B&B Transcript Thursday 4/21/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 4/21/11


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Brooke:  (Whimpers)  Thomas, oh, my God, I'm so scared! What if... (Whimpers) (Gasps)

(Thunder crashes)

Steffy: Um, no, actually, he's out of town on a promotional tour, but I will definitely give him the message. Okay, thanks.  Bye.

Stephanie: Hi.

Steffy: Grandma, hey.

Stephanie: Where's Tom? I want to talk to him.

Steffy: (Scoffs) On the stairway to heaven with Brooke, figuratively speaking. They're on their way to Sydney.

Stephanie: Really? Since when?

Steffy: Um, about an hour ago? They're promoting Taboo-- the men's and the women's line.

Stephanie: Just the two of them?

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: I give up.

Steffy: No, you don't. You don't give up.

Stephanie: (Scoffs) You're right. No, I don't.

Steffy: Hey, um, did you ever, I don't know, give up on anything?

Stephanie: I gave up on my marriage once or twice.

Steffy: Well, then, did you ever have an affair?

Stephanie: When I was married?

Steffy: I don't know. Like, were you ever tempted? Or do you ever have any regrets?

Stephanie: (Chuckles) Oh, well, there's a big difference between regrets and temptation. Listen, anybody who tells you they've had no regrets hasn't lived a very interesting life.

Steffy: Well, that's exactly how I feel. You know, why-- why should I be afraid to get my hands dirty?

Stephanie: Well, sweetheart, it depends on what you want to get your hands dirty in.

Steffy: Well, that's true. I don't know, I just... (Sighs) I just always thought I was the girl that would never give a married man a second look. God, I was wrong.

Katie You are deliberately trying to sabotage this.

Taylor: So you think your wife is guilty of emotional violence?

Bill: It was an analogy, all right?

Katie: An analogy? (Scoffs) You know why we're here, Bill.

Bill: The problem with our relationship is that we're not having one because you left. That's the problem we need to solve. Does that answer your question?

Katie: I can't believe that you are laying all of this on me. We're here because of what you did, or what you planned to do. It doesn't really matter, because the intention was there, and you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Amber: (Screams)

(Alarms beeping)

Brooke: (Gasps) Oh, God, Thomas. Oh, Thomas!

Thomas: Here.

Brooke: (Whimpers) Oh, what was it?

Thomas: I think we stopped dropping.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Thomas: Hold on.

(Thunder crashes)

Thomas: Are you there?

Brooke: What is he saying?

Thomas: I don't--

Brooke: Oh.

Andy: The, uh, the intercom's out. We'll take a look at it once we get to steady air and can coast for a while.

Thomas: Andy, what happened?

Andy: We hit a cold air funnel. There was nothing we could do but ride it out. Now it looks like there's only minor electrical damage, but this storm front is moving faster than we were advised and keeps changing direction.

Brooke: (Sighs) Okay, uh, why don't we just land somewhere and just wait it out?

Thomas: (Chuckles) Where? We're in the middle of Pacific Ocean.

Andy: Uh, he's right, and it's a lot rougher below us right now. Look, we can plot a course around the storm, Mrs. Forrester. It may add some flight time, but we're okay on fuel. I--unfortunately, I don't know when I'm gonna be able to get to the dinner service.

Brooke: (Scoffs) I-I-I'm not even hungry anyway, so that's all right.

Andy: Roger that. Hey, uh, in general, when these masks drop, consider using them.

Brooke: (Chuckles) (Sighs)

Stephanie: You're not sleeping with a married man, are you?

Steffy: Uh, maybe I want to be. Look, I know it's wrong, but it's not as wrong as his marriage.

Stephanie: It's Bill Spencer, isn't it?

Taylor: Maybe you could describe this incident, if there was one.

Bill: I really don't think that's necessary, is it, Katie?

