B&B Transcript Wednesday 8/10/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 8/10/11


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Steffy: You're going back to your marriage? Your wife?

Bill: I love Katie. I have a responsibility to her.

Steffy: No, your responsibility is to yourself, Bill.

Bill: Steffy, I am not the kind of man who walks away from my commitments. I made a promise to you as well, I walked and I never should have done that.

Steffy: You're not going to stay with Katie. Bill, you wouldn't do that to yourself. And you wouldn't do that to me.

Brooke: Where is your husband?

Katie: He had someone he needed to see.

Brooke: He dropped you off here after the hospital, and he went to work?

Katie: No, he didn't go to work. He went to see Steffy. He's breaking it off with her.

Jackie: Huh. I just found out who bought our condo.

Owen: Yeah? Who?

Jackie: Steffy Forrester. (Clicks tongue) Isn't that intriguing?

Brooke: So Bill drops you off from the hospital, and immediately goes to see Steffy?

Katie: I insisted.

Hope: Um, you can't trust Steffy.

Katie: Oh, I don't. But I trust Billy.

Brooke: I really don't want to upset you, but Bill hasn't exactly been the most trustworthy person.  

Katie: Yeah, well, I think he learned a thing or two from all of this.

Hope: Like what?

Katie: Like how much he needs me.

Brooke: Did he say that?

Katie: Yes. Bill loves me, and he knows that if he does anything like this ever again, he will lose me, and he doesn't want that. He's made that very clear.

Steffy: Katie's heart attack was tragic, and thank God she was okay.

Bill: She could have died.

Steffy: But she didn't. It was a warning, Bill.

Bill: Yes, it was.

Steffy: God, she knows her limitations, and she's gonna be careful now. She's bright. Come on.

Bill: Are you making some point?

Steffy: Katie's heart attack could have happened at any time. It was caused by stress. She could have been in a traffic jam. She could have had trouble with her family. And if she's smart enough, she'll know to control that. But, Bill, you should not feel guilty about this. This can have happened in any stressful situation.

Bill: But it wasn't any stressful situation, Steffy.

Steffy: But if you're trying to feel responsible for it, it is not warranted.

Bill: It's more than that.

Steffy: No, you are Bill Spencer. There's nothing that she can do to hurt you, and you do not have to go back to her. No, we--we will be together, because I know that's what you want.

Jackie: I could go and pay Steffy a visit, pretend that I left something there.

Nick: Like one of your many romance novels?

Jackie: Aren't you even the slightest bit interested in why she bought our place, and so surreptitiously?

Nick: No, Mother, I'm not...

Jackie: (Scoffs)

Nick: Because I have a business to run. Remember all the talk of reviving Jackie M.'s internship program?

Owen: Mm, nobody's forgotten about that. I've already contacted a number of fashion schools in the area.

Nick: Very good, young man. Stay on it.

Jackie: Nicky, loosen up. Life isn't all about business, you know? God, even Bill Spencer knows that now. Have you heard anything more about Katie?

Nick: I got a call. She's home from the hospital.

Owen: I mean, so soon after a heart attack?

Nick: I guess she got lucky this time.

Jackie: It makes you wonder, doesn't it, what could have caused it?

Nick: She's living with Spencer. That could cause anyone a heart attack.

Jackie: (Scoffs) So you think it's Bill's fault?

Nick: Didn't say that.

Owen: Well, it is a possibility.

Nick: Why are we talking about this? Katie got a wake-up call. I told her she has to be more careful. I told her that many times, actually.

Jackie: Didn't I hear something about Bill and Steffy floating around, that she was flirtin with him openly?

Owen: Yes, yes.

Jackie: That could be it.

Owen: When they were using his jet to help rescue Brooke and Thomas, there was-- Steffy was there, but Katie wasn't there.

Nick: Okay. Can we just please drop all this? Bill and Katie are married, tragically married, and it's their business.

Steffy: Bill, you should not feel guilty about this. You didn't cause her heart attack. You just happened to be there when it happened, and thank God you were.

Bill: You're always so quick to excuse me.

