B&B Transcript Friday 5/13/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/13/11


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Ursula: Are you all right?

Man: Why so upset, Brooke?

Ridge: Okay, enough! Have so respect. Will you get her some water?

Taylor: (Mouthing words)

Brooke: (Sighs) I'm sorry. (Sighs) I can't--I need...  

(Camera shutters clicking)

Ridge: Oh, for God sake, stop with the pictures.

Brooke: (Breathing heavily)

Ridge: It's okay.

Amber: Liam, is something wrong?

Liam: I don't know.

Amber: Well, do you want me to leave?

Tawny: (Sighs) Please be falling for this. Please.

(Cell phone vibrates)

Tawny: (Gasps)

Tawny: Give it up, Lover Boy.

Amber: Is Hope okay?

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Liam: (Sighs) She's not making any sense. I...

Amber: About what?

(Cell phone alert chimes)

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Liam: What is she talking about?

Tawny: Oh. Maybe that didn't really sound too much like Hope. Okay, okay. Um... "Itís not you. It's me. Too self-centered to share you with ... Baby."

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Liam: What?! Wha--okay, something-- this is not right.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Thomas: Brooke, do you need some air?

Brooke: Yes.

Ridge: Come on. Come on. Come on.

Thomas: Hey, let me-- let me help.

Brooke: No, no, I need to be alone. I'm sorry.

Woman: Thomas, what's happening?

Jarrett: Why such a strong reaction from Brooke when she started talking?

Eric: All right, we've asked too much of her, obviously. This is over. Everyone out. Come on. Thank you for coming.

Whip: Come on. Let's go

Eric: Thank you. Thanks very much. Thank you.

(Cell phone vibrates)

Tawny: Oh. "Don't get down on yourself. What's really going on?" Okay. (Sighs)

Tawny: "Just... trying... to be... smart. Only... a real... nincompoop... would go... steady... with a guy... who's having a baby... with another woman." Yea. Good. Now that's it. Now stop texting back.

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Liam: "Nincompoop"? "Going steady"? What?

Amber: Liam? What's happening?

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Liam: "S-stop texting me. I can't be with man having a baby with someone else, especially Amber. Don't write back."

Amber: (Sighs) Liam...

Amber: I'm so sorry.

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Liam: "Good-bye?

Liam: She said she's moving on to be with Oliver, and I should just be with you and the baby.

Eric: All right, well, tell Brooke that we're thinking of her. Yeah. Thank you.

Stephanie: He's taking her home?

Eric: Yes, he is.

Stephanie: Good.

Katie: Taylor, is this normal--this type of post-traumatic stress?

Taylor: Well, her reaction was of a pretty high intensity level.

Pam: But what's really strange is, Thomas, y-you seem to be fine.

Thomas: Well, I'm not exactly dancing in the streets.

Taylor: Thomas what happened? Uh... (Sighs) Why is Brooke reacting this way? Uh, do you have any idea why?

Thomas: No.

Taylor: Nothing in particular happened that you can think of that--that would have caused her to be this distressed?

Thomas: (Sighs) I don't think so, but it was a pretty horrific experience.

Taylor: Mm, okay, I'll see you at home, Whip.

Whip: Whoa, wait. Where are you going?

Taylor: I'm going to talk to Brooke. I want to talk to her firsthand about what happened on that island.

Hope: I've never seen my mom like that.

Oliver: I'm sure she'll be fine.

Hope: I know. I know.

Oliver: Still no word from Liam?

Hope: Nothing, no. Not a call. Not a text. You know what? Maybe--maybe he's waiting to hear from me. You know, I should just text him... or not.

Oliver: He promised he'd call you, right?

Hope: Yeah. (Sighs)

Oliver: You've gotta hold him to that.

Hope: Okay, but he gets busy with stuff.

Oliver: Right, busy with work, with Amber, pretty soon with a kid. I-isn't that why you guys broke up in the first place?

Hope: I know. I know.

Oliver: Look, I'm sorry. I didn't want to make you upset. I just want you to realize what being in a relationship with Liam means-- always being second to Amber and this kid. You know, I'm not bashing the guy. I think he's doing a great thing. He's taking responsibility and not blowing off this kid. You know, do you-- do you guys have to break up, go your separate ways? No, of course not. But it does mean that--that Amber and this kid will take precedence always. Think about that next time you look at your phone. Think about Amber being a part of your daily life. You know, you gotta be strong. Don't call him. I know it upsets you, but him not calling is probably a really good reminder of why you two shouldn't be together.

Brooke: (Sighs) I'm so embarrassed.

Ridge: Don't be embarrassed, Logan.

Brooke: I need to call Jarrett and come up with some kind of explanation.

Ridge: No, forget about Jarrett. You need to relax and just focus on yourself now.

Brooke: I hate to let you down. I just love you so much. I don't want to disappoint you.

Ridge: Logan, you haven't disappointed me. And if anything, I'm the one that... (Sighs) Has let you down by not realizing I shouldn't have had you come back to work so soon. Look, forget about the office. Forget about the reporters. Forget about all that. We're gonna focus on you now, on getting you better, because obviously what you and Thomas went through has affected you a lot.

Taylor: Yes, I-I agree. It has, and I'm very concerned about you, Brooke. I-I want to help you. You went through something very traumatic, and I would like to talk to you about that.

Stephanie: It just seems to me that, of all the people in the world, Brooke would want to speak to you, not necessarily Ridge or--or especially your mother.

Thomas: Okay, well, why do you say that?

Stephanie: Well, because you understand what she's been through.

Thomas: I guess.

