B&B Transcript Friday 8/12/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 8/12/11


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Hope: Glad you stopped by.

Liam: Yeah, me, uh, too.

Hope: Are you sure? (Laughs)

Liam: Uh, sorry. Have you, uh--have you... talked to Ridge today?

Hope: Uh, I talked to him this morning. Why?

Liam: He punched my dad.

Hope: What?

Justin: You just let Ridge do that? I don't understand. You could have destroyed him.

Bill: Yeah, I could have, without breaking a sweat. But you know something? And, uh, this will sound strange coming from me-- in some way, I felt like I had it coming.

Justin: (Chuckles) Well...

Bill: He was being protective of his daughter. I respected that. So it was a 1-day-only punch-Dollar-Bill-in-the-face sale. But if he ever comes up on me again, I will break every finger on his hand and shove that--

Justin: All bight, all right, I've heard it before.

Hillary: Nick Marone to see you.

Bill: Great. Send him in.

Hillary: Great. Mr. Marone.

Bill: Nick, so glad you could make it. This is my legal counsel, Justin Barber.

Justin: How you doing?

Nick: All right, Spencer, I'm here. You said you had a proposition for me.

Bill: And I'm glad you're here. And I think you're gonna be glad you're here.

Nick: Look at that mouth. Somebody popped ya, huh? Beat me to it.

Bill: Ha ha. Sense of humor. I like that. Listen, I want to apologize for that incident. You know, I have a quick temper. Sometimes it gets the better of me. But the bottom line is... I know you had Katie's best interest at heart.

Nick: How is Katie?

Bill: She's doing well. Thanks. She's home from the hospital, and the doctors expect a complete recovery.

Nick: Good news. Okay, I haven't got all day. What do you want? What's the proposition?

Bill: I would like to do something for Katie. I think it will, uh, speed her recovery, and, uh, well, quite frankly, I feel like I owe it to her. Also, Forrester's punching me in the mouth sort of adds a little fuel to the fire. But I'm gonna hit him back, and you're gonna help me do it.

Brooke: (Sighs) Oh.

(Door opens)

Brooke: Oh, Ridge, these designs, they are so magnificent, so elegant. You okay?

Ridge: Yeah... now that Bill Spencer knows to stay away from my daughter.

Brooke: What did you say to him?

Ridge: The bastard wasn't listening, so... I hit him.

Brooke: What?

Ridge: He's had it coming for a long time.

Brooke: Ridge, th--that is my sister's husband.

Ridge: Well, maybe now he'll start acting like it, instead of taking advantage of young girls. God, the way he... manipulated Steffy, I...

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: What?

Brooke: (Sighs) I-I'm not sure that Steffy is the one being manipulated.

Ridge: She's in a tremendous amount of pain right now, Logan.

Brooke: Yes, and it was well-earned.

Steffy: Thanks for dropping these off. I needed to get my mind off of things.

Oliver: Sure. You okay?

Steffy: No. Bill decided to go back to Katie.

Hope: I-I can't believe that my dad hit him.

Liam: Well, I-I can. I mean, think about what my dad did to his daughter. It's not like I don't understand. Just--

Hope: True. Yeah, I mean, my dad is very protective of his family, uh, but I mean, it's not like Steffy didn't get exactly what was comin' to her, so...

Bill: Justin, I'd like a moment alone with Nick. But don't go far. I think we may need your legal advice before he leaves.

Justin: I'll be in my office.

Nick: Okay, I'm intrigued. Revenge against Forrester, helping Katie recover-- how am I involved?

Bill: I want to buy Jackie M. from you.

Ridge: How could you say that about my daughter?

Brooke: Steffy isn't innocent. She pursued Bill, relentlessly.

Ridge: He's the one that made a commitment, Logan. He's older, supposed to be wiser.

Brooke: She knew what she was doing.

Ridge: Targeting Bill Spencer?

Brooke: Yes. And I'm starting to think there's one significant reason why. She might not even be aware that she's doing this. But I think she's going after Bill because of who he's married to. Once again, this is all about the Forresters versus the Logans.

Hope: See, this is what gets me so frustrated with Steffy, is that she does these things, and she doesn't realize the ripple effect that it has. She went after a married man, didn't care who got hurt, and now my dad's going around punching people.

Liam: Yeah, but, Hope, she does realize it. She does. I mean, she's sick about it. She's probably embarrassed. That's why she lashed out at you. She'll calm down eventually. She will. And she'll probably even extend an olive branch your way if--if you show her that you're willing to accept it. And it's gonna be hard, and you're gonna wish that you didn't have to deal with it...

Hope: (Groans)

Liam: But, you know, Steffy needs all the support she can get right now.

Hope: Of course. That's just who you are.

Liam: (Chuckles)

Hope: (Giggles)

Steffy: Well, now you know why I had you drop this stuff off. I just can't be at work right now. I'm not in the mood. I don't want to pretend to be happy. God forbid if I run into Brooke. Oh.

Oliver: Well, I mean, take all the time you need. I'm sure people understand, right?

Steffy: That Bill walked out on me? That the Logans get an upper hand again? (Sighs) Oh, no. Look, I'm--I'm sorry, okay? I-I know that you're trying to help. This just sucks. You know, Brooke gets my dad. Katie gets Bill. And--and Hope gets whatever the hell she wants whenever she wants. It jus--its gettin' old. And I'm just sick of losing to them.

Nick: You want to buy my company?

Bill: Jackie M. has hit some tough times. That's no secret. I'm looking for an investment.

Nick: And this is all because Forrester punched you in the mouth?