Steffy: And that is why you need me. 'Cause everything's-- everything's gonna be fine. We're just gonna go just back to the--the way we planned it.

Bill: I do love you, Steffy. I hope you know that.

Steffy: No, Bill, you were there for me, and I was there for you. Our timing couldn't be more perfect. This is not just some coincidence. We crossed each other's paths because we both felt alone. Bill, that was bringing us together. That is something that we want to--we have to hold onto, because we are right for each other, and we are meant for each other. Katie is not right for you, Bill.

Bill: No, Steffy, no. That's where you're wrong. I love my wife.

Steffy: No.

Bill: I am not leaving my marriage.

Steffy: No. No. No. She brainwashed you.

Bill: I've made a decision, Steffy. I'm not going back on it.

Steffy: What did she say? What did she do to you?

Bill: It's not Katie. It's me.

Steffy: No. I don't believe you. No, you said that you love me, and I know what that means to you. I know what I mean to you. You don't want Katie, no, not the way you want me, because I know what we have is true. Katie's just messing with you, Bill.

Nick: Fantastic! You two have appointments. It's a buyers' market. You should have your own place by the end of the day.

Jackie: It might take more than a day, Darling. As you said, we do have a business to run.

Nick: Which should take all of your attention. So tell me. Why are you messing about Steffy?

Jackie: I'm not obsessing. She bought our condo.

Nick: Well, I'm sure you can count on her to protect its stellar reputation.

Jackie: Do you think she really is involved with Bill Spencer?

Nick: Mother, the guy just redid his wedding vows. Katie loves him. Don't ask me why.

Jackie: Mm.

Owen: Well, the Logan women do always manage to keep their eye on the prize, that's for sure.

Jackie: As well as the Forrester women.

Nick: Please, just stay out of this. It'll only cause trouble.

Jackie: I'm surprised at your attitude, Nicky.

Nick: (Sighs)

Jackie: Given you feelings for Katie.

Nick: Katie's tougher than most people think. I've seen her cheat death.

Jackie: Mm-hmm. Donít tell me you're not worried about her?

Nick: I didn't say that. It would best if she were married to anybody but Bill Spencer. He's nobody to be trusted. If Katie thinks that she can handle him. Unfortunately, I don't share the same thought.

Hope: Look, Aunt Katie, Steffy was using your husband, okay?

Katie: Well, she didn't walk away with my husband, ok? Bill is setting her straight.

Hope: Steffy's just gonna sit here and wait?

Katie: No, of course not. She's gonna use everything in her repertoire to try to hang onto a husband, but it's not gonna work, cause Bill and me, are gonna stick with our marriage, and I am totally confident of that.

Bill: Steffy, don't forget who you're talking to. She is not messing with my mind.

Steffy: I can't believe you want to live the rest of your life with that woman.

Bill: Steffy, I'm a man who thought I would never get married, a man who couldn't imagine spending his life with one woman.

Steffy: Until you met me.

Bill: No, Steffy. Until Katie.

Steffy: Have you forgot about you and me? Everything we shared these past few weeks, huh?!

Bill: No. No, I haven't but I had forgotten everything I shared with my wife.

Steffy: I understand Katie had a heart attack, but now you're being all sentimental.

Bill: It isn't sentiment. Katie is a woman unlike a woman I have ever met.

Steffy: That's what you said about me.

Bill: That is what I said about you, and I meant it you both are.

Steffy: Bill, I get you. I understand you. Katie is trying to get you. I know your strengths and your weaknesses. Now Katie is trying to pull your strings and now you're letting her pull them?

Bill: Steffy, I am-- I am not perfect. I am not a perfect human being. But I have done things and some things that are just not right.

Steffy: Are you talking about the Amber thing?

Bill: No. I haven't forgotten. She was being stubborn I was too and she walked out.

Steffy: What you were doing was falling in love with me. (Sniffles) Was that wrong? Loving me is wrong? (Sobs)

Bill: No.

Steffy: (Sighs) After everything you said. Everything you promised, now youíre dumping me?

Katie: What a good mom, walking her little girl out to the car.

Brooke: She's not so little anymore.

