B&B Transcript Friday 7/29/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/29/11


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Liam: Dr. Ayes, can I have a word with you, please?

Taylor: Some people do not deserve blind loyalty, Liam, and your father is one of them.

Katie: Taylor, if you're here to accuse my husband of something, why don't you just say it?

Bill: So where's my room?

Steffy: Mm. Well, I actually ordered a cage for you.

Bill: Cage?

Steffy: But that's not in yet. Yeah, so I think I'm gonna keep you in my bathtub and have you as my pet alligator.

Bill: Alligator?

Steffy: Yeah.

Bill: Oh, I like your choice of pets.

Steffy: (Giggles)

Bill: Okay, but come on, I'm gonna need a home office, right?

Steffy: Ooh. Home--I-I-I like the sound of that. Yeah, this is gonna be our home.

Bill: We're gonna have plenty of places to live.

Steffy: Mm.

Bill: One here, one in the San Juan islands, one on Lake Como. (Sighs) But I'm only going to have one home-- with you.

Steffy: Well, I wanna cook for you.

Bill: I'll let you.

Steffy: But yeah, I-I'm not that good of a cook, so...

Bill: (Chuckles)

Steffy: Yeah.

Bill: You'll learn.

Steffy: And yeah, I don't-- I don't have groceries, either.

Bill: Two words-- groceries online.

Steffy: Oh. Well, yeah, I just moved in this morning, so...

Bill: I see. So you really just wanted to show me your new digs, huh?

Steffy: Um... well, I figured you-- you' spending a lot more time here.

Bill: I would say that's a safe assumption.

Steffy: Yeah, I-I think of this place as--as our place.

Bill: I like that.

Steffy: So what do you think?

Bill: Beautiful.

Steffy: I'm talking about the apartment. (Laughs)

Bill: You like it?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, of course. It's--it's fabulous, um... well, obviously, if I spent all this money for it.

Bill: Then I like it.

Steffy: You can't be that easy.

Bill: Generally, I'm not. But occasionally, I'll surprise you.

Steffy: You--you scare me sometimes, you know that?

Bill: Well, maybe that's just force of habit, or maybe it's your mother. She can be a little scary sometimes.

Steffy: Yeah, you have to be a little unhinged to be a shrink, I think. Yeah.

Bill: You know, I don't--I don't blame her...

Steffy: Mm.

Bill: For not wanting you to see me. I wouldn't want you to see me, either.

Steffy: Have you ever... told me anything that wasn't true?

Bill: Yes, every time I told you I wasn't interested in you.

Steffy: Well, you don't think I believed that, do you?

Katie: Listen, Taylor, I like you. I do, but please don't come into my husband's office and start bad-mouthing him in front of his son. I mean, that's a little out of line, don't you think?

Taylor: I'm not saying anything he doesn't already know.

Liam: Hey, you want to see my father? I'll try to reach him for you.

Taylor: No, it's okay. I'll talk to Katie, since it appears Bill won't.

Katie: Taylor, you want a private conversation, that's fine, but let me tell you something. I know all about my husband and your daughter.

Taylor: I seriously doubt that.

Katie: And I can tell you who the aggressor is, and frankly, your concern is a little overdue.

Taylor: Katie, your husband is deceiving you.

Katie: Do you really want to do this? I mean, really? I-I understand that you're a mother, and you want to believe everything your daughter says, but after everything that happened with Thomas, don't you think that you could take whatever Steffy tells you with a little healthy skepticism?

Brooke: Hey! Oh. Sorry, uh, to interrupt, but there was nobody outside.

Katie: Hillary is doing some transcription for me. Is it lunchtime already?

Brooke: Yeah, but I can come back if you're busy.

Katie: No. No, I'm not busy.

Liam: Hey, no, you know, why don't you guys use my dad's office for your meeting, and I will continue my conversation with Dr. Hayes outside?

Brooke: Liam, it's a lunch. And I hope you're okay, Taylor.

Taylor: Why would that really matter to you? Well, I'll just take this time and--and--and collect my thoughts--whatever.

Katie: (Sighs)

Liam: Now I can call you a cab, or I can drive you home myself.

Taylor: No, thank you. I'm going to do what I came here to do.

Liam: No, Dr. Hayes, you're not. Haven't you been burned enough butting into other people's marriages?

Taylor: (Sighs)

Katie: (Scoffs) Between Steffy and Bill? Not you, too.

Brooke: Maybe Steffy said something to get her going.

Katie: Yeah, I'm sure she did. I am not gonna let Taylor get to me.

Brooke: Well, maybe Taylor saw her coming into the Spencer building.

Katie: So what? Oh, Brooke, I am so over worrying about this girl. I mean, it's not gonna do me any good to get all crazy and insecure. That's exactly what she wants. I'm not playing that game. Listen, Bill is a smart guy with unlimited resources. If he wanted to carry on behind my back, he would, and I'd never know. I made my peace with that a long time ago.

