B&B Transcript Thursday 2/16/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 2/16/12


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Rick: So... (Sighs) where did Liam take you?

Hope: (Sighs) To Santa Barbara.

Rick: Oh. It's so beautiful up there this time of year.

Hope: I know. I know. Spring comes early up there.

Rick: Mm-hmm.

Hope: I wish it were the same for me and Liam.

Rick: Maybe it will be.

Hope: Oh, I doubt that. Steffy will not allow that. She--she's going to make us wait the entire six months until that divorce goes through.

Rick: Uh, she could change her mind.

Hope: Uh, do you know something I don't?

Rick: I'm older than you. I know a lot more than you do.

Hope: Oh, then you obviously don't know Steffy.

Rick: Steffy is gonna be busy with the Intimates line.

Hope: Yeah, modeling her product for my husband.

Rick: Not while I'm around.

Hope: You don't even work in the same office.

Rick: I am now. I'm working with Steffy.

Hope: Since when?

Rick: Since today.

Hope: You left Couture for Intimates?

Rick: Yeah. It's, um, it's more my style, don't you think?

Hope: (Laughs)

Katie: Oh. Hi.

Hope: Hey.

Katie: That was a quick drive up the coast.

Hope: Yeah. It was much needed, too. Uh, sounds like some things have been changing around here.

Rick: Katie, I was just telling Hope about, uh, my combat duty working with Steffy.

Katie: Really?

Hope: Uh-huh.

Katie: Is that all you told her?

Steffy: So it's official? The papers are filed?

Liam: As of this morning, yeah.

Steffy: So what, you and Hope, you guys are gonna celebrate or something?

Liam: I just wanted to let you know, Steffy.

Steffy: (Sighs) Look, I-I'm... I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound sarcastic.

Liam: Yeah, I'm sorry, too.

Steffy: Are you?

Liam: Uh, look, Steffy, I mean, divorce isn't easy for anyone.

Steffy: Yeah., Easy when you have a plan "B."

Liam: (Sighs) Are you gonna be okay?

Steffy: Oh, uh... yeah. Yeah. I don't, uh, I don't want you worrying about me. It's not what either of us needs. Good-bye, Liam.

Bill: You just told Steffy, didn't you?

Liam: Yep. It's official over.

Rick: (Clears throat)

Katie: So, um, why didn't we tell her?

Rick: My sister's got a lot on her mind right now.

Katie: You really think this is gonna work? You're gonna be able to get Steffy to show some interest in you?

Rick: Well, it's gonna be more than interest. She's gonna fall head over heels in love with me.

Katie: (Laughs)

Rick: Steffy and I, we got a, uh, history.

Katie: Yeah, pretty strained, if I recall.

Rick: Oh, it was more than that.

Katie: (Scoffs)

Rick: Listen, Steffy is gonna sign the annulment papers. It's not gonna take six months, either.

Katie: Six weeks?

Rick: If that.

Katie: (Laughs)

Katie: Confident, aren't we?

Rick: I know women. (Clears throat)

Katie: Cocky, too.

Rick: I know that woman particularly well.

Katie: Steffy's perceptive. You can't be transparent or else she's gonna catch on.

Rick: Hey, look who you’re talking to here.

Katie: So what's your strategy?

Rick: Well, Steffy's obsessed with Liam. I gotta break her of that, and I will.

Katie: Maybe you and Steffy are more alike than you think.

Bill: So you filed the divorce papers.

Liam: It should have been annulment papers, but yeah.

Bill: Can you blame Steffy for not wanting an annulment?

Liam: I don't blame Steffy for any of this. You, on the other hand...

Bill: Nothing I did was motivated by anything other than my son's best interest.

Liam: Your best interest, you mean?

Marcus: Hey, you wanted to see me? Hey, Aunt Katie.

Katie: Hey, Marcus. Good luck, Rick.

Rick: I'm not gonna need it, Katie. Hey, leave the door open, will you?

Katie: Sure.

Marcus: Boy, you're gonna need all the luck you can get if what I hear is true-- you and Steffy working on Intimates?

Rick: Yeah. Yeah, she's calling the shots.

Marcus: And you're okay with that?

Rick: I'm more than okay. I'm...

Steffy: Oh.

Rick: I'm good with it, actually. Um, you know, it's what I want.

Marcus: Why?

Rick: Well, the lingerie line, you know, working, uh, up close with Steffy, uh... come on, Marcus, you can connect the dots.

Marcus: Oh.

Marcus:  So you want me to get you caught up with the speed of the last three collections that Steffy put out. Is there thing else?

Rick: Yeah, can you get Madison to bring some flowers or someone?

Marcus: Flowers?

Rick: Yeah. Yeah. I-I-I-I want to soften up the look in here, maybe put something on the table, maybe something on the desk, too.

Marcus: But you'll be working mostly in Steffy's office, though, right?

Rick: Well, she'll be working in here, too.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Rick: I want her to be comfortable. You had a--you had a thing with her, right?

Marcus: Yeah, but that was long ago. Remember, you sent me to Paris and you stole Steffy from me?

Rick: Uh, that doesn't ring a bell.

