B&B Transcript Wednesday 8/31/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 8/31/11


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Liam: We just got engaged, Hope, and now you're jetting off to Paris. I mean... don't go without... letting me show you how I feel.

Steffy: Hey. I thought you'd be on your way to the airport by now.

Thomas: Yeah. I still got some time. Sure you don't want to tag along? I mean, we are talking Paris.

Steffy: We're talking Hope's first international press junket. I'll pass. And if you were smart, you would, too.

Katie: Hey.

Brooke: Oh, good. You're here.

Donna: Hello.

Katie: Oh, my gosh.

Brooke: You can help me finish sorting these for Dayzee's clothing drive at the mission. Thank you.

Donna: Okay.

Katie: So you must be so excited. Your little girl's getting married.

Donna: Yeah.

Katie: Oh, Hope must be on cloud nine. Liam is such a good guy.

Donna: Oh, not that Katie's at all biased, considering that Liam is her husband's son.

Katie: No, of course not. I'm not biased toward family.

Donna: Unh-unh.

Katie: But Hope is my favorite niece, and she deserves someone great

Donna: Which Liam obviously is. (Chuckles)

Katie: You don't seem all that excited.

Donna: Yeah, are--are you happy about this marriage? I mean, Hope is still kind of young.

Katie: You think she's too young?

Brooke: No, I-I think she's mature. And she knows what she wants... and doesn't want.

Katie: The way you say that-- we were just at Liam's, and...

Donna: Yeah, we expected to see Hope there, considering they did just get engaged.

Brooke: She spent the night here. Hope and Liam haven't...

Katie: Oh.

Donna: Oh.

Hope: Liam, I-it's not like I'm gonna be gone forever.

Liam: It's gonna feel like it.

Hope: (Sighs) Okay. Okay, then why don't you come with me? I mean, you're-- you're family now.

Liam: Hope, it's a business trip. We wouldn't hardly have any time alone. That's-- that's what I'm asking you for is time alone. God, I want you so much.

Hope: (Sighs) Liam, I want you, too. But...

Liam: Okay, look. I know. I kn-- I know that last night I said that I could wait. Um, it's driving me crazy, though...

Hope: (Sighs)

Liam: Not being able to have you.

Hope: I'm sorry.

Liam: No, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I-I'm not trying to guilt you. And I know all of the reasons that you have for waiting, and I respect them. It's just... that's the thing. They're all your reasons. They're not mine.

Hope: (Sighs)

Donna: Did something happen?

Brooke: It's my daughter's decision.

Katie: Wow, um, you must be, uh, so proud of her,

Brooke: (Sighs)

Katie: So how does Liam feel about waiting?

Steffy: You can always back out.

Thomas: No, I can't back out, 'cause I'm still in the doghouse around here.

Steffy: Oh, yeah, the lie that Grandma talked you into. Oh, yeah

Thomas: Yep. I should have just stood up to her, you know? I knew it was wrong, so I deserve to pay a price.

Steffy: Yeah, but you are paying. The last time you were in Paris, you were center stage, but now you're a part of Hope's entourage. (Sighs) She must really be living under a lucky star or something.

Thomas: Uh, speaking of Liam, how are you handling it?

Steffy: Handing what?

Thomas: Your new love proposed last night and not to you.

Steffy: Well, I wasn't expecting a proposal.

Thomas: Neither was Hope, but now that she accepted and it's official, where does that leave you?

Hope: Do you think I'm being selfish?

Liam: No. No, I think you're doing what's right for you.

Hope: Only what's right for me isn't what's right for you.

Liam: Look, I know how important this is for you, and... I want to believe that I can do this. I mean, at least I-I told myself that I could.

Hope: Why? Because you knew it’s what I needed to hear?

Liam: Because I don't want to pressure you into something you're not ready for.

Hope: Hey, it-- its okay, Liam. I know that you respect me. I know you do.

Liam: I do respect you. I do. I do so much. I respect everything about you-- your choices for yourself, how you live your life. I mean, it's-- it's what makes you so special. It's why I want to marry you. But I do believe that it would be better for us to know each other in every way possible before we say our "I dos." I mean, you're-- you're leaving tonight, and who knows how long you're gonna be gone. I mean, don't--don't... don't ask me to wait three months.