Brooke: That kind of trust is a beautiful thing.

Katie: I trust that Bill loves me, but most of all, I trust that I know him, the whole package, selfishness and all. If he wanted Steffy, he wouldn't bother being sneaky about it, he'd just say it, but he doesn't. And Steffy's just gonna have to realize that.

Bill: Get that information and e-mail it to me A.S.A.P. (Sighs) I'm glad you like my gift.

Steffy: I love it. It's a symbol of your commitment, how alike we are.

Bill: You wear it well. It looks powerful on you.

Steffy: Yeah, I'll wear it with you always. I don't know. It just--it makes me feel like we're more official.

Bill: You're official.

Steffy: Well, not really, not till you end it with Katie.

Bill: But you understand why I had to wait.

Steffy: Yes, yeah, because of your board meeting. I get it.

Bill: I really can't throw any drama into the mix right now, Steffy.

Steffy: No, I-I get it, and I won't push. I get it.

Bill: Thank you.

Steffy: I'm just anxious, okay? I want to be with you.

Bill: I want that, too.

Steffy: So after your board meeting?

Bill: Just give me a little time to work it out. We want the same thing.

Steffy: Okay. I just--I feel like I'm on hold waiting for my life to start.

Bill: I have never met anyone like you. You're totally unique.

Steffy: Well, then I guess we're even.

Steffy: What time's your meeting at? Mm.

Bill: I don't have much more time.

Steffy: Mm. (Sighs)

Bill: What?

Steffy: It's just hard, okay?

Bill: What is?

Steffy: This. Bill, I-I-I'm crazy about you. I want you so bad, and... I don't want to wait.

Bill: It's not forever.

Steffy: It better not be.

Bill: It's not.

Steffy: I know you have to do this right. But every time you leave me, it's just another reminder that this isn't your real life...

Bill: (Sighs)

Steffy: At least for now. And until that changes, this isn't a home. This is just... a place for me to hang around and--and wait for you.

Liam: Dr. Hayes, I'm gonna ask you one more time to please leave.

Taylor: Liam, Liam, I am sorry that I have to be involved in this, but you're getting a little more involved in this than you need to. I will wait till Brooke leaves. I certainly don't want her running to Steffy's father with this yet. Oh, God.

Liam: Okay. All right. Okay, look, I understand that you have suffered a huge disappointment recently, and the pain from that is still--

Taylor: Excuse me?

Liam: Well, you're-- you're lashing out at Katie, my father's wife, Brooke's sister-- what else could it possibly be? I mean, it's my dad's job to discuss his future with Katie, not--

Taylor: But he hasn't done that yet, has he?

Liam: I--

Taylor: I wonder why that is. Do you think maybe it slipped his mind when he was renewing his vows?

Liam: Oh--oh, can you keep your voice down, please? Now my dad told me that he is going to talk to Steffy a--

Taylor: Listen to me. Listen to me. It isn't what people say that matters. It's what they do that tells you who they are.

Liam: Oh--

Taylor: Your father has created the ultimate little fantasy scenario with a demure, sweet little wife at home and hot little number on the side, so what is his motivation to change that?

Liam: That is--that is not who my father is. That's not what he wants.

Taylor: Oh, please. Oh, come--then think of me as somebody who's here to help Bill. I am going to help your father do what he doesn't have the guts to do himself.

Liam: Shh.

Brooke: Are you calling Bill?

Katie: (Laughs) No. I'm checking my afternoon schedule. You really don't believe that I'm not bothered by Taylor's melodrama.

Brooke: (Laughs)

Katie: O-okay, if she came in here in hysterics and said Ridge was seeing somebody else, would--would you believe her?

Brooke: No.

Katie: Okay, but then--

Brooke: But still, I kind of want to know what she's thinking.

Katie: I'm sure she's long gone by now.

Brooke: Oh, no, you don't know Taylor like I do. I'm sure she's lurking around somewhere.

Katie: (Laughs)

Brooke: Come on. Let me just go find out exactly what she's thinking.

Katie: No, Brooke. Brooke, I'm done. I'm done with it. I am not gonna let this girl cause problems for me any longer. No way. I'm done.

Brooke: I want to be just like you when I grow up.

Katie: Oh, ha ha.

Brooke: (Laughs) I do.

Katie: I have to go to work.

Brooke: I do, too

Katie: All right, I love you.

Brooke: I love you, too.

Katie: Thank you so much for lunch.

Brooke: We'll do it again.

Katie: All right.

Brooke: I'll bring you lunch tomorrow. (Laughs) Oh.

Taylor: Oh, uh, would you have time for me now?

Katie: (Sighs)

Brooke: Mm.

