B&B Transcript Wednesday 1/18/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 1/18/12


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Brooke: Ridge told me you were working with Amber. He knew it.

Rick: No, he suspects. He doesn't, and he can't. Look, Mom, in a few weeks, I'll--I'll just go and let ev--

Brooke: Ridge is my husband. I can't keep this from him.

Rick: Yeah, if you tell him, he's just gonna be upset. You gotta cover for me.

Pam: Oh, a little help here... (Grunts)

Nick: What's in the box? Anything from Forrester collection?

Pam: (Laughs) No. It's just some stuff I thought we could use for costumes, you know, for "Let's Make a Deal."

Nick: Oh. Where did you get this stuff?

Pam: Well, most of it's left over from Jackie and Owen's ad campaigns. (Sighs)

Nick: I'm not dressing up as a caveman.

Pam: (Laughs) Don't worry, nick. We'll find you something great. But you know, we gotta hurry because we gotta get down to the studio fast. (Sighs) No. Oh.

Katie: He was going to leave Steffy. He was going to end his marriage.

Bill: You heard this from Brooke?

Katie: Liam told her the truth, which is what I was hoping I was gonna get from you.

Bill: Liam may have told Brooke that he wanted to leave Steffy, but he never said those words to me.

Katie: You didn't know?

Bill: Was he frustrated? Angry? Sure. None of that matters now.

Katie: Because Steffy has a clot in her brain. You know, I guess it's just lucky that that doctor did that M.R.I. otherwise, we never would have known that there was anything wrong with her.

Brooke: Ridge is my husband and Forrester's C.E.O. He needs to know.

Rick: Mom, my designs, they're good. They're really good. Once people see them, it's not gonna matter who helped me with the drawing.

Brooke: Well, then tell Ridge the truth and find a new draftsman and your collection can move forward.

Rick: Get rid of Amber.

Brooke: Amber has never been loyal to you. There's no reason that you should be loyal to her.

Katie: Yes, I-I'm wondering if you could, uh, find a number for me. It's, uh, a Mexican number. Yeah, yeah, I-I called it a few times that week, Cabo San Lucas. Really? That many times? Wow, we were... (Laughs) Chattin' it up. Okay, thanks hmm. Oh. Alison. Uh, I have a question. You place Bill's calls, right?

Alison: When he asks me to.

Katie: Did he talk to Liam a lot when Liam was in Cabo? Uh, did they talk about business? Oh, never mind. I'll ask him myself.

Alison: Of course.

Liam: Ask me what?

(Indistinct conversations)

Pam: (Laughing) This is so exciting. We're really here! "Let's Make a Deal" tapes right behind that door, and we are going in. Wayne Brady could totally choose us, Nick. But--but, Nick. You--you gotta smile. See, they're not gonna pick us unless you smile.

Nick: I'm a lobster. What do I have to smile about?

Pam: (Laughs) That is so sweet. You're trying to get into character, right? Oh. But see, that's not gonna get us on the stage. We gotta get a good seat, and they gotta think that-- that we're a really fun couple.

Nick: A couple?

Pam: See, they'll definitely pick the couple in he cleverest costumes, and I got my own special bait, so I-I'd say we've got it in the bag. And then... (Laughs) You know what the best part is?

Nick: That it'll be over before I know it.

Pam: (Laughs) No. This episode won't even air till tomorrow, so if we do get picked, we'll be home to watch it.

Nick: You and me on national TV?

Pam: (Laughs) Yeah.

Nick: I don't think this is a good idea.

Pam: No one's gonna recognize us, Nick. (Laughs) Oh, um...

Man: Come on, keep moving, Guys.

Pam: Pamela and, um, Dominick. Okay, let's go! (Laughs) (Laughs)

Jonathan Mangum: Applause, ladies and gentlemen.

(Cheers and applause)

Jonathan Mangum: It's time for "Let's Make a Deal." Now here's Wayne Brady!