Taylor: Or the circumstances that led up to Katie feeling-- I don't know. What were you feeling? Were you feeling sad? Upset? Betrayed? Were you feeling unsafe? Was there a reason you needed to get away to maybe gather your thoughts?

Bill: Have you ever felt unsafe with me, ever?

Katie: Really? Accusing me of emotional violence? Really, Bill?

Bill: I have never hurt you. You know that.

Katie: Maybe not physically, but you're doing a damn good job of hurting me right now.

Stephanie: Did he make a pass at you?

Steffy: (Scoffs) I wish.

Stephanie: Tell me you don't mean that.

Steffy: No, he would never do that while he's married, even though his marriage has imploded. Oh, they're separated, you know?

Stephanie: No, I didn't. Look, there's "separated," and then there's separated. She's a very tenacious girl.

Steffy: Well, Katie only married him so she could show the whole world that a "good woman" improved him. But strangely enough, Bill is still Bill, and now she forced him to go to therapy.

Stephanie: Y-you seem to know an awful lot about their marital troubles, Missy. Are you the cause of them?

Steffy: No.

Stephanie: But you know what is.

Steffy: Yeah.

Bill: Are you gonna take control of the situation, or should I?

Taylor: Is that what you feel is called for right now?

Bill: What am I paying you for? You're supposed to know how to do something.

Taylor: Your wife just told you that you've hurt her, and that she's hurting right now, so how would you think that someone should take control of this situation?

Bill: I would ask my wife if she sees the difference between saying that she is hurting and saying that I hurt her.

Taylor: That's a fair question. How is Bill responsible for your feelings?

Bill: Is it not possible that you're hurting because of something I did that has nothing to do with you or our marriage?

Katie: How can you stand there and say that what you did is not affecting me or our marriage? How can you say that?

Bill: All right, let's not go there, Katie.

Taylor: Let her talk.

Katie: You don't want to apologize for who you are. Well, I'm not asking you to, Bill. I've never asked that of you. I never would. And, yes, I knew when I married you that I was not marrying some shrinking violet, thank God. But you know me, and when I see a problem, in our relationship, in anything, I am not one to just shut my mouth and go shopping. That's not who I am. I cannot live with rage and violence in my life. I have no room for it, and when I see these unresolved feelings in you, and when I see what they have driven you to do, it scares me. It scares me for you. It scares me for us. And, yes. Yes, maybe this is some kind of trigger because of my brother. Fine. Violence and rage killed him. It almost killed me, too.

Taylor: Katie, I-I know that had to be a very shattering experience for you. And losing your brother, I--

Katie: I still feel so guilty about it, because I feel responsible for his death, and I think that the only way that I can try to rectify some of these feelings is-- is by not repeating the same mistakes. And that is why I cannot, I will not condone or enable violent behavior. I won't do it.

Taylor: And somehow Bill has done something that's triggered this-- this fear that you have of violence coming into your life again, something that you cannot tolerate.

Katie: (Sighs)

Thomas: We made it out of that storm in one piece.

Brooke: (Exhales quickly) We'll have a dramatic story to tell at least. It seems pretty smooth now.

Thomas: (Sighs)

Brooke: I'm not sure it's a great idea to be getting up, though.

Thomas: It's fine. The turbulence died down. Besides, it's good to get up and walk around on long flights.

Brooke: If you want an armrest in your face.

Thomas: (Chuckles) Look, no hands!

Brooke: (Laughs) It's weird about those tropical storms, how they come up so quickly, and then they just disappear. I'm glad that one's behind us.

Thomas: (Sighs) Yeah.

Brooke: So how many women do you have in your life? I know you and Dayzee have something really special.

Thomas: How many women including you?

Brooke: Uh, I'm not a woman in your life.

Thomas: (Chuckles) Brooke, we like each other, and Taboo is working because we have this... chemistry that we can dial up or dial down.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Thomas: I still can't believe people are captivated at the thought that, you know, you and I might actually act inappropriately.

