B&B Transcript Monday 10/17/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 10/17/11


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Steffy: What do you think you're doing here?

Hope: I need to see Liam right now. Now!

Bill: Have I thanked you for being here tonight?

Katie: (Scoffs) I don't think so.

Bill: Thank you.

Katie: I still have a lot of questions.

Bill: Well, make me a deal. We'll talk about it later after the party. This is Liam's special night.

Katie: I wish I could be happy about this. I just don't think this marriage is anything to celebrate. It's a travesty.

Liam: So you gave Steffy your blessing?

Ridge: I did.

Liam: (Sighs)

Ridge: I've never seen our daughter more radiant. How could I not support this marriage?

Steffy: Okay, this isn't a good time, Hope.

Hope: Well, it can't wait.

Steffy: Well, you can't come in, 'cause it's a private party.

Hope: Can you just get him for a minute, Steffy? Just tell him to come out for one second.

Steffy: No, I can't. Okay, you know what? You may as well hear it from me. We got married.

Hope: I know you got married. And I think you know that I know.

Steffy: So I don't suppose you came here to congratulate us, huh?

Hope: Did you know that I went to Aspen to see him? I know Liam doesn't. But I'm going to tell him, Steffy. He has a right to know.

(Cell phone rings)

Brooke: Hi. (Sighs)

Donna: Hey, how's Hope doing?

Brooke: Not too well.

Donna: You know, um, Justin and I are gonna go to dinner after his meetings. Uh, do you guys want to come with? You know, it might be good to take her mind off things.

Brooke: (Sighs) We'd love to, but we can't. I drove Hope over to Liam's so she could straighten some things out.

Donna: Oh. Oh, okay. Uh, how's that going?

Brooke: I'm not sure. She insisted that I wait in the car. (Sighs)

Donna: Brooke, um, you know, I hate to say this, but don't you think maybe it's too late?

Brooke: No, no, it’s never too late. I should know that better than anybody. I just really believe that if Hope has a chance to explain everything to Liam, then she will get him back.

Steffy: Okay, Liam is my husband now.

Hope: Okay, then why does it matter if he knows I was in Aspen?

Steffy: That's exactly my question.

Hope: You think it might make him wonder?

Steffy: Oh, my God. About what?

Hope: Why I was there.

Steffy: Um, you broke up with him.

Hope: Well, maybe I had second thoughts.

Steffy: (Scoffs) Too late.

Hope: I think that's what you're hoping, but I also think part of you is so scared that if he finds out, he'll realize that this whole marriage was a terrible mistake.

Steffy: Okay, Hope, there are no do-overs. Liam and I, we're married. And I know it's gonna be hard for you to accept it, but you're just gonna have to respect.

Hope: I saw everything, Steffy-- the whole impromptu marriage. I watched it happen while I was stuck in that gondola.

Steffy: Oh, my God. No, I-I didn't-- I didn't know that. I'm--I'm so, so sorry that that even happened to you.

Hope: Yeah, I was there. And I think you know I was.

(Glasses clink)

Liam: I'm gonna go pay my dues. Hey, so, um, thanks again for your support. It really means a lot to Steffy and to me, too, so, yeah um, thanks.

Ridge: Just treat my daughter right.

Liam: Yes, Sir, I will. I-I'm--I--yeah.

Katie: (Sighs) Ridge, I don't understand how you're supporting this marriage. It--it happened so out of the blue.

Ridge: Look, Kate, I will admit to you I am a little uneasy about all this, but I am Steffy's father. I want to support her. Liam is a good guy. And I can only trust that he and Steffy know what they're doing.

Katie: Listen, Liam is a really levelheaded guy. You know? I mean he doesn't rush into things. It just--it just makes me doubly curious about this marriage to Steffy.

Taylor: (Scoffs) What is so difficult to--to understand, Katie?