Wayne: Hey, what's up, America? Welcome to "Let's Make a Deal." These folks came to make deals. You came to watch deals. I'm your host Wayne. Let's make a deal right now. I need a couple in love. Is there a couple? I need a couple. Who's the couple? Are you in love? You gotta be in love.

Pam: Aah!

Wayne: Come on down.

Pam: (Laughs) Whoo! Come on. (Squeals)

Wayne: Welcome to the show.

Audience: (Cheering)

Wayne: Welcome. What's your name?

Pam: Hi. My name is Pamela...

Wayne: Hey.

Pam: And that's Dominick.

Wayne: Pam and Dominick?

Pam: Yeah.

Wayne: Give 'em a round of applause. Welcome to the show.

Audience: (Cheering)

Wayne: It's so nice to meet the two of you.

Pam: I love you, Wayne! (Laughs)

Wayne: Well, I love you, too. Aw. Thank you. So welcome to the show.

Pam: Thank you.

Wayne: Nice--nice costumes.

Pam: Thanks.

Wayne: So let me guess-- you guys are from Maine?

Pam: (Laughs) Do you get that? Maine, 'cause you're a lobster. No! No, we're from here. We're from L.A.

Wayne: Okay, well, thanks for coming here and going to all the trouble.

Pam: Yeah. Thank you.

Wayne: So how long have the two of you been together? Dominick?

Pam: (Sighs) (Laughs) Oh, God. Don't mind him, Wayne. He's not very talkative. But he's quite a catch!

Audience: (Laughing)

Pam: (Laughing)

Audience: (Cheering)

Amber: I don't want to hold you back.

Rick: If it wasn't for you, this collection would be just mediocre sketches collecting dust.

Amber: I don't want to cause problems for you and your family.

Brooke: Listen to her, Rick. Amber's history with our family is--

Rick: Bad, I know.

Brooke: She stole Hope's collection. She convinced Liam she was pregnant with his baby. Do I need to go into detail what she did to you, to Ridge, to Bridget?

Rick: No, no! Not everything that Amber has done is bad.

Amber: Look, I-I admit it. Yeah, I was selfish. I was--I was desperate. Sometimes I was just, um, crazy stupid in love. But I've learned my lesson, and I am not that person anymore.

Brooke: So you don't have feelings for my son now? That never even crossed your mind?

Amber: The time that we have spent together, I will never forget. Those are some of the happiest years of my life. But I am Rosey's mom now. That is my top priority.

Brooke: And helping Rick with his designs had nothing to do with your career?

Amber: Well, you know, I-- I was really happy at Forrester. (Sighs) If I could maybe...  

(Door squeaking)

Amber: Get another chance? (Sighs)

Ridge: Did you really think you could fool me, Rick?

Brooke: Ridge, come on. I don't think he was trying to fool you.

Rick: I wanted you to judge my designs, my ideas on their own merit.

Ridge: Amber, you should go. There's no place for you here. And as long as you're working with Rick, there's no place in our lineup for his collection.

Liam: Hey.

Katie: Hi. That didn't take long.

Liam: Yeah, I-I-I gotta keep working. I had to talk to somebody in layouts. So... (Sighs) You talked to Brooke.

Katie: Yeah. But I'd like to hear it from you. You told Hope that you love her. Listen, what happened in Mexico, it--?

Liam: I'm not leaving my wife.

Katie: Even though you have feelings for Hope?

Liam: Uh, Steffy's sick. I mean, she gets upset, she could have a stroke.

Katie: Hmm. And finding out that her husband wants to leave her for another woman, that's pretty upsetting.

Wayne: I tell you what, I've got $500 for you...

Pam: (Gasps) Whoa!

Wayne: There you go.

Pam: Look at all the money.

Wayne: And, Pamela, there you go. You just caught yourself $500.

Pam: Whoa. Whoa!

Wayne: $1,000 total for our couple.

Pam: (Laughing)

Wayne: Now here is your decision. Here's where we get down to the nitty-gritty. You can keep your $1,000 total, or, Jonathan Mangum, come here, Sir. My buddy Jonathan has a box.