Steffy: So Liam proposed, but they're not married yet. A lot of things can happen or not happen before then.

Thomas: You really don't think they're gonna make it down the aisle?

Steffy: Care to make a little wager?

Thomas: Or is that just wishful thinking?

Steffy: Those two are a long shot at best.

Thomas: Steffy, look. I really wish you wouldn't do this.

Steffy: What?

Thomas: You were there when Liam got down on one knee and popped the question to Hope in front of the entire world.

Steffy: Engagements are called off all the time for all sorts of reasons, you know, especially when the bride-to-be has unrealistic expectations.

(Cell phone rings)

Steffy: Steffy Forrester. Yeah, I'll be right there. Duty calls.

Thomas: Steffy, wait. Unrealistic expectations? What does that mean?

Steffy: Safe flight.

Brooke: Yes, Hope is on her way. I'm sure she'll be there any minute.

Donna: Is Hope going somewhere?

Brooke: To Paris. The preview was such a hit, they want to keep up the momentum. This is gonna be her first overseas press junket.

Katie: Oh, my gosh. She must be so excited.

Donna: Yeah, even if the timing is a little bit off. I mean, I'm sure the last thing she wants to do is be away from her new fiancé.

Brooke: I think that's where she is right now-- saying good-bye to Liam.

Donna: I have to say that I'm a little surprised that they've waited-- are waiting, you know, until their honeymoon.

Brooke: Uh, well, she thought she was ready the other night after the proposal. She was really excited about it and really nervous, and I thought I gave her some helpful suggestions...

Katie: Oh, no.

Donna: Uh-oh.

Brooke: But Hope said that Liam was very understanding.

Katie: (Sighs)

Brooke: What?

Katie: It's just that we just came from Liam's place, and, you know, he seemed a little down.

Donna: Yeah.

Katie: Definitely not someone who just got engaged. I'm just not so sure he's as understanding as Hope thinks he is.

Brooke: Okay, um... (Clears throat) I think I better go meet Hope at the jet 'cause this probably is not the best time for her to take a trip. (Sighs)

Hope: (Sighs) You're really having second thoughts about waiting?

Liam: I was kind of hoping you would.

Hope: (Sighs) Oh, Liam, we've talked about this.

Liam: I--

Hope: You know why I feel this way, and--and you said you understood that.

Liam: I-I-I do. I do understand. I get it, and I admire you. That doesn't make me want you any less. (Chuckles) I can't stop wanting you. I mean, this--this feeling that I'm having--it's-- I don't know what is, okay? I-I've never had this feeling about any other person ever.

Hope: Liam?

Liam: What?

Hope: I'm feeling it, too. I am, but it's-- it's really not that long. It's not that long of a wait. Just--please. Please wait for me, okay? Please. And then--and then when we're married, and we have our first incredible night together, oh, we'll both be so glad that we waited. (Sighs) I'm sorry. I have to go. I love you.

Liam: I love you.

Katie: Steffy better not go after Liam.

Donna: Yeah, well, she knows the three of us are watching, so she couldn't be that foolish.

Katie: Yeah, well, when she sets her mind to something...

Donna: Right. Any ideas?

Katie: I think we should keep an eye on her.

Donna: Okay. Well, listen I-I really gotta run.

Katie: Yeah, I gotta get back to the office for a meeting. Let me grab my phone.

(Cell phone rings)

Katie: Oh. Um...    


Katie: You know what? I'm gonna take this. I'll--I'll see you later.

Donna: Okay.


Katie: Hello?

Dr. Maponya: Kate, its Dr. Maponya. How are you doing? Energy level back to normal?

Katie: Um, yeah, I'm gettin' there.

Dr. Maponya: That's good to hear.

Katie: So, uh, why are you calling, Doctor?

Dr. Maponya: All of your test results have come in, and I'd like to go over them.

Katie: Okay, uh, well, you know, uh, today's kind of busy. I've got a meeting at the office.

Dr. Maponya: I can come there later if that's more convenient for you.

Katie: Sure, uh, I-if that's not too much trouble.

Dr. Maponya: Not at all.

Katie: Okay, um, thank you. I'll see you then.

Thomas: We need to attract the upscale.

Eric: Yeah, but which magazines are we talking about here?

Thomas: Any one.

