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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 6/16/11


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Amber: No, no, no, no. It's too soon, it's too soon. I'm not ready. I'm not ready.

Carl: Ready or not, here it comes.

Amber: No, no. I-I have to find out who the father of this baby is before I deliver. (Stammers) (Breathing heavily) (Inhales sharply) You--you have to give me the results of the paternity test, like, right--right now. Aah! (Breathing heavily) First, get me a nurse. Go get me a--get me a nurse. I can't wait any longer. Go. (Pounding on table) Go! Aah! (Gasping)

Hope: You know, you didn't have to do this.

Liam: I, uh, I wouldn't want to be anywhere but here with you.

Hope: And we're going to Cabo, huh?

Liam: Yeah, uh, well, unless you have a better plan.

Hope: Mnh-mnh. No. (Laughs) How long are we gonna be there?

Liam: I don't know. We'll play it day by day.

Hope: That's probably a-- a good idea considering Amber's situation.

Liam: Oh, hey, that right there, what you just did--

Hope: Yeah?

Liam: That's--that's gonna be the last time we bring up Amber.

Hope: Got it. Sorry. What if we never ever, ever want to come back?

Liam: (Laughs) That'd be a problem I'd be happy to have.

Hope: (Chuckles)

Whip: Hey, there.

Oliver: Hey, how's it going?

Whip: Uh, you know, hangin' in.

Oliver: Anything I can do?

Whip: I didn't come here to complain to you.

Oliver: Why not? I am an expert on heartbreak.

Whip: Oh, I'm afraid, no, I take that title now.

Oliver: We gotta get you back out there.

Whip: You know what? Never mind me. What--how--how is it going with you and Hope here? Is she still in love with Liam?

Oliver: Yeah, afraid so. But I have something in mind to deal with that. Everything's gonna change once Amber has that baby.

Amber: Aah! Wait! Wait! (Gasps) Okay, okay.

Woman: Dr. Caspary's on her way.

Amber: Okay. Okay. (Winces) I hope she gets here soon.

Woman: (Chuckles) You've got a ways to go yet.

Amber: (Breathing rapidly)

Woman: You must be so excited.

Amber: (Sighs)

Woman: You're so pretty. If it's a little girl, maybe she'll look just like you.

Amber: (Sighs) I hope so. (Sighs) Aah!

Tawny: What do you mean, my credit card was declined? Look, I am buying this for my grandchild, William Spencer IV. Yeah. That's right, heir to the Spencer publishing empire, in fact, we probably own your company.

(Doorbell rings)

Tawny: Yeah, put the book in the mail, 'cause I want to read it to my grandchild as soon as the baby's born. Yes, have a good day. Oh, Marcus, what are you doing here?

Marcus: Hey, um, where's Amber?

Tawny:  Oh, uh, out baby shopping with her fiancť.

Marcus: Her fiancť?

Tawny: Yeah, Liam. I mean, he will be soon enough.

Marcus: And won't that be just the happiest day of your life, huh? Nice shirt. Love the logo.

Tawny: (Sighs)

Harlan: (Clears throat) Excuse me, Mr. Spencer.

Liam: (Chuckles) Yes, Harlan.

Harlan: We'll be leaving in a few minutes.

Liam: Okay, is it-- do we have to, like, buckle up?

Harlan: I'll tell you when we're ready to take of.

Liam: (Laughs) Okay, thanks.

Hope: (Sighs)

Liam: You ready?

Hope: I can't wait.

Liam: Today's about you and me--just us.

Hope: Yes. (Sighs)

Whip:  So Amber' baby is gonna make all the difference, huh?

Oliver: For me and Hope yeah.

Whip: (Chuckles) You sound pretty confident

Oliver: She's in love with him.

Whip: Yes.

Oliver: But there was a time she felt the same way about me, and I don't have all that baggage. Once Amber has this baby, Hope's gonna realize who Liam is-- the father of someone else's baby-- and she'll have to leave him. She won't have a choice. And I'm gonna make it easy for her.

Amber: Aah. (Breathing heavily) Aah! (Moans) What are you staring at? Just get over here. Just give me the news, Carl.

Carl: It's too soon. The paternity test isn't done.

Amber: Carl!

Carl: I'm working as fast as I can. Amber, what are you gonna do if Marcus is the father?

Amber: He isn't. He isn't, okay? He can't be. He just canít. Aah! (Breathing rapidly)

Tawny: Uh, so, Marcus, I'll tell Amber you stopped by, but I don't really have time to chitchat, is there something I can do for you?

Marcus: Yes, actually, I waited--

(Cell phone rings)

Tawny: Oh, that's probably Amber right now. She probably found the greatest crib.

Marcus: (Chuckles)

Tawny: Yeah, hi sweetie.

Amber: Ahh!

Tawny: Amber, what is it?

Amber: I'm in labor. That's what it is.

Tawny: Where are you?