Marcus: Right.

Rick: But you're still tight with her, right?

Marcus: Yeah, we're cool. We're friends.

Rick: Yeah? You put in a good word for me?

Marcus: You're interested in Steffy?

Rick: Well, why wouldn't I be? She's beautiful and talented and she's gotta be, like, the sexiest woman on the planet.

Marcus: Well, I can't argue with you there.

Rick: Well, you know, I was talking with her this morning, and you know, she gave me a hard time. I gave her a hard time back. I love that about her, you know? She--she--she's something else, that girl.

Marcus: Well, did you tell her how you feel?

Rick: No. She'd laugh in my face.

Marcus: So what are you gonna do about that?

Rick: Well, I'm--I'm gonna do what she does best, you know, help her put out a great line. Maybe she'll start seeing me in a different light, at least I hope so. Listen, I don't want this getting around the building. So if you could keep this private, I I'd really appreciate that.

Marcus: Hey, I don't even know what you're talking about right now, okay? Mum's the word.

Rick: Close the door on the way out.

Marcus: Yeah. I'll get back to you on this.

Rick: All right.

Marcus: All right.

Steffy: Did you really mean any of that?

Hope: (Sighs)

Katie: Hey.

Hope:  Hi.

Katie: Do you want to grab a bite?

Hope: Um... (Sighs) I would. I'm just--I'm kind of too busy right now.

Katie: Are you sure? You look like you could use a break.

Hope: (Scoffs) Yeah. I wish Steffy would give me a break. I'm sorry. Every--everyone keeps telling me how fast six months is gonna go by. (Inhales sharply)

Katie: Mm. Try not to think about.

Hope: (Sighs) Impossible. (Laughs)

Katie: Well, Liam will wait, and in the meantime, the two of you should go have fun together. You--you do that well.

Hope: Yeah. It's, uh, it's not the same now.

Katie: Why not?

Hope: Because we should be married. Like, that's the elephant in the room any time we're together. I mean... and I want to make love to my husband, but he's not.

Liam: I will handle it. I'll handle it. Just send me the specs. I know. I'm sorry. I'm--what do you want me to say? Hope is sorry, too. O-okay, thanks. Jeez, it's all over the Internet-- the wedding that never was.

Bill: You'll have your wedding.

Liam: Yeah, well, I shouldn't have to wait for it.

Bill: I hope you don't think I had anything to do with this.

Liam: Did you?

Bill: I had no idea Steffy wasn't going to sign the annulment papers.

Liam: Right. You're just glad she didn't.

Bill: Yeah, I am. If you're honest with yourself, I think you are, too.

Liam: (Sighs)

Rick: I don't--I don't know what you're talking about.

Steffy: Yes, you do.  The things you were just saying to Marcus.

Rick: What? (Stammers) Were you eavesdropping?

Steffy: Uh, the door was open... or was that intentional?

Rick: OK, you know what? I'm done here. So just, you know, call me when you're ready to work.

Steffy: Um, okay. Uh, where are you going?

Rick: Right. This is my office.

Steffy: Yeah.

Rick: (Sighs)

Steffy: You really feel that way about me?

Rick: Uh... (Scoffs) how much did you actually hear?

Steffy: Enough. Just answer the question. You still have the hots for me?

Rick: No.

Steffy: Rick, come on.

Rick: All right, you know, I-I don't hate you. Can we just leave it at that?

Katie: Liam isn't your husband yet, but he will be.

Hope: Yeah. (Sighs) In 180 days.

Katie: It might happen sooner than you think.

Hope: Mm. Careful, Aunt Katie. (Sighs) I start wishing for that and then I'm really in trouble. (Sighs)

Katie: Well, look at it this way...

Hope: (Sighs)

Katie: You have time to plan the perfect wedding.

Hope: You know what I really want more than a wedding? A wedding night. Aunt Katie, I-I want to share something with Liam that I have never shared with anybody else. And--and sometimes I feel like I'm waiting for this special moment that will always elude me.

Katie: You know, Hope, in a lot of ways, you and Liam are already married. I mean, you're just missing the piece of paper. It won't change your commitment to him. It won't change your love for him. It's already etched in your heart. You don't need it to be written down on some court document. You can love Liam right now. You already do.

Liam: Let's get something straight, okay? I am ready to marry Hope-- yesterday, today, tomorrow. I do not need to wait, so spare the lecture, okay?

Bill: Are you ever gonna forgive me?

Liam: I don't know. It'd be a lot easier if I thought it wouldn't happen again.

Bill: It won't.

Liam: And yet you keep on pitching Steffy to me every chance you get.

Bill: I'll stop. You want to marry Hope, marry Hope, but give Steffy her due. Give her the 6-month waiting period. In the meantime, act like you're married.

Liam: (Sighs)

Bill: Call it a test run. Move in with Hope, see how it goes.

Liam: Yeah, there's a problem with that.

Bill: What problem?

Liam: Did you happen to see Hope's press conference the other day?

Bill: Can't say that I did. It wasn't top ten on my priority list.

Liam: Well... she's on record reaffirming her position about abstinence until marriage.