Katie: (Laughs)

Taylor: They're just like what everybody else wants in the world. They want to have love and respect and--

Kat: I think it's a lot more complex than that. There are still a lot of things that I'd like to clear up... like why my husband is embracing this marriage with such open arms.

Steffy: Hope, I'm not sure what you're accusing me of.

Hope: I think you know exactly. I think you had to keep Liam from seeing me. Otherwise this so-called marriage never would have happened. And somehow you did it. You got that gondola to stop.

Steffy: Wow. Okay.

Hope: I went to Aspen to tell Liam what a fool I was for taking off his ring. And you just think I am playing games with him.

Steffy: Hope, the whole time you were engaged to Liam, you made him miserable. And look, I-I know that you didn't mean to do that. That's just how it was.

Hope: (Sighs)

Steffy: But you two are at different points in your lives.

Hope: I was ready to move in with him. I was ready to give myself to him completely.

Steffy: Huh. You were?

Hope: Yeah. And he had no idea. I was going to surprise him.

Steffy: So that's why you went to Aspen, to tell him all of this?

Hope: Yeah, and to ask him to forgive me for not putting him first and for being insensitive about that. But I guess I was too late, huh?

Steffy: Yes, you were, 'cause I'm his wife now. But look, you know? Everything happens for a reason. You can say that you were ready to give yourself to him, but, um, those are just words.

Hope: (Scoffs) You don't know that.

Steffy: I know you. How many times have you broken a promise to Liam? So focused on Hope for the Future, your trips-- you didn't even worry about your own fiancé.

Hope: I know, Steffy. I realize that that was my big mistake, but you know what? We could have gotten past that if you hadn't swooped in, somehow got my ring on your finger, and whisked him off to Aspen.

Steffy: Liam put that ring on my finger. He was sick of you being the poster girl for abstinence and just being a loyal fiancé. Did you ever think for a second how Liam felt? No. My, um, my dad's inside with Liam's father, and they're, uh, they're finally making peace with each other. And you know what? My dad is giving me his blessing and his acceptance. But you know, I-I think part of your issues, which I-I can't blame you for, is--is because of your mom...

Hope: (Scoffs)

Steffy: Because of Brooke, because of your father Deacon.

Hope: Oh, my God, Steffy.

Steffy: I'm just saying. I'm just saying.

Hope: I don't care what you think about me, all right? I don't care. But Liam's opinion does matter, and I am going to speak to him.

Steffy: Well, y-you know, I-I heard confessions are--are good for the soul. I get that. But, um, this isn't the time, so I'm gonna, uh, get back to my party. You can go and... yeah.

Hope: I just want to talk to him.

Steffy: Oh, okay. Um, hmm.

Hope: But you're not gonna let me do that, are you? Why? Is it because you're worried that if he finds out the truth, he might change his mind?

Bill: To our kids. May they have a long, healthy, prosperous marriage.

(Glasses clink)

Ridge: You outdid yourself, Bill.

Bill: Mm. Yeah, well not bad for last-minute.

Ridge: Kind of close and comfy in here...maybe a little too close. I like your son. I don't have to tell you how I feel about you.

Bill: Ridge, come on now. Don't be a hater. Don't bring negativity into this beautiful occasion.

Ridge: You took advantage of Steffy once before.

Bill: (Sighs)

Ridge: Don't do anything to mess up this marriage.

Bill: Have a shrimp and a smile. Love is in the air. Cupid shot his arrow and hit the bull's-eye.

Liam: Hey, Dad.

Bill: Yeah?

Liam: Do you think-- maybe we could get some dessert going or something like that?

Bill: All right. All right.

Liam: All right. Thank you.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Liam: I'm sorry. I don't know what he said. I've just sort of learned you always assume an apology is in order.

Ridge: Mm. Thank God you two are very different people.

Liam: Yeah. Hey, thanks again for-- for your support of-- of Steffy and me. It has to be kin...

Ridge: Awkward.

Liam: Uh, yeah.