Audience: (Cheering)

Wayne: Jonathan has a box.

Nick: Take the money.

Wayne: It says "Foreign" on the outside. "Foreign." You can keep your $1,000 or trade it for "Foreign." Jonathan, a clue as to what's in the box?

Jonathan Mangum: Uh, the clue is "Foreign."

Nick: Take the money. Take the money.

Audience: (Shouting)

Pam: No. No. Look.

Nick: The money.

Pam: No, it--it could be something really good. He said an adventure.

Audience: (Shouting)

Pam: Take the box.

Nick: Okay, the box, the box, the box.

Wayne: She's gonna go with the box?

Pam: Yes! Yeah, the box.

Wayne: So--

Pam: (Squeals) Oh.

Wayne: So let me take the $500 right there.

Pam: Uh-oh.

Wayne: I've got that back.

Nick: Unh-unh.

Pam: That's real money, too.

Audience: (Laughing)

Wayne: And then take that-- let it go. I will butter you. All right.

Audience: (Laughs)

Wayne: Are we ready?

Pam: Butter him. (Laughs) You're so funny.

Wayne: The box. A trip to Paris!

Pam: (Gasps, screaming)

Jonathan Mangum: It's a pastry lover's trip to Paris.

Pam: (Screams)

Jonathan Mangum: You'll jet off to "The City of Lights" for a romantic 6-night stay at the luxurious hotel argent. Plus, you'll enjoy the ultimate epicurean adventure with private pastry lessons from world-renowned Pastry Chef Philippe Mignet...

Pam: Paris!

Jonathan Mangum: Of Maison de Cuisine. Round-trip airfare is included in this deal worth $9,800.

Wayne: Congratulations.

Pam: A pastry school in Paris-- its perfect! I can't believe it!

Wayne: So you're really excited about that. Do you like to bake?

Pam: Do I like to bake?

Wayne: Yeah.

Pam: (Laughing) Are you kidding me? I'm famous for my lemon bars. In fact, I brought some for you!

Wayne: Ohh. (Chuckles) Oh. May I?

Pam: I made them just for you. Please, have one.

Wayne: Are these-- really? Are they-- are these all right? I don't know.

Audience: (Cheering)

Amber: Ridge, wait. Look, you need a new collection. Rick and I just gave you one.

Rick: Are you really gonna turn it down because you've got a grudge against Amber?

Ridge: I don't work with people I don't trust.

Brooke: Rick, this isn't going to work. You have to see that. You, too, Amber.

Rick: I want to talk to Amber... alone!

Amber: (Sighs)

Rick: (Exhales sharply)

Katie: How often did you and your father talk when you were in Cabo?

Liam: A few times.

Katie: And Steffy, would she have had any reason to call Bill?

Liam: Why would she call him?

Katie: To ask for his help, like in Aspen.

Liam: N-no. No. Nope.

Katie: (Sighs) Listen, I know you don't want to believe that it could happen again.

Liam: (Groans)

Katie: Neither do I. But don't you think it's a little convenient that as soon as you want to leave her, she develops this life-threatening brain damage?

Liam: Katie, I saw the M.R.I., okay? I was looking at it. The clot was there. It's real. I mean, how can you be so insensitive about this? I wouldn't do something to jeopardize a human being's life especially not the woman I'm married.

Rick: I'm sorry, Amber. (Sighs) Man, I hate that guy-- Ridge and his pompous attitude.

Amber: You can't let him stop you. You can't let anyone stop you. You're gonna go all the way to the top. But I don't-- I won't be with you for the ride.

Rick: Amber, no.

Amber: I will be by the sidelines cheering for you louder than anyone, 'cause I know that you can do this. You are Eric Forrester Jr. (Sighs) You can't let anyone hold you back. And one day, you will be C.E.O. of this company.

Rick: Wait, wait. Hey, I'm not gonna let you walk away.

Amber: Rick, it is the only way.

Rick: No, I need you to stick with me.