Katie: No, she's not. She's a bright young woman. She reminds me a lot of you when you were her age.

Brooke: But she does know Steffy... (Sighs) And what she's capable of.

Katie: Steffy is capable of many things... but stealing husbands thatís not one of them.

Brooke: Sheís capable of certain things.

Katie: Listen, I appreciate your concern. I really do. But Bill is a man who learns from his mistakes.

Brooke: What happened? What turned this all around.

Katie: Bill and I had a long talk. (Sighs)

Brooke: What happened? He made you promises?

Katie: Listen, I know that you will forever think of me as your naive little sister, but, no, Bill did not make m any promises. In fact, quite the opposite. I told him, if he wanted to be with Steffy, then he should go. He should just leave.

Brooke: You stood up to Bill.

Katie: He is a complicated man, but I understand him-- his strengths and his weaknesses. He needs a woman he can count on, not someone who's going to tell him lies just to make him feel better. He needs someone like him and determined as he is, his equal, and that is why he married me, because I challenge him. And I told him if he was gonna be happier with Steffy, then he should go. He didn't because I have something that Steffy will never have-- I have honesty and integrity and loyalty, and those are things that I cannot live without. I think we're gonna learn from this experience. I think it's gonna make us closer than ever before. Because we love each other. He's ending it with Steffy. And we're gonna go on with our lives like none of it ever happened.

Steffy: So is that why you came here? To end our relationship?

Bill: I made promises to you I couldn't keep. I was wrong to do that.

Steffy: Bill, we love each other. It's not wrong. It's beautiful.

Bill: Steffy, I am in no position to share a life with you.

Steffy: Look, I understand you feel guilty and responsible, but you can--

Bill: It's not just guilt, and it is not responsibility. I am committed to Katie. She's my wife. I love her.

Steffy: But that doesn't--

Bill: And before Katie, I didn't know how to love.

Steffy: But that doesn't mean you can't love somebody even more.

Bill: Steffy, you have to accept this.

Steffy: No. No, I can't, because I know what we mean to each other.

Bill: We have a history of being drawn to each other, and then Steffy, then--then we hurt each other.

Steffy: That isn't true!

Bill: It is true! It is true! It is true! You used my affection to win back Forrester. I know I made promises to you that I can't keep. I am hurting you and that is the last thing I want to do. But I love my wife. I--

Steffy: Don't you dare say something like that to me! No, you said you love me. And now what? You're leaving me? You promised you would never abandon me, and that's what you're doing. It's for a Logan. I can't believe it-- that you would do this to me. I don't know you. You are not the Bill Spencer that I love.

Bill: The Bill Spencer...

Steffy: (Sniffles) (Sighs)

Bill: That I would hope you would love is a man who could not walk out on his wife who just had a heart attack!

Steffy: So what are you thinking? I'm gonna wait until she dies? Because I wonít.

Bill: No. I don't want you to do that. I wouldn't ask you to do that. I want you to go and live your life. I want you... I want you to be happy.

Steffy: But will you, Dollar Bill? Huh? When you wake in the middle of the night longing for my body, the touch of my mouth and my lips, huh?

Bill: I love you, Steffy. But it can't happen for us.

Steffy: Now or never.

Bill: It canít.

Steffy: No. I believed in you. I believed in us. (Scoffs) Oh, my God, it was meaningless. You lied. You--you said you were committed to me. You used me?

Bill: I didn't use you.

Steffy: (Voice breaking) How could I be so wrong? I was just a fool. I was just a fool.

Bill: You're not a fool. I'm so sorry.

Steffy: (Normal voice) No, Bill, please. Just go back to Katie, if that's what you want. I'm through with you.

Steffy: What are you waiting for? Go. (Sighs)

(Door closes)

Steffy: (Sobs) Aah! (Yelling indistinctly) (Sobs hysterically) (Breathing deeply)

(Door opens)

Hope: Your door was unlocked. You should be more careful.

Steffy: Get out.

Hope: He left, didn't he? He's staying true to my Aunt Katie and their marriage. Sorry, Steffy, but you and Bill are over.

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