B&B Transcript Tuesday 7/19/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 7/19/11


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Bill:  Youíre beautiful Steffy.  Iím here for you.  You can trust me.

Taylor: Good morning.

Steffy: Morning.

Taylor: Oh, that's good.

Steffy: Your conscience keep you awake last night? It should have.

Taylor: Uh, Steffy, this is going to be a very difficult day for everybody, so I think we need to be a little more gentle with each other.

Thomas: No, Mom, it's okay. Steffy has a right to be angry at me.

Taylor: (Sighs)

Thomas: I mean, I-I'm angry at myself.

Taylor: Well, anger isn't going to help us get any better. We need to pull together. We need to support each other and move forward.

Thomas: Starting with this, grandmother's trust agreement in her will giving me 25% of the company.

Steffy: Wait, wait, wait. She gave you a copy?

Thomas: To prove that she had done what she promised. You know, I shouldn't have let her go through with it. I-I wish I hadn't.

Steffy: Bill, you're amazing.

Bill: (Sighs) What, you always sneak up-- what are you doing here? You're supposed to be--

Liam: Yeah, out of town on business. I-I know. Got cancelled... yesterday.

Bill: Yesterday?

Liam: Yeah, I never went anywhere. I went straight home. And I saw you and Steffy together.

(Door opens)

Taylor: Ridge. What--

Ridge: Is she home? I, uh didn't see her car.

Taylor: Oh, well, Steffy and--and Thomas, they've already gone to the office.

Ridge: Together? Does that mean she's calmed down?

Taylor: Well, she did have a pretty good reason to be upset last night, Ridge.

Ridge: I tried calling her. I must have left a dozen messages.

Taylor: She feels abandoned. You know, she's taking this a little bit personally.

Ridge: Well, you're still my family, Doc.

Taylor: Your other family.

Ridge: Taylor, believe me, the last I wanted to do was hurt you. If I could go back... (Sighs)

Taylor: Well, I will tell Steffy that you came by.

Ridge: Well, there's something else. Um... I need to pick up a few things.

Ridge: Anything I can do to make this easier?

Taylor: No. Just get your things.

Ridge: Doc...I don't really know what to say.

Taylor: Uh, there's a suitcase in the hall closet. You can use that.

Ridge: If this is a bad time, I can come back.

Taylor: No, I-I don't see any reason to drag this out.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Taylor: Unless you're not sure.

Liam: Dad, please, talk to me. Was what I saw-- you and Steffy-- was that the end of something or was it just the beginning?

Bill: What you saw was a woman in tremendous pain. For years, Steffy has wanted her parents reunited. They've come close a few times, but it's never happened she thought this was the one. It wasn't. She needed someone last night, Liam, and I was there for her.

Liam: I mean, yeah, you've been there for her a lot lately.

Thomas: Steffy, you worried me last night. It--the way you reacted after dad left-- nobody knew where you were. I'm sorry. If anything ever happened to you, I would just-- I would feel terrible.

Steffy: I'm okay, Thomas

Thomas: All right. I mean, you do seem better.

Steffy: Well, yeah, last night, I hit rock bottom. You know, I just felt so alone. But then Bill called me.

Thomas: (Scoffs) He heard.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, I was just... in my car... (Sighs) crying, just freaked out. I-I should--I should never have been driving. And he told me to just meet him at the cliff house he rescued me again. Just like when we found out that you plane went down, he was there for me. And last night, he said he was always gonna be there for me.

Thomas: Okay. I'm glad Bill got through to you. I am. Just don't forget he's married.

Steffy: (Scoffs) Yeah, yeah, to Katie. God, no matter what I want, there's always, like, a-a Logan standing in my way, right?

(Knocks on door)

Steffy: What do you want?

Hope: Um... (Clears throat) I just want a moment alone with your brother.

Steffy: Anything you say to my brother, you can say in front of me.

Liam: Ridge didn't abandon Steffy. He went back to his wife. I mean, if Thomas hadn't lied, then none of this would have even happened.

Bill: Ridge made them believe that they could count on him, and then he bailed. Why doesn't matter.

Liam: Not for Steffy.

Bill: Ridge has never put Steffy first

Liam: Neither can you, Dad, unless something's changed.

Bill: Steffy was distraught. She was saying things... (Sighs) she was as vulnerable as I've ever seen her, and I was worried about her.

Liam: You really care about her.

Bill: She' a remarkable woman, the brightest of the Forresters for my money.

Liam: Dad--

Bill: No, all right? No, I did not sleep with her.

Liam: (Sighs) Okay.

Bill: She needed someone last night, Liam. But she'll bounce back, because she's tough. She will gain strength from this, because that's how people like us deal with adversity. Steffy's a fighter. And she will ending up using this to her advantage. I don't think her father appreciates exactly how special she is.

Hope: You're sticking up for him, after what he did?

Thomas: No, she's not.

Hope: Because Thomas lied, Steffy all of us. Tomas, after everything that my mom has done for you-- I mean, she helped you with your line, she went to bat for you with dad, and--and then you made her feel like she was disgusting.

Steffy: You don't have to say anything, Thomas.

Hope: I-I-I don't understand. Why are you defending him? I-I-I think that you would be furious right now, okay? His lie hurt your family more than it did mine.

