B&B Transcript Friday 4/22/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 4/22/11


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Brooke: (Whimpers) Oh, my God, it's getting worse.

Andy: We can't fight this wind shear. Brace for impact.

Brooke: (Sobs (Gasps) (Screaming)

Steffy: Well, that pretty much says it all. Mom just texted me, which means Katie and Bill's session ended prematurely. (Chuckles)

Stephanie: It's interesting that he agreed to go.

Steffy: Well, Katie gave him an ultimatum. It's either he goes to therapy, or the marriage is over.

Stephanie: And he went, which means the marriage isn't over.

Steffy: It will be very soon. Trust me.

Stephanie: Where are you gonna go?

Steffy: I want to go see him.

Stephanie: No, don't do that. Oh, for goodness sakes. Give them a chance to work this out.

Steffy: Yeah, but they had weeks to work it out.

Stephanie: Honey, what one or two more weeks out of your life?

Steffy: Because I love him.

Stephanie: Oh, my God.

Steffy: Grandma, I really-- I really do, and if Katie was right for him, then I would back away, but she's not. She's trying to mold him into this perfect, submissive husband. Look, he's going through hell right now, so I'm gonna be there for him. And please do not say anything to Dad, all right? He already has enough on his plate worrying about Brooke and Thomas. Please.

Taylor: I just thought you might want a couple of minutes by yourself.

Katie: I was really hoping that this was gonna work.

Taylor: It still might. Um I'll tell you one thing. I-I-I've never seen anyone quite that passionate. He's--he's very passionate about you. He does love you.

Katie: He feels like I betrayed him for the second time in as many days.

Taylor: Yes, but you-- you did have to talk about what happened with Amber, and certainly over time, I think he'll look back, and he'll realize that. He's a very smart man.

Katie: I don't know how much time I have. He's awfully vulnerable right now.

Taylor: Vulnerable to another woman... like my daughter?

Hillary: Oh, I didn't expect you this evening.

Bill: You can go, Hillary. I'll be staying late tonight.

Hillary: You want me to order you some dinner?

Bill: No. Just please go.

Hillary: Okay. I'll see you in the morning.

Ridge: Is Steffy around?

Stephanie: Uh, no, she's gone, actually.

Ridge: Okay, I'll catch up with her later.

Stephanie: Well, before-- wait, wait, wait just a minute. I-I-I want to talk to you.

Ridge: Why don't we go out to dinner, you and I? Uh, let me just wrap up a few things first.

Stephanie: Oh, that would be very nice, but before we do that, I wanted to you, and what I have to say, I-I don't think we should discuss in public.

Taylor: Well, you know, it wouldn't be the first time my daughter's gotten herself involved in your marriage, and that's what makes this so difficult for me professionally.

Katie: I know. Steffy is a symptom of the problem. She's not the problem.

Taylor: Right, but that... (Sighs) That is a problem for me that she is even a symptom.

Katie: I love my husband, and I-I do trust him. I do. But, um, I wouldn't object if you wanted to talk to your daughter.

Taylor: Oh, you can count on that.

Steffy: Your therapy session with my mom didn't go so well, huh?

Bill: Why are you here, Steffy?

Steffy: To be a friend.

(Thunder crashes)

Brooke: (Gasps)

Thomas: You okay?

Brooke: (Gasps)

Thomas: Hold on!

(Thunder crashes)

(Wind howls)

(Thunder crashes)

Taylor: (Sighs)

Whip: Great. You're here.

Taylor: Oh.

Whip: I need therapy.

Taylor: Oh, really?

Whip: Hmm.

Taylor: Mm. You don't just need therapy.

Whip: Mm.

Taylor: You need some love.

Whip: Mm, well, good. Why don't we go home, and we can take care of that, huh?

Taylor: Uh, right after I'm done here working.

Whip: Full load, huh?

Taylor: Well, no. No, actually, no, thank heavens, not after that last client that I had.

Whip: Oh, one of your regulars?

Taylor: Uh, no, no. It was a new couple, you know? I-I know I've had intense people in here, but this one was, well, yeah. This woman has her hands full.

Whip: Yeah, I guess kind of like our problem, huh?

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Whip: I mean, you got a husband who can't keep his hands off of his wife. So what do you prescribe, huh?

Taylor: Uh, I suggest...

Whip: Mm-hmm?

Taylor: I suggest-- ooh, you take a cold shower...

Whip: (Groans)

Taylor: And then I'll be home. I'll be right home.

Whip: Is that what you describe for the rest of your patients?

Taylor: No, no, she has an entirely different problem.

Whip: Oh, let me guess. Her husband's having an affair.

Taylor: Oh, let's hope not.

Steffy: Refill?

Bill: I've had enough. And I don't want to discuss my marriage with you.

Steffy: Bill, you know, you have to let loose with someone.

Bill: I'll go to the gym, find sparring partner.

Steffy: I wouldn't want to be that guy.

Bill: Oh, you think I might hurt him, right? Vent all that unbridled anger that's inside of me. Seems to be what my wife's worried about.

Steffy: Hey, I'm not your wife, but I do care.

Bill: I can't believe she told her.

Steffy: What?

Bill: Katie told your mother about the Amber situation. "You plotted a murder"-- those were her exact words.

Steffy: Wait, she said that to my mom?

Bill: She knew I didn't want it revealed, but she went ahead and did it anyway. And Taylor, the consummate professional, she couldn't help herself. You should have seen the way she looked at me. I'm a proud man. I'm proud of who I am.

Steffy: Hey, hey, hey. You have every right to be. Bill, this is so wrong what Katie's doing to you.

Stephanie: You sent the two of them down to Australia. Why would you place Tom in that position again?