Bill: This is because, as I said, I want to do something for my wife. Katie was never happier than when she was running a fashion house. Now I think Jackie M. can do some damage to Forrester Creations, and I would like to help facilitate that.

Nick: Well, I'm all for helping Katie any way I can, but I'm not interested in selling Jackie M.

Bill: I'm prepared to make you a very generous offer, Nick, and I think you're too smart not to consider that.

Nick: You'll have to show me something on paper.

Bill: Of course.

Nick: I'm not interested in selling more than half.

Bill: Oh, I think you will be.

Nick: I am interested in giving Forrester Creations a challenge. But the company's in my mother's name, and I will never give up full control.

Bill: Never's a very long time. 51%. I need control.

Nick: See ya, Spencer.

Bill: Okay, I'll consider 50%. I'll have Justin draw up a proposal. I'd like this to happen as quickly as possible, Nick. And I assure you, you won't regret it.

Nick: All right, Spencer, what's the real deal? Forrester Creations is our competition, and there are a few people over there I don't exactly like, but there are a couple I do, and I'm not interested in hurting Brooke.

Bill: Well, get interested. I'm putting Forrester Creations out of business.

Brooke: Why are we doing this? I don't like our tones. We need to remember to enjoy each other and just relax and not let things get tense. I don't want to argue with you, Ridge.

Ridge: And I don't want to argue with you, either.

Brooke: I love you. And you don't have to ask me to back up your daughter. Of course I would. I would do anything that you ask of me.

Ridge: Thank you. I'm sorry. I should have known that.

Brooke: I wish I could say I'm sorry, but I can't.

Ridge: No?

Brooke: You have to catch me first.

Ridge: (Mouthing words)

Hope: "Hope for the Future isn't just a fashion line. It's a lifestyle, a way of living with morality and social consciousness, of considering what's best for human beings and our planet, of--of sexual responsibility and control of bringing back meaning and beauty," and I didn't know you were there. (Giggles) Your phone call-- is--is everything okay?

Liam: Uh, yes, uh, dandy. You practicing your speech for the fashion show?

Hope: Yeah. Yeah, I just want to make sure that I'm making the right statement.

Liam: Yeah, I know.

Hope: Do you?

Liam: Why? Why would you doubt me?

Hope: No, I-I... (Sighs) I just--I mean, I wonder if you can understand. I am Brooke Logan's daughter.

Liam: The legendary Brooke Logan.

Hope: Yeah.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: And--and I love my mom, but that's not necessarily a legend I want to continue.

Steffy: (Scoffs) You know what's sad? I still love him. (Sniffles)

Oliver: It'll get better. Soon it won't hurt so much.

Steffy: Yeah, I know.

Oliver: I feel bad, but I gotta go back for a photo shoot.

Steffy: Oh. Another man walks out on me.

Oliver: I can cancel.

Steffy: No, no, no. I'm--I'm joking. That'd be pathetic.

Oliver: I'm here for you. You can call me anytime, all right?

Steffy: (Sighs)

Brooke: (Giggles) You better hurry. You'll never find me.

Ridge: Okay, ready or not, here I come.

Brooke: I can see you. Not there. Over here. You're getting colder. (Giggles) Pink thing. Nope.

Hope: Liam, gossip and scandal follow my mom everywhere.

Liam: Okay, yes, Brooke generates a lot of interest.

Hope: She does, much of it negative, shocking internet gossip.

Liam: I know that hurts you.

Hope: It does. She's my mom, and she's been treated really unfairly.

Liam: Okay, yeah, and you'll always stand up for her.

Hope: I will try to, yeah. But let's face it, Liam, she--she kinda sets herself up. Think about it. I mean, why do you think that everyone, including my mom, believed Stephanie's lie that she and Thomas slept together on that island? Because that's her reputation. That's her image. Even my mom believed that she could do something that awful. Those are not footsteps that I want to follow in. I want to make my own mark on Forrester Creations, and--and that's what Hope for the Future's about.

Liam: I am so impressed with you and what you stand for and your ideals.

Hope: (Laughs)

Liam: But it doesn't make me want you any less.

Hope: (Laughs) I want you, too, Liam. I do. But I just want it to be right.

Ridge: Hide-and-seek, huh? You were settin' me up, you little minx...

Brooke: (Laughing)

Ridge: Luring me in.

Brooke: (Sighs) Sometimes we need a little reminder. (Giggles) Nothing can come between us ever again. We just can't let that happen. 'Cause this is where we're meant to be...

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Here in our home together, with our children surrounding us. And if troubles arise, this is where we'll meet, right here, in our sacred place, away from the whole world, where our problems will just trickle away, just like the waters in this beautiful fountain.

Nick: Don't you own part of Forrester?

Bill: As a matter of fact, I do. It used to be my goal to own it all, but no more. Now I want to drive it into the ground.

Nick: I don't know.

Bill: Oh, come on, Nick. This is no time for sentimentality. Your company is in the toilet, and I have the cash to bail you out. Now I would like to think you are way too smart to pass up an opportunity like this.

Nick: I've never been very fond of Ridge.

Bill: Attaboy. Now you're talkin'. Nor have I.

Nick: Okay, make me an offer.

Bill: You'll have a proposal within a week.

Nick: I'll take a look at it.

Bill: Nick, I want this to happen quickly. It's a win-win for both of us. Ridge doesn't know it yet, but he's about to have a heat-seeking missile bearing down on him. With Jackie M. and Spencer Publications united, Forrester doesn't stand a chance. I'm so good.

Steffy: (Sniffles)

(Soft music plays)

Steffy: (Sighs)

Steffy: (Gasps)

Liam: Steffy.

(Soft music plays)

Liam: Steff?

Liam: Steffy?

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