Stephanie: You guess? You were there with her. You knew exactly what happened. You of all people should understand why she seems so fragile right now.

Thomas: Um...

Stephanie: Tom, is there something that we should know?

Ridge: You don't mind talking to Brooke about all this?

Taylor: No. The longer she keeps this bottled up, the worse it could get.

Ridge: I agree.

Brooke: I, uh, I'm gonna go upstairs and lie down.

Taylor: Brooke, wait. Wait. I would just like to talk to you or just a moment.

Brooke: There's nothing really to talk about.

Ridge: Logan, it certainly wouldn't hurt. I'm gonna leave the two of you alone for a little bit. Look, just tell her what you're-- what you're goin' through here. Logan, come on. Tell her what you saw, what you felt, what you-- what you experienced there. I have a feeling that you'd feel very differently if you--you'd be surprised if you just open up a little it. It'll do you world of good come on. Please.

(Knock on door)

Tawny: Carl. (Chuckles)

Carl: You haven't been returning my calls, Tawny.

Tawny: Oh, Honey, I'm so sorry. I've just been a little too busy to chit-chat.

Carl: I want my money.

Tawny: Uh, is that why you've been calling? Ohh. Don't worry. You'll get it.

Carl: Yeah, today I see Liam's car out front. If don't leave here with a wad of cash, I'm gonna have a conversation with him about a little baby that isn't really his.

Tawny: (Sighs)

Amber: I don't think you should question Hope's love for you.

Liam: (Scoffs) Really? 'Cause she doesn't want anything to do with me.

Amber: No, she doesn't want anything to do with me, okay? There's a big difference there. When--ooh. Ah!

Liam: What? What? What? What? What?

Amber: (Laughs) No, no. It's the baby--the baby-- it's--it's movin' around its wild. (Sighs)

Liam: Uh, can I...

Amber: Yeah. Yeah.

Liam: Okay?

Amber: I-I don't know if you'll really be able to feel anything yet, but, um... ooh, oh, did you feel that?

Liam: No. No.

Amber: You will. You will. You'll feel the kicks, and you'll be able to see 'em, too. There's, uh, there's so much to look forward to-- you, me, and the baby. Look, um, now this isn't what you wanted. I'm no Hope. No hope for me. I'm totally hopeless. (Laughs)

Liam: Don't say that. I mean, I don't want the mother of this baby to feel that way about herself.

Amber: I just wanted to make you smile. I know it kinda seems impossible right now to smile. But you will soon. And you'll laugh, too, with me and--and this little baby. Listen, right now, your heart, it hurts. Hope broke it. But I promise you, one day very soon, your heart will be so full, it will be beyond your imagination when you see this little baby. This little boy or girl is gonna mend it for you. Maybe Hope's right maybe it is time to move on, not just for you or for her, but for our baby. You know what you want today.

Tawny: Don't let a little money ruin our relationship.

Carl: We had a deal, Tawny.

Tawny: I know, and I'll make good on it. I promise you. Look, Liam and Amber are in the bedroom alone right now.

Carl: (Scoffs) What are they doin'? Playing "Parcheesi" like you and I did the one and only time you came to my apartment?

Tawny: Mm, not quite. Look, I happen to know that Hope and Liam are over with. They're done, kaput. So you do the math on what exactly they are doing alone in that bedroom. Come on. You are gonna be seeing dollar signs very soon. Oh, Honey, you just have to be just a little more patient.

Liam: It's time to move on.

Amber: It's what she wants.

Liam: I mean, she's with Oliver. I'm with you. And... I mean, this is my place now. I guess... I have to accept it.

Amber: (Sighs) I love you, Liam. I do.

(Cell phone vibrates)

Thomas: Grandma, I don't know what you want me to do.

Stephanie: Honey, I'm just worried bout you, and I'm worried about Brooke. I mean, this--this trauma that you've been through-- it seems to me that the two of you are just kind of keeping it all bottled up inside.

Thomas: No, Grandma. There's nothing to worry about. Okay? We're home safe thanks to Dad, and Mom, too. That's all that matters now.

Stephanie: All right. You know, your mother thinks there's something going on with Brooke. Honey, you know your mother. If she gets a hold of something like this, she won't let go until--until she gets to the bottom of it.

Brooke: I appreciate your concern, Taylor. (Sighs) Maybe I will talk to somebody... professionally... somebody else.

Taylor: Sure, sure. I have, um, excellent colleagues I can recommend.

Brooke: Okay. (Sighs) Great. Thank you.

Taylor: And I'll e-mail those to you when I get home. In the meantime, I would-- I would like to talk.

Brooke: It's not like there's really anything to talk about.

Taylor: Well, um... just whatever it is, whatever it is you feel you could put into words, if you could just try to put it into some kind of words that you understand, it could help you process it better. What happened at the press conference today, Brooke, that is not a good sign. You--you do need help.

Brooke: Ridge is my husband, and I can talk to him about... anything.

Brooke: It's... (Sighs) It's not like Thomas and I haven't told everything. I mean, we--we crashed, and we washed ashore, and we did what we could to survive.

Taylor: Well... if you could just maybe go through step-by-step what you lived, you know, it would help the rest of us understand what- what you're dealing with. I mean, it had to be horrible for you, Brooke, going through days without food or anything to drink. A-and I can't even imagine what you went through thinking that each day could be your last, that you might not ever be rescued, or that you would even survive. Just you standing there listening to the things that I'm saying, I can see it's upsetting you. There is something very wrong. (Echoing) Wrong... wrong... wrong... wrong... wrong... wrong. Tell me what happened.

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