% if that's what you decide. Honey, if you make that choice, you don't have to announce it to the world, okay? This is your life, your business, your body, your relationship. This is between you and Liam and no one else.

Hope: I love Liam. He loves me.

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Hope: We're completely committed to each other. We're so tired of waiting, we can hardly stand it, so why should we? Yeah. (Scoffs) yes, I'm--I'm ready! I'm so ready! Oh, my gosh!

Katie: (Laughs)

Hope: Aunt Katie, thank you so much! You--you are the best.

Katie: (Clicks tongue)

Nick: Well, girls, this feels a little awkward, but, Bridget, I think I might know why you're here.

Bridget: Well, you might be surprised.

Nick: I don't think so. I know you pretty well. You're perceptive, and you're smart. You've got a great heart. And my guess is there's a few problems at home.

Jackie: Nicky.

Nick: Mother, let's be honest with one another. Now you never got divorced from Owen. The truth is, I think he's still in love with my mother.

Jackie: Nicky, stop.

Nick: No, Mother. Bridget needs to know the truth.

Jackie: There is nothing to know. Logan is my top priority. I-I love that child.

Bridget: I know.

Jackie: I will continue to put his needs above my own. I-I am not going to interfere with your family. You have got nothing to be concerned about.

Bridget: But I am concerned.

Jackie: Well, you needn't be.

Bridget: Well, it's--it's not about you. It's about Owen. He is not happy. He's not fulfilled. And it's because he's in love with you. Nick is right.

Jackie: Oh, you see what you've done? Do you see? Do--do not listen to him. He doesn't know what he's talking about.

Bridget: Oh, really? Well, he can be intuitive when he wants to be. Jackie, you have given up so much for Logan and me. And I'm eternally grateful. You have given Owen and me the opportunity to share in some very special milestones with our child. We were both there when he took his first step. Owen's been there all these nights when he's been teething and--

Jackie: That's what I wanted.

Bridget: Owen's a very good dad. He's a great co-parent. He's very loyal. He's a--he's a good friend. And he will always be a part of our family.

Jackie: Of course. You're always going to be a family.

Bridget: We will. We just won't be a family together, because Owen is yours, Jackie.

Jackie: What?

(Door opens)

Owen: I'm coming home, Jackie.

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