Ridge: Because I feel that Thomas has learned his lesson. I trust him. I've been ridin' him pretty hard the last few weeks, and he deserves my full support-- yours, too.

Stephanie: I love Tom, and I respect him. And I think he's as talented as anybody else in the family, but he's young and naive. You've sent him down alone with Brooke, and I'm not comfortable with that, and for the life of me, I can't figure out why you are.

Thomas: Brooke!

(Wind howls)

Thomas: Hold on to that!

(Thunder crashes)

Thomas: We've got to get help!

(Thunder crashes)

Thomas: Where are the pilots?

Brooke: (Gasps)

Thomas: Andy! Michael! Can anybody hear me?

Andy: Mr. Forrester! Mr. Forrester!

Thomas: We're over here!

Andy: Mr. Forrester!

Thomas: Andy!

Andy: (Distantly) Mr. Forrester!

Thomas: Andy! (Groans)

(Thunder crashes)

Thomas: We're losing him, Brooke. The current's got him. Come on. All right, it has us, too. We have to stay near the wreckage. We have to swim. Stroke!

Bill: I can't believe she opened her mouth. How could she be so irresponsible? Betrayed in that office by my own wife.

Steffy: So what happened at the end of the session?

Bill: I walked out. Katie was hurt, upset, just like I was when she walked out on me. It didn't have to go this far.

Steffy: Well, you're not alone. I hope you realize that. I'm not going to abandon you like Katie did.

Bill: Steffy, you don't want to get mixed up with me, not in a situation like this.

Steffy: Bill, I am not mixed up.

Bill: (Sighs)

Taylor: Uh, you didn't happen to hear from Steffy, did you? Was she on her way home, maybe?

Whip: No. She's probably still at work.

Taylor: Oh, good. Good. I hope so.

Whip: Um, Thomas stopped by this morning for a second. He was on his way to the airport.

Taylor: Yes, he's on his way to Australia with Brooke.

Whip: How did that happen?

Taylor: One of his father's, uh, business plans.

Whip: I thought that Ridge was scaling back on Taboo.

Taylor: He changed his mind.

Whip: Changed his mind? It's more like he's out of his mind.

Stephanie: So you about finished?

Ridge: Yeah, just, uh, tracking their flight here.

Stephanie: I didn't know you could do that. Where are they?

Ridge: Over the pacific. There's a bit of a delay, maybe an hour or so. It definitely looks like they're running into some weather.

Stephanie: Oh, good. That means they'll keep their seatbelts fastened.

Ridge: Do you honestly think I would have approved this if I had any doubts at all? This is kind of strange. What happened? Looks like their flight disappeared off the tracker.

(Thunder crashes)

Thomas: Come on. Keep swimming! Brooke, Brooke, enough. Stop!

(Thunder crashes)

Thomas: I see a bigger piece of the plane. Hold on.

(Thunder crashes)

(Wind howls)

(Thunder crashes)

(Wind howls)

Thomas: Brooke!

(Wind howls)

(Thunder crashes)

Thomas: Brooke! Brooke! Brooke!

(Thunder crashes)

Bill: Steffy, I'm married.

Steffy: You... (Sighs) Are married to a woman who betrayed you, who's trying to change you and judge you. And I... would never do that to you. No limitations, right? I think you taught me that. You can do anything. So can I. I can do... (Whispers) Anything.

Bill: Steffy, I took vows. I'll not betray them.

Steffy: You're a good man. It makes me want you even more.

Taylor: You know, just sometimes, I-I feel so lost, like my children are going in different directions than--than I would like for them to be, and--and they've got so much talent, and they've got so much to offer the world, and then it's like everything--

Whip: Okay, okay. Sh. Okay, calm down. Your children are extensions of you, okay? No matter where they go, no matter what they do in their lives, okay, they're always gonna come back to what you and Ridge taught them, okay? So they will be fine, as we will be fine, as Ridge and Brooke will be fine.

Taylor: You seem like you're much better about things, like you don't have any kind of problem with Ridge.

Whip: Ridge who?

Taylor: You are amazing.

Whip: (Chuckles)

Taylor: You're really-- I'm very impressed.

Whip: I-- let's not go too far. Don't be too impressed. I just believe in my love for you. And I believe in what I bring to this relationship. Your kids are safe, and so are you.

Whip: come here.

Taylor: Oh.

Ridge: I know it isn't real time, which means that an hour ago, the flight disappeared from the flight tracker. It's not back up yet. Is there a, uh, technical problem with the program?

Madison: Mrs. Forrester?

Stephanie: What is it, Madison?

Madison: There's a call from the F.A.A. on line three.

Ridge: Ridge Forrester.

Man: Mr. Forrester, this is Glenn Franklin from the Federal Aviation Administration. I'm calling in regard to a private jet that's licensed to Forester Creations.

Ridge: Yes, what about it?

Glenn: According to our records, a flight plan was filed.

Ridge: That's bight. It took off earlier today for Australia. Is there a problem?

Glenn: I'm afraid so. Apparently, the jet has gone down over the pacific. Search parties are being sent out, but we don't expect to hear anything until morning. We will keep you informed. I'm very sorry, Sir.

Stephanie: What is it?

Ridge: Brooke and Thomas. The jet's gone down over the pacific.

Thomas: Brooke!

(Wind howls)

Thomas: (Grunts) (Grunts) (Grunts) (Sighs) (Grunts) Yes! Yes! Brooke! Brooke!

Brooke: (Gasps, coughs)

Thomas: Breathe. Breathe. Good. Good. Good breathe. Breathe. (Sighs) (Laughs)

Brooke: (Coughs)

Thomas: Thank God. (Laughs) Thank you. Thank you.

(Thunder crashes)

Brooke: (Coughs)

Thomas: (Gasps) All right.

(Thunder crashes)

(Wind howls)

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