Amber: I'm at the hospital. I need you, Mom. You just gotta-- you gotta get here quick.

Tawny: Okay. Uh, listen, uh, she's having the baby, so, um, look, just, uh, show yourself out, okay?

(Timer beeping)

Gene: Carl?

Carl: Yo.

Gene: What are you trying to pull? There was no meeting.

Carl: Really? Because I thought, uh--

Gene: What's with the timer? You've got a test going. What are you up to, Ferret?

Whip: Well, it's a beautiful ring. Just make sure Hope is ready for it.

Oliver: I feel like I need a big, romantic gesture to show her how serious I am.

Whip: I don't think you get much more serious than this, pal. All right, look, y-you--you don't want to just hand it to her, okay? You gotta make a moment out of it. It's gotta be huge. It's gonna be bigger than life, okay?

Pam: What is bigger than life?

Whip: Show her.

Pam: (Gasps) Yowza!

Whip: Uh-huh.

Pam: Oliver, that is so beautiful. That's for Hope?

Whip: Mm.

Pam: So you're really gonna pop the question?

Oliver: I'm crazy about her. I just don't want to push, you know?

Whip: (Scoffs)

Pam: You know, sometimes you've gotta push to make things happen the way you want to, right.

Whip: Yeah, listen to the lady with the lemon bars. She knows.

Oliver: I know I can make her happy. When we were together, we were just so in sync, you know? I've never been like that with anyone else before, and I-I know what she needs, you know? And she's what I need. I want to make a life with her. (Chuckles)

Pam: Well--

Whip: Well, then go make it happen, and stop talkin' about it?

Oliver: All right, where? Where should I do it? How?

Whip: Well, I mean, there's a lot of places--

Pam: You know what?

Whip: What?

Pam: I know. I know. I know. I know. (Clears throat)

Whip:  Youíre gonna get a car?

Oliver: (Chuckles) What's that?

Pam: Keys to the big bear cabin.

Oliver: Really? Really?

Whip: Oh.

Pam: (Laughs) Really.

Whip: That--that is money.

Pam: Take 'em.

Oliver: Okay, yeah, yeah, thanks! Thank you so much.

Liam: I really do think we have to buckle up.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Liam: (Clears throat)

Hope: (Sighs)

Liam: (Chuckles) You okay?

Hope: Mm-hmm. Today is all we have, and like you said, it's just about you and me.

Liam: And a beautiful beach in Cabo.

Hope: Yes. You have no idea how badly I need this. (Sighs) Thank you. This trip is gonna be something that we will remember forever. (Chuckles)

(Cell phone rings)

Hope: Mm. (Giggles)


Hope: (Sighs)

Liam: Hello?

Amber: Liam, come. Okay? Come quick. I'm havin' the baby. (Sighs)

Hope: What is it?

Liam: Amber's in labor.

Hope: Oh. Wow, well, you know what you--you have to go.

Liam: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Yeah.

Liam: Yeah, you know, I really kind of thought today was just for the two of us! Okay.

Hope: Yeah, well, you know what? It just--it didn't-- didn't work out that way.

Liam: (Sighs) I'm gonna--okay, I'm gonna-- I'm gonna drive you home.

Hope: No, don't worry about it. (Stammers) I'll get myself home, okay?

Liam: Hey, is doesn't change anything. You know that.

Hope: Okay, um...

Liam: Okay.

Hope: Yeah, well, you know what? You--go, go, okay? Cause you need to go to the hospital so you can go be a dad, okay? Okay?

Liam: Okay.

Hope: Yeah. Mm. (Sighs)

Liam: (Sighs)

Amber: Aah! Oh, Aah! Aah! Aah! (Sobbing) Oh, make it stop. Please, please, make it stop hurting.

Woman: You're only at 5 centimeters, Amber. You still have a ways to go.

Amber: (Sobs) Do something. Oh, my...

Tawny: Oh, Amber, honey? Isn't this exciting, honey w-where's Liam?

Amber: Mom, listen.

Tawny: What?

Amber: Tell--tell them to give me something.

Tawny: What? What? What? You want some water?

Amber: No, no, I want drugs.

Tawny: Oh, no, no, no, honey. You want to do this naturally. I mean, Liam will be so impressed.

Amber: Listen to me. Get me drugs now!

Tawny: Okay. Okay. Uh, uh, listen, do you have a couple of aspirin for her?

Amber: Oh! Oh! (Groans)

Gene: You sent me on a wild-goose chase, Carl, all the way over to building G.

Carl: I-I-I'm sorry. I must have gotten the dates of the meeting mixed up.

Gene: You're not even supposed to be here. What are you trying to--

(Timer beeps)

Carl: It works. I fixed it. You can thank me later.

Amber: Aah!

Tawny: Aah? Ooh?

Amber: Oh! (Moans dramatically) Aah!

Liam: Hey.

Tawny: Oh, Liam, thank goodness you're here. Amber, honey, Liam's here!