Brooke: Well, we both know that is further from the truth.

Thomas: Yeah. (Chuckles)

Brooke: That could never happen, right?

Thomas: Totally, but it's-- it's just crazy-- this con that we have going on with the whole world.

Brooke: Yeah, I know. But we seem to pull off.

Thomas: And now we have dad's support. Nothing is-- nothing's stopping us. Nothing's in our way. You know, I predict that Taboo will have even bigger success with the women's line.

Brooke: Well, then I guess I should tell you I think your designs for women are extremely insightful.

Thomas: (Chuckles)

Brooke: I really wish we had more designs to show in Sydney besides just that red one.

Thomas: There's one more I had Carmen make up in your size. At least, I hope it fits.

Brooke: Really? Which one?

Thomas: I-I don't think I showed you, did I? Here it is. Try it on.

Brooke: (Laughs) Oh. (Sighs)

Andy: Testing-- one, two, three.

Thomas: Hey, Andy. Sounds pretty good back here. Thank you.

Brooke: (Deep voice) Testing--one, two, three.

Thomas: Wow.

Brooke: (Giggles)

Thomas: How does it feel?

Brooke: (Normal voice) Incredible. (Sighs)

Thomas: How do you feel?

Brooke: Beautiful and special.

Thomas: That's exactly what I want in my design and how I want it to make every woman feel. Would you wear this when we make our announcement?

Brooke: (Laughs) Sure. Yes.

Thomas: Really? They're gonna love you in that. Me, on the other hand, I'm-- I'm still working on building my name and reputation in the fashion industry, and trust me, I'm well aware that I am the third generation in a line of great designers. I just hope I can keep up with the quality and distinction, you know? Be on par with my dad and grandpa.

Brooke: You will.

Thomas: Yeah, well, I'm gonna need a lot of help. (Sighs) I just... I don't ever want to let my dad down.

Brooke: You never would.

Thomas: I just want to make him proud of me.

Brooke: Thomas, you already have. (Gasps)

Thomas: Hold on!

Andy: And, folks, please return to your seats and fasten your seat belts. Looks like that storm front changed direction again.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Stephanie: I knew Bill's father. We were friends. And he is very much like his father. They're both loners. I'm not gonna tell you what's right and wrong, because you know that. I'm just going to warn you. Bill is a dangerous man, and you can't see it, because your eyes are filled with stars.

Steffy: Oh, God. Grandma, I know him way too well to even idolize him, all right?

Stephanie: Then you realize that he's very selfish, self-centered, self-involved, and I understand that kind of guy can be very, very charming, great company, until... you really need something from them.

Steffy: But that's the thing. I think I'm more like that than Bill is.

Stephanie: Honey...

Steffy: Hmm?

Stephanie: Bill never does anything without an agenda. Believe me when I tell you this. You have 25% of this company. He controls Donna's 12.5%. Do you think that he hasn't already calculated that all out? Do you think that he hasn't already thought exactly what he can do if he's got you tucked away in his little vest pocket?

Katie: We knew Storm was in trouble, and we did nothing. We loved him. Of course, we loved him, but he needed help. If love was enough, he'd still be alive today.

Bill: I am not your brother, Katie.

Taylor: Is there something about Bill that frightens you? Does he own a gun, for example?

Bill: Do I own a gun? Wh-wh-why are you feeding her paranoia?

Katie: I-I don't know if he owns a gun. I-I've never asked.

Taylor: I can only reflect back what I'm hearing right now, and I'm hearing that Katie is telling me whenever there is violence that goes unaddressed, it usually leads to tragedy. That's her greatest fear.

Bill: For God sake. What-- I'm not some suicidal maniac. What difference does it make whether or not have a gun? Have you ever seen me with a gun? Have I ever shot someone?

Katie: (Sniffles)

Bill: I'm not a deranged freak. I have a temper. I use some four-letter words. I've had a bar fight or two. I have--

Katie: You plotted a murder.