Steffy: Yeah, you're right. He did lie. And it hurt our family. But how has it affected yours, huh? What have you lost? Why are you even here?!

Thomas: Enough. Nothing happened on the island. Okay, I made it all up. Is that what you want me to say? I said it.

Steffy: Now get out of here.

Taylor: You have everything?

Ridge: Yeah, I think so.

Taylor: Well, I don't think this would be complete without me telling you that I think you're making a mistake. And if you think that you and Brooke are going to waltz off into the sunset, never have another scandal or disappointment, that you're deceiving yourself.

Ridge: Doc, you're hurt. I completely understand that.

Taylor: No, you don't.  I guess one good thing did come from this. I learned something very valuable.

Taylor: I learned that I'm always gonna love you. And that no man can ever compete with the feelings that I have for you. And nothing is ever going to change between us. You've given me beautiful children. As troubled as they are, they're everything. They mean everything to me, Ridge.

Ridge: And to me. It tore my heart out leaving Steffy that way. It's gonna be just as difficult cancelling the Taboo line, too.

Taylor: You're cancelling Thomas's line?

Ridge: Taylor, there has to be consequences. Look, he can just work his way up from the shipping room.

Taylor: No! No, Ridge.

Ridge: His actions were incredibly reckless and irresponsible.

Taylor: Ridge, no, they've already suffered enough. No. They--they thought their family was getting back together, and now they've lost that, and--and they know that they're not first in your heart. No, Ridge, it's not fair. No.

Ridge: So what, I should just let his lie go unpunished?

Taylor: No, Thomas is already punishing himself more than anyone else possibly could. He's a lot like this father that way.

Ridge: Taylor, I just want you to know... (Sighs) that I really did want to make you happy.

Taylor: I believe someday you will.

Liam: I mean, I get it. You and Steffy have been through some real intense stuff together-- last night and you rescuing her brother. She counts on you.

Bill: She knows I won't let her down, that I understand her.

Liam: Yeah, like what it feels like to be abandoned.

Bill: Steffy doesn't deserve to be treated as second best. And she ain't gonna put up with it. She's too smart for that.

Liam: (Sighs) Yeah, she's--yeah, she's smart, real smart... and sexy... and beautiful. She's got a lot going on for her, and she knows it. But no matter how vulnerable she seems right now, don't forget that this is the same woman who took Forrester Creations away from you. She doesn't need a white knight.

Bill: We all need someone we can count on... don't we, son?

Liam: I just want you to be careful.

Bill: Whether he intended to do it or not, Ridge let them down. Ridge made Steffy feel unimportant. He promised Taylor and Steffy that they would have the relationship they have been waiting for, and he abandoned them again.

Bill: I promised her I would never do that.

Liam: You promised her you would never do that?

Bill: And now you're going to promise me something. You're not gonna say a word to Katie or to Hope. You're my son, and I expect your loyalty. You told me I could trust you, Liam and that better be the case.

Liam: (Sighs)

Hope: Look, Steffy, I'm really sorry about what your family is going through--

Steffy: You have no idea what my family is going through, okay?

Thomas: Steffy, I've hurt a lot of people.

Steffy: Well, that doesn't give everyone a right to call you out on it, Thomas.

Hope: No, that's not what I'm doing. All I wanted--

Steffy: Oh, you--you--you have enough, okay?

Hope: Look, all I wanted was an explanation, okay? That's all. That's all I want.

Thomas: And I gave it to you. Saying any more is just gonna make it worse.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Thomas: All right, I need to check in with marketing. Steffy, you should come, too.

Steffy: No, thanks.

Thomas: Steffy.

Steffy: Go. It's fine.

Thomas: (Sighs)

(Door opens)

Steffy: You're not leaving.

Hope: Look, I don't have anything more to say so...

Steffy: Well, I do. I do. And you're gonna listen out of respect for my mom and my family, my father's other family.

Taylor: Well, this isn't the end. I-I do know that.

Ridge: Of course not. We're always gonna be connected. The kids...

Taylor: You and I, I mean.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Taylor: I know you're going back to Brooke right now, but that's because you need to make things right.

Ridge: Well, none of this would have happened if it wasn't for Thomas's lie. Brooke and I were very happy.

Taylor: Were you? Were you really? Even with all the--the scandals and the betrayals and--

Ridge: Taylor, Brooke didn't betray anybody.

Taylor: This time.

Ridge: Doc, I really do know how you feel here.

Taylor: Well, you don't want to leave without this.

Ridge: Brooke's wedding ring?

Taylor: She gave it to me. She said, uh, it was a symbol, a reminder of how I should always love you and the way that she's failed to in the past.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Taylor: And that she knew that I was best for you. So you can give this back to Brooke, and tell her it's on loan until she screws up again.  You know, Ridge, when--when you showed up here, you told me that you wanted... (Sighs) to come to me because I brought you stability and peace. And you know that that's what you get from me. You know that's what you can find here. And I know that one day, you're gonna wake up, and you're going to realize that this is where you belong and that what we have is--is precious. As happy as I knew I would have been, I'm okay with it, though. I can be okay, because I know that I love you and I will always love you.

Ridge: Taylor, I will always love you, too. Don't ever doubt that. (Sighs)

Taylor: (Mouths words)

Ridge: (Sighs)

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