Ridge: It wasn't too long ago you vowed to love Hope. You even asked for my blessing. Now you're married to my other daughter.

Liam: Yeah, it kind of puts you in a tough position, doesn't it?

Ridge: This marriage happened very quickly, Liam. Hope's already been hurt. I just don't want Steffy hurt, too.

Liam: Hey, no, no. I married Steffy I mean, I made a commitment to her, and I plan on honoring that. I'm going to do everything I can to make her happy.

Ridge: Well, then good. That's what I like to hear.

Liam: (Sighs) Whew. (Chuckles)

Taylor: You know, Steffy's been gone for a while.

Liam: Yeah, yeah, may-- you know what? Maybe I should--on I should go check on her.

Katie: Um, Liam.

Bill: Listen, um, we're gonna leave so you newlyweds to have an evening to yourselves, all right?

(Katie chuckles)

Liam: Uh, all right. All right, thank-- thank you for coming, everybody. Thank you, Dad. Thank you.

Bill: Come here. Come here. Congratulations.

Liam: Thanks.

Bill: Very happy for you.

Steffy: I'm not afraid of you, Hope. Liam made his choice.

Hope: Yeah, without knowing all the facts.

Steffy: You broke up with him. And then you went chasing after him to--to Aspen. If anything, that shows how unstable you are.

Hope: (Scoffs)

Steffy: Look, you need to understand. Liam loves me. I'm his wife. Everything that he thought he was gonna do with you he'll do with me. And that's just the way it is. Now tonight is our night in our home as husband and wife. This is a special evening for us. So please, leave us alone. Respect our marriage. I'm asking you to leave.

Liam: Steffy?

Steffy: Please go.

Liam: Sweetheart? Hey. So everyone left. You okay?

Steffy: Huh? I am now.

Brooke: I saw everybody leaving. How did it go? Oh, Honey, I'm sorry.

Hope: (Sighs)

Brooke: What happened? Did you see Liam?

Hope: No.

Brooke: Why not?

Hope: Uh, I ran into Steffy outside.

Brooke: And she wouldn't let you see Liam? No, of course she wouldn't. Because she knows what would happen if you did.

Hope: Mom, it's too late, okay? Liam--he's moved on.

Brooke: Honey, it is never too late.

Hope: I heard his voice calling for her.

Brooke: Look at me. Do not let Steffy intimidate you. You need to talk to him. You need to explain everything that happened.

Hope: What's the point? They are--they re married okay? This is their first night together as husband and wife, and if he's happy...just take me home.

Brooke: Are you sure?

Hope: Please take me home.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Liam: (Chuckles) I can't believe my dad threw us a surprise party.

Steffy: Well, he loves you, and he would do anything for you.

Liam: Yeah. I kind of feel like you missed the whole thing.

Steffy: I just needed a... a moment, you know?

Liam: All pretty overwhelming?

Steffy: All pretty exciting.

Liam: So I heard you and your dad had a nice little talk.

Steffy: Yeah, he--he said some pretty amazing things-- that he was just proud of me and proud of the woman that I've become. I really needed to hear that.

Liam: Your dad's a good guy, and he loves you and I think all he really wants is for you to feel content and at peace.

Steffy: Mm. I am, Liam. That's what you've done for me. I want to feel the way I do right now for the rest of my life. I think we should take this to the bedroom.

Liam: (Chuckles) Really?

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Liam: Uh, okay, I'm just gonna clean some stuff up, lock up the place.

Steffy: Don't keep me waiting. Umm.

Liam: (Sighs) (Sighs) (Chuckles)

(Bianca Moon's "Just To Hold You" playing)

Hello, can you hear me where you are? It's like wishing on a star when I hold your hand to my heart I hope you can hear me I miss the smile upon your face when I sing you a sad song you always listen to every word when you laughed the whole world lifted and your cares were blown away

Steffy: Liam?

If just for an hour if just for one day I could have you back there's no deal I would not make I'd take my chance with the devil just to hold you

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