Amber: You donít have to shout!

Tawny: Oh. Oh, all right. Okay, just--just relax.

Amber: (Laughs) Relax? Relax? Aah!

Liam: Uh, okay, okay, Tawny, Tawny, can you give us...

Amber: Aah!

Liam: Hey, you look good.

Amber: (Gasping) You were with her, weren't you?

Tawny: Oh, honey, what kind of a question is that? The point is, he is here, and you are now both about to become parents.

Amber: (Sobs) Please don't hate me, Liam.

Liam: (Sighs) Why would I hate you? I...

Amber: I just hope you don't have to.

Liam: Hey.

Amber: (Sobs) (Sighs)

Hope: Oliver, hey.

Oliver: Hey.

Hope: Hey, um, I know that we needed to do some reshoots from last week, and I haven't been around, but, uh, you know what? We can do 'em now.

Oliver: There's no rush.

Hope: No, actually, Iíd-- I'd like to get to work. So...

Oliver: Where you been?

Hope: Oh, do you think that maybe we could call makeup? 'Cause I'm gonna need a touchup.

Oliver: Hope, what's the matter?

Hope: Nothing. I'm fine.

Oliver: You sure?

Hope: Mm-hmm. Yeah. It's just--I don't-- I don't want to talk about it.

Oliver: Talk about what?

Hope: Amber's having her baby right now.

Oliver: Oh.

Hope: Yeah, so can we just, um, can we just get on with the shoot, okay?

Oliver: Yeah, sure.

Hope: Great. It's only-- I mean, it shouldn't take us more than, like, an hour or so, 'cause, you know, we can lay out the new collection and pick a theme, and then, you know, we just need to clear it with dad.

Oliver: Hey, come here.

Hope: (Sighs)

(Computer alert beeps)

Gene: You seem anxious. But why? You've got me curious.

Oliver: What do you say we take a mental health holiday?

Hope: (Chuckles) Yeah, that was the plan.

Oliver: You already have the day off.

Hope: Yeah, mm-hmm. And then, um, that's when we got the call from Amber. (Sighs) I don't know why it's affecting me this way. I knew it was just a matter of time.  I knew it was.

Oliver: Hey, let's get out of here.

Hope: (Sighs) I can't run from this, Oliver. No matter where I go, I can't. (Sighs) Liam's a father or at least he's gonna be soon. I guess I've just been living in denial.

Oliver: I love you, Hope, and I want to be there for you, you know? We're gonna get you through this. I want you to go away with me.

Hope: What? Where?

Oliver: Somewhere far away from here.  Away from all the stuff youíre going through right now.

Hope: (Sighs)

Oliver: And it's not about us, it's about you.

Hope: I don't think I'd be very good company for you right now.

Oliver: That's not a problem, all right? 'Cause I'm gonna be good company for you. You need a friend, Hope.

Hope: Okay. Let's go (Sighs)

Amber: Aah!

Liam: Aah.

Amber: (Moans)

Tawny: There, honey, now that one wasn't so bad.

Amber: Thanks for the drugs.

Dr. Caspary: Oh, you're doing fine, Amber. You're just about there.

Tawny: Oh, I can't wait to see this baby, I bet you feel the same way Liam.

Liam: Yeah.

Amber: Listen, you don't have to be here when the baby's born.

Liam: What?

Tawny: Of course, he wants to be here. This is the biggest moment of his life.

Amber: Uh, mother, just shut up, okay?

Dr. Caspary: Why don't we wait outside for a while?

Amber: Yeah, that's--

Dr. Caspary: Let Amber rest for a few minutes.

Amber: That's a really good idea.

Tawny: Oh, okay.

Liam: All right, o-okay. Yeah?

Amber: I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. And I know, I'm not the one, but please let me say it, okay? Just--just today, just until this baby comes, please?

Liam: Hey, hey, this baby is gonna be fine. It's gonna be so fine. You have nothing to worry about.

Amber: (Sobs) I so want this to bring us together. (Sobs)

Liam: Okay, all right. C-can you not-- can you not stress about that? I mean, I would never abandon a child that's mine. How many times have I told you that, right?

Amber: (Sobs) I know. I know. I know you'd never abandon your child.

Liam: You--hey, focus on giving us a healthy baby, all right? Everything else we can work out later.

Amber: I just-- I just don't want to disappoint you. (Sighs)

Liam: What? You--you won't. I-I'm gonna be in the waiting room, okay?

Amber: Okay. Okay.

Liam: Okay.

Amber: Okay.

Liam: (Sighs)

Woman: Paging Dr. Battaglia. Call extension 1-9-8. Dr. Battaglia, extension 1-9-8.

Amber: (Sighs) Oh, good, good you're here. Come here, come here. What'd you find out, Carl?

Carl: W-well...

Amber: No, I need an answer now, Carl. Okay? This baby is coming. (Gasping) You need to tell me who the father of my baby is. Carl!

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