B&B Transcript Wednesday 11/16/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 11/16/11


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Hope: Our feelings haven't changed, Liam, and you know the truth now-- what Steffy did.

Liam: You know, I came to talk to you about that the other night , but...you were busy kissing Thomas.

Hope: I know that bothered you, but imagine how I felt having to watch you marry Steffy.

Thomas: So, should I give you my sales pitch now?

Ridge: No need. These designs are sensational. I can definitely see building a new line around them.

Thomas: Really. Um, you're not yanking my chain?

Ridge: No, son. I'm tired of that. I miss our closeness.  I want my son back.

Thomas: I love you, Dad.

Ridge: I love you, too, son.

Nick: My God, Pam, this is quite a surprise.

Pam: I got a confession.  When I worked here, you'd slip off for an afternoon steam. I'd always wondered what it would be like to be in here with you.  But now I know: It's steamy.

Nick: Uh...

Jackie: You are ordering me to stay away from Eric?

Stephanie: Well, aren't you getting a little long in the tooth to be playing homewrecker?

Jackie: I'm not trying to wreck anything, Stephanie. You're doing that all by yourself - and a very good job you're doing.  Eric is a good friend.

Stephanie: [Laughs]

Jackie: I'm just offering him affection, that's all, and he needs that.

Stephanie: You are hardly the person to give advice as far as relationships go. Didn't you just end a marriage with Owen?

Jackie: It ended because I loved him enough to let him go.

Stephanie: Oh, I see, and you're expecting me to sort of let Eric go? Sort of hand him off because he's feeling a little frustrated? If that's what you think is going to happen, believe me, it is not going to happen, Jacqueline.

Pam: Sure is hot in here. My burners are full blast. This is really good for you?

Nick: Opens the pores.

Pam: Feels like my pearls are melting.

Nick: Well, maybe you've had enough.

Pam: Oh, no, no, no, no. I am not goin' anywhere. I have had one heck of a topsy-turvy day.  Stephen left me-- called off our engagement. Now, I could be home, baking my heart out to forget, but no-sirree-Bob. [Laughs] I am sitting in a steam bath with another gorgeous hunk of man, enjoying the view.

Jackie: So it's back to "Jacqueline", is it? Does that mean we are officially rivals again?

Stephanie: I don't want to be your rival, and I don't want you to be a problem for Eric and me. Now, he has promised to behave, and I have promised to be a better partner.

Jackie: Well, for both your sakes', I hope that's true, but given the way you've treated the poor man over the years, you can't blame me for being dubious. Gosh, if only you treated and doted on Eric the way you do Ridge.

Ridge: These designs wouldn't happen to be inspired by a certain young lady, would they?

Thomas: Hope. I'm crazy about her, Dad, I-- I actually told her so. Look, I know she's still in love with Liam, but I will win her over.

Ridge: You seem pretty confident.

Brooke: Ridge, I really need-- [Sighs] Thomas. You're here, too.

Ridge: What's up?

Thomas: Look, if this has something to do with my sister, and something she's done, um...

Brooke: Steffy trapped Hope in that gondola and lied to Liam about it the whole time.

Ridge: Oh, Logan, not this again.

Brooke: Ridge, she admitted it to her husband.

Hope: Yeah, I kissed Thomas.

Liam: Okay. Have there been others? He's falling for you, Hope. He's falling for you.

Nick: Sorry to hear about you and Stephen. It's tough being alone.

Pam: A little support, is that too much to ask? Steph never once invited us over for dinner. No wonder Stephen left. Right?

Nick: Well, it's been great talkin' to you like this, Pam. I gotta get back to work.

Pam: Oh, not so fast, Captain. [Laughs}

Nick: [Grunts] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa! [Laughs]

Jackie: Look, I have told you twice, and it's not a joke. The check is in the mail.

Stephanie: So I'm right. You're gonna go under.

Jackie: [Scoffs] All companies have their ups, and their downs...

Stephanie: Oh, come on. You wouldn't have entertained Spencer's offer if you'd had another way to stay afloat.

Jackie: Our companies, they just-- they weren't a good fit. I foresaw nothing but complications, so I turned him down.

Stephanie: Jackie, you're out a designer, you need a designer. If you don't have designs, you have nothing to sell.

Jackie: I've gotta figure something out, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Well, if that something has something to do with Eric, forget it.

Jackie: You don't control him. He's his own man. If he chooses to help me...

Stephanie: That is not going to happen. Get that through your head. He needed his ego stroked, and you obliged him. Thank you. It's done.  You are here alone. You have a company that's in crisis, and no one is going to save you.

Brooke: I'm sorry. I know you were hoping Steffy hadn't lied.

Ridge: That was wrong. She was just trying to protect her marriage. But I have to say, Steffy wouldn't be in that position if Hope hadn't tried to interfere.

Steffy: Oh. Hey, you.

Thomas: You're in a good mood. Don't tell me Liam's already forgiven you for lying to him.

Hope: Liam, I don't want to talk about Thomas. I want to talk about what you're feeling, now that everything is out in the open. I--I realize that Steffy told you the truth, but it's a little late for that, isn't it? Liam, isn't it?

Jackie: [Sighs]

Nick: Quick, call security!

Jackie: What on earth for?

Nick: Stephanie's sister Pam tried to jump my bones in the steam room.

Jackie: What?

Nick: She- she's got some kind of crazy fantasy about me and her. I don't know what's going--

Pam: [in a sing-song voice] Hee! Hola!  Hi.

Jackie: I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding, sweetheart. Pamela's an engaged woman.

Nick: Not any more. Stephen broke it off.