Amber: (Sighs) No, Ridge was just s--

Rick: No, what did I just tell you? I'm not gonna let him or anybody else stand in my way. We got a job to do, and I need you to remind me of who I am... Eric Forrester Jr. Stay with me, Amber. We can make this happen.

Pam: Okay.

Wayne: I have another deal for you right now.

Pam: Uh-oh.

Wayne: You have that amazing trip to Paris.

Pam: Yeah. Oh.

Wayne: Keep that trip, or go to whatever's behind curtain number 2 there's the clue--"The 7 Seas." Could be good, could be bad.

Audience: (Shouting)

Pam: "The 7 Seas"-- it could be a yacht.

Nick: They give away boats here?

Pam: Yes. And they said "7 Seas." What else could it be? Nick, no, you know you want it. Yeah, let's--

Nick: No, no, no, no, no, wait. Wait.

Pam: Oh, no, we're gonna--

Nick: Now you've got this trip to Paris here. I mean, don't you want that? That's what you want. Go, go!

Audience: (Shouting)

Pam: No.

Wayne: So you're-- so you're definitely giving up your trip?

Pam: I'm doing it for you.

Nick: Do what you want to do. Do what you want to do.

Pam: We'll take the curtain.

Wayne: They're giving up the trip, everybody.

Audience: (Booing)

Pam: You're gonna get a boat, Nick.

Wayne: Open the curtain.

Pam: (Laughs)

Jonathan Mangum: It's a shipwrecked boat.

(Wah-wah horn plays)

Audience: Ohh!

Wayne: We do give away boats. It's a shipwrecked boat. They got zonked. Folks, give 'em a big round of applause.

Audience: (Cheering)

Wayne: They got zonked. But hey, you had a chance to be on TV, and I got a chance to at some of these squares. Thank you so much for being here. You played a great game. More "Let's Make a Deal" right after this.

Audience: (Cheering)

("Drunken Sailor" playing)

What we gonna do with a drunken sailor? Early in the morning

(Knock on door)

Bill: Come in.

Alison: I don't want to interrupt, but I thought you should know, Mrs. Spencer's been asking about phone calls you may have made to Cabo San Lucas. I know access to that kind of information is normally restricted.

Bill: It still is. Thank you, Alison.

Justin: Katie is on to your scent, Bill. You're playing a very dangerous game, buddy.

Bill: (Sighs)

Katie: Liam, I don't mean to be insensitive. What I'm thinking makes me sick.

Liam: You don't trust Steffy, and you never have, and I get that. But really? My dad?

Katie: (Sighs) He has no boundaries when it comes to Steffy.

Liam: What exac-- okay, what do you think he's done?

Katie: I-I don't know. Maybe nothing. Maybe it's all a giant coincidence. Maybe all of his calls to Cabo were to you. But his concern for Steffy and your marriage has become an obsession, and I can't be sure if I don't look into it.

Liam: He's your husband. Why don't you talk to him?

Katie: Oh, I have! He's not objective when it comes to Steffy.

Liam: Yeah, well, maybe he just doesn't like the things that you're saying.

Katie: Yeah, I'm sure he doesn't, just like he didn't like the idea of you leaving her. He wouldn't allow it, would he? But you were gonna do it anyway. Nothing was going to stop you, nothing except the one thing that did-- that M.R.I.

Liam: Another doctor confirmed it, Katie. What--what do you want me to say?

Katie: Your father's doctor.

Liam: Okay, you're always talking about my dad being obsessed, and I hate to say this, but I think you've got it backwards.

Katie: Lam, come on. You've gotta listen to me.

Liam: Katie, I don't-- no, I don't want to hear any more, all right? A lot happened in Mexico, and the only thing that matters right now is Steffy and keeping her well, and if you're not with me on that, then just stay out of it. Stay out of it. (Slams down laptop)

(Computer keys clicking)

(Door closes)

Katie: (Sighs)

(Elevator bell dings)

(Elevator bell dings)

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