Eric: It's important. Where's hope? We gotta go. (Sighs)

Hope: I'm here. Hi. I'm sorry. Don't leave without me. Hi.

Eric: We won't. (Chuckles)

Hope: I'm sorry. I got sidetracked.

Thomas: That's okay. Here. Let me get that for you.

Hope: Oh. Thanks. Thank you.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Eric: Brooke, hi.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Eric: You've come to see Hope off?

Brooke: Actually, I wanted to talk to you.

Eric: What?

Brooke: Come here. Um, I'm not sure that this is a great time for Hope to be leaving.

Eric: Why? Brooke, I don't know what's going on but we can't-- we can't cancel this trip. It's very important.

Hope: Mom, hey. What's goin' on?

Hope: You don't think I should be away right now?

Brooke: Honey, I know I'm hitting you out of the blue with this, but everything seems to be happening so fast. I think it's wise if you wait.

Hope: Wait? For what? Mom, we're about to take off. Everyone's expecting us. I-I can't back out right now.

Brooke: I know how strong you are in your convictions.

Hope: So what? Are you afraid that I'm not ready for this? That I'm gonna embarrass myself or the company?

Brooke: No. Gosh, no. I have every confidence in you. We all do.

Hope: Okay, then what is it? I don't understand.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Hope: Is it Liam and me? What, w-we just got engaged, and now I'm leaving...

Brooke: I know you're not going to be gone long, but still.

Hope: Yeah, it'll seem that way to Liam.

Brooke: You two talked?

Hope: Yeah, yeah, I was just with him. The trip is difficult for him. He made sure to let me know that, but, I mean, he understands how important this trip is to me.

Brooke: That's probably true, but I'm just saying-

Hope: I get it. I-I totally get it, Mom, okay? It's not so much Liam you're worried about as it is Steffy and what she'll try to do while I'm gone. I know. And you know what? I'd feel the exact same way if I didn't trust Liam completely. And besides, you know what? I talked with Steffy, and she said she's not gonna interfere with our engagement, so..

Brooke: (Sighs) Paris is going to fall in love with you.

Hope: Well, of course I. I'm Brooke Logan's daughter. (Chuckles)

Brooke: (Laughs) Good luck, Sweetheart.

Hope: Thank you. Mm. (Sighs) Okay.

Brooke: (Giggles) Love you.

Hope: Love you, too.

(Cell phone rings)



Liam: Hey, you up in the air yet?

Hope: Uh, any minute now. I miss you already. Hey, Liam, I will make this up to you, okay? I promise. Just--I know I'm asking a lot, so just... (Sighs) Be patient, okay?

Liam: I'm tryin'.

Hope: All right, um, I-- we're gonna take off soon, so I'm gonna go, but I'll call you the second we land, all right? And then we'll be married soon. And then I'll get to spend every night with you. Well, I gotta go. But I'll talk to you later, okay? I love you.

Liam: I love you.

Steffy: What did I say about leaving your front door unlocked? Especially since you're half naked.

Liam: Um, I was going to take a shower.

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Liam: So I guess you heard Hope's in the air, on her way to Europe.

Steffy: Yeah. She's quite the sensation.

Liam: Well, her line is because of the successful preview.

Steffy: Well, that and the romantic proposal on the runway.

Liam: (Chuckles)

Steffy: Well, look, I'm--I came here because I'm concerned about you.

Liam: I'm okay.

Steffy: No, you're not.

Liam: What do you want from me, Steffy?

Steffy: What-- don't be angry with me when Hope's the one you're upset with.

Liam: Sorry. I'm not angry with you. But I'm not upset with Hope, either.

Steffy: No, you're just frustrated.

Liam: Steffy.

Steffy: What? You--you bought her a ring. You asked her to marry you, and you gave her everything she said she wanted. In return, she rejected you, Man.

Liam: She did not reject me. We're engaged. The wedding is happening.

Steffy: I wasn't talking about--

Liam: I know what you were talking about.

Steffy: Liam, your fiancée is gone. You don't know when she's gonna be back. And when she is back, she's just gonna wait to control you. You didn't agree to this. No, this was Hope's decision, not yours, and it's not fair to you. Can you really live this way? I mean, do you want to? 'Cause something's telling me this isn't what you want at all.

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