Pam: Look, I know what you are thinking, Jackie, that I wasn't woman enough to hold on to him, but that isn't true. Stephen and I would still be together if it wasn't for Stephanie.  Stephanie just gave us no support at all, and I'm so mad her! I could just... [Screams]

Steffy: I guess the word's out -- what a bad girl I've been.

Thomas: Brooke just told Dad.

Steffy: Well, did she also tell him that I came clean with my husband? Hey, no one held a gun to my head. Even Brooke should give me props for that.

Brooke: We both know that Hope didn't go to Aspen to ruin things for Liam and Steffy.

Ridge: I'm just saying if Hope hadn't followed them, Steffy wouldn't have had to lie.  there'd be no reason to. Logan, she was just trying to... save her marriage, that's all.

Brooke: And so was Hope, but she didn't have to lie and manipulate the way Steffy did. She just wanted a chance to explain why she broke things off abruptly.  She wanted to talk things out, and that's exactly what she's doing right now.

Ridge: Hope's with Liam?

Brooke: Yes.  I'm just glad that Steffy owned up to what she did. Maybe this means that she is changing. Hopefully, she's gonna just let it be; let Liam and Hope be together.

Ridge: It's not that simple, Brooke. We're talking about a marriage here. Liam and Steffy have already started their life together. I'm not saying he doesn't still have feelings for Hope, but I'm never gonna believe that he doesn't love Steffy, even after learning the truth.

Hope: Okay, you're struggling. Even though Steffy was dishonest, you don't want to hurt her, and--and I understand that.  But you can't pretend that what Steffy did doesn't matter. Someday you might be able to forgive Steffy. You might. But to continue on in a relationship where trust has been broken from the start...Liam, marriage is sacred to you, but I believe that this is the wrong marriage, with the wrong woman. And I think you're starting to think that, too.  It's just how to end things you're unsure about.

Jackie: There.

Pam: I am so sorry, Nick, for making such a fool of myself.

Jackie: Please, Pam, don't be silly. We all have our urges, and our fantasies.

Pam: Oh, but to throw myself on your son in the steam room? I don't know what came over me. Well, [whispers] I always kind of liked Nick, but....

Jackie: Well, Nicky's always liked you, too. Haven't you, sweetheart?

Pam: You don't think that I'm just some silly...

Jackie: Oh, please. [Laughs] Every man loves to have some beautiful woman throw themselves at them.

Nick: Mother...

Jackie: [Whispers] I just think that, just maybe you went a little too fast. Nicky likes to take things a tad slower.

Pam: [Whispers] Really? [Laughs]

Jackie: [Whispers] Mm-hmm.  He would adore to go out with you, on one teensy teensy weensy little condition.

Pam: [Whispers] What?

Jackie: Jackie M's in a bit of a pickle at the moment.

Pam: Oh!

Jackie: Nicky-- Nick, he could lose everything if he doesn't get his hands on some good designs, he actually could lose the company.

Pam: Oh...

Jackie: You could help him.

Pam: I?

Jackie: Yes, you could help him save the company. Oh, if you could just lay your hands on one or two of Eric's designs, it would just be...

Pam: Whoa, whoa! [Laughs] Whoa, whoa, horsey. Are you saying that you want me to steal designs from my sister's company?

Jackie: Well, Nicky would never ask for your help. He's far too proud. But if you did this, he'd be ever so grateful.

Pam: Hmm.  Two designs?

Jackie: Really, Pam, it's not such a price to pay, is it?

Pam: I'll do it. I'll get you what you want, so long as I get what I want. [Laughs]

Jackie: Ha, ha, ho.  Ugh.

Ridge: I really wish this could have been avoided.

Brooke: And it would have been if Steffy hadn't-- [Sighs] Hope, Liam, Steffy-- they're gonna figure this out, but we can't let it come between us, Ridge. I won't let that happen.

Thomas: You're pretty nonchalant about all this.

Steffy: I stopped a gondola. I didn't commit murder.

Thomas: You kept Hope from seeing Liam.

Steffy: Which you should be thanking me for, now that you've gone gaga for Miss Prim-and-Proper. Hey, how's that going, by the way? Have you declared your love for Miss Hopeless yet?

Thomas: No. Keep your wisecracks to yourself, okay?

Steffy: No wisecracks, okay? I'm all in favor.  But you just gotta move fast. We made a pact, remember?  Sweep Hope and Liam off their feet?

Thomas: Did we? After Liam found out what you did...

Steffy: Okay, my husband and I-- we have some things to work though, but we will. As for Hope, obviously she's gonna find out. Brooke will go straight to her, and tell--

Thomas: And Hope will go to Liam.

Steffy: Well, I'm not worried. I go to extremes for what I believe in, but Liam appreciates that about me, Thomas. Okay, I'm telling you, there was a time when I was insecure about Hope, but I'm not anymore. Not after our wedding night. Not after our whole trip to Aspen. I mean, we're crazy about each other, and I'm not going to lose him over this.

Thomas: I hope you're right, sis.

Liam: The worse part about all of this is what it did to you -- trapped, and--and watching us exchange our vows, and I'm so sorry. But, I mean, I-- I'm married. I'm married now.

Hope: Liam, from the moment you stood in front of that minister, Steffy was keeping secrets. And-and you know, she claims to have her reasons. She said that she was protecting you from me, but we both know that that is ridiculous. Look, Liam, I could have handled things better, I know. Okay, but that doesn't change what Steffy did. She manipulated you and then lied about it. Okay, I-I realize that she confessed, but that doesn't change the fact that she lied. And-and she was involved with your father romantically. Passionately. I mean, they were going to start a life together. They were planning a future. Doesn't that bother you?  Liam, you know what you're dealing with now, and you can't want anything more to do with that woman. Liam, I have never stopped loving you, and I know that you haven't stopped loving me. I can feel it. I want to try again. I want us again. Liam, tell me you do, too.

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