Bill: I can't believe you just said that how could you do that to me?

Katie: Well, if you're gonna pretend like it's nothing...

Taylor: I have to warn both of you, there are legal implications with what you are talk--

Bill: I'm not talking to you. I asked you a question. How could you be so irresponsi--

Katie: How can you expect me to be okay with the fact that my husband was planning to kill someone?

Bill: Enough, Katie! I truly believed that my son's life was being threatened.

Katie: You make it sound like it was an impulse. It wasn't. You got Amber out to that house. You lured her out to the bluff. You were gonna push her over the edge.

Bill: I take action. That's what I do. That's why you married me, because I am strong enough to do what needs to be done. And now you're using it against me, accusing me of being dangerous, of being sick.

Katie: I'm afraid for you. I'm afraid for us. You say you know what you did was wrong, but you don't seem to feel any remorse whatsoever.

Bill: You don't know what I feel! That's the problem. Do you? Do you feel remorse, Katie? If this is how you felt, if--if you were done with me, all you had to do was say so.

Katie: Bill--

Bill: You didn't have to drag me in here and get me accused of murder, arrested for a felony.

Katie: That's--that's not going to happen. Everything we say in here is confidential.

Bill: Think again! Taylor is legally obligated if she knows that a murder is being premeditated, she is legally obligated to report it.

Katie: Is that true?

Taylor: Yes.

Katie: Taylor, this is-- this--it's all in the past. It's over and done with. I mean--

Taylor: No, no, certainly I don't have to report every time a patient says that they are thinking of doing something drastic.

Bill: Tell her I'm not a threat to her, Katie.

Katie: He's--he's not a threat. He's not a threat. I-I honestly believe that. I do. (Sniffles)

Bill: Then what do you want from me?

Katie: I want you to deal with these issues. I want you to face this problem the way you face every problem-- head on. I need to know that this is not gonna happen again. You act like what you did is something that anyone would do, that it's perfectly normal!

Bill: If you wanted "normal," then you married the wrong guy.

Katie: (Sighs, Sniffles)

Bill: It is a hell of a thing to marry a man who you know full well is anything but conventional and then try and change him.

Katie: I--

Bill: If you wanted a project, Katie, you should have taken up knitting.

Katie: (Scoffs)

Bill: And if you wanted normal, you should have stuck with Marone.

Katie: (Sighs)

Bill: I'm done.

Katie: Bill. Bill. Please. Please. Please don't walk out on me. Please.

Bill: Let's be clear on who walked out on whom.

Katie: (Sighs) (Sobs)

Steffy: You know, Bill could have me in his pocket right now if he wanted to.

Stephanie: Did you hear nothing I said to you? You really think this marriage is finished?

Steffy: Bill's marital problems boil down to one thing-- he's married to a Logan.

Stephanie: Mm.

Steffy: Katie is just a younger, less ditzy version of Donna and Brooke. They throw themselves at wealthy men until one tumbles, and then they go into these loyalty modes with these impossibly prissy standards they apply to everyone but themselves.

Stephanie: To say that there's a complete lack of self-awareness in that family is an understatement. (Chuckles) That's true.

Steffy: (Laughs)

Stephanie: (Chuckles) And Brooke is the best example. My God, the woman never sees the consequences of her actions. She does what she does and then-- a-and never asks about it until it's too late. I just hope your brother has the good sense to... (Sighs) I don't know.

(Thunder crashes)

Brooke: (Whimpering) Oh, my God, it's getting worse.

Thomas: Brooke, hold on.

Andy: Winds have reached typhoon levels. Fasten your seat belts.

Brooke: Oh, my God, we're dropping!

Andy: We can't fight this wind shear. Brace for impact.

Brooke: Oh, we're going down!

Thomas: Brooke!

Brooke: We're going down! Oh, my God!

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