Bill:  Of course, she did.  Here we go again.

Steffy: You actually have some feelings?

Rick: (Sighs) Yeah, I-I-I can see that this is gonna become public knowledge soon just-just tell me you didn't record that conversation with Marcus.

Steffy: No, I was too stunned to do anything but listen. I still can't believe it.

Rick: Then don't.

Steffy: “Oh, Marcus, I really hope she can see me differently.”

Rick: Steffy.

Steffy: "I sure hope so."

Rick: Come on.

Steffy: I-I'm sorry, okay? This is just totally out of the blue--Too much out of the blue, like, this morning, we were talking,--and it was like you didn't even care.

Rick: I still don't like what you did to my sister.

Steffy: But you're not gonna hold it against me.

Rick: I don't like to see you hurting, And I know that you are.

Steffy: (Sighs) Why does that even matter too you?

Rick:  It just does.

Steffy: Yeah, you did love me once.. yeah, I think.

Rick: You didn't know?

Steffy: You know it was just a… a little complicated back then.

Rick:  Yeah, I was full of myself. 

Steffy: Immature.

Rick: Actual jerk.

Steffy: That too.  Well, you know we did have an attraction. 

Rick: I can own that.  What about you?

Steffy: (Sighs) Rick, you know I was attracted to you.

Rick: Like, how much? Like, a 10 being the most-- like—like 11 maybe, or 12?

Steffy: No, okay. No, you haven't changed all right.

Rick: I'm kidding.  I’m joking.

Steffy:  Well you drove me nuts.

Rick: That sounds like 15.

Steffy: No, like, actually insane. I want to strangle you at times.

Rick: Sounds like you still do.

Liam: Listen, Dad, I would really appreciate your support on this. You just... give me that?

Bill: Ummm... can't do it. 

Liam: Come on!

Bill: Liam, Hope's a good person. And I've said it a thousand times. But I am telling you, over time, you're gonna want something more.

Liam: (Sighs)

Bill: You have a hell of a lot of life in front of you. Give a lot of thought to the kind of woman you want to share it with--a woman who is loyal to her principles or a woman who is loyal to you. Your needs, your success.  Take your time. You've got six months.

Hope: I know what you're saying... (Sighs) and I think about it a lot. And yes, it's almost like Liam and I are married, but we're not, I- and I would love to pretend otherwise, but I just--I-I can't, not without going against everything that believe in.

Katie: And I admire you for that. It's not an easy choice to make, especially when you love your husband-to-be so much...

Hope: Mm.

Katie: And especially when your competition is someone like Steffy.

Hope: Yeah, who--who shouldn't even be my competition, not anymore. I-mean, Liam could have stayed in that marriage, but he chose not to. I just--I just wish I didn't have to wait so long.

Katie: Well, maybe you won't.

Hope: Oh, I don't think so. I know Steffy, and I know that she is not going to give Liam that annulment for one reason--she wants time. She wants time to see and if she can get Liam to change his mind.

Katie: Well, you never know. Maybe she'll back off.

Hope: (Scoffs)

Katie: Hang on to your dreams. Miracles have been known to happen.

Hope: (Chuckles)

Rick: Look, do me favor and--don't go talking this up to anyone.

Steffy: You said that to Marcus. What, are you afraid to admit that you have feelings for me?

Rick: You're my boss. Uh, we gotta work together.

Steffy: Yeah.

Rick: (Clears throat)

Steffy: I guess I have to dress more conservatively now, huh?

Rick: Okay. Now you're just teasing me.

Steffy: (Chuckles)

Rick: All right, just-- just pretend you didn't overhear any of it.

Steffy: Okay. Otherwise, treat you like the pain in the ass that you are?

Rick: Exactly.

Steffy: So how are you gonna treat me?

Rick: Like the--I don't know-- ardent spoiled brat you are.

Steffy: Oh, great match. But if, uh... if you have these feelings...

Rick: Okay, now you're just messing with my mind.

Steffy: No. Maybe...  I have feelings of my own.

Rick: Do you?

Steffy: Of course not. I just got out of a marriage to a man that I'm in love with.

Rick: Oh. So you're gonna keep carrying that torch?

Steffy: Oh, I don't carry it. I light it.

Rick: Yeah, you sure do.

Steffy: Oh, my God. You--you actually have feelings for me.

Rick: What?

Steffy: No, you--

Rick: (Stammers) What, you--are you gonna analyze every look that I give you?

Steffy: Well, you--you do! Like I... I-I can't--I can't believe this. This is...

Rick: (Scoffs)

Steffy: It just amazes me. I don't... wow. Okay, um... you know, I think we should...you know, start to work.

Rick: Yeah.

Steffy: Yea yeah.

Rick: Maybe we should.

Steffy: Yeah.

Rick: That's a good idea.

Steffy: Totally. Um...

Rick: (Clears throat)

Steffy: Uh... Rick (Sighs) you know, I think, um... we should call it a truce.

Rick: Yeah. Yeah, I like that.

Steffy: Okay. You know, sealed with a handshake.

Rick: You know, maybe we could do better than that. Come here.

Steffy: What--

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