Katie: Sure. Come on in.

Liam: Uh, uh, Katie, I--we really need to talk about the pre-meeting.

Katie: I will get back to you as soon as I'm done with Taylor.

Liam: Okay, but--

[Liam remembering]

Bill: I don't know that I'm going to go through with this.

Liam: You have to go through with this.

Bill: I just told you that I was with Steffy.

Liam: I know you just told me that you were with Steffy, but you don't love Steffy, I mean--I mean, not like you love your wife, 'cause Katie's your wife, right, so--

Bill: Liam, I came home tonight intending to tell Katie I was leaving her.

Liam: Oh, Man. And instead you saw all of us.

Bill: Instead, I walk into a surprise vow renewal. (Sighs) What the hell am I supposed to do?

Steffy: I know you're doing your best.

Bill: (Shudders) I hate when people say they're doing their best. If somebody says they're doing their best, inevitably that means they're not getting the job done.

Steffy: Well, I'm not trying to criticize you.

Bill: I am. I am. I-I can't believe I'm in this situation. It is beneath me. But suddenly Katie and my sister have become new best friends. I am in-- doing a wedding vow renewal. I've got the board meeting. (Sighs) I'm just making excuses.

Steffy: No. No, no, no, no. They're--they're good excuses, okay?

Bill: I despise that I've become the married man cliché. I am lying to one woman. I am telling the other woman to be patient. I mean, this is the kind of silly foolish mess that people have been getting into since the dawn of time.

Steffy: Not wanting to hurt Katie more than you already have-- that doesn't make you foolish. That makes you kind.

Bill: I owe her a lot, Steffy.

Steffy: I believe it.

Bill: She's the only woman I ever let see inside me until you. And it can get pretty dark in here, Steffy. I'm not easy.

Steffy: I know you, Dollar Bill Spencer. I know you, and you can't scare me away. You're exciting. You're fascinating. You're complicated. And I want you more than you can possibly imagine.

Bill: Oh, I can imagine.

(Cell phone rings)



Steffy: You can get that if you want.


Bill: (Sighs) Get what?


Liam: Please pick up. Please pick up. Please pick up. Please pick up. Dad?

(Elevator bell dings)

Liam: (Groans) Hey, it's me. Um, I-I'm at the office, and, uh... by the time you get this, it'll be too late.

Katie: Okay. You have my undivided attention. Listen, I'm sorry if I was rude to you before. You have to understand that one of the challenges of being married to Bill Spencer is that I have at least one person coming to see me every day saying, "Do you know what your husband has done?"

Taylor: No, no, no, no. No, it's all right. Um, I was a little abrupt myself. I was a little annoyed Liam was trying to get rid of me.

Katie: Yeah, well, he's not the most subtle. I think that's one of the qualities he's inherited from his father. But you deserve better from me I mean, honestly, I think you're one of the reasons why Bill and I are still together.

Taylor: I seriously doubt that.

Katie: No, granted, our therapy session was a complete disaster, but we need a safe place to say some dangerous things, and we aid them, and the world didn't end, so...

Taylor: Well, the therapeutic relationship did.

Katie: Yeah. And I suppose that's difficult. I didn't realize that.

Taylor: Well, yeah, I-I guess that sometimes it can be, but, you know, what usually bothers me is if I don't know if the original issue that the couple came in with was ever resolved.

Katie: Okay. Well... (Sighs) The bottom line is that Bill felt that I betrayed him by telling you what happened with Amber. And he has definite abandonment issues. And even though I felt like leaving was the right thing to do at the time, I think I stayed away too long, and I won't make that mistake again. He's a difficult person to figure out sometimes, but we have faced our problems, and we have moved past them. In--in fact, we just renewed our vows.

Taylor: Yes, yes, yes. I heard about that.

Katie: I wanted Bill to know that I love him unconditionally. I wanted him to hear those words, and I think he did. (Sighs) What?

Taylor: Katie, when I came over here, I-I knew I wanted to come and talk to you for the right reasons, and I-I'm pretty sure that I have. Liam was accusing me-- well, that's--that's too strong of a word--

Katie: Yeah, well, he's a little rough around the edges. So what?

Taylor: I'm not saying that I'm blameless in this, because I have known for a while now that Steffy has had feelings for your husband.

Katie: She's not exactly subtle, so don't feel bad. I appreciate your concern.

Taylor: Not that I thought-- I didn't think it was harmless, but I had no idea it would come to this.

Katie: I am not worried about your daughter, okay? I am choosing to ignore her.

Taylor: Katie, you're not going to be able to.

Katie: (Sighs)

Taylor: They're very involved. Bill says that he's in love with her.

Katie: (Laughs) This is-- you're lying.

Taylor: Bill is leaving you for my daughter!

Katie: (Gasps) (